Baby Recap for Lie to Me Episode 15

I’ve mentioned before that the experience of watching Lie to Me is just like Mary Stayed out All Night, and that the drama’s writing trainwreck literally takes the exact same trajectory (including writer switch at episode 11). After watching episode 15 of LTM, I have zero doubts LTM is M3’s adult sibling. Ah Jung just pulled a Mu Gyul at the end of episode 15 (same completely reversed behavior than normal), which means we’d better have Ki Joon pull a Mae Ri in episode 16 to pull this ship to its blissful conclusion. I know he will, but I have a sinking feeling in my gut that, like M3, the latest plot developments all point to an open ending of sorts.

I need to throw this out there to re-set everyone’s expectations. But while M3’s ending was pitch-perfect for their tender age of 24, I’m not thrilled if LTM pull the same stunt because narratively it makes little sense for their mature characters. Sigh, I’m not upset because I was suspecting as much (and even broke out in hives partially from the dramatic stress of worrying about my beloved OTP), but still it’s a bittersweet feeling to watch this episode. The penultimate episodes are almost always a total oddball to find tension where really there ought be none left. I’ll have more thoughts in the recap proper.

Episode 15 Baby Recap:

Ki Joon catches up to his barefoot Cinderella, who lies that she’s just not feeling well. He doesn’t press her further and simply offers up his back to piggyback her. A lady brings Ah Jung her shoes and tells her to feel better. Ah Jung goes home and ponders the issues looming – her firing and whether she’s Cinderella. Dad finds out about her firing but trusts in his Ah Jung, who consults Jae Bum and finds out she can gather evidence and petition for re-instatement.

Aunt informs Ki Joon that Ah Jung got fired because of him – the Ministry old fogies think she picked Gold Resort for the last convention as favoritism. Ki Joon tells Ah Jung to discuss the issue with him, it’s not just her problem, it’s their problem together. Ah Jung gets help from Jae Bum and her co-workers to go through the paperwork to show there was no bias. Ki Joon tells Hoon to assist in any way possible, spending money if necessary. Ah Jung tries to get signatures on her petition at the Ministry, and sees Ki Joon outside passing out flyers in support of her cause.

Yoon Joo confesses to her mom that she did something wrong and she feels really bad, and agrees to go back to Paris. Ah Jung meets with the disciplinary board again and shows them evidence that she properly vetted all the sites and the Gold Resort was selected because of substantive facts, plus she wasn’t even dating Ki Joon at that time a few months ago. Ah Jung gets re-instated and Ki Joon is thrilled for her. Aunt finds out from Ki Joon that he wants to marry Ah Jung, asking if there is nothing she can say or do that will deter him. He says no, not this time.

On Ah Jung’s first day back to work, Ki Joon sets up an ice-cream stand outside for her, complete with Park Hoon in a Pooh Bear costume. All her co-workers chant for them to just get married. Ah Jung pretends to not like the gesture, but finally concedes she liked it. Ki Joon asks what she thinks when people ask them to get married, but Ah Jung won’t answer.

Yoon Joo visits Sang Hee at his studio and bids him farewell. She promises to marry a better man and be happy. Yoon Joo meets with Ah Jung and apologizes for the way she’s behaved. Ah Jung says she would have done the same thing. Ah Jung asks Yoon Joo to hate only her, and not Ki Joon as well. Ki Joon cooks for Ah Jung and they are so cute together playing house. Yoon Joo asks to meet and Ah Jung tells him to go. Ki Joon meets with Yoon Joo and they thank each other for the memories and wish each other well.

Sang Hee shows up at the airport to send Yoon Joo off. Ah Jung gives Ae Kyung a makeover and Ki Joon takes Dad out shopping for a suit. They arrange for a wedding ceremony at the café, and Dad and Ae Kyung are married. Ki Joon and Ah Jung write down a list of all the attributes they want in their significant other. Ah Jung visits Sang Hee and sees the painting he drew of her, but he brushes it off as just doodling. Aunt asks to meet with Ah Jung and gives her a laundry list of things she will need to do when she marries Ki Joon, including pretty much quitting her job so she can follow him around.

Ah Jung is taken aback with that reality, and Ki Joon takes her back to his place to cheer her up when he notices that she’s down. He shows her his secret room that he’s never shown anyone, which is where he keeps all the toy models he’s assembled over the years. A toy train comes pulling up bearing a diamond necklace. He puts it on her and proposes. Ki Joon says that he’s lived his entire life for others, so finding Ah Jung is like a present given to him. He wants to share his life with her. Ah Jung looks at him and says that she doesn’t think she’s the right woman for him.

P.S. You guys exploded the previous LTM spoiler post. O__O I’m impressed. As for which post at the playground has the most comments – the GeunGeun Discussion Forum is currently past 6000 after 3 months. Those ladies are hardcore. I’m expecting the upcoming HwanHye Forum to be equally as rich in sleuthing.

P.P.S. If you guys can wait, I highly suggest watching episode 15-16 together. That’s how I survived the insanity of M3 (though mine was not by choice since I was somewhere on vacation that final week). Episode 15’s pain is to set up for episode 16’s pleasure (however non-boating involved I foresee), so if you can hold off, watching it back-to-back should be a much better experience.

P.P.P.S. Okay, collective LTM-fandom – Take A Chill Pill. All the ending for episode 15 told me is that we’re not likely going to get a wedding or boating. But we’re 100% going to get a happy ending. Ah jung is going to explain to Ki Joon her fears, Ki Joon will likely give her some time and space. Period. No big deal. And then they will work through their issues. Neither is suddenly going to stop talking and being candid. Or stop loving each other. So stay calm.


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  1. I always knew that the hesitency would come from her part. After ep 9 when I saw how Ki Joon redeemed himself, and in all the episodes after that…I knew the hesitancy, the cliffhanger would all be on Ah Jungs part. Because, lets face it, even though she wants to get married and has her vision of what her marriage should be like, she is not and never will be a housewife. But instead of telling Ki Joon this, she just keeps it in and lets others words confuse her mind. I mean, the man tried hard to help you get back your job, I think he knows how important it is to you Ms Ah Jung. He would give you heaven and earth if he could. We know that, how come you dont?

    • Oh by the way I think I should point this out….
      I did not hold my breath for the so called “Intense-love-scene” psh. Good thing or I’dve been blue in the face and wouldnt be able to watch ep 16.
      And Suprisingly Koala, I didn’t cringe at the ending. I guess I kind’ve knew it. But I so dont want it to end like M3. M3 ending was for M3, I want them to show us what the older version of M3 couple doo.

    • my thoughts exactly.. ki joon did his best to help her and entered her world without a care.. he just dived in when he fell for her while ah jung’s afraid to drown when she hasn’t even dipped her toes in the water. i’m just not understanding her character ATM.. (altho i know that it is a bit logical for her to behave this way.. giving up your job.. the one you painstakingly worked to get at.. that is hard) this was not the same ah jung who asked ki joon out.. or maybe it’s the gravity of being married to a chaebol that has changed her.. i’m glad the previews are promising with ki joon fighting… but i so do not want an open ending for our OTP..

      so to you writer-nim: 😉

      there better be a wedding, a make out session, a boating scene and babies on the way come episode 16.. OR ELSE

      i’m off to clean my shurikens.. >>

      • @Bella
        Yeah, I mean ofcourse I understand that it would be daunting to marry into a chaebol world. But its not like Ki Joon is going to say “Oh well, your with me now, and so you have to sacrifice everything for me” No.
        Did episode 14 really not teach her anything? When he said that he doesnt want her to lose her job because of him. Only if its her choice? Was her ears stuffed with cotton? She needs to stop letting that stupid Aunt scare the shit out of her. I mean, there she was crying that she’s always the girl thats never picked and now shes finally picjed shes trying to run away? Dumbass–oops not you, Yoon eun hye, I’m merely cursing the writer. Gosh I feel like Red Foreman now.

