Some Thoughts on How to Bid Farewell to Lie to Me

I’ve been live-watching dramas for a few years now (wish it weren’t so, sometimes the pain of the wait outweigh the pleasure) and each experience is different. Strolling by DC Lie and Baidu LTM bar, I get this warm happy family vibe. Most dramas have some bits of contention, primarily from fans split between the first and second leads. Usually fans stayed relatively respectful, but I’ve encountered some forums which have exploded in vitriol, marring the drama-watching experience.

While most drama forums tend to stay pretty polite, the LTM forums have been an extraordinarily cohesive place. It reminded me to thank all the new readers who have been camping out at the playground, for being so funny, polite, and engaging on all the LTM posts.

I know everyone is starting to get really sad about the drama ending, and you guys need to know the feeling is widespread. Baiduers have been posting the most lovely preemptive farewells and salutes to the LTM-watching experience. Some of the posts have been absolutely enlightening and uplifting. I wanted to share two specific posts with you guys, which I find captures the mindframe of everyone who loves this drama. My own feelings about LTM? I’ll save it for the recap of the final episode.

From yoyoyu2012 at Baidu LTM bar (translated, edited, and emphasis by me):

Perhaps there are just too many thrilling television shows over the years, so watching City Hunter doesn’t feel that exhilirating.

Perhaps there have been so many classic dramas, so watching Best Love it doesn’t feel so classic.

Perhaps there have been so many deep and thoughtful movies, so watching 49 Days, one doesn’t feel the need to ponder too deeply.

Nevertheless, these are all very good dramas in their own right, so why is it, after watching so many K-dramas, J-doramas, US television shows, this particular drama that isn’t so very thrilling, classic or deep, I am deeply drawn to it and cannot stop thinking about it.

After much consideration, I think I know why – it’s because this drama gives off the tangible sensation of love. At times gentle, other times intense. At times real, other times illusory. The softness of liking each other, the depth of loving each other, binding the two of them together. Beautiful, innocent, magical yet so very tangible. It looks so absurd, yet gives off the palpable understanding of coming alive through love. I suppose this is why this very ordinary story tugs right at the heartstrings.

I wanted to give thanks to this drama, which marks the first time in my life where I wanted so badly for the male and female leads actors to be together. Thank you [Ji Hwan and Eun Hye] for so bringing to life this drama and creating this beautiful love story, which feels so real that it affected the real viewer in me. It’s like a drug addiction, my desire for you two to be together, yet so worried that it’s just a dream of mine. It’s led me to realize that a beautiful love is just like that – leaving a person feeling bittersweet, happy yet wistful.

From wesjean at Baidu LTM bar (translated and edited by me):

How can I forget?

How can I forget the original scriptwriter’s tentative and rather novel script.

How can I forget the unmarried original scriptwriter giving us the breathtaking and memorable Cola Kiss.

How can I forget Hye and Hwan’s give-it-their-all performance.

How can I forget their performance that felt at times like it was real, unsure of when it was acting, causing Hye fans to become Hwan fans, and Hwan fans to become Hye fans as well.

How can I forget every gesture and every smile from Hwan and Hye. We felt their every sorrow, every happiness, every emotion.

How can I forget all the fans who loved them so and created a couple’s bar just for them.

How can I forget this drama brought out gramps in their 80s down to kids in their teens. Everyone got addicted.

How can I forget this drama unearthed an entire army of de-lurkers [on Baidu], each of them daring to post for the first time and confessing it was because of this drama.

How can I forget people bringing the latest news, watching each episode live, translating all the latest information.

How can I forget the vast numbers of Mommy fans, who neglected their husband and child, crazily addicted to this drama and staying at the bar all day long.

How can I forget this drama spawned a legion of X-rated ladies who analyzed every detail of every scene, and parsed our hotel president from the tops of his head to the tips of his toes.

How can I forget the number of men who dared to admit they loved this show.

How can I forget all the school-age fans who admitted to obsessing about the drama instead of studying for the entrance exams, and worried they would fail.

How can I forget the posters from all over the world who contributed to this bar.

I will always remember this one Spring-Summer season, when I was crazily obsessed about a K-drama starring Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye called Lie to Me.

Some funny confessions from Baiduers:

– My husband went to a business dinner. On his way out he told me “now you can spend the evening with your fantasy love without any distraction.”

– I’ve re-watched the entire drama up to episode 14 ten times now. My husband asked me if I could possibly watch something else for a change.

– Every single computer, phone, I-whatever screen is now changed to a picture from LTM.

– I rewatch scenes on the bus, train, in the toilet, and then giggle like a loon.

– I sleep, eat, and dream our hotel president. My husband has been relegated to Extra #1 in the movie of our life.

– I accidentally called my boyfriend Ki Joon.

– I spend hours PS-ing (photoshop) pictures of HwanHye.

– I wonder if maybe I’ve been possessed. But everyone here is equally insane, so I don’t feel so bad.

– My ringtones are all changed to dialogue from the drama, including “honey, I’m here”, “be mine” and “do you really want to break up with oppa?”

– I sleep with my notebook within reaching distance so I can immediately check for updates.

– I have no life outside of Lie to Me.


Some Thoughts on How to Bid Farewell to Lie to Me — 140 Comments

      • I’m glad it wasn’t only me in this world who watches LTM videos in the toilet, public transportation, etc..
        I started watching this drama because I’m a huge fan of YEH, then I started to like KJH as both of them have great chemistry onscreen, then I fell in love with both characters and LTM.. lastly, I started dreaming they’d be together in real life.. I guess we should start downloading episodes 1-14 before bidding our farewell to LTM after ep 15 & 16..

        I’ve never been this crazy over a K-drama…

  1. oh my…. am so glad am camped out here…. i know i have you guys. instead of having a heavy heart, am all smile, anticipating and excited. i don’t want to think of the day after Tuesday. Not yet….

