Lie to Me Episode 15 Recap

If Secret Garden went insanely overboard with “The Little Mermaid” allusions, then Lie to Me is piling on the “Cinderella” references. But I’ve come to realize that the new writer is aiming to allude to Cinderella and then tell us that Ah Jung would never agree to that proposition. While one of the biggest problems with the writing of Lie to Me is consistency – characters personalities and motivations change quickly, and plot and narrative is all over the place – the only thing consistent, which keeps us all glued to the set, is the love story between Ki Joon and Ah Jung.

I was too harsh in my initial reaction to episode 15. I don’t think Ah Jung’s reaction is nonsensical. I think she’s pretty overwhelmed at this point, and really needs to figure out her life and her future with Ki Joon without other plot motivators such as the China deal or her job on the line. Ah Jung is showing that she’s not going to act before she thinks anymore, and will ponder her future with Ki Joon thoughtfully. She wanted to take the relationship slow, so I find her “hold it right there” response to an entire episode’s worth of pressure to get married actually quite normal and believable. Coupled with the preview for episode 16, I’m pretty cool with how this drama might wrap up. Hey, I’m a glass half full kinda Koala.

Episode 15 Recap:

Ah Jung runs out of the party, losing her shoes and her self-esteem in the process. Poor Jungie. Ki Joon, a half-step too slow if you ask me, chases after her and stops her in the hallway. He asks her what’s wrong, but she lies and says that she’s simply not feeling well. She’s sorry to the Chens for leaving without saying a proper goodbye.

Ki Joon doesn’t buy her lame excuse for one minute, pleading with his Ah Jung-ah to just tell him what the heck happened to her? She took a call and suddenly she was running out, so what was the content of the call? Or was it the reporter? Ah Jung doesn’t share the bad news with him, and he stops pressing her.

Ki Joon kneels down in front of her and tells her to get on since she’s barefoot. Ooooh, aborted piggyback ride from episode 9 about to become a reality. She hesitates and then gets on his back. I’m sorry, I don’t care how many times I’ve seen a piggyback ride in a K-drama, but I LOVELOVELOVE this version. It’s not a drunken or injured one, but one where she emotionally needs the security he provides. And his white suit contrasted with her black strapless dress? Breathtakingly gorgeous.

He asks if this is the first time he’s piggybacked her, and she confirms it is. He asks if she’s happy? Ki Joon teases her that she’s quite heavy. When Ah Jung apologizes for being a burden (literally and likely figuratively as well), he stops teasing her and tells her that she’s not heavy at all. He then smiles and quietly tells her that he wants to carry her like this every day for the rest of their lives. Ah Jung chokes back her tears.

Ki Joon sets Ah Jung down in the car, which is when a lady comes running out bearing Ah Jung’s shoes. She tells Ah Jung to cheer up, no matter what it was that happened. Ki Joon takes the shoes, and then kneels down to put them on Ah Jung’s feet, despite her protest that it’s not necessary. He jokes that it’s not even glass slippers. Ha! He brushes the dirt off her soles first before slipping her feet into the high heels. Ki Joon tells Ah Jung not to cry anymore, he doesn’t want to see her cry. He promises that there he will make sure she smiles every day from now on.

That night, Ah Jung thinks about the reporter’s Cinderella assertion, and her current predicament. She goes to see Jae Bum the next day to consult his legal advice. Jae Bum is upset on her behalf, and suggests that if she can gather the evidence to disprove the reason she was fired (for showing favoritism by giving the convention business to Gold Resort), then she can petition to get re-instated.

Dad finds out Ah Jung got fired from the newspaper. Aunt shows the same newspaper to Ki Joon, who also finds out third hand that his Jungie got wacked specifically for a reason tied to his Gold Resort. Ki Joon is stunned and hurries out, asking Park Hoon to connect him with a higher up in the Ministry.

Ah Jung and Dad discuss her situation over a meal. He tells her that he found out her situation from the papers. Dad trusts in his Ah Jung, who tells Dad that she’ll fight her firing because it wasn’t justified. He reminds her that her name Ah Jung means that she is a righteous and upstanding person.

Ki Joon comes to see Ah Jung that night, and Dad allows him to “borrow” her for the time being. Dad asks if Ki Joon was jealous and Dad spent time with Ah Jung earlier. Ki Joon adorably says that even though he was jealous, he’ll endure it this once. Dad heads out and Ah Jung and Ki Joon sit down to talk.

Ki Joon chooses the most innocuous question again “did you eat yet?” to break the silence. Ah Jung teases that she’s not a pig so how come he keeps asking her the same question. Ki Joon brings up her firing and tells her not to worry, he’ll handle it. Ah Jung replies that it’s her problem. To which Ki Joon reminds her that it’s “their” problem. He tells her that the truth will come out. He suggests that they fight the Powers together. He asks Ah Jung not to try to run away. If she does, he’ll kidnap her back.

Ah Jung goes to file some paperwork, and has her co-worker bring out some files for her. Ah Jung and Jae Bum sort the files to find evidence that she didn’t engage in any misconduct with respect to the Gold Resort. All of Ah Jung’s co-workers support her and agree to help out. Ki Joon finds out from Park Hoon that the evidence points to Ah Jung doing nothing wrong. The only kicker is her admission that she is dating Ki Joon, but that itself is not a violation. Ki Joon tells Park Hoon to assist in any way possible.