      • But see… KJ already dealt with how Ah Jung kept shaking his world. She did so from the beginning and we see this in his interactions with Manager Park at the office and when they have drinks by the water. He’s already considered what he’d have to give up for her… but AJ hasn’t fully considered it yet. The glee of falling in love and having her love reciprocated (note her reaction after the drunk scene from ep 14 and from the first time KJ calls her Ah Jung-ah) meant that she hadn’t considered losing everything yet.

        When she dealt with the media at eps 13-14, this was about her being remorseful for her lies and taking responsibility for the consequences of her immaturity at the beginning. Eps 14’s ending was where she really realized that she paid a high price for lying… but she still hadn’t said “Okay, I’m giving this all up as long as I have KJ”.

        Now, at the end of ep15, we’re really getting to Ah Jung finally understanding that life as Mrs. HKJ really means… and our OTP dealing with this situation sets up a partnership/love story that will become a good foundation for a long-lasting marriage. I think this is what the PD, KJH, and YEH know.

        Now we just worry if writer-2 is going to give us the RIGHT ending. I don’t care if it’s a Goong-like ending… as long as there’s a marriage and maybe a snippet of honeymoon in there somewhere.

        Has anyone ever seen “Three Sisters” or “Golden Chariots”? These are previous dramas written by writer 2 (Choe Yun Jeong). Just wondering how those ended… if they were satisfying and fully rounded out the story.

      • @bella : I’m preparing my kunais. And grinding my axe. Hope we don’t have to use them. *sigh*

      • Oh I so get what your saying @Best Luv…Ugh Your logic makes me see, my anger is slowing ebbing away. Nooo
        But I cant help but think that, where the hell is the sensible Ah Jung? The one who should says frankly “I’m not like that, but so what. Whats wrong with me?” You know, that girl from the previous eps.
        I can even understand that maybe she doesnt want to be a failure to Ki Joon, and embarass him ever. But still, the proof is there. Ki Joon wanted her to get back her job. He understoood how important it is to her. Does she simply think that because they make a vow to each other that he’s going to let her give up who she is, when in fact because of who she is, and what she stands for, is the reason he fell in love with her.
        But Still, Im blaming the writer. What kind of shit is she trying to pull here? With all the problem solving to be done in ep 16, it’ll be less happy time

      • @Best Luv
        Things do not look good. The writer lady’s previous dramas were all daily dramas. You know the 56 and 123 eps kind. tsk tsk. Those rarely end favorbaly for me.
        *painfully remembering I hate you but its fine* Gah, *shudders*

      • @Leishers,

        It’s true. Ah Jung has that fighting spirit… but she’s grounded enough to know that she has to consider what marriage really means for HER. She’s always had this sweet and beautiful idea of marriage, and in that 2nd/3rd episode, said she doesn’t want to GET marriage, she just wanted to BE married.

        Since she’s never been in a relationship before (like someone previously noted in the last post), she never thought about consequences. Everything always seemed (naively at times) just simple. Think about her first visit to KJ’s place.

        This is what Ki Joon loved about her.

        But if she’s going to give things up for KJ, the only life she’s known before KJ, as an independent woman who’s never had nor WANTED to depend on any one else (remember why she hunted down KJ to pay for the medical bills), she needs to really think about it because she’s had the sweet, loving part of this relationship… exactly what she’d wanted in the beginning. But reality has to set in first… which is why the 2nd half of today’s episode was her slowly realizing it.

        Hearing that she has to give up things to become part of KJ’s life (like Yoon Joo’s and Aunt’s talk with her before her confession to the media) is different from REALLY thinking about it… which is something she hasn’t really done yet. At least not in a context outside of her guilt for ruining KJ’s business life.

      • @Best Luv
        Hmm, now im remembering. Yes, I definitely see this clearly now. W.o the anger.
        I really do see how this really could give her pause. But why not just tell Ki Joon this. It just bugs me that shes taking the aunts word to heart.

      • @BestLuv – that’s where I don’t think I agree. I think the Aunt gave HER expectations of what she wants AJ to do as KJ’s wife. None of the stress whatsoever we seem to see came from KJ. (Sure he might be a bit of a – I want you to do nothing but shop, yoga etc. and *put on somefing sexy* (sorry, I added that)).

        But you see, someone told me – you never know what you have to change, compromise or give up in a relationship. It’s not about all or nothing. It’s a partnership.

        For me, I think both of the do know what it means. 🙂 The extent of balance? Well, both could have lost their ‘job’ but they won it back fair and square.

        And that’s what I like about the meta-theme.

        It’s not as -_- as M3 (sorry bout that GG-lovers out there) – which for me I watched just for the interactions between the OTP too. Here, I think we may not see the nuancing until we review all together. Not just 15-16.

        My take on the transformation in the characters? – I think it’s a visible sign of love changing people. Their freaking OCD and independent streak? Well, who hadnt got their quirks before? But here, I think I like the melding between drama and real life. I like it that there might be room for them dating in RL. But I’m buying it also – that this is drama 🙂 And the OTP is comfortable enough to let bits of their inner selves out 🙂 🙂

      • @Lynx,

        I agree with you. My take was just how I understand the story from eps 1-14 since I’ve marathoned it from beginning to end, thus my unshakable faith in the OTP and why I’m content with the story thus far.

        Like you, I think tomorrow’s story will deal with them both (AJ & KJ) finding the compromise and assuring each other (really, KJ assuring AJ) that sacrificing everything isn’t necessary since they work as a team (both in their personal and professional lives).

        I think Aunt might even learn a thing or two from them… and may eventually sympathize with AJ’s independence and AJ and KJ’s way of finding balance b/w prioritizing love and work (again, harking back to convos that KJ had with Manager Park) since she herself is a self-made woman (whose top priority in life is business).

    • Didn’t really see why she turned down his proposal,the writer just do not get it,how can you spoil a not so perfect drama right at the very end?what more does Ah jung wants? love she will get plenty of if she marries him,stability that she will get is she being selfish or what?He has done so much for her almost completely changed from the guy at the begining of this drama ….i am so crossed right now WORDS fail me.

    • @Leishers,

      I mean they only gave us her first line in that monologue today. She does say more in the preview leading me to believe that they will have a full conversation about this matter and KJ will assure her not to worry.

      Also why we get that 2nd scene with AJ giving KJ the aegyo. It’s not over. They just have to converse about it. This is the first time AJ gets a chance to bring up the subject anyway in privacy with no job or other people to distract them and pressure her.

      Credits to RebelSouls – preview translation —

      after her rejection of his proposal, AJ explains: I love you -so much that I worry if I can live in a world without you

      K says he cant let that happen -he hates the idea- but she begs him using aegyo – just until I find what I lost-it wont take long

      another kiss at the airport

      he asks if he can call her often as she walks away

      • @HwanHye Shipper
        I just realized that. I am so hoping they have that long needed talk. Because i’d just go cray cray if she said no, then that first line and run out of the house. Shoot I’d be more than cray cray, I’d be homicidal And I know who my intended victim is already. Hmm-hm im talkin gto you writer-nim.