  2. Its too hard to say goodbye that’s for sure. My Monday is gonna be bland again after next week. Im gonna cherish the last two episodes no matter how suck its gonna be

  3. Sisters, we were all turn into kang and yoon’s mania.
    I went crazy for them too, specially when a guy speak so soft and makes me feels my age when l was in love years ago…..not like others k drama or drama.l can feel ki jun and ah jung, they turns out so real kang jin wan and yoon yen hye.really wishes they are full house…it start with a kiss.rain and sung hye kyo , joe cheng and arie lim. l also turns hopeless years after , and realized that love were all fate. never have wishes on others drama because when the stories end , i automatically knew that they were fate.

    • Yeah, the softly spoken KJH – whenever I hear him call his darling “Ah Jung-ah!” in that deliciously sexy tone, I literally shiver and have goose bumps!

      I’ve rewatched the LTM episodes so many times that I can now immediately click to locate any of my favourite scenes. I’m also picking up some Korean words and phrases along the way. I’ve caught myself saying “Aigoo…” a few times. Yep…my sanity has long flown out of the window. I’m truly KJH-YEH mad!

      • I was re-watching from ep 1 over the weekend…
        Noticed that KJ first called AJ “Ah Jung ah” just before he found her when she was lost in the woods in ep 9.
        Also noticed a few other things which I had missed the first watching. Like the very subtle jealousy that KJ showed on his face at the housewarming dinner where JB was telling the story about AJ making soup during their university dorm days in ep 5.

  4. ever since LTM started i’ve never in my whole drama obsessed life been daydreaming of scenarios between our HyeHwan <3 sooo much. i easily obsess over dramas and daydream… BUT this drama oh man! i think about it ALL THE FREAKIN TIME! even while i was writing my final exams… ( horrible timing ) D: instead of going out to the water park w/ my friends on a beautiful day. i was glueing myself to the computer because it was a newly released baby recap and the episode hadn't come out yet. a friend literally had to drag me on the floor away from the laptop. lol. oh LTM love u so <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  5. “- I sleep with my notebook within reaching distance so I can immediately check for updates.

    – I have no life outside of Lie to Me.”

    Wow! I can identify with those two above. DTLY has just finished and I’m back at the playground. Thrilled to see I’m not the only LTM certifiable nut case around. I’m in really good company! Don’t know what to do the week after, though.

    My deepest gratitude, Koala, for providing a playground where nut cases like me can lurk and feed our insanity. My first time watching KJH act and I’m a fan for life. Have loved YEH since Coffee Prince days.

  6. Ms Koala, many thanks. I think I will start reading your recap from Ep1 from Wed, then start to re- watch the drama. And I am always listening to the LTM OST, even when I am in the office.

  7. It’s always good to know that we are not all alone in this insanity :), monday and tuesday will never be the same when LTM is done, thanks again koala for all the enjoyment that you have shared with us…

  8. Thank you Koala! LTM’s OTP is the best. I have to agree with yoyoyu2012. My uncle asked me yesterday “you’ve been in the computer a lot lately, any good news?” I said “yeah!” then my aunt “what are you watching? you couldn’t even understand it.” I said “No tita there is subtitles”.

    Koala thank you! one of the reason I enjoy watching LTM is because of you. Your quick and witty recap is so fun to read. I’m thinking you should be writer. Since you know a lot about dramas you should make a script and submit it and note that you want KJH and YEH for the lead. πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you so much for this:
    I’m one of those moms who really wait for each news at night…
    I can’t proceed working without seeing these two from my screen…they are my strenght during the airing season of this Drama and I really love them both and also you Koala for always posting updates…
    Hope we’ll have a happy ending…BTW I always sleep with a smile because of your posts and updates…and my husband recently allowed me to enroll in a Korean Language course and I’m in my first level…::::Thank you so much!!!!

  10. This is my first time commenting on the Playground! I’m discreetly wiping away tears now after reading the two posts and the little blurbs. Darn my sentimental self!

    I do feel that fans of LTM are an extraordinary bunch, bonded together over the drama both in real and reel-life. Perhaps the negativity that has been expressed over the drama has played a role in causing the fans to become even more extraordinary cos after a while, we just forget the negativity and live in our own happy little bubble.

    I am anticipating the last two episodes and yes, there will be a mixture of relief (yay, I can focus on my backlogged work and actually do something to validate the monthly salary!!!) and sadness (what else will I stalk? what do I trawl forums for?).

    So, before I forget and while not exactly a pre-emptive farewell, thank you Koala for covering LTM with so much love and sharing that with all of us!

    *takes out hanky and blows nose, discretion be damned!*

  11. Koala,You should know that everyday I’m refreshing this page about 20 times t a hour,hoping something new come up about Lie to me here!
    And actually I can’t stop Playing episode 10 the scene when ki joon take ae Jung away from her date!
    Thanks a lot koala for your recap!

  12. Confessions are so true. My office mate is complaining that I play the Lovin Ice Cream song all day on our COMMON sound system.

  13. to think that I often read your recapped from toilets [at work, at home, sometimes in the malls] showed how much addicted I am for LTM. Its nice that we have group here

  14. hahaha thank you madame K… I laughed my heart out reading this at midnight so am sure our neighbors are wondering what’s got into me. I just hope they will not call the police…

    Yes you’re right… these messages reflect what I feel right now… I feel teary eyed…I just spent the whole day today rewatching the episodes and still I can’t just get enough… Knowing that there are only 2 episodes left my heart feels so stuffy and I am feeling immense sadness… Never did I feel this kind of attachment to a show… May be one reason is the bond I’ve made with the co-addicts that play here in your ground… Thank you for making my journey with LTM extra special and a memorable one…

  15. it is 12.08 am now and I found myself is stuck here, at the playground. Well, thanks for posting this.

    “where I wanted so badly for the male and female leads actors to be together”-> how true indeed.

  16. same feeling here i dont know what to do,, my comp became my office,,
    my profile pic is yeh & ji hwan
    spent 18hrs a day to stay tune for the latest update of this drama…
    semi-neglect my daughter and husband…
    haaist…HwanHye you make me crazy!!!!!
    definitely buy a dvd to feed my sadness…
    play it again and again till my husband cant stand it anymore :))))
    its already 12am and its monday, waiting for 20hrs more to watch ep 15….
    Thanks koala so much!!!