Ah Jung is inside the Ministry lobby getting people to sign her petition for re-instatement. She looks outside and see Ki Joon passing out flyers, having erected signs protesting Ah Jung’s firing and her innocence. She’s not happy he’s doing this for her, and he pretends that it’s a lot of fun. Ah Jung is distressed seeing Ki Joon embarrassing himself on her behalf.

Ki Joon reminds Ah Jung that she needn’t do anything if she wanted. If she wants, she can do yoga, flower arranging, shopping, all the Stepford wives stuff all day long. Ah Jung retorts that she doesn’t do any of that stuff. Ki Joon asks why she wants this job so much – wasn’t her original motivation because of impressing Jae Bum?

Ah Jung cuts him off – she concedes she didn’t have a goal or a dream and took the exam for a stupid reason. But she passed, and she’s worked so hard since then at this job. Ki Joon smiles and shows her the flyer he made, asking if the pictures he selected of her are pretty? He was just teasing his Jungie, heh.

Yoon Joo is at home wallowing in her own misery. What’s new? Her mom comes by with food and asks how she’s doing. She sees Yoon Joo reading newspaper articles about Ah Jung and tells her to stop doing this. Yoon Joo hugs her mom for being here for her. Mom tries to comfort Yoon Joo by saying she did nothing wrong.

Yoon Joo comes clean about doing something wrong despite knowing Ki Joon isn’t coming back to her. Yoon Joo wishes she had been able to let go very gracefully. She cries about how she did one final bad thing that she wish she didn’t. Mom tells her to get her ass back to Paris because she keeps getting hurt staying here. Yeah, you do that, Yoon Joo.

Jae Bum is working hard to assist Ah Jung in her re-instatement hearing. So Ran wears a sexy nightie and tries to seduce Jae Bum. She does remind Jae Bum to do his best to help Ah Jung re-hired. Jae Bum chases after So Ran in the end.

Ah Jung practices her speech in front of the mirror, reminding herself to stay strong and not cry. At the meeting, Ah Jung passes out all the prepared evidence to show she did not show favoritism. Ah Jung explains that in everything she’s done at the job, she’s been thorough and vetted everything so that no one can ever accuse her of showing favoritism. She can’t accept this punishment because she did nothing wrong. The panel renders its verdict right there.

Ki Joon is anxiously waiting for Ah Jung in the lobby. She comes out looking exhausted and weepy. Ki Joon immediately starts to comfort her, telling her that it’s okay. Ah Jung cry laughs and tells Ki Joon that she can’t have breakfast with him anymore because she’s headed back to work tomorrow. Ki Joon’s thrilled and enthusiastically hugs his Jungie a little too hard (multiple times). Really Ki Joon, be careful there. You don’t want to break her back. Well, at least you don’t want to do it via a hug on the street.

Ah Jung and Dad celebrate her re-instatement via, what else, daddy daughter drinking time. They do a love shot (cuuuuute). Dad thinks that when Ah Jung gets married to Ki Joon, he won’t see her often anymore. Ah Jung stammers that she and Ki Joon didn’t go so far as to discuss marriage yet. Uh, I think the man has been hinting marriage pretty blatantly for awhile now, girlfriend. Dad’s impressed that Ah Jung was able to solve her own problems without his help. Dad thanks Ah Jung for growing up so well without a mother around.

Aunt heard about Ah Jung getting her job back, and Ki Joon protesting outside the Ministry on her behalf. Aunt asks Ki Joon if he’s planning to marry Ah Jung? Ki Joon says yes, as soon as possible if he can. He tells Aunt that he loves Ah Jung because she’s so normal and forthright. Aunt wonders if there is anything she can do to convince him otherwise? He says nope. Aunt concedes that she’s cool with it then.

Ah Jung hurries out of the house in the morning to head to work. At the Ministry, Ah Jung sees an ice-cream stand set up outside. A Pooh Bear comes and drags her over, where promptly all her co-workers show up with a congrats banner and Ki Joon comes bearing a flower wreath. He pulled yet another grand gesture for his girl getting her job back.

Ah Jung’s co-workers wonder if they are getting married soon, and Ah Jung says “what marriage?” Ki Joon has the Pooh Bear reveal himself (it’s Park Hoon!) and even Hoon bear tells Ah Jung to just get married.

Ki Joon and Ah Jung sit down for some ice-cream, with her protesting that she didn’t like this gesture because it was embarrassing. Ki Joon gets taken aback and asks if she’s really not happy with it? Finally Ah Jung confesses that she liked it. Then Ki Joon asks her to keep being honest – why was she demurring when her co-workers were chanting for them to get married? Ah Jung says she has to go to work and doesn’t answer Ki Joon’s question.

Sang Hee is in his art studio when Yoon Joo arrives to say goodbye. She tells him that she’d leaving for Paris. Sang Hee asks if she’s still hurting, to which she says she’s not. She just want to let go of Ki Joon and heal, meeting a better man and be happy. Sang Hee teases Yoon Joo that he’ll get jealous if she meets a really great guy.