    • I don’t think we will have a wedding 🙁 because they tend to put spoiler picture if they were going to be one
      but here’s hoping…

  2. Bittersweet, not sure if i’m too happy to watch the uploaded ep 15 tmr >.< anyways thanks for posting the baby recaps.. now i can sleep in peace knowing the plot (not too satisfying though…)

    hwan-hye makes a great on-screen couple, surpass all others.. pray LTM ending do justice to their perfect on-screen chemistry..

  3. i felt so sad right now coz the bad ending for episode 15..i still want to cry.. but i want give a change for tomorrow episode..the last time we will se our OTP together..

    i hate open ending but i think i have to accept it..oh gosh ho much i hate writer nim right now, i just want to….

    btw koalas like always waiting fr your full recap tomorrow..nite2…

  4. ARGH! I HATE that the writer pulled that crap! This plot device should be forbidden on pain of death! Though to cut the writer some slack, maybe it could be rationalized that Aunt scared Ah-jung with her laundry list…

    Thank goodness Ki-joon is going to pound some sense into her tomorrow! Here’s hoping for a big, fat (Korean) wedding!

    • Ending to episode 15 is the same shit we see rom-com writers pull all the time at the eleventh hour to add angst. Problem is the LTM-fandom can’t handle Ki Joon and Ah Jung simply ending up together -everyone wants to see the whole shebang (wedding, honeymoon, baby, whatnot). Ergo, second writer probably needs to hire protection. After M3, I never thought I would have such a startling deja vu experience. The similarities astound me. *is dazed and confused*

      • Koala, she definitely needs to hire protection.
        What kind of shit is she pulling?!! And that cinderella crap? As if!!! Gah, this is twice she has effed up now. If she does any other shit to piss me off, she’s so gonna feel my wrath in a sternly worded letter.
        Please God, I am asking you to let the first writer help with ep 16. Let her come and help so this second writer dont completely screw up her show. She may have been missing plot and w.e the hell else, but she surely had story. She didnt need to use old angst trick either, she was definitely all about her character. Son of a bitch. Im watching ep 15 and I still cant stand the beginning. How dare this second writer. Im going to cut her damn balls off.
        Can you tell im angry?

      • yes.. she seriously needs to watch her back if she’s even ‘thinking’ about having an open ending.. >>

        i perpetually watched this drama.. live stream may i add..not caring if i understood everything or not.. getting frustrated when it’s lagging.. and that’s every mon & tue.. so i want the works! ^___^

        besides, i so can watch KJH and YEH date in real life.. anytime soon.. lol

      • Am not surprised by this…maybe I’ve seen too many KDramas. I’d like to see something different than the ending of BL, … anything!

      • @bella
        She better not even let that open ending thought come anywhere near her brain. not even her fingertips. Or I will give her a nervous breakdown so hard, it’ll make her ancestors feel it.

        i so hope your right about YEH and KJH dating. hell, skip the dating and just go to the altar.

      • @leishers

        or maybe.. KJH will pull a JGS.. and say

        KJH: writer-nim.. what’s the deal with this open-ending shit..

        Writer: err…

        KJH: *pushes her off a cliff.. grabs the script…begins writing*

        YEH: a make-out session.. a boating scene, a wedding and babies?!!

        KJH: *smirks*

      • count me 3. I was so sad and angry with this new writer! cola kiss /icecrean salang / and the sekura falls touching their heart was the most valuable scence that i can recall lie to me.

      • @Bella
        Ugh, I would be so happy
        especially with him pushing her off the cliff. Heheh. Maybe he could say “Yea bitch, thats what you get for seperating me and my yoon eun hye..I mean Ah Jung Ah!!

  5. whats this??!!!! my “kilig” is very high when reading all the spoiler then slides down as in “lagpag” when i read the recap :((((
    i hate you writer nim!!!!
    i’ll reverse this scene and make my own ep15 that will satisfies me :))))

  6. i am going to sleep now koala thanks for the baby recap, i love your view as always, sad to say goodbye to this drama, too bad the writer were not able to find the best way to end it up, but i guess who knows, i hope i am speaking too soon, but one thing, i will forever be a great fan of KJH and YEH

  7. I’ve said everything I had to in the last post. I’m hopeful about tomorrow… but will surely cry if it’s open-ended. I don’t mind where Ah Jung went story-wise. To be honest, I would have reacted like her. We’ve known for a long time now that Ki Joon found his match in her and wants to share his life with her… but now it’s AJ’s turn to really consider these cons

    Now I’ll wait for the finale and hope that it’ll be filled with as many squee-tastic scenes from eps 11-14. Knowing that YEH and KJH asked to add that proposal scene in KJ’s playroom gives me hope that they’ll give us a happy ending.

    Still… can’t shake the mixed feelings about how that finale will come. Verdi and PD-nim better make up for it by releasing more YEH/KJH BTS videos… and a news release that OTP will head to Japan together.

  8. YEH&KJH needs another chance, maybe with another drama that well written and well produce.
    Sigh 😉

  9. @KP. I saw the live stream; and although I didn’t understand the words, I can unequivocally say:

    The writer really REALLY SUCKS!!! He/she had an opportunity to redeem this show and in the end he/she gave us crap!

    I mean what the heck was all the issues they went through for? What was the point of episodes 1-14 if in the end we get such crap ending stories?! Does episode 15 even make sense? How could AJ not know what it’ll be like to marry KJ all along? Does it make sense that she would just realize it after the aunt told her?

    Such BS!-I’m soooooo done done done DONE watching LTM!

    M3 sidenote: Kudos to you KP for sticking with M3—I for one couldn’t watch mid episodes and gave it up completely; oh, and I have no intentions of revisiting M3 EVER!

    • Actually I don’t think the Aunt led to her decision to reject the proposal, not entirely at least. I suspect it’s more to do with the list that KJ made about his criteria for ideal partner and AJ realized that she does not fit most of the criteria, hence the scene where she marks crosses on the list.

  10. Thanks for the baby recap! I’ve refreshed every 3 mins since an hour ago!

    I’m very disappointed for the esp.15.
    It’s so unbelievable for Ah Jung not brave enough to be with Ki Joon!
    I really don’t understand what’s on writer-nim’s mind!

    Now I’m just looking forward there will be lots of sweet “kiss………ss” tomorrow!

    Oh! I need both AJ & KJ hot kiss….

    I’m so upset that AJ & KJ did not kiss today!

  11. did’nt get convinced with yeh this ep she seemed too out of it really tired and lacklustre its like kjh and yeh share this bipolar bond suddenly he’s crazy happy and she’s down in the dumps her initial shiny spirit seems to have evaporated hope ep 16 the last ep saves this drama from itself 🙁

    • I agree… at least we don’t get news of her having to rush to the hospital for IV treatment like she did during Black Mini-Dress.

      This is probably my only worry for YEH doing melodramas. Girl can cry and really feel those emotions her character has to go through…but it seeps into her real life. I’ve no doubt she’ll be taking a break before heading for a new project.

      • True I want YEH to rest too….

        But after japan :)….Am I asking for too much? After Japan, where you and KJH can snoodle. Among other things. Plus I hear doing the Horizontal Poker in Japan is breath taking. 🙂

        Ok fine. So im selfish, kill me.

  12. Dear Koala, will wait for your thoughts. I always enjoy reading your comments. I think we really need some romantic love scenes in ep16!

  13. Reality check for our lead female character! I can not blame her. Being in LOVE is so different from being married. Dating is FUN but marrying someone is different story!! Whatever her decision or should I say, ending of the story, … thank you for a GO:OD DRAMA. THE BEST!!

  14. You want me to wait? After the day I’ve had? That’s just unfair! But omg, it’s worse than I anticipated so maybe I should wait! 🙁

    Ugh, I suspect LTM 16 will be nothing like Best Love ep 16, am I right or am I right? Le sigh.