  17. i wish someone could share the ringtone for iphone4 so i could use it. i am looking for yeobo…. i am here…

  18. i’m infected by LTM virus right after i got the shot from your site.
    i wasn’t thrilled very much at the beginning but then i was addicted LOL.
    i know the plot was not deep, original and others perfect criterias to call LTM as good drama by antifans of LTM but…who cares. i loves this. it’s very ordinary drama but it gives the real meaning of beautiful loves.

    how can i forget this drama?
    1. i brake my ground rule of watching any drama by becoming no longer a marathon viewer
    2. i dream the reel couple become the real couple
    3. i become devoted fan of KJH & YEH
    all are experienced for the first time by me πŸ™‚

  19. 1st of all i would like to thank miss koala for giving lots of updates of LTM even few blogger said that the story sucks, which is actually NOT. LTM is the most awesome drama out there πŸ™‚
    this is actually my 1st post (braving myself to post because of LTM :D)

    abt those comments, it is insanely true! LOL
    my paper work got postponed for days since LTM started to air, i decide to work from wednesday to sunday only πŸ˜›

    too bad LTM is gonna end soon πŸ™
    this drama is seriously addicting and i don’t think there will be another drama that will be as addicting as LTM in the near future
    guess i’ll have to watch LTM again πŸ˜›

    and i really hope badly for a happy ending, great enough to beat those sweet moments in previous episodes!

    anyway, waiting for your last two recaps of LTM (love your recaps) , and also other updates πŸ™‚
    thank you~

  20. I loved the first post and I’d like to particularly emphasized the part that says that it was because love was tangible

    “it’s because this drama gives off the tangible sensation of love. At times gentle, other times intense. At times real, other times illusory. The softness of liking each other, the depth of loving each other, binding the two of them together. Beautiful, innocent, magical yet so very tangible. It looks so absurd, yet gives off the palpable understanding of coming alive through love. I suppose this is why this very ordinary story tugs right at the heartstrings.”

    I’ve never seen a chemistry so palpable or at the very least, affection that is in-your-face in a kdrama…sometimes you’d have to look away because some scenes are like private moments between lovers…

  21. Oh the first post! β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

    Dude, I have no idea how we do this, but can you believe I’ve just finished rewatching ep 14, came here and lo and behold, a new LTM post awaiting me! *g*

    And some of those confessions could have been mine. BTW, I dreamed our OTP last night. The details are fuzzy, but they went to a…construction place? To check…a building? Maybe their new house? IDK, but Ki-joon got something in his eyes (and this is totally stolen from Baby faced beauty. Haha, my brain!) and Ah-jung was all worried and took care of him. And then went Detective Conan on him cos she wanted to know who did that to her bf and give them a piece of her mind! ^^

    • Your dream involves too much outdoor activity. In my dreams they never leave the house. Or their bedroom.

      I had a dream that Ji Hwan and Eun Hye were the stars of AMTR. My I Lub You would be so mad at me if he knew that. AMTR was perfect in terms of chemistry and story. But I can’t help thinking of Ji Hwan being the construction worker turned architect turned world’s best husband. Ye Jin was so fragile, but Eun Hye would be so earthy in the role.

      • I haven’t had one of those dreams…yet! *shakes mad fist*

        Your I Lub You would forgive you because you’ve shown your loyalty for years so don’t worry!

        Omg, you really had to say that and make me imagine Ji-hwan as a construction worker/architect? Who’s going to never stop thinking about THAT now? *raises hand* Wow, just when I think I couldn’t get more obsessed something like this happens!

      • OMG – that is one of the first kmovies that I actually liked a lot. I had some trouble getting into the ones that I saw before that. Totally fell for the 2 leads after that – so heartbreaking but touching story. Definitely could see our OTP in that movie.

        I agree — stay at home πŸ™‚ Home is where the heart is. LOL What’s more comfortable than home and one’s own bed. hehe…

  22. Geez Koala dear, reading your article makes me feel that you’re solely describing me and the temporary insanity that I am in due to LTM, when in fact there are many that are bitten by the LTM bug. πŸ˜‰

    The story may be as simple as it seems and many are bashing it, but, I guess we are all drawn with it due to the message that it wanted to convey, badly written or not. This drama is reminding us yet again of the main reason why we all exist, the universal language of L.O.V.E… Our desire to find perfect happiness with a special person all magnetized us with the lead characters. Which in my opinion are well executed by the lead actors, YEH and KJH are so believably portraying their roles. They oh so look in love that we all wanted them to end up together in real life.

    But as the end draws near maybe we should now identify what’s reel from real. For in the end no matter how we wanted it, the decision will always be theirs. …( I’m still hoping though) πŸ™‚

    I’ll definitely miss the feeling I’ve experienced this drama gave me. *sniff sniff*

  23. I discovered this site because of my extreme obsession with HwanHye. I’ve been lurking the playground since episode 6 and I was surprised to see many others share in the same insanity (for lack of a better word) as me. It was more refreshing to know that the owner of the site felt the same way. I also have seen a lot of dramas but I’ve NEVER felt this way about any other couple. They are all I think about nowadays. The soundtrack is the only thing that I unconsciously hum. They are the first couple that I wanted to know more about. They are the only couple that I google and search “BTS” videos on a daily basis. They will forever be the only couple that I ship. And this site made me proud to do so. When this drama comes to an end, I will be devastated. What will I do with myself on Monday and Tuesday nights? My friends tell me to come back to reality, but I don’t want to just yet. Just let me have my dream until HwanHye becomes a reality. I wish they knew how many new fans they’ve gained. Hats off to you, Koala πŸ™‚

  24. where can i download that drama dialogue as a ringtone??????
    anyone knows???? ( loving ice cream is current ringtone)
    addict much??!!! :)))

  25. oh dear lord! I cried n at same time lol w/this post. so true, sotrue. I’m so in love again after 12yrs of being a widow b’coz of this drama.