Yoon Joo comes to Ah Jung’s work and asks to meet. She apologizes to Ah Jung, for hating her despite knowing she was a good person who did nothing wrong. Ah Jung replies that she would have hated Yoon Joo if the situation were reversed. Yoon Joo thanks Ah Jung for understanding and reveals she’s headed to Paris tomorrow. Ah Jung asks Yoon Joo not to hate Ki Joon. It’s normal for Yoon Joo to hate Ah Jung. Yoon Joo concedes that she’s lost. Lady, you lost three years ago!

Ki Joon is cooking for Ah Jung in his house (wooo hooo, return of our favorite location in the drama – the house of many former kisses). She’s impressed with his cooking ability and once again Ki Joon matter-of-factly says he can do anything since a business man needs to have many talents.

Ah Jung grumbles that he really is a chaebol. Ki Joon wonders if she really didn’t know that when she purposely approached him. She asks when that happened, and he teases her about how she once called him “honey, I’m here”. She gets embarrassed and he reminds her that pretty soon she’ll be calling him that for real.

Ki Joon drops a piece of noodle in Ah Jung’s mouth (adorably like feeding a baby seal a fish). She eats it and pretends to faint, but pops up and tells him the food is delicious. Why is it when these two do the most mudane of things is what makes my heart feel like bursting. A text comes in from Yoon Joo asking Ki Joon to meet. Ah Jung tells him to go meet her, if for Ah Jung’s sake.

Yoon Joo tries on her engagement ring (again), before putting it away when Ki Joon arrives. He awkwardly sits down and asks what she wants to see him about. Yoon Joo explains that she’s headed to Paris and wanted to let Ki Joon go so she asked to meet. She knows it will be hard, but she’s ready to accept the reality. He thanks her for the memories they shared, he will always treasure it.

Yoon Joo is at the airport when Sang Hee arrives to send her off with a care package of red pepper paste (to remind her of Korea). She thanks him for helping her get her feelings in order again, and promises to call once she gets settled in Paris. Sang Hee notes that it’s good to see Yoon Joo one more time when she’s not crying. They shake hands and she’s gone!

Ah Jung is giving Ae Kyung a makeover, with the latter wondering why this is happening. Ah Jung refuses to tell her where they are going, only explaining that Ae Kyung looks pretty. Ki Joon has dad shopping for a new suit, pretending that they are headed to a party to celebrate Ah Jung getting re-instated. Suk Bong is cooking and crying to Sang Hee, lamenting how hard it is to let someone go.

The lights are turned off at the café and Dad and Ae Kyung are brought in. The lights turn on and everyone pops up to congratulate them on getting married. Sang Hee brings out the cake, with Dad accusing Ah Jung of marrying him off so that she can run off to get married herself. Ae Kyung tells Ki Joon to make it official with Ah Jung and he promises to get right on it. The entire gang gather for a group wedding picture.

Ki Joon and Ah Jung are sitting in a café and he hands her a pen and paper. She asks if he wants her to write a contract? Ki Joon wants Ah Jung to write down the ten things she wants in her ideal man so he can do research on it. He’ll write down ten things he wants in a woman. He realizes they still don’t know that much about each other.

Ah Jung asks if Ki Joon has the confidence to meet all ten requirements if she writes it down? She says sure, there is nothing he can’ do. Doesn’t she remember he’s Hyun Ki Joon 5-item set? She says of course: good looking, manners, responsibility, common sense, and chivalry. She thinks that she’s been brainwashed.

He tells her not to worry about him, she should worry about herself. Ki Joon tries to cover his paper so she doesn’t peek. They sit and write in silence, finishing at the same time. Ki Joon grabs her first to read it. Ah Jung says as long as Ki Joon fulfills five of the ten items, she’ll consider him the perfect guy. Ki Joon replies that if Ah Jung fulfills three of his ten, he’ll still piggyback her every day. You two make me teary with the banter.

Ah Jung reads Ki Joon’s list on the bus ride home. (1) Even if its oatmeal, a woman who makes breakfast for me every morning. (2) Someone who will exercise with me every morning. (3) Even when we fight, she’ll accept my apology. (4) A woman who loudly cries at sad movies. (5) A women with different interests willing to do my hobbies with me. (6) A woman who doesn’t tell a lie even in the smallest instance, always being truthtful. (7) A woman with wrinkles who is still pretty. (8) A woman who knows the real Hyun Ki Joon (9) A woman wanting 1 boy, 2 girls. (10) A woman who can drink like a man. And finally, a P.S. – a woman with pretty hands and feet.

Ah Jung brings some food to Sang Hee at his art studio and finds the portrait he painted of her. He asks if she’s already starting to act like his sister-in-law? He agrees to eat the food. She doesn’t think too much about it, only asking that it should be hung on the wall.

She asks why he drew her, and he makes the excuse that he wanted to draw someone with a personality. Sang Hee asks for a picture of Ah Jung with Ki Joon. He wants to draw them, because they are very suitable for each other. Awwwww, Sang Hee, you is totally grown up now. And so sweet. He promises Ah Jung that he will draw her very pretty even though the real Ah Jung isn’t very pretty.

Back home, Ah Jung looks through Ki Joon’s list. Some of the requirements she can do, others she’s not so sure about. She sasses that Ki Joon wants too much from his ideal woman. She bids goodnight to President Hyun and tells him that he ought to wake up from his daydream.