    I told you, writer-nim #2 is biting more than she/he can chew. SADNESS! I wanted to see 2 hours of blissful dates and happy faces!

    • Wait, chingu. Go re-watch Mae Ri and Mu Gyul make kimchee, or give each other kale bouquets, or go ice-skating. I would definitely wait to watch LTM. Shit, if I didn’t have to recap it I would wait and recap both eps together the way I did for M3 episodes 15-16.

      • I will then. I’ll rewatch scenes from M3 and of course more from LTM. Maybe even start City Hunter since I haven’t done that yet?

        Gah, though. I don’t want an open ending. As I said in a previous post, I want ALL the cheese they can give me! They HAVE to giev it to us.

      • OMG between angsting for LTM and smacking myself for being an idiot, I forgot to watch DTLY! Ahhhhh.

        PS: it’s 1am here. I’m managing to NOT watch ep 15 of LTM. How many more hours till the finale? *starts counting*

  15. I do not know whether to cry or laugh with the end of the episode with 15.E preview of episode 16.
    Addicted that much drama, and to think that the end will be a beautiful one chatice.Como the end of boys before flowers.

  16. I almost went to sleep without your recaps, then F5 then woooosh! a baby recap!

    I will just watch this on Thurs when the Eng subs come out, along with the Episode 16.
    I had the feeling that it will just like be My Fair Lady, where they had a love scene but separated on the same ep 15 but still get together in ep. 16 though i didn’t like the ending too much. ( I haven’t watche M3 yet,sorry!)

    I’ll sleep blissfully tonight, knowing tomorrow’s another day! ^^ Last day!
    oh, it’s 12 am now in the Phils. I have an early morning. Classes at 6am. Hope I could function properly while waiting for ep. 16. ^^

    Sweet dreams people!

  17. I just waited for this then I need to have my beauty rest… thank you madame koala… when I wake up later, hopefully I can digest this better… hehehe

  18. Thanks for your baby recap..I know they try to give us the “expect the unexpected”..while everyone thinks she will says YES right away then she pulls back. In a way, it is disappointed for Big fan like me..but in other way, as a modern working type of girl with pride, because of the way people put she is as “Cinderella”, even though she loves the guys so much, but the mountain is too high and may be abit irresponsible to just say Yes to him and let the whole world looking down on you (will you love that guy enough to climb that mountain or you rather take a longer way, break up with him and find someone at your level as an easier way?). Writing a novel you can express all of the thoughts going thru your mind at the times, I guess putting thoughts and express thru screen is alot harder..In away, as a viewer not a fan, I somewhat willing to compromise the reason why they did it (not because I love LTM too much that I blindly said everything is fine), 1 more mountain to climb to get thru the final destination to test it for HwanHye. Luckily thru spoilers we know they made it..else we all end up sleepless nights in every cities around the you all liars and thanks captain a zillions times

  19. Thank you Koala! It sad that AJ rejected KJ’s proposal. And your right perhaps they will end this drama just like any other kdramas with a kiss. I was hoping they wont but I guess they will. While I understand that AJ is overwhelmed I just don’t get it because she was willing to give up everything any way. I’m still hoping to see a wedding and perhaps the jeju scene is their honeymoon. Writers WTF!

  20. thanks koala..i think i’ll take your suggestion of better watching 15 and 16 back to back..which i might at any time have a change of mind. huhu…

    i feel sorely that the end of ep 15 is like that, but then i still hope kj would win aj over and for them to really give that love a shot. a mature happy ending that is. they surely could weather the storm in jeju right? sigh!!!

    i’m not sure even if “delurk” for a while, but since i started LTM i have been in the playground even at that office where surfing is forbidden. but otukke?

    thanks again, so much =) thank you all guys i really enjoyed reading your comments…

  21. This has been the worse episode for me so far hated it everything felt rushed …like i care if yoon joo goes back to paris or not…was there any need for us to see her fighting to get her job back when all we had was mere 2 episodes …i wanted a wedding, baby and her letting go of that stupid job in the ministy and perhaps working with world hotel. Am i being greedy/selfish ? Was that too much to ask? Now we will have to do with a rushed script with a desperate writer trying to tie loose ends.Wishing i never embarked on this ill fated journey.

    • AJ wouldn’t AJ if she gave up her job.
      I’ll be very disappointed if she did that.

      Yet to watch the ep 15 but I supposed the writer had to tie up loose ends for the other characters, we still have 1 last episode so let’s keep faith for now.

      • Alright not so much giving up her crap job which she went into in the first place because of love for that cheater forgotten what the hell his name is, now for love let it go, being a wife and a mother in its self is a good job and very rewarding.

  22. Ok, Koala-san, I will hold my comments until final ep is aired tomorrow.

    Though Ah-jung’s hesitation is logic, but revealing that at the end of Ep 15, with only one ep left, is killing me.

    *deep sigh*

  23. I wannnnnnnnnnnnna KILL today! I am so mad after seeing this episode, I dont even know where to begin.
    This is by far the suckiest episode with stupid shit being pulled by the writer left and right. I wanna rip the head off that frigid writer.

    Where the F is the ice cream love scene? There was absolutely NADA! And the airport kiss on the preview does not make me the least bit happy! WTF happened to KJH and YEH’s resolution not to do the standard korean drama kiss? I bet being so conservativein these new episodes is not their idea. It’s this frigid writer’s idea!

  24. GAJ should have realized how her life would be if she gets married to HKJ. She knows how busy he is with his work, as the hotel CEO. Like it or not, some part of her life will definitely going to change. She has to make sacrifice here. Why would she looked surprised after meeting aunt and heard from aunt, what kind of task / life would be as CEO’s wife?

    Well, at some part, I can accept that she might has her own fear…but why did she say she is not the right woman for HKJ? We all saw and know how much HKJ cares / loves her.

    As for their picts at Jeju island, is she / is she not wearing the necklace that he gave her?

    Based on ep 16 preview, so looks like AJ is the one that is going to leave / go somewhere, probably for about 1 month…..well, with just 1 episode left, looks like we will just get happy ending and not the explosive type, where they ended up with babies or something like that. A bit dissappointed. I don’t really like open ending….similar like My Princess drama’s ending.

  25. i think il follow your suggestion and watch ep 15 and 16 together…thanks for the baby recap…im feeling blue that this drama is ending..hopefully we can hear some good news about kjh and yeh dating in real life…love them both so much…

  26. Hold on, people!! I can’t watch the show right now (WORK is the biggest party pooper, aish!), but to my mind, if all Ah Jung said was that she doesn’t think she is the right woman for him – I don’t see that as rejection to his proposal! She is saying, I can’t meet all the requirements that were in the list given to me by your aunt, so I may not be an ideal wife for you. I can’t just be a housewife, or a social butterfly who will play golf with your business partners, because my career is important for me. This is who AJ was before she even met him, and though she might be willing to change a little bit to adapt to his lifestyle as a chaebol, you have to admit, she is self-sufficient and totally accomplished as a woman even without KJ.

    But hey, if KJ is willing to compromise and say, they don’t matter to me and I am willing to accept you as you are, then a marriage can still happen – as in soon – in episode 16!!!

    We have to chill, people – am talking to myself first of all. Because otherwise, world war 3 might descend on the steps of SBS, with a mob of deranged LTM crazies, with our nuclear arsenal… seriously!!!

    Ms. Koala, your idea was good – to watch both episodes back to back – I just don’t know if I can do it, even now, I can barely contain myself. You forget, you see… you are talking to an addict – right this moment, I am trembling, salivating, going crazy… have to see.. my OTP!