  26. It’s 12:30 in the morning and I’m still awake reading and waiting for some news of LTM…haaaiiiiisssst!! need to wake up at 4am to prepare of my kids school’s snack before going out for work at 6am…where do i get my strenght?…it’s from LTM addiction!!!…Good night everyone or should i say good morning!! I have to see my KJ and AJ in my dreams!!!oh!! i’m so addicted with this two!!!!

  27. thanks koala, what you wrote captures and thoughts and hearts of us who loved and will follow LTM this monday and tuesday..and the days that would follow of swooning and what else of an emotion aj/kj will give us with the ending. πŸ™‚

    how can i forget when it made me giggle when i don’t know korean at all…and made me think i understood the same when i came nodding to every line of your recap and rewatching it with the subs later on. sigh!

    LTM is the drama that made me feel like a computer just frozen ready for a reboot once a new episode is uploaded. sigh again!!!

    so to all thank you so much. its been fun reading all our thoughts, rumblings, heartaches and happiness over LTM. aja!!! aja!!!

  28. I agree with you 100%. I don’t know why I love LTM, but I do love it .
    Best Love does not move me, City Hunter leaves me flat but LTM makes me goes bananas.
    Thank you for the LTM recaps and extra tidbits. I appreciate them all.

  29. OMG so many fans turned out to LTM…
    thanks a lot koala..although I rarely comment here but the koala’s playground is a blog that fits the first time I open in the morning.every day I wait for the latest news from the LTM and read comments from friends all.LTM here although I know less demand in Korea but overseas loved this drama…
    I buff Korean dramas but not as crazy now I really love the LTM.More surprising my husband also liked this drama,every day we are always stories about LTM always can not wait for Monday for the next ep.
    with the age of 28 years and I have a son now I act like teenage girls who are addicted to drama romance,I never get the love story in this drama is so sweet and lovely pure.KJW and YEH their acting is very natural and I’m crazy addicted membaut see them both very real life I hope they have a love story (I hope)…

    I am very sad LTM will end soon.I hope I koalas after LTM ending you always give us the news about them both KJW and YEH.thanks koala and friends later on the forum here though LTM ended we would miss this pair ..
    I am from Indonesia …

  30. I simply loved the “How can I forget…” message.
    It totally speaks what i felt in my deep deep down heart.
    A simple and ordinary plot. Yet it captures so many hearts and fantasies.
    It must be the 2 leads. They have such pure chemistry that it doesn’t look like acting but real love (or probably they are so good at acting that we are fooled).

    How I wish my husband to be like Ki Joon (a man of power, yet silly and romantic at times).

    Why does it have to end this week? Couldn’t it be a life-long drama where we can see them get married, have kids and grow old together.


  31. The funny cheery blossom that falls like snow in spring, it made me dance like a fairy under the soft gentle rain….although summer is yet to come and winter is too far to be, under the cherry blossom tree as you held me, I felt the beauty of white winter snow in the midst of the warm summer rain….where two lover has completely gone insane…’s just so plain to see how I loved thee….even the seasons they all lie to me….Ciao!!!! something I made out of that cute bench picture. πŸ˜‰

  32. Koala!!! That banner is smokin’! I know which mag-spread KJH’s pic came from, but any ideas what magazine/print ad YEH’s image is from?

  33. thank you Ms. Koala for all your recaps. you have made the life of LTM fans who does not understand the korean language happy. I am one of those fans who stay glued to the computer watching the drama live yet relying on reading the gestures and facial expression of the character in order to understand what is going on knowing that in a few hours i can go to your playground and ultimately understand the drama. What more can i say.. thank you.

    Its a roller coaster ride watching this drama, not minding all those negative reviews and enjoyed the drama as it should be. Honestly i am one of the fans who has gone crazy about our OTP & LTM that i have to sleep with my computer open and the first thing i do when i wake up is to check on updates about our OTP and the drama. I am half useless in the office as i keep on opening your site and to find out what is happening and watching the downloaded episodes whilts doing my financial report. I am very happy that while watching LTM i got to know of your playground as it has made my viewing experience much better specially when reading funny commentaries from all the people here. Though i don’t post much I am really glad i found your playground.

    Again thank you Ms. Koala and to everyone who love LTM & has been part of this playground, you have made my viewing experience extremely wonderful. Sad that LTM will be over soon but accepting that some good things never last. I know that i will be enjoying the last 2 episodes with you people around.

  34. Agree… agree…. agree! I love that so many of us have been infected with the LTM virus and have become delirious with it. I hope this blog continues to unearth LTM snippets even long after the drama is over so that the LTM delirium does not wane for a while and our addiction is fed.

    Thank you, oKoala, from (kanga-)Ruby!

  35. I shed tears, sweat, blood and boogers because of LTM
    TEARS-Bump my head in the middle of the night to find my notebook and check LTM news.
    SWEAT-I ran fast using the stairs to the 5th floor parking building(elevator too slow) to drive home to watch LTM.
    BLOOD-Multitasking by cooking: accidentally cut myself when watching AJ and KH doing the lovey lovey.
    BOOGERS-My brother hugging the computer, no choice so I spread my boogers all over the keyboard so that he’ll leave. It works I got to watch LTM.

  36. how were their babies looks? they have handsome +beauty +long hands and legs +nice voice+nice mannor= lovely babies =D must be crazy ! dreaming for cola babies

  37. Echoing yoyoyu2012, a few hours ago, I’ve been watching an Andrew Lloyd Webber play but guess who comes to mind while watching the play unfolds and the music reverberating – our Cola couple (in place of the leads) albeit the excellent performers. If Webber could read this, he will feel insulted, and that in between performances, i would check my BB for updates on LTM.

    LTM had touched my inner self that it controls what my outer self does. I became OC for LTM. Just like my co campers here, the emptiness after the LTM runs will be quite heavy to bear. What keeps me smiling (not just the face but the heart) is knowing that I am not alone, that for as long as I stay put in your playground, i will continue to smile and enjoy the company and the insane sharing with my contemporary LTMaers. . .