Ah Jung is called to meet with Aunt, who is actually friendly and tells Ah Jung to relax. Aunt drops a laundry list of things-to-do-to-be-a-chaebol-wife on her lap, including learning golf, learning languages, horseback riding and other activities. Since Ki Joon travels a lot, Ah Jung needs to be prepared to go with him to assist him, the way Ah Jung assisted him with Chairman Chen. That will lessen Ki Joon’s burden.

Ah Jung replies that she has her own job. Aunt’s fine with her working for now since she just got her job back. Ah Jung says that she wants to keep working in the future as well even after she gets married. Aunt looks surprised and says it’s good that Ah Jung likes her job, but Aunt would love it more if Ah Jung helped out Ki Joon. Aunt agrees to let the youngsters decide on what they want to do.

Ah Jung meets with another reporter who wants to find out when the marriage will take place. Ah Jung says there are no plans currently. The reporter wonders if Ah Jung turned down Ki Joon, or maybe Ki Joon hasn’t proposed yet. The reporter asks if Ah Jung is prepared to become the wife of the World Group CEO once they get married? That night, Ah Jung looks at Ki Joon’s list again and crosses out the items that she can’t fulfill. I think she’s X’d out so many more things than she ought to. She thinks back to Aunt’s list of other criteria.

Ki Joon is having coffee with Ah Jung and notices she’s out of it and rather down. He takes her to his house to cheer her up. He covers her eyes and leads her into the living room. He takes his hands away and shows her that all the art work in the house are beautifully lit. He made it with Sang Hee, and now he’ll carve her name on some of the artwork.

Ah Jung teases that this isn’t enough, she’s not cheered up. Ki Joon says there is more. He has a secret room that he’s never shown anymore, but he wants to share it with Ah Jung. He leads her into his workshop with all his model toys. She’s stunned to see it, and he confesses he made everything despite his busy schedule. He reminds Ah Jung that one of his requirements is a woman who will work on his hobbies with him even if the hobbies are different.

He turns on the toy model train and it turns the corner and stops in front of Ah Jung. In the caboose is a diamond raindrop necklace. Ki Joon takes it and puts it around Ah Jung’s neck. He tells her that he’s lived his entire life for other people, so this place is a present for himself where he can be himself. But going forward, he wants to share this with her.

Ki Joon asks Ah Jung: “Will you marry me?” Ah Jung looks stunned and uncertain. She finally replies that she’s put a lot of thought into marriage, but she doesn’t think she’s the right woman for Ki Joon. Ki Joon’s face freezes.

Thoughts of Mine:

I’ve discovered that the cliffhangers for LTM have always been all smoke and mirrors. Each cliffhanger that isn’t lovedovey between the OTP makes us worry for them, yet the very next episode shows that there was nothing to worry about. Each obstacle is quickly dealt with, each time they are always there for each other. The ending to episode 15 is no exception. We see in the preview that Ah Jung isn’t ready to marry Ki Joon, but she tells him how much she loves him. There is nothing wrong with that, other than this is not a 50-episode drama hence LTM fandom dying for a magical happy ending likely won’t get it. Otherwise, she’d be a fool to marry him with so many issues unresolved between them.

I really liked this episode watching it for the recap. It did feel rushed to wrap up all the ancillary storylines (Yoon Joo back to Paris, Sang Hee cool with his life, Dad and Ae Kyung tying the knot), yet Ki Joon and Ah Jung’s relationship really moved forward. Yes, it appears to have grounded to a halt at the end, but that is a feint. The second writer is all about putting Ah Jung and Ki Joon’s relationship into the confines of reality (as opposed to the lush idyllic romanticism of their earlier interactions). So while we’ve dealt with their relationship vis-à-vis their professional futures, we haven’t dealt with their relationship vis-à-vis their personal considerations.

Yes, they love each other, genuinely and without reservation. But we’re finally taking a deep breath from the Chairman Chen deal and Ministry firing issues to finally address how Ki Joon and Ah Jung are going to make it work going forward. Ki Joon loves the Ah Jung who loves her job, but he also really doesn’t understand how much she’s potentially going to have to give up to marry him. Maybe she can keep working for awhile, but eventually he’s just so rich and prominent her life will end up being just his wife. And that is not Gong Ah Jung.

I don’t think Aunt did anything other than tell her the truth about marrying into a family like theirs. This entire scandal started from a lie that Ah Jung told when she didn’t think, didn’t consider the consequences. We have come a full circle in that Ah Jung is really faced with the prospect of getting married (to a man she loves who loves her back), and she is finally stopping to think. She told Ki Joon “I don’t think I am the woman for you.” She’s likely right in the practical sense, and now they both need to stop and consider what they need to do to make it work.

Ah Jung likely needs some time apart to figure out her life, and Ki Joon needs to keep earning his love. There are so many parallel moments in this drama that it’s sad the writer couldn’t really develop it properly. Ki Joon and Sang Hee really screwed Yoon Joo over, if you stop to think about it. One proposed to her but couldn’t fight for their love, the other professed to love her but used guilt to ruin her marriage. Sang Hee’s penance is giving Ki Joon the woman he loves in Ah Jung and letting himself suffer heartbreak the second time. Ki Joon’s penance is fighting for his love this second time around with everything he’s got. Yoon Joo came too easily (one ring and the deal was sealed), so this time Ah Jung marks the first time he’s got to protect, cherish, and understand what love means.