    • well said Wits….so, at some part, GAJ might be afraid of saying yes straight away to the proposal, especially when she knows that she got many X mark on the list that is given by HKJ. So, it is a matter of confident? She was afraid that HKJ might get disappointed in her?

      Well, writer nim, with just 1 more episode left, please give us a happy ending…….even though we might not get the chance to see the wedding ceremony, at least, make GAJ agree to the proposal in the end.

    • Word. 🙂
      Don’t lose hope yet, people! Remember, why we love LTM and why it appeals to international audiences — apart from the OTP chemistry, it’s that the characters are rational and have so many layers they have to deal with…

      It’s not like the feel in the preview was total emotional distance. They just have to work out one more thing in the relationship before getting married!

      AJ is a rational, down to earth, independent woman and we love her for it.

      • BIG yes! Gong Ah Jung is an admirable, accomplished and competent woman, but who is passionate and funnay at the same time. That is why Ki Joon loved her. And I love her too. She was willing to give up her career when she faced the media to exonerate Ki Joon of the lie. I don’t think she will give up on this love that easily. Not my GAJ. She would not be so stupid as to just give up (over th eflimsiest excuses!) on the most good looking, sexiest, smartest, yummiest, hottest and most eligible bachelor this side of the Han river!!!

    • Definitely well daid @Wits. But I still cant keep calm. I’m watching the raws while going crazy.
      This cinderella card that the writer pulled is still really pissing me off. Who the hell wants to be cinderella? Especially in this day and age? Thats for kids, so let it stay that way.
      Cinderella is the picture of subservient. She lets people walk all over her, and that shit aint cool. No one wants to be seen as a mat, and helpless. Because thats exactly what cinderella was. Thats not romantic at all. Ah Jung isn’t that, so im cleary pissed off at the fact that shes asking herself that. Just because you fell in love with a rich man doesnt mean you are some poor helpless female. Has she forgotten how hard a worker she is and all she did? She’s more like @Bell or @Jasmine. You take action and know what you want.

      • @Lesihers,

        but it totally set up the perfect chance for KJ to piggyback AJ. It was the ONE thing (apart from boating and Pooh Bear = Hoon) that I’d been asking for and they did it. Plus, it gave us back the kind of meaningful and metaphorical (is that a word? i think I made it up) lines and scenes that the first writer was so good at.

      • I know, right? These two writers really should have had a conference before the second one started on the show. Our strong and brave GAJ sometimes exhibited some out-of-character tendencies. So with KJ. But we’ve been through that, I don’ care anymore. So long as she gets the ending correctly! That’s all we care about now! That our two OTPs resolve their issues, agree to fight it out and commit to a lifelong relationship – to commence with a boating scene, followed by a big, fat wedding and then a honeymoon! Family and kids are optional and an added bonus. Is that so hard to understand, writer-nim? because if it is, all the members of this fandom are willing to help you out. We are so helpful we can even bring our tools – grenades, rocket launchers, nuclear bomb, even knives, axes and spears. Just let us know… right, liars??

      • @wits…now I can’t think anything else…I just want happy ending for our OTP period….I’m not expecting much now since episode 15 just toooo #$%*#@##@$%&!!!!

  27. I know we will get our happy ending. Base of the jeju picture. Whatever happen AJ and KJ will be together. Open ended, wedding etc… In our hearts they got married and have wonderful family. But of coarse we wish to see that part. I wish the finale or end will who us that. Even a wedding as the end of it will be perfect!

  28. Btw, YJ said she did many bad things…did GAJ dismissal from her work, got something to do with YJ’s request to her step dad?

  29. It’s 2.40 EST here downunder. I’m still prowling here at the playground, unable to sleep. Never mind that I have to go to work in a few hours’ time.
    I’m disappointed to read how Ep 15 went. Can’t watch live streaming, so will have to wait till tomorrow to download it.

    Thanks Koala, for the Baby recap. I was going crazy wondering what was going on in the episode. It did not bring us much cheer, though. So, I hope Ep16 will make us happier.

    Just wondering… I rewatched Ep 1 and saw that the event in which GAJ organised was swamped by bees occurred in 2009. Would that mean a time leap in the final episode or had the HGJ-GAJ love affair been developing over a 2-year period?

    OK, will try to catch at least an hour of sleep tonight. Will be back soon checking for the full recap. G’nite.

  30. Wait a minute! WAIT A MINUTE!!
    We’re forgetting the most important thing here– well second to the writer-nims imminent demise of course *Evil smile*
    Kill Oh Yoon Joo!! That biatch. They should of instead showed us the scene of what she really said to her dad *gag* than us seeing her being sent off to flipping paris. As if we care. We want to see her betrayal, to let Ki Joon see just what kind of a viper she truly is.

    • yes, this part is also bothering my mind here….they did not really make it clear, what bad things did YJ did? And if really AJ dismissal from work was becoz of her, did AJ and KJ knew about that?

      • Exactly. I too wanna see just what she said and how she said it. I mean, I already hate her. She cause so much problem, and they are just going to let her off the hook like that? But still we had to go thru the aggravation of seeing her cry to her damn mother and saying bye to sang hee? Those were all precious Ki Joon-Ah Jung minutes being wasted.

      • I just luv your comments there Leishers. I would have gladly lent you my gadgets to finish YJ off but I already committed to a stand down position tonight. However,tomorrow i’ts back to red alert. So if you need to hunt down anyone , be my guest!

  31. My reaction: CAN I JUST LOAD THE WRITER INSIDE A CANON AND SHOOT HER AWAY @ TIMBUKTU? Why the need for a ‘I’m not your ideal woman to marry’ in the last two episodes of a drama? I think, we the LTM fans got the bittersweet moments. It’s been there since ep 1. Now, give us the ultimate hot hot hot love in the finale, will ya, writer-nim? Having said that, I’m still in love with LTM love-team. No questions, no rebuttal on that! 🙂

  32. I have a comment to all of you who hate ep 15: i think its more realistic for Ah Jung to reject the proposal. If she accepted it, it would be too typical of a story. Now . I think the writer is trying to make it more realistic and put another twist in there. Who would want to give up their careers that they have been building on for their entire life and then give up for a man? c’mon ladies…lets be realistic for 1 second here lol

    • Agreed. I know we all want our money’s worth of skinship, but think about our OTP’s love story in the long run. Remember why we loved AJ, KJ and LTM in the first place.

      • skinship, LOL! right right….so lets say more kissy kissy but no marriage, would that satisfy ??

      • oof… not at all. This story was set up around marriage and would only be completed with one. A marriage is a must if the writer knows anything at all. I hope writer1 puts her 2-cents in.

        What I’m hoping for is the kind of love we glimpsed in eps 11-14… the kind that really made all LTM fandom contemplate RL shipping.

        If I had a say, I would definitely insert a morning scene where AJ and KJ wake up in bed together. I don’t mind not seeing them lustfully rip off each other’s clothes. Would be great fanservice, but I feel like a morning scene like CP (but written for a married couple) who then gets ready to go to work together would be the best way to finish off the story after all the external and internal obstacle have been dealt with.

        This had BETTER not be a Boys over Flowers ending! Or else I WILL hurt someone (writer 2 specifically).

    • i 100% agree with you. However attractive a cinderella story is, not everyone wants to be cinderella, meaning your whole life is about marrying a rich man. Ah Jung had a career and lived an independent life, to all of a suddenly quit her career she has worked so hard for and possibly lose her identity when she becomes his wife. i guess it is completely realistic for her to have second thoughts. she needs to come to terms with how she will navigate thier new life, where she can be a supportive wife and also be her own person.