    Allow me to give an advance (the next two days will be chaotic for sure) thanks to YEH and KJH and the whole production crew for being true professionals withstanding all the bad reviews and feedback and the low ratings to give us international fans the viewing pleasure we hoped for. Since I chose to believe in LTM for the past 14 episodes, I will continue believing that they will deliver the best ending as fans would have it.

    But in my book, the highest honors belong to KOALA. For dedicating yourself in keeping your flocks happy with your stylish recap and weaving even the tiniest bits and pieces of information you can get into a mouthful that keeps us full. I also enjoy that you tweak us every now and then to keep us on our toes. . . . . bowing 90 degrees . . . .

    • Oh bo…

      Everything is a mess inside and out!!! LOL, I being hiding in a cave, because I don’t wanna know, but, I read some post that they really gonna miss LTM, and the madness here, so like you, my heart smile, because, I don’t feel alone, I know there are a few zillion people, who are sharing the same emptiness, the same pain, but at the same time waiting for the explosion of love, like a nuclear device!!!!

      I know the end is near, I know like this madness, definitely, is never gonna be equal, but the best part of it, is, that I get to know a bunch of LTM lovers, who were willing to fly to South Korea, and give some “senses” to some PD!!! LOL My self included!!! I never though it gonna be like this, the sorrow is there, but as I always say, a shared pain, is less painful!! And thank God, I have a zillion people, sharing my pain!!! With that, I feel right at home!!!!

      • Yeah Angelito I will miss our “our brainstorming & strategizing sessions” but I want you to bear in mind my friend that in the midst of this emptiness we share @@@@ all my weapons loaded and ready to explode anytime warranted!@@@@@@. Lol

      • LOL always, the tracking devices are ready to launch!!!!

        Weapons of mass destruction!!!

  38. is it monday already?? i’m from San Jose, California. I am a LTM addict. Thank you for the recaps and funny comments. after reading EVERY comments since LTM started, now I realized I am not ALONE waiting for LTM plus recaps and getting crazy about this drama. reading every comments is like part of the LTM episodes.

  39. They are lovely posts Koala.

    “I wanted to give thanks to this drama, which marks the first time in my life where I wanted so badly for the male and female leads actors to be together.”

    This line pretty much sums up my LTM viewing experience.

    Because of this drama, I became a de-lurker. I kept wondering why I developed this compulsion to check for LTM updates hourly, even during hospital rounds, I would find small excuses to check my phone or to sneak a peek at my laptop. I would find myself casually bringing up LTM into my daily conversations with my co-workers, only to be pleasantly surprised that they watch LTM too! We would end up having animated discussions that would make the others curious, eventually turning them into LTM converts! There is just something about this drama that makes me want to wax poetic. It touches an emotional chord so deeply buried that I never knew it existed!

    Koala, thanks for allowing me to ventilate my deepest thoughts and emotions. Thank you for your lovely updates, although the drama is coming to an end, I will forever have lasting memories of the great times I’ve had here at your playground.

    Maraming Salamat Koala!

  40. what will i do without my monday and tuesday fix of lie to me and my kjh oh life has to go on but it will be really tough thank you koala you made this show such a joy i will miss the great recaps again thank you look forward to the next one with eric from your i hope to call myself your irish friend maureen

  41. OH EM GEEE
    LTM has made me, a partial cleaning freak, neglect my bedroom for a whole 2 months. I havent really paid attention to the cleaninf details in a long time. I havent called back friends to hang out for a whole two months. Thats what LTM did to me. Mondays just wont be the same. I have never rewatched a scene so many times until LTM. Oh, it made me insane, in love and just fricking happy. Best memories ever, especially at the playground with all my chingus and fellow shippers. And on with Yuna. Its been an awesome ride. Tomorrows monday!! I cleared my plans. Hahah thats so funny, I literally scheduled mondays around LTM. I reschedule my life for LTM, so scary yet understandable.

      • @Angelito
        In a cave? I thought you were in the arms of your stud muffin, vincenzo.
        But ugh I cant believe its over. Saaaad.

    • You are not alone Leishers.. when LTM started we all have the same paths everyday..geeee talking about bedroom I never thought I’m not alone! hehe..any idea how to reschedule our Mondays and Tuesdays? All I can think of now is LTM…Ji-Hwan..Eun Hye…Playground…Recaps..Updates! πŸ˜€

  42. — Tuesday hasn’t come nor end yet.. Here I am, in mid of the night, can’t sleep, feeling blue..

    I already miss my Cherry blossom and Polaris ~~

  43. I feel the same way as any LTM addicts do about our OTP!
    KJH/YEH is so believable as KJ/AJ, they are beautiful to look at yet so relatable.
    I think I need to go to LTM anonymous when the drama ends.

  44. I love those posts from baidu. The things that were pointed out from those are mostly the reasons why I love watching LTM.

    The funny confessions made me LOL. People can really lose their sanity when watching an adorable couple being totally crazy in love with each other, huh?


    Once again, please don’t forget to vote for YEH:
    One vote per day per IP address. TIA.

    Click on #02 Hot Drama Star (Female) and click the blue check mark at the rightmost part with YEH’s photo.

    Let’s show them how LTM is loved around the world. I wonder why KJH was not included in the #01 list though.

  45. Love that manybltm fans are ahjummas like me! Can relate to all posts with “my husband…”.
    and heres mine…
    My husband complained that it’s been almost a decade now since ive been watching dramas, and i havent gotten tired of it… Instead it was the opposite, i get more and more addicted. He said I should have graduated from this becuse im now in my 30’s and haing our second child. I quickly showed him all the posts…”look at this, most of the forumers are My age…”

    “you’re all insane then,” he said.