I loved the fact that Ah Jung pretty much got her job back all by herself. Ki Joon was a sweet cheerleader, but she gathered all the evidence and convinced the panel she did nothing wrong all by herself. If anything, the second writer really really understands that an integral part of Gong Ah Jung is her pride in her civil servant position and her motivation for her job. Just like Ki Joon becoming a hotel president because it was what he was supposed to do, yet he doesn’t bemoan it and does the best he can, Ah Jung may have wanted to become a civil servant because of Jae Bum, but she ended up loving her job and doing her best. Our OTP really are kindred spirits.

I think if the first writer could have sped up the set-up part of the story, so that the ending to episode 8 happened by episode 6, then we’d be in great shape for the story to conclude with all the issues properly resolved AND still get our wedding and babies type of ending. C’est la vie, I can hardly mourn a what-could-have-been when really, LTM has been a startling surprise from the beginning.

If I peel away the plot, and just look at the exquisite moments between Ah Jung and Ki Joon, sometimes tears just come to my eyes. Like the first scene, when Ah Jung was really just overcome with emotion (from hearing that she was fired to being accused of being a Cinderella by the reporter), Ki Joon was there for her but he never pushed her. The piggyback ride was just so haltingly sweet, but it was when he put her shoes back on for her (after brushing the dirt off her feet) that made my insides all squishy.

I constantly tease that I want boating, but really I want something ephemeral that a drama love story can deliver with or without big whizbang scenes like the Cola Kiss or weddings or babies and happily ever after. I’ll have to wait until episode 16 to determine what my favorite scene in LTM is, but so far, it’s no-contest – my favorite scene is the airport farewell in episode 13. See, it didn’t even involve tongue. It simply showcased the sensation of love bursting from both of them, wrapped in the longing of a simple separation.

LTM has been a divisive drama from very beginning, and looks to continue the trend even with this episode 15. While I really liked it for how it wants to prepare Ah Jung and Ki Joon’s relationship for the long-term future, it’s surely a disappointment for folks wanting an “I do” and them making out in the bedroom next door afterwards. From the very beginning it was never about the story the writer wanted to tell, what went wrong was how it was all executed. While I can see the forest and others simply see the tree, I think tomorrow we’re going to get a very sweet ending no matter what. We might all crave more, but I wouldn’t trade this OTP for the best written script in the entire world.

The first writer wrote a very romantic and dream-like love story, the second writer wrote a very tender and realistic love story. The happily-ever-after ending we all want (wedding, babies, white picket fence) is probably what the first writer might have done. Episode 15 confirms that, while I have no doubt the ending will be happy for our OTP, as a viewer we might not get the complete catharsis we are looking for. I think I’m okay with that. Upon re-watch, I found this episode was very meaningful and necessary, actually setting it up so I’ll get my soft landing with this story.

There were moments in episode 15 that really connected with me, hit me in the gut where it hurts not with the manufactured angst, but with the reality and the disconnect between love in the now versus together in the forever. While I have really been rolling my eyes with the overall plot of LTM since episode 9, each and every OTP scene has been golden for me. I can dissect and parse their every word and gesture, and episode 15 was no exception. I can feel the actors are running on fumes, yet every scene between Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye you can tell they are helping each other bring it.

Too bad it took 15 episodes for Ah Jung and Ki Joon to face the stark reality of a simple civil servant from a professorial family to marry into a chaebol. I think it’s easy to dismiss this final plot development because we simply want a happy satisfying conclusion, plus it really is coming so late in the game. Argh, that does pain me. But I’ll give the writer the benefit of the doubt on how she’ll end the drama. Ah Jung has really grown from the young woman who didn’t think much before telling a lie, into a young woman who is willing to consider how the precious love between her and Ki Joon can survive and grow for the long term. I’m with my OTP every step of the way.

P.S. The preview for episode 16 looks SUPER CUTE. As in – no real angst to worry about. Ah Jung tells Ki Joon that she loves him, she loves him so much that she can’t imagine living in a world without him. Dad asks Ah Jung is “that guy” is going to go along with what she’s asking? Ah Jung asks Dad how long he’s going to keep referring to Ki Joon as “that guy”. Ki Joon says no way, he won’t agree to it. Ah Jung aegyo’s him with a super duper OWP. Ki Joon sends Ah Jung off at the airport, she promises him it’s just for a short time, until she finds the part of her that is missing. Ki Joon pulls Ah Jung in for a kiss. He asks if he can call her during this time. Ki Joon sits in his office and get his super mischievous look on his face – he think to himself that “it’s battle time.” He’s going to get back his Jungie.


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  1. yaaay!!! been waiting for this…babt recap thread was crazy!!! hahaha
    of better read first then come back later…

      • It’s clear episode 15-16 need to be watched together. I didn’t get to watch the preview for episode 16 when I wrote the baby recap, hence it left me uncertain as to Ah Jung’s full motivations. The preview for 16 is the key we need to understand the ending to 15. Yup, episode 15 is back in my good graces.

      • I have to say that unlike other rom-coms out there, LTM is definitely the kind that one can best appreciate after multiple rewatching. What may be flimsy plotlines and character developments at first actually works out towards the end.

        LTM is like a pointilism painting by Seurat. You have to pull back and see the whole picture to appreciate all the little dots that went into it.

        Marathoning weekends really made me love this show and fully appreciate all its characters, even YJ and SR (though I still despise SR’s frenemy attitude…but think she’s hilarious).