      • maybe some people want to live like a cinderella….but in reality life is not perfect even if you do end up being a cinderella…maybe i am being too realistic here …i still like to watch the un-realistic and thats why all these people are angry, lol

    • Totally agree with you guys… but i dont think Ki Joon will be all “macho” and say that she cant work: who’s her right hand? Jedi Master Park Ji Hun, a competent and amazing woman…! who’s her Aunt? a Chairman of the World Group— (well, woman…hahaha). Ah Jung is great as a Civil Servant and always gives her best, i know he’ll support her.

    • aye aye. But I just wanted to point out one wee bit detail – THAT BOMB came from Da AUNT. So, can HunnyBunny’s canon point towards that direction too?

      I think we forgot about the drama is also set within certain ‘social norms’. Chaebol’s wife plus ELDER son/nephew. Think about that!

      • I will say though that as much of a potential obstacle Aunt represents, at least she’s not on the same level of evil/irrational crazy chaebol mother-figure as that in Secret Garden.

        She’s at least consistent with her character. I’m sure that when KJ tells her AJ turned him down at first, Aunt will appreciate AJ even more.

      • Somewhere I think we can start compiling a list of horrors – CRAZY INSANE MOTHERS/AUNTS… (wait. why is this all females??) Don’t we have crazy dads too??

      • @Lynx
        Ooh *shudders* Secret Garden
        A most irrational mother if I ever saw one.
        I mean, I dont even care for that, what I hate though was Gil Ra Im constantly taking all the set downs to that lady. I’m all for being polite to my elders, im the nicest person on the block, but if someone kept saying shit to me the way Kim Joo Wons mom kept saying to Gil Ra Im….I’d tell her about all her body parts and what she can stick in there. Im glad KJ’s aunt was just annoying at times and not sickly disgusting.

      • Ockoala – Nice list. Just realised after posting that I wanna add foster father (now on in City Hunter) to the list. He’s a bit off the charts.

        Agreed. KJ’s aunt’s not as scheming / evil as the list. Gosh.

    • That’s true. I think we will still have a very happy ending. Maybe that 1 month apart thing is just a phase of their relationship. I don’t even think they broken up. I think AJ just want to figure something out and then when they see each other again they will be together, the jeju island spoiler pics says it all. At this point the wedding and life after that we all want to see is becoming vaguer but I know we will get our happy ending, I guess the end of LTM is typical ending of dramas. But hey let’s all rejoice because I believe that this is my first kdrama that I watched where in the OTP have lots of moments, dating, hugging less kissing which is sad. LOL… I also love the fact that KJ and AJ did not give in to YJ. SH did not throw a fit.

      • I dont think the ending is going to be like M3..AJ is like 30?and the writer hinted to us in the beginning that she is a little desperate to be married , hence the lie. Also, the title of the drama is “lie to me”. So maybe the ending will be AJ proposing back to KJ? LOL

    • Amen to that. I understand that point. And @Best Luv even made me understood why ep 15 ended the way it did. But I dont like the cinderella look at all. Thats embarassing and just takes away from everything GAJ is. But my problem is, why talk to the aunt and let her feed you all that crap. I would rather her tell Hyun Ki Joon that straight up. I hope thats what she does in ep 16. And not just reject his proposal and run away.

      • That’s my point though. Ah Jung doesn’t need nor want to BE Cinderella, even if the whole world, Aunt, the media (reporter), her co-workers, AK, YJ, SH and even So Ran imply… this ep 15 was all about the world putting pressure on Ah Jung to marry.

        That’s why AJ had to say no and bring up her independence. The Cinderella story was necessary to be dealt with because this is what the outside world is thinking, but we know (and KJ too), that she’s much better and way more than that.

      • Also, I felt that Aunt wasn’t feeding her crap. Her list has always been the truth of being a business man’s wife… which was why Aunt was okay with the marriage lie in the beginning, why she kept pushing KJ to blind date with woman#1 at the first episode, why she didn’t have a problem with YJ aside from SH being in love with her, why she went back to pushing for YJ (because it’s advantageous for the company). Even Chairman Chen brought his wife over with him to Korea.

        But this was the case BEFORE AJ came into the picture, and this, KJ knows. That’s why he’s confident (in the preview) that it’s not over and he will get his girl.

        And besides, a husband/partner that leaves for abroad all the time is, in reality, hard. It just makes sense that Aunt will want her to consider these things. But since Aunt doesn’t know AJ as well as KJ yet, she’s gonna have to accept that AJ and KJ will make their worlds work out… only they’ll do it their own way.

    • Amen to that as well. I would have done the same thing really. Cinderella is soo passe. Truth to tell, her strength lies in her career- take it out and she lost her self worth. How can KJ’s wealth and stature compensate for that? she won’t enjoy life and will always feel inferior. The balance will be lost.

      I’m sure they can work out a compromise just like any other couple faced with this kind of situation.

      Maybe a parallel issue would be assuming love has been declared and all between our OTP in RL and Kang Ji Wan proposed marriage to Yoon Eun Hye with the condition that she give up her career to keep the house and make babies, prepare meals, wait for husband after shoot with towels and kisses, , , , on her part even if she is ready and wants to get married now – would she drop her career just like that? I dunno maybe she will if she has enough money and really really love Kang Ji Wan. God can’t get this issue out of my head . . need sleep. .

      • I’m waiting for someone to do an interview with YEH so she can tell us how much she finds of herself in Ah Jung. Both hardworking and both independent, successful ladies who have enjoyed/become comfortable single-hood.

        I think that’s why she’s been so freaking amazing at portraying Ah Jung and how she understands her character’s every action and reaction so well.

        The darned BTS videos are so frugal on off-screen interactions b/w KJH and YEH (totally unlike previous BTS videos from KJH and YEH’s respective dramas). It’s SOOOO FRUSTRATING. I hope they come out with a special over the weekend or something!

      • And why would KJH expect that of anyone he asked to be his wife?? -__- makes no sense to me… but yes, it would be nice to get an interview of YEH – won’t it. 🙂 Afterall, we know now KJH wont sacrifice his love. 🙂 🙂

      • @ hwanhye shipper
        The problem with post production interview is that candidness is sacrificed to protect the actors image so most of the time they don’t say what they mean even to the extent of denial! I heard the antis are strong in Korea,

        @ lynx
        Of course all the assumptions for kjh were exaggerated to drive home the point

      • Best Luv, Chairman Chen only brought his wife because it was their second honeymoon and then to celebrate the signing and because the wife wanted to see AJ. When he came for solid business (investigating), he didn’t bring her.

    • so true… and that’s the reason why I’m so attached with LTM… I feel that I’m watching a real life situation… Many may say that the plot is not good but for me the situations in this show are realistic.

    • But, she could have discussed that with him. I doubt he wants her to give up her carrier after seeing how much it means to her. It was just Aunt’s last attempt at meddling.

  33. Hi Koala,
    How could I CALM down!! after the cliff hanger of ep. 15. i know YEH (AJ) will accept the proposal and just doing a reality check but what if…

  34. wah i just put an end to my watching…i feel really sad so sad. tomorrow then when both ep gets subbed and all recaps are in. *sigh* as ever relying on koala..

    can i just keep skip the part where she rejected his proposal… or may be i’ll watch the ending in reverse.

    for now i’ll just go brab a coke and beat the sugar rush.

  35. I’ll do what Koala-unni suggests and watch episode 15-16 together… BUT i’ll spoil myself with the baby recaps! hehehe ***evil laughter***

    • Aye Aye to that HwanHye. I wanna see BTS to that.