    “Why? Do I stop you from obsessing over your nba games?”i asked

    “Thats different. Your dramas have just one formula. Two guys fight over one girl. Then another girl will show up. Then it drags on until they either get together or one dies.” he said

    “wht about basketball? Thts even more stupid, ten guys fighting over one ball. Might as well give them a ball each…” i retorted

    And thats how the cold war started…

    • Reading your post I feel the same way…but my hubby more understanding since he not into any sports, but he needs to spend time with his dying mom for I just tell him go and stays at much as you want I understand…I am such a good wife… know what I mean…haha

    • haha you’re right why not give each a ball..and besides, isn’t it more human to fight for a person you love rather than running all around fighting over a ball? lol! BTW, I just hit 30 this year but I don’t consider ahjummah specially when I’m watching LTM..feels like I’m way back half my age πŸ˜€

    • sorry, basketball at least ends in 4 quarters. I don’t get cricket. seriously does anyone out there get cricket???

    • @ β€œwht about basketball? Thts even more stupid, ten guys fighting over one ball. Might as well give them a ball each…” i retorted

      hahaha. good reply.

    • @Cuteangelika
      lol! how i love your post..can i post it on my facebook? hahaha…I am really glad i was able to park at koala’s playground…LTM experience brings both laughter and tears and this playground further stirs up those emotions in me…

  46. I’m not alone, you are here with me!!!!

    And the song says:

    “That you are not alone
    For I am here to stay
    Though you’re far away
    I am here to stay

    You are not alone
    I am here with you
    Though we’re far apart
    You’re always in my heart
    You are not alone ”

    Artist: Michael Jackson
    Song: You are not alone

    To all my LTM lovers, haters and those who are in between, remember, the end is near, but our love/hate relationship, brought us together, you are not alone!!!!

  47. While I’m going to miss this drama, I do want my life back. This drama has taken my ability to do my everyday activities. It’s nice to go back to normal.

  48. I was stalking your playground around 5 a.m Ms. K and reading your post seriously make me cry..haha I feel like an idiot here crying because of this post..goodness I can’t believe its Monday now, I’m gonna miss LTM…I’m gonna miss my cola couple..*sob *sob

    Thanks for this post, you said it all..this kdrama is wayyyy to difficult to forget..I have watched playful kiss and speculate but nothing compares to my love with LTM and to Ji-Hwan and Eun Hye…

    • Don’t cry!!!
      *wiping tears*
      It is so sad!!!
      *crying right now*
      Why? Why it have to end? Why?
      *wiping my tears*
      I will not cry anymore. No, I have to accept the end!!!

      • Oh Angelito! you make me cry even more πŸ™
        This LTM virus is just so hard to cure ..experts say there’s no cure at all in fact..for all my LTM chingus here in the playground, how can we ever forget our cola couple? This kdrama makes me love Mondays and Tuesdays…help! I’m desperate!!!

  49. I am still in denial that this series only has 2 episodes left. All I know is that my heart is breaking. I can’t stand thinking that I will no longer see my fave OTP together on a regular basis. My mind has been nothing but Lie To Me, dclie, OTP, koalasplayground, LTM thread soompi…I never thought that I would feel this down and feel so much attachment over a drama. I feel as if an important part is being snatched away right under my nose.:(

  50. First of all , KJH and YEH performance are so good. They like a lover
    express their feeling , showing their affection to their partner.
    This feeling is our part of our life. Good actress and actors act
    but they are real as person——-not acting but real.
    When they laugh and cry , touch the viewers heart(they use their heart
    as a person not an actress and actor to perform). May be they are not the most beatifuly actor and actress in the world. Their reflect to each other
    is real ==============as a perfect partner. As AJ asks KJ is it real
    or act????????? What is the couple/partner in the real world???
    Second, we saw KJH and YEH touch heart performance, they are so real as part of our friend or family. This lover deserve each other with happy ending as well as our blessing
    The viewers not watch this drama as drama, they are seeing a close friend
    or part of their family fell in love. IN the real world, all the lover face
    their good day, bad day. So we feel sad and happy as AJ and KJ feel.
    May be they are not the best actress and actor in the world, but at the
    heart of the viewers they are not acting, they are our sister and brother
    part of our family ———KJ and AJ well done.
    KJH and YEH Appreciated your hard work and I enjoy watching LTM
    I learn from you two, love is not selfish, use your heart to love and live.
    Hold your hand together climb every mountain and face the bump road
    problem will be solved

  51. I just woke up n ran to my computer in see all of this…waaaaa..u just made my day….thanks Koala for sharing…n to all chinguss that also share your experiences while watching LTM…this unforgettable memories…I’m watching drama for years but this is the first time I’m going insane!!
    my two months during the LTM air::::just sleep couple hours, almost 20 hours front of my lappy lurking to websites that can feed my LTM addictions..abandon all my friends n family(I don’t care about my social life) n they think I’m crazy..whole day just think about work become hell of mess..rewatching LTM n replay the soundtrack…I’ve been sick for these two months but I can’t feel the pain cause LTM…LTM is my drugs n my Life now…what should I do if all gonna end this week???

    • Same here nowhere! My friends are wondering why its so hard for me to go out of my house friends and family has the same reaction whenever they see me laughing my heart out infront of my desktop..”LTM again?” goodness..I wonder what life would be after LTM ends πŸ™

      • yeah i know your feeling..I used to share room with my sister but thank God she moved out..if not maybe she already kill me by now cause my LTM time zombie hahaha….my big bro also like YEH n he watching marathons CH n HGD while waiting for LTM!!! after wrote my comment I’m thinking a lot…if LTM end Conie we still have each other n with LTM fandom chinguss to share everything!!Let LTM be the sweetest memories of the year or maybe our life..cheerrrsssss!!!!

      • on the other hand you’re right..we still have each other and our chingus here..hoping Ms. K will hear us out..after LTM ends hoping to have a special corner in her playground for us LTM chingus to hang out and talk everything about LTM and our cola couple πŸ˜€

  52. Thanks Koala. There are still two more episodes of pure pleasure.I am going to savor each second of the last two episodes of Lie to me online. You have made so many fans all over the world very happy living each day with Ah-Jung and Ki-Joon. Its like walking in love daily. Co-workers wonder why I am always smiling and so happy at work. I tell them thank YEH and KJH and of course Koala!