      • @Koala
        watching the ep 16 preview was definitely a way for me to calm down. And me talking it out with Best Luv, HwanHye and All of the others in baby recap post helped too
        @Best luv
        I really love this drama. I surprise myself with how many times I’ve watched an episode, or a scene and all the episodes together. I never get tired of it. The more I watch it the more I love it. Its so crazy.

        I’m one of the ones who cheer for MAD boating, but I mainly cheer for it because I know that Ji Hwan and YEH would have made it phenominal. If they can make talking to each other surrounded by people sexy, imagine the boating scene? But Mostly I wanted the morning after. But still I dont think I was ever unhappy with LTM. How Can I be when KJH and YEH make it so irresistable?
        But the reason I was piqued about ep 15 end, is that I dont know where the writer was going to take this. I seriously thought she was going to do the whole seperation thing, as korean dramas are often wont to do. That was my own worry. As long as they talked and stuff, I’d be happy. No rrunning away and crying by yourself. Cuz thats so not real life.
        But im happy and I cant wait for ep 16. LTM is boss and it really got. I really appreciated this show. But I like how Ah Jung character is showing that cinderella story isnt what’s up. Too many people make it seem as if thats an ideal thing, when in reality its not. You have the love? But when snarky people, i.e the reporter guy. come at you, what do you really have to back it up? What do you say in the end that will make you feel your worth? And I’m glad that Ah Jung got her worth back.

    • omg…reading this brings tears to my eyes…why do I have to agree to everything you just said?…but I do…every thing you said made sense but am heartbroken too because I will not be getting the grand ending I want…

      Oh well…my stubborn heart just won’t let go…I think AJ and KJ will still marry and have kids… hmph fairy tale or not, THEY JUST GOT TO… so there!!!

      • ooops thank you madame K for the awesome recap as always…

        I love that you are so grounded when you do your recaps… there’s a balance on how you dissect things and am so proud to be with you in this journey… No matter what happens, the memory we shared (and will be sharing still til the aftermath of LTM) will be in my heart for a very long time… and I shall follow your advice…will watch 15/16 back to back…( i hope to have the will power to do so)…hahaha good luck to me…

      • agree with u all…n thank you for sharing…I just finished watch episode 15 n understand why AJ refuse the proposal…so sad..but after I saw their new romantic pictures in Jeju Island..aahhhhh…I’m kind a excited now…hoping for the best for tonight episode!!!

  2. Wait a min. … what’s this “Yoon Joo comes clean about doing something wrong despite knowing Ki Joon isn’t coming back to her.” – SHE was the *&&^@()$# &^^$#$# behind AJ’s firing?!?!?!!!!!! arghs.

    She has no decency as a human being. Strike it. I’ve worse references in mind now. I think her name’s similarity to ‘pigs’ are an insult to them four-legged creatures.

    • Sorry.. one shouldn’t swear in public i know… but i so want to throttle her. No harm done in that sense to the OTP / storyline but seriously… no decency as a human being. arghs. that’s why SH is soo cool on my books as 2nd lead. Even SR has earned some brownie points by this stage. 🙂 arghs.

      • mmmm… just finished reading Koala’s thoughts. Ok… I concede, bad pair of brothers and the way they resolved/didn’t resolve the emotional mess 3 years back. (Geez people. Counselling. Go take some when you need to!)

        But here’s one part that I think she totally needs to play a role in – she told KJ she was gg to move on 3 years back. Ok so she didn’t. And really, if she said nothing 3 years inbetween – I don’t think you’d expect KJ to know. I mean telepathy is meant to be here at work??

        The other thing is – if you loved KJ, sorry it sounds clique – let him find his love. It wasn’t like he was a callous idiot 3 years back who weren’t hurt. grrr. So whats with the guilt trip both ways and back?

        So her going off, is just convenient. I am not sure she was in love with KJ or in love with being in love with KJ. 😀

      • Yeah, Koala really help is to see.
        But I still think Yoon Joo got off way too easy.
        She was burned, but so was Ki Joon. Its understandable to be miffed that the guy you’re still burning a candle for, the guy who was in love with you, didn’t fight for you and the love you had, but is fighting for someone who just fell into his path. Literally. Yes thats cool.
        But that still does not warrant her to pull step daddy’s rank and get GAJ fired. Someone should get stepdaddy fired.

      • It’s not about her being spurned anymore. It’s no longer a instinctive kick-back reaction. She had time to plan and execute it. She’s psychotic and vindictive. She knows the extent of what power can do, the extent of her power over her step day and she pulled the pin.

        That’s the worse kind of person than someone striking out when hurt and in the end hurting others as well as themselves.

        And you know what? I am so glad KJ didn’t end up with her.

  3. Thanks, unni! I think you really hit the nail on the head about Ki-joon and Ah-jung’s relationship. As much as I do want that happy-with-butterflies-and-babies ending, I’m glad to see their relationship treated with realistic touches, because in the end, loving someone isn’t about happy endings, it’s about building a happy life together. Life goes on after the wedding, and your struggles aren’t over simply because you said, “I do”. Too often I think we forget that, and I’m glad to see us reminded of it here.