      *Opps – PD-nim – the angle wasn’t quite right.*
      *Omo PD-nim, I think I didn’t get the feelings right*

      and so on… haha 😀

      • hahahah OMO. This is too funny.
        I seriously hope that thats what they did. heeheh

        For some reason, I feel like watching all the good parts of my favorites dramas, now that Im done with the raw ep 15. It went by tooo fast and Yoon Joo got off tooo easy. She messed with Ah Jungs lively hood. I mean, yeah be angry, but dont abuse the power you have to mess with someones livelyhood.
        That was just too fmuch, and she got off to easy. I mean, yes be mad and angry–go key her car or something (no I dont do that) like normal crazy girls. But dont mess with the job. Bad Yoon Joo, very very bad.

      • Can I just say … YJ should have SCOOTED off like in ep 10. Like why are u still around??? I figured it was probably in the contract. She can’t be paid $ for 16eps (gahh) and appear in only (hmm… 10 sans ep 1)

      • @ Leishers

        I agree. Yoon Joo got off easy. Maybe the actress has been recieving a lot of flak that’s why she begged to portrayed as not too bad.

      • @Lynx
        She definitely should’ve left since ep 10 or better yet ep 12. But if I was her and I watched the love of my life woo another woman, I would’ve left then nd there. She’s a masochist!
        hahah I wasn’t thinking about that. But it’ll be really hard for me to like her as an actress. Lets be honest, i wont. She ruined Oppa for me. well almost. And shes just gah

  36. But I’ve watched already.. T_T a live stream nonetheless, and this is the very first drama that I just can’t wait for another day to watch.. It was so good, the original writer had her story, she just can’t make her storyline go slower I guess to fit the 16 episode? From what I’ve read, 2nd writer didn’t fix this drama, she ruined it, well, at least for me she did.. So many inconsistency here, and I hate how this 2nd writer make AJ so weak, and thoughtless too, what with the way she turned down KJ’s propose, if I don’t get it wrong the reason was because she felt pressured, she thought she has too give up her life, her work if she marries KJ, just because the aunt says so.. Did she really didn’t put in mind when KJ told her that he didn’t want her to quit her job because of him, if she wants to quit it’s because she wants to?.. That’s why I said she’s thoughtless.. And I don’t know, just maybe this 2nd writer didn’t give me the proper reason, one that can make me shut my mouth up and just watch? she gave me way too many unnecessary scenes, I feel like scolding at her, and tell her to step aside you amateur, let JiHwan and AhJung adlibs their way through the end of the drama with the 1st writer..

    I feel so sorry for KJH & YEH, they were so wronged by this crap storyline, this drama has a very big chances to be rom-com of the year, with their chemistry and all.. Honestly if it wasn’t for them, I’ve given up this drama, and only because of them I’m willing to stay up late at night, no matter how tired I am, and how early I should wake up in the morning, just so that I could stream them, live, raw and all, with my broken Korean, and then download the drama, watch it, wait for sub to come out, and watch it again.. The power of Ah-Ki, err, HwanHye I mean.. Imagine if we have a good storyline? Amazing!

    • I so agree with you. What waste of the OTP’s talent. As I have said in the other post, 20 eps would be enough to wrap LTM up nicely, given this crappy writer. I mean with the last two eps and pulling this whole rejection crap in ep15 makes no sense at all. I mean I’m ok with the rejection plot, but just not for the second last ep. Which is why if there are a bit more eps to LTM, then the dislike/ disappointment of this ep 15 wouldn’t be so intense. Since everyone is thinking these are the final two eps, there wouldn’t/ shouldn’t be any weird and crapy stunts being pulled like this ep 15. So, at least for me, I think this what pissed/ disappointed us the most; given last two eps, we are presented with not only the rejection to the proposal but the “apart” thing that will be happening in the first half of tmr’s final episode. But that is just my thought.

    • I think its the way it was styled. 🙂

      Is it just me .. or he’s got really nice natural curls? (wait. they are natural curls rite???)

  37. Cinderella story is a taboo in any culture. All the process of falling in love, the difficulties, trial, consequences and eventually triumph makes the story like LTM such a hit in any gender, age and status. I think the writer try to shows the equality and fairness in falling in love. From previous episodes KJ show his fair share of falling in love by trying to please AJ by trying to enter and fit into her world. Now, it’s AJ turn to do something for KJ in order to fit in his world without sacrificing herself.
    Although most of LTM fans (including me!) are a bit disappointing bcoz we all demand a lovey dovey scene but what the writer is trying to do is give us a memorable ending for our beloved OTP.
    Now I understand the writer more. In order to give out the best we have to let go of any angst to give a better finale.
    Thanks Koala for the recap. As always you never failed to give us a well-written review.
    Now, time to bid LTM goodbye. Off to write a good bye message.

  38. I don’t have time to read everyone’s comment today since I need to start getting 2 little kids and a crapload of stuff into a car.

    Ms. Koala – I’m glad for the ep 15 and 16 back to back suggestion. I’m, all the sudden, not that crazy to see the finale. 🙂 thanks!

    But I still have the vent. WTH? Ok- with Geun-Geun drama, I too can understand an open ending as they are very young and there’s that “we’ll see what happens next but we’ll have fun for now and be happy”. But seriously, LTM was always the more mature drama with much more mature characters, and the characters had a direction in life and established careers. I just think an open ending would leave the drama feeling unfinished and hanging. It all seems so anti-climatic. 🙁 I’m so sad cause I loved it soo much and really don’t want it to end up going the M3 route. Since this is a “rom-com”, I just think having things come full circle makes sense. My expectations for ep 16 are WAY down. If this writer can’t make me happy now, then I don’t know what to say.

    I still love LTM and our OTP but still stinks especially since I already overlooked all of the flaws in ep 1-14 so easily.

  39. ahhhh! this is madness…I will give my full comments on your recap ms. koala

    p.s.park hoon in pooh bear costume…how cute is that?

  40. Just want to throw in something consistent in this OTP – they’re target-locked onto each other. Whatever crazy decision it might seem at this point – I think the difference between M3 and this is – both of them are capable, sane, thinking working adults. I’m ok with a little angst at this moment, in that, there’s a cliff-hanger in this.

    Ok. Maybe I’m a sadist. 🙂 Although SG tops my favourite for how they work in plot – I hated the fantasy / dead but alive dad scene that showed up and set everything back in order.

    This is by far a more believable drama for me. 🙂 haha (for now at least.) 😛 😛

    Sweet dreams to all who SHOULD be SLEEPING.

    Good luck to all trying to figure out this drama at this stage.

    • Is funny people complain abt SG. But, the drama synopsis clearly stated that it was a fantasy romcom. Why people went into it and then complained abt the fantasy bit is beyond me.

      • Totally no complaints about SG. Love love love the show to pieces – It was one of my drama highlights of the year!! LOLs. Well, dramas are all fantasy aint it. But I’ve issues with dramas that verge on using silly points like magical dad as a plot resolution. Not because it used fantasy/magic but the illogicity of it to resolve the tricky issue. 🙂

        Not sure if you watched Tron – but when the solution was contrived or there are development which defy its own plot logic? That I dont like.

        I buy the dead / alive dad plot point as fantasy – but it was how it was used that didn’t work for me. LOLs. Why we talking about SG anyways?!?? ahhaa

    • I second this Hyun Ki Joon Sexiness. I will never turn you down and we will boat until we reac the horizon (bahahah no one can reach the horizon ergo: We will boat forever!!!)