  53. what a tribute to our beloved OTP from all over the world just reading these comments uplifted my spirit this is the first time too that i post (only on LTM not with any drama, mind you) usually i just read the comments here i feel we all are family its a good feeling no bickering or negative vibes just light banter and good spirits but because primarily with YEH/KJH I, too felt that craziness as my hubby and 2 kids kept telling me ur addicted mom and i will respond pls be quiet i need to watch this, that’s how crazy my world becomes hahaha – in a serious note, we, from all different walks of life come together on these playground just because of these two beautiful and talented people who gave us all the one common thing that weave us into one web our love for these two – thank u mz koala for giving us this opportunity to pour our love angst disbelieve laughter joy sadness all human feelings we went thru we felt in this drama and lastly to all LTM lovers lets raise our glasses and salute these 2 most adorable people YEH/KJH that interweave and unite all of us into one web……i will surely miss this unique interaction from all of u guys πŸ™‚

  54. Me too!! Cool – people in my age range. πŸ™‚ I’m an ajumma fan too – I’m in age group right in between YEH and KJH ages. I haven’t been neglecting the kiddos or hubby but suffice to say the youngest is in his highchair banging away happily on the tray. Anyhow, hubby is usually really understanding about drama viewing. He knows I’ve been watching TW ones since I was a kid, plus my inlaws watch chinese ones. Guess what he’s currently watching? Naruto Shipper-something or other. Anime on Hulu. HAHA – what a dork :). So after the kids go to sleep… he gets to watch Naruto and myself – whatever k/tw/j drama I happen to be watching. The other day, he proudly showed me commercial for Coffee Prince LOL!! I said wow – I watched it 4 yrs ago when it first aired. πŸ™‚ As for LTM, he said this must be a really incredible couple for you to that obsessed… considering you are drama crazy to begin with. Then I told him that he’s getting a little puggy in the tummy area. And he started exercising while watching Narato – even funnier!!!

    The fact that the characters seem so real is the reason I’m so drawn to LTM. It took awhile to warm up to KJ but I loved AJ right away. She seemed so typical to me – not really extreme in any way. And finally, a series in which money wasn’t the reason people had to enter a contract with each other! I lasted 2 days without any LTM viewing… then I caved and watched today.

    I am considering postponing our vacation to my parents one day so I can watch the finale since they don’t have internet. But I can’t bring myself to do it. I don’t know how I’m going to make it.

    • oh how sweet!!!!! so apparently those photos we saw YEH is the proposal episode..I bet this will be for tomorrow’s episode?….so happy now that I’m teary eyed!

    • whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! i suddenly can’t breathe! oh im dying! πŸ™‚

      noticed that the dress that aj is wearing is the one where she was at the store looking at the miniature toy models.

    • I didn’t noticed it earlier ..looks like she’s now that ice cream scene finally resulted to our much awaited hwanhye baby!!! Now I’m totally idiot! Crying for the post earlier now I’m screaming and laughing!!!

      • wait..I viewed it again seems like she’s not seems like it is just because of the style of her dress, no additional padding or something to give that ‘pregnant look’..if you notice the photo of YEH and KJH holding hands?..but I still wish I’m mistaken..

  55. hello liars! πŸ™‚
    thanks for this ockoala! it does sum up what i feel as well for LTM πŸ™ i really hope and pray that our OTP do end up together in real life!
    has sbs released any tv preview yet for the episode airing tonight?

  56. While I’m soooo excited to see them together on screen tonite my heart is heavy too that LTM is ending. But the dreamer I am look forward to seeing HwangHye together in future. Thank you HwangHye for giving us such a beautiful love story and here’s wishing that it’ll go on and on and on and on….

  57. First time being so crazy over a OTP too.
    I’m a full time working mother with 2 boys and I’m constantly at this playground and reading LTM Baidu.
    My husband says I’m crazy… That the iPhone is perpetually in my hand.

    AJ and KJ made their OTP so real and each and every scene they have together is so real, emotions and love so palpable that we feel it is a real love story brought to screen. That’s the only reason why I’m so obsessed. This type of chemistry is so so rare that I hope KJH and YEH can bring this chemistry out of their roles into real life.

  58. First of all I want to thank you Koala for give us a place/playground to discuss, play around, banter, enjoy or going gaga over LTM (or maybe mostly over the OTP). I enjoy reading those 2 post from Baidu LTM bar. They reflect what’s going on as LTM’s been aired. What they’ve all said is so true. I one of them who sleep with my notebook within reaching distance so I can immediately check for updates hehe. And lately I move around so much from my hometown to other cities that I have to keep remembering to always bring my NB.
    What I’m so addicting to LTM (despite weak writing) is because of KJ-AJ’s love story is so real to me. It’s just like witnessing a love story of my relative or close friends in front of my eyes. Isn’t love is a universal thing that people all over the world will be empathy of ?
    Yes we will surely be sad when LTM ended. I guess it will be a long time for me to feel this such addiction for a drama again. I even don’t feel like this when CP and MFL were aired. And I’m a YEH fans.
    Hoping that you will follow up the what or where about of these two amazing person after LTM Koala. Thanks.