    • i totally agree with you. wanting a cinderella story or being cinderella is great, and we all love fairy tales. however, fairy tales often gives the facade that you dont have to work hard on your marriage or have real issues to confront to have a happy life together. it gives the idea that happiness PASSIVELY comes with marriage. I really appreciated this episode because it was very realistic. while we may love our men, but to give up our careers, identity, and independence can be a false choice. one needs to critically evaluate and come to terms with how they will be supportive spouses while keeping thier own identity. Giving up careers is not always all wrong, but you have to amicably decide and come to terms with it. Without giving critical evaluations and been content with whatever decision you make, you will set up yourself for a life of unhappyness and blame everyone else for it. I think that is how people who marry into royalty and chaebol families get themselves into trouble. so as a woman, i appreciated Ah Jung’s consideration and decision. While she loves Ki joon, she needs to know and be content with how she will fit into thier future lives.

  4. Thank you so much. I completely agree with your assessment. Although I would like to have the ending we are all dreaming about, I like the fact that Ah Jung is taking a step back before fully committing as we all should should we find ourselves in the same situation. After all, marriage isn’t something we should take lightly.

  5. PERFECT. I love your recap. I agree with your thoughts. Thank you!

    @ Goji – yup, KJH (ahem HKJ) just described his ideal woman. YEH (ahem GAJ), you’d better listen up. 🙂

    • hah, when I saw the PS on that letter, I thought about him putting AJ’s shoes back on at the beginning… so perfect! YEH has pretty hands and feet 🙂

      though… what is up with korean men and their fetish/obsession with pretty hands and feet? Gong Yoo has the same requirement for his ideal woman.

      • Coz pretty hands and feet can do so many wondrous and sultry things *grinning*

      • @lizzy – omg. LOLs. catch train of thought from veering. 😛 I’m just gg to assume it involves kimchi making for a start. 😛

      • sure Lynx, I totally believe your kimchi-making train of thought!!! what kind kimchi??? 😉 😀 😀

        thanks Koala unni for the quick recap! love It!

      • Why… the spicy ones of course. made with love at home.

        What other kinds are there ? 😉

  6. Thank you Koala!!! I love LTM! Your right even if we don’t get the ending we want we know that there is a happy ending with them together. I will miss KJ and AJ. Forget about the plot the OTP for me is much more important. Like you I wouldn’t trade the OTP into any plot. The love of KJ and AJ is well portrayed by this two amazing actors. I wish to see them again together in a movie or drama. I’m sure that the OTP will be well love by the 8 countries who bought the rights of this drama. Even if it ends tomorrow I will continue on visiting your playground Koala. I know how much you love YEH and KJH that you will continue on posting updates about them. I think you should consider on becoming a writer yourself, you know a lot about dramas and you know what will and will not work. Please cast our favorite OTP. Park Hoon and Manager Park as well, they are my favorite. I like almost all of the sweet moment of our OTP. But to pick one the Cherry blossom lane is my favorite with cherry blossom falling from trees that’s were it started. I can’t wait for your recap tomorrow. 🙂

  7. & to the dearest captain of this boat / Leader of this playground – I SALUTE YOU. *Full salute*

    Your thoughts couldn’t have said it better.

    This LTM – is indeed chockful of sweet and tender moments. Just the very drug for the realities which this drama doesn’t hide.

    Gomowo from a happy Lynx 🙂 🙂

  8. WTF is wrong with the WRITER!!!! she is breaking YEH BED SCENE DRAMA CYCLE.
    In ALL her previous dramas YEH was in bed with her leading man (someway or another)

    GOONG-in bed with Shin to sleep into his bed and it happened 3 times (correct me if im wrong) and cuddling happened:)

    THE VINEYARD MAN-she and her leading man was in bed together after getting drank and woke up in each other’s arms:)

    COFFEE PRINCE-she and HK done the whole shabang (boating) ep 16 and 17 plus the bed play (imagination) in ep 15

    MY FAIR LADY- she also did the whole boating and couple woke up grinning with each other.

    LIE TO ME-WTF?????????????Does the cycle stop here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SCREW THAT WRITER!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOO:(

    • I know your feeling dear…I’m sure there will be “bed scene” in episode 16……but what kind of bed scene…I dunno…we have to wait!!

      • was the bed scence when ki jun was sick ?she takes care of him on his sides?this is somewhat difference…………… /wedding ?????

  9. once again thanks MAM…..I just downloaded it n watch first 10 minutes…so lurv piggyback scene…very sad..but how they connect to each other ****####speechless..thousands word can’t express how much I love our OTP….now back to watching!!!

  10. This ending really echoed ep1’s ending where Ah Jung says “When I think only with my heart, bad things happen.”

    Koala, I’m glad you finally agree that AJ’s first lines of her monologue she’s about to give KJ in ep16 is really her working out all the pressure 🙂 I hope other fans see that her hesitation isn’t useless plot filler. Besides, she’s just about to start the conversation with KJ.

    They haven’t yet had a conversation about marriage. KJ’s already resolved it in his mind, but AJ honestly hasn’t had time to consider it. I know a lot of people say that they don’t get how she doesn’t know what it means to be KJ’s wife… but consider her hesitation in Jeju about going fast and her lack of relationship experience on top of her independent nature. It’s just right that they, as a couple, talk this out. Otherwise we’re all rushing Ah Jung.

    I think there’s plenty of time in ep16… as long as the writer and PD don’t dilly-dally with the So Ran/Jae Bum storyline. No one cares about them.

