MBC Holds Press Conference for Heartstrings

I watchedย the four-minute trailer for Heartstrings and I felt it. You know – that rush of adrenaline, your mouth slowly gaping open in awe, and the stirring in the pit of your stomach because the more you see the more you want it. It looks SO GOOD, people. Before I only discussed how pretty the drama look, now I’m talking about the glimpse of story that looks so fabulously entertaining. All you You’re Beautiful Shin Woo-hyung fans, sorry to break it to you, but that dude is gone. In his place is prickly and full-of-himself Lee Shin. Hhhm, I kinda just described Hwang Tae Kyung. Whatever, Heartstrings looks like it’s the real deal.

The drama held its press conference with the cast in attendance. What I find hilarious is that Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye had to answer a very direct question about whether they are really dating (answer: no, they are just good friends). Either the chemistry is going to be off-the-charts in the drama, or else the collective speculation has turned into overdrive since the YB days. I could care less if they date or not, but they definitely look adorable together.

I think everyone is dressed just fine, except for Yong Hwa, who apparently forgot that Heartstrings was a bright youth musical rom-com and instead dressed like he was going to a librarian vampire rave afterwards. Also, he needs to open smile more. I love his snaggle-tooth. Song Chang Ui, on the otherhand, looks like he’s about to head off to Jeju on vacation any minute now. There could not be two leading men dressed more dissimilarly at a press conference I have ever seen.

Song Chang Ui and So Yi Hyun lookย so lovely together. Please please let them end up married in the drama with pretty babies that play instruments and can dance.

Youth dramas have been mostly a miss these last few years, with the exception of Dream High which was considered a success since it went in with people having such low expectations and garnering pretty respectable ratings. With Best Love out of the way, I think it’s more likely City Hunter will leap a few points in ratings and Heartstrings may debut in the low teens (if even that at all). Wishing the best luck to the cast and crew. I know which Wed-Thurs drama I’m watching next.

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MBC Holds Press Conference for Heartstrings — 41 Comments

  1. I think Heartstrings just Might cure the loneliness I will have after the LTM finale on Tuesday. Although I will be forever KJH and YEH shipper. I love PSH and JYH, too. LOL…

    • In what you say I’m agree but what I feel about loneliness is different of what you’re saying in there. Rather saying loneliness I’ll say: Heartstring might ne a cure to my disappiontment to LTM. I hope I am wrong when I fanale watch the last 2 episodes, because I’m getting more and more less interest in LTM because of the new writer. No offense eveeybody, just stating my feeling right here.

      • agreed, the feeling of watching LTM is not like before.. previously, I am dyeing waiting for the next episode but now, i feel nothing .. no excitement at all …

  2. it was a very direct question indeed..i wonder where it came from considering yonghwa is so popularly associated with his wgm wife seo-hyun.lol

  3. missing DJ and AJ of BL …but i am also excited and looking forward on this drama as i love both shinhye and YH…

  4. Omo, my SCU looks mighty fine! *___* I don’t usually white suits on men (I know, I’m weird) cos most men can’t pull it off, but oh SCU and Kang Ji-hwan definitely can.

    I’m not going to watch the 4min preview for fears of too many spoilers, but if you’re happy about it, then I’m even more excited! Wheeee

  5. What I love about this update is how Ms. K describes their outfits..one going to a librarian vampire rave and the other one to Jeju Island..lol! I had to stop reading for a while and laugh really loud…guess what everyone said..”there goes the kdrama addict!’..

  6. I totally agree.. loving these two couple… Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye and totally mesmerizing SCU & So Yi Hyun.. I hope we end up with two couple

  7. And here I thought that with JIN, Best Love and LTM ending, I was going to cut down on drama watching and just stick to finishing City Hunter, Romance Town, and Drunken to Love you, and sticking with Hayate and Material Queen. (I know I know, that’s still too much)

    Forget it, I’m adding Hearstrings to this list. LMAO

  8. judging from the body language of the still pics— it seems that everyone including the two female leads are getting along just fine. it is , in my opinion a well cast drama. i’m truly looking forward to this one —counting the days till wednesday the 29th of june— ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hi im a koala from Paraguay!!!! I love your blog, I always reed your recaps, totally addicting, my english is really bad so i cant replay, but im your fan .. Im in love whit Yonghwa!!! Cant wait to star this drama, are you going to cap hearstring? kisses from Paraguay, sudamerica.. sorry about my english

  10. I don’t know if Yong Hwa was planning to be in character or something with the outfit and that smile cuz I also love his actual smile (not pictured here! lol)

  11. Is it just me or does yonghwa look VERY awkward in those pics? I’ve seen him take WAY better press conference pics. Something is odd.

    • I agree. He also looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too skinny, like that jacket was about to fall off his shoulders. Too tired maybe?

      • i thought it was just me…as a matter of fact, the jacket now looked like a ‘hangar’…please don’t get mad (YH fans)…he seems to have lost tooooooooooooo much weight that his clothes are not fitting at all…i liked him better before during YB days coz he had some muscles!!!
        i do love this boy and wish him well…
        i am eagerly anticipating this series, can’t wait!!!
        go YongShin Go!!!

  12. i hope i love this drama as much as i loved You’re Beautiful…that would be awesome! the trailer was really cute! i want it nowwwwww!

    • i was a YB addict, oooppppss…i still am!!! You’re Beautiful will always be the #1 KSeries on my list…
      and i do wish HeartStrings the best!!! i will watch this from beginning to end for sure and will more than likely buy the DVD and CD/OST like i did with YB!!

  13. I think this show was made specifically for me (how nice of you kdramaland!).

    I’m a sucker for anything with singing and dancing in it (seriously, it doesn’t matter how crappy movies like Step Up are; I will watch them and love them). I had major second-lead syndrome in YaB, and didn’t even care about Yong Hwa’s mediocre acting. CN Blue is my favorite k-band, so I already know I will love the soundtrack, and I really like PSH too. Even the second-leads look fantastic!

    I also think that Yong Hwa will play the jerk much better than he plays the nice guy. I just re=watched YaB, and he is suddenly a pretty good actor when he has to show stronger emotions or is conflicted. He was the weakest when being Mr.Friendly and just having a regular conversation with somebody (the subtlety seemed to elude him).

    This is definitely the drama I’ve most looked forward to this year. CYHMH is the fav so far (everyone go watch it immediately, best and most heartwarming OTP of all time) but this is looking like a contender!

    • I have been following up and watching CYHMY and have cried thru every single episode! it sure is a must watch!
      I know i will love HS since i both love Shin Hye and Yong Hwa!!!

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