  59. Awww….thank you for the posts.I was ‘sniff sniff”

    The thing that would make me smile is a few months after this:

    ‘netizens discover YEH coming and going in KJH’s house’
    ‘Netizens discover KJH/YEH having a secret car date’

    ‘KJH says we are dating well.Please look upon us favourably’

    Whee….yeah.That’s my delusions.I am another delusional fan πŸ™‚

  60. I’m a goner. I just realized now that after episode 11, I watched NOTHING else but LTM. I haven’t touched Best Love, City Hunter and Drunken to Love You for weeks now, which are the only other dramas I have been following. Before that, I would at least start the current episodes although, now that I think about it, I didn’t finish most of them. Now, I am merely replaying back episodes of LTM and camping at the playground, soompi and other forums. My k-drama addiction has morphed into a total LTM addiction!! What has gotten into me? I’ve gone totally crazy, loony… insane! LTM, nay, YEH and KJH, what have you done to me? *looks and walks around… totally lost*

  61. Thank’s you koala..I’m very happy because the LTM will have a happy ending.
    I sadly do not believe the drama live 2 ep,I will miss KJW and YEH the same play.LTM recent weeks have made me crazy addiction…^^

  62. woah! i’ve been laughing at their posts coz I can relate. haha.
    I’ve downloaded all the songs in the drama’s OST and everytime I listen to those songs, I giggle and remember the scenes in the drama. I even set the Ah-Ki couple’s version of Lovin’ Ice Cream as my phone’s ringtone.
    I can’t help but share the cute and romantic scenes to my classmates.

    And for 2 months I sleep, eat, and breathe Lie to Me. I’ve never been addicted to a drama like this before. πŸ˜€ And this is my first time reading blogs and reading all the comments posted under it. And I laugh at all the reactions and comments. I really am not prepared for the ending. πŸ™

  63. The funny cheery blossom that falls like snow in spring, it made me dance like a fairy under the soft gentle rain….although summer is yet to come and winter is too far to be, under the cherry blossom tree as you held me, I felt the beauty of white winter snow in the midst of the warm summer rain….where two lovers has completely gone insane…’s just so plain to see how I loved thee….even the seasons they all lie to me….Ciao!!!! something I made out of that cute bench picture. πŸ˜‰

  64. My friend ask me what we gonna do after LTM. I just don’t know. But I guess life must go on. Thinking how sweet the memory of them two. The feeling of love in my heart. The feeling of falling in love for the first time πŸ™‚ Guess…..I am a bit sentimental about LTM about KJW about YEH ABOUT THE WHOLE LTM. I m of course gonna miss it. I m gonna miss this playgound where we all sharing the same thought. What left will be a wide smile on our face whenever we remember the beautiful scene between them, the kiss, the jokes and of course the friendship. I hope they will be paired up in another romance drama….or whatever as long as the chemistry stay.

    Thanks for the post Koala…..yeah…..we all have our own special moments but of course that moment when we shared became something special. Thank you again.

  65. This is good! Mwa ha ha! I can relate to most of the things that has been said here. Everybody can. It’s a universal thing and I also wondered why I am so hooked on it (because of your post some time ago). It’s really about these two actors and I’m going to miss them so dearly. The best OTP for me, thus far! I mean just look at the header! The hottest thing ever! Even the photo on KJ and AJ’s bench, my gosh! They’re just looking at each other but they’re just massively explosive you just gape in awe! Can other OTP top KJH-YEH tandem? No effing way!

  66. first of all i’d like to let you know that my sister introduced me to this site because of LTM and i’m very thankful to her because i love every update koala writes about LTM plus all the followers that share their thoughts and feelings about the drama.
    i know there’s been a lot of good dramas out there but to be honest i haven’t truly enjoyed drama for the longest time since Coffee Prince which was my very first drama ever until Lie to Me.
    i am very very very sad that LTM is ending. i wish there could be more. i don’t know when i’ll enjoy or have the same enjoyment as i have had with LTM and Coffee Prince again. Maybe another YEH and KJH drama or movie? πŸ™‚

  67. i started watching this drama only as a huge YEH fan. I admit I haven’t seen any of KJH’s dramas and only became curious about his work by episode 4. It’s just that now, I can’t seem to bring myself to watch him other than in LTM. I’m scared to watch him chase after or be in someone else’s arms. in my own world, KJH is meant to be with YEH.^_^

  68. I really realy love this drama and the OTP is amazing
    I just wish They cud date for real!!!!!
    I loooooooove yoon eun hye and well she says she is a very hard person to get close to bt I hope they both just take a chance and yu no…
    this drama is amazing It got me all worked somtyms in a gud way and somtime in a sad wae (the crying scenes) unnie is amazin at crying
    anywae do yu guyz rememba wen it all started!!
    “Yeobu na yogiso” {or somthin along thos lines =P
    the lie grew like a fire and my love for the YEH and KJH grew too
    I am glad that this drama is appreciated on this site
    and wonder wats up with its low ratings in korea!!???? I absolutely ADORE thats right ADORE this OTP
    I actually hav liked them way before wen they presented awards 2getha they r just soooooooo cute =P
    lie to me thnx for the gud moments and hwanhye fighting!!!!β™₯

  69. i’m not a fans of LTM,
    but it was fun to follow the conversation between LTM fans..
    am i add the crazyness here?

    i do love both lead actress and lead actor, since ther are coffe couple.
    i’m not thirsty about LTM, but i wish they OTP in real life πŸ™‚

  70. Guess we got the same symptoms koala…. so, do you know where we can be cured? Is there any cure in this kind of dilemma… O LTM, you sure change my life, my views, my thought…. Y i ever watch you, because of that I am now certified LTM addict!!!!!!!!

  71. I wish I hadn’t read the update about the boating expected in Ep15. I am very dissapointed.
    At this point, I am convinced the drama shouldn’t have changed writers because this one is killing me big time.
    This drama has been accused of bad writing, but how can it take it further in Ep15? It makes absolutely no sense that AJ
    who was honest about quitting her job in Ep14, will suddenly have qalms sharing the fact that she’s been fired, for christsake!
    She was expecting it and prepared for it or else she wouldn’t have submitted her resignation and cleaned out her desk, so what
    with the sudden agnst? And what’s with Aunt masquareding as a nice person, when she’s really proving difficult and unreasonable now.
    If this continues, this drama is going to be a waste of my love and time and I feel pain for Koala who’s been so loyal.
    I had hoped for an ending whereby we find out AJ and So Ran is pregnant; then fast forward, and we find out they are now competing
    with their kids…lol.
    Gosh, this drama is gonna be the end of me!!! What happened to endings like City Hall? This is a mature drama for Goshsake…we need boating!!

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