      And I said Hyun Ki Joon koala, not Kang Ji Hwan. Hyun Ki Joon. Just wanted to point that out so you dont throw me in the Han river.

      • Okay, yeah… even in the preview he’s SOOOOO DROOL-TASTIC with the form-fitting black shirt/sweater.

        I mean the man can wear a suit, no problem… but he’s just undeniably delicious in casual wear. How does YEH keep from pressing herself up against all that all the time???

  41. I think if I have time, I am going to watch KJH’s movie, “My Girlfriend is an Agent” again. He’s so funny in that movie, it’s hilarious. And it has AJ’s dad in the movie too, acting as one of the bad guys. I must say KJH is not a boring kisser, if you only watch a few of his comedy movies. I really wish YEH doesn’t have to cry so much in like almost all of her projects. I swear, with these emotions for each character she takes on, soon she’s gonna have some emotion problems, which I don’t want to happen. But I guess given YEH’s personality, she likes to take on challenges to prove her acting skills to the public and not just show up as an actress with good looks.

    • I don’t have any question if KJW is GOOD Kisser. He is an actor. But in LTM, the emotion is there when he is kissing YEH or should I say AJ!!!

  42. im very sad about episode 15 but still hoping that in eo 16 the PD writer will pull out a good and sweet happy ending. Im not sure where they will put the “sweet and intense love scene”???? maybe not very sad tsk tsk, but still i love LTM always. Will wait for the full recap of Koala Unni and her analysis in this episode.

  43. felt so bad, couldn’t all asleep….what the hell is wrong with this new writter and sbs? this would happen to be so wonderful;secret gardens had 3 babies and they run a it because Heung ki jun is like a prince of the country and thay can’t afford to hold a big wedding for world hotel?prince of wales wholes a big party and the whole world went to sees it.The korean tourism would turns out a big scences too because we in the world falls for Lie to me.we wants to visit ki jun house and scences of world hotel, just like Full house.we can be travellers from the world.what is the ideal rating that focus merly on local?impress our fandom of the world.I personally insits to visit with my family in the near future.the avenue star place in lotte world,I wish to see lie to me boxes.

  44. Oh one more thing… I want to see AJ actually do something super cute for KJ… he has been doing a lot here, which I am always for… and I guess she kinda did it before ep 8 but still… I’d still like to see something hehe… 🙂 AJ surprise KJ 🙂

  45. I am so glad that AJ was given this opportunity to address the “role issues” before the marriage by tentatively setting aside the proposal. I did’t hear an emphatic no.

    When people are in love nothing else matters and nothing insurmountable. A lot of marriage cracked because of that. We want our OTP to be together forever right? Then let’s give them time to start at a clean and balance slate. The last episode for sure will focus on our OTP sorting and settling their issues. I’m not worried about the time as all other external issues had been resolved. I suppose they can do with a slight time jump to shorten the process.

    But if KOALA’s inside info pans out (no wedding, no babies) then I will be disappointed. Unless a “special finale” has been in the works (even only) for internet watchers and the re-run versions.

    • Oh before I forget, I’m sorry guys (you know who you are – the insane lot like me) for tonight I decided to stand down (gadgets aka weapons on no alert status). I don’t want to add to the mayhem.

      Tomorrow however, is another day. Back to red alert until the finale.

    • Remember that miss Koala other inside info didn’t pan out…sweet and intense ice cream love making!!! Where the heck did that go, miss Koala?

  46. What?! No intense love scene??! *indignant*

    I have enjoyed watching the hardworking AJ in previous episodes – even when things did not work out in the hateful episode 8 she still had her job/career. Hence, I could see why it may not be such an attractive proposition to lose her independence….and I think that her independence is part of what drew KJ to her….

    I am anticipating AJ asking KJ for time apart…as per the initial preview…why couldn’t she just spill her guts like she has been doing…..thought honesty and straight talk was something they had going for them….!

  47. i’m positive it will be a romantic ending…. i’ll be re-watching nth time LTM so i know i’ll not miss them. though i’ll miss you guys. the stories, thoughts,ideas :). it was fun camping with all of you. thanks again koala for opening your playground…. we’ll bump into each other for sure, so see you around. till tomorrow…. FIGHTING!!!

  48. Oh em gee, I’m watching ep 15 raw and its almost over and I cried Noo, what am I going to do? And my 5 year old niece yelled “Aunty, get youself together.”

  49. I do believe they will have a happy ending. Thanks Koala, from the bottom of my heart for sharing all this experience has been wonderful Lie To Me, I’ma big fan of Yoon Eun Hye, is actually my favorite actress, I am now Hwan Kang Ji, who has been a discovery is a wonderful actor and both have formed one of the couples most memorable for me in the Doramas. I love this drama and want to continue

  50. oh my god hjk and i mean hjk is so hot god koala you and me will have to have a showdown for him i know we will have a happy ending and i agree it time she did something for him i would do anything for him cant wait for ep16

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  52. Thanks Koala..still waiting your full recap hihihi…I wanna say thank you to bestluv,leishers,lynx,bo,hwanhye shipper guys ROCK!! I love your comments n make me so relief….I noticed at the end of ep 14 when the reporter asked AJ how’s her feeling become Cinderella…AJ seems bit shocked n hurt her pride…cause she not want to live like Cinderella…cause she a hardworker n Independent women…that’s her pride that she holds for years! she can’t give up her pride easily just because she loves KJ…maybe after separate for one month help her realize that her love for KJ is deeply than she thought n hope in the episode 16 they can find conclusions for their love without hurting their pride n continue their life together!! LTM fighting!!

  53. I was so damn down not being able to watch the live streaming last night and slept early but reading the baby recap and all these comments here makes me realize I did the best thing last night..* sigh* writer-nim ..writer-nim…are you hiding already? you better make us all happy tonight or you’ll wake up in Timbuktu as what hunnybunny wants to do that to you..don’t dare show your face right in front of us if you love your skin, your head, your life …

    So sad how this turned out, I personally don’t care if there is a steamy hot boating scene in ep 16 because I would rather have those things done by this two in real life than on screen, just the best happy ending will be fine..something that makes this roller coaster ride of watching Ki-Joon and Ah Jung satisfying till the end.

    My trust in Ki-Joon to stick till the end is already established, then here comes Ah Jung..but I still have a little bit of hope when she said she can’t live in a world without Ki-Joon. I hope she’s just wanting to make that self-reflection first before jumping on to the biggest decision. She needs that if she want to be the President’s wife, not to just to please Ki-Joon but to become someone who could be the ‘significant other’. He’s given-up so much that I think she must ponder as well how to return that kindness and the love he always showered her..although this episode ends a little bit sad but I still hope that it would be a happy ending tonight..

  54. I refuse to be pessimistic.I reserve the right to be homicidal if the ending is not conclusive however.

    Can I say it’s absolutely lovely seeing KJ being a consistently suppotive bf?Isn’t he a sweetie?I can’t believe he’s become like this.I actually need to rewatch from ep 7 to recall what he was like.

    I am posting to say ockoala….smashing headers you have.Absolutely smashing 🙂

  55. I’m not hating the episode itself. It just that AJ’s confliciting emotion/question whether she’s KJ’s ideal woman or not was just not executed very well. Wouldn’t it be better and relevant if they question was raised in ep 13/14? But then again, it is a well-known fact that the execution of LTM plots are choppy. So, all is forgiven. Blame it on the absence of kissing bandit 🙂

  56. waaaaaaaa im wailing here i cant watch it on viki ,,,,, ……………………………… i cant comment i cant read the recap ……………. really waaaaaaaaaaaa

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