    • They will build their memories together as wife and husband. Some spend their life together and still not know each other while others just met for a short while but feels/looks like they have known each other for a long time.

  11. My fault to come to dramabeans first before coming here. Boy people there are scary I wonder why she still even bother recapping ltm. While I agree how annoying and tad ridiculous the episode 15 was, i actually glad that she turns the proposal down. Can’t blame her for freaking out about it. They haven’t even gone out that long yet. Prolly kj will stalks aj again to jeju and making her say yes

  12. thank you Ms. Koala for your wonderful recap. like this episode though i watched it raw and your recap made me understand it alot better.

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  14. WTF!? AJ: “I’m not the right woman for you?” So AJ is the right woman for whom? JB?
    Even if let’s say YJ becomes crazy, I’m pretty sure YJ would readily accepts KJ’s proposal for marriage.
    So what’s the point for all those kissing, crying, drunkenness? Just having fun? For a gov’t level-5 career?
    Being married to KJ doesn’t mean stay-at-home house-wife, baby producer. She can do a lot of things like charity, or if she worries of too much money, donate them.
    So what are they going to do? KJ can marry the ‘right woman’ and if KJ wants some kissing she can go back to AJ?
    Oh AJ going on a plane? Paris? OMG. Don’t tell me it’s YJ she wants?
    It’s just ridiculously UNREALISTIC.

  15. Thanks a million for your recaps. I really enjoyed reading it. Awaiting for the final episode, hoping that they will give us a good finale. I’m going to miss
    Ki Joon and Ah jung. I’ll do hope that they will continue tere good realationship after this drama, have real drama of there on, date real life. A reel becomes real. I’m loving it. Have a blessed evening. Until we meet again tomorrow.

  16. thanks koala, read your recap and thoughts always make me calmer 😀 . And yes I’m a bit sad watching the ending of this episode, but after reading what you write it all seemed more reasonable and of course still hoping that there will be a sweet ending not only to AJ and KJ, but also for Hwan and Hye. hope they really dating in RL … 😀

  17. here’s the interview where he mention pretty hands and feet..pretty much incorporating reality and drama..i hope it’s YEH 🙂 🙂 :)..oh well we can hope right?

    “Kang Ji Hwan (Hong Gil Dong and Capital Scandal) shows his style in Korea’s InStyle magazine.

    In a recent interview on Entertainment Weekly, Kang Ji Hwan (31) expressed his wish to be married by 35. And what is this charismatic star’s type of woman? Well, all he requests is that she has pretty hands and feet.

    What did Ji Hwan do when he received his first substantial pay check when he was 29? He gave the entire amount to his parents.

    source: instyle korea
    translations: kpopped

  18. Ockoala, I’ll take your word for it, watch episodes 15 and 16 back to back. I’ll try my best to hold myself from watching until ep. 16 is out…i hope I can endure that waiting…

  19. Thanks for your usually wonderful recap, Koala-san.
    It gave me new point of view in watching this episode. I’m kind of disappointed that Ah Jung turned down Ki-joon’ s proposal. This kind of hesitation should have happened a few episodes ago, instead of now.

    Ah well, enough of many ifs and should haves. I’m gonna enjoy the ride cos it’s only 1 episode left for us to watch our precious OTP with their burning chemistry. It’s been a roller coaster ride, but it’s a interesting one I will not regret.

  20. the only thing good about this drama is the acting abilities of those involved. otherwise, the story is a total mess. I feel so sorry for the actors. I guess it’s because of the fact that writers have to worry about the ratings??? u would think that especially as a writer, u would see all the inconsistencies in character development as well as plot.

  21. I don’t think I can restrain myself from watching the episode 15, LOL. I simply love it. It kinda hits you in the heart that there’s so many complications, angst in the real world. But I still like it. Thanks for the wonderful, eyeopening recap Koala. You’re the Best. And I love it here roaming in your playground. OMG, the reality, kinda sad that the LTM finale is finally here in a few hours. Omo, well I’m still lurking around the place for bits and pieces from wuri OTP.

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    based on the preview of the finale, OMG, let it not be, but I think we are all for the big disappointment!

  23. hello to all!

    thank you so much ockoala for another down to earth recap! 🙂

    i really don’t care about the writing/plot, all i want to see is scenes from our OTP and they have given me that! like you said their interactions give you tears, i feel the same way. no other OTP can ever do this for me.

    OTP’s magic will burn forever in my heart! i will miss them when LTM finishes tomorrow 🙁

    ps. do we really not get any boating? LOL!

  24. Girlfriend…..everybody’s out here. “sob….sob…” still can’t get enough of KJ/AJ. What a sweet recap. Thank you. Still trying to digest it, I love this episode, like u said Koala, in a way it really relates to us. I guess this new writer is putting everything into reality rather fairytales. I am going to try settle of letting go LTM.

  25. I’m so glad I waited to read the full recap – I completely agree Koala!

    It’s time AJ take a step back from what has been a whirlwind romance to take stock now that marriage is in the cards. Aunt was being realistic – she has indicated acceptance of AJ and acknowledged her help with Chen. So moving forward – if AJ were to marry KJ the reality is that he is a very successful businessman and very much in the limelight. So for AJ to continue her job – there are issues to be considered.

    Much as I would love to see more kissy, the fact that they are so in love and that the love manifests itself in every nuance, word and gesture between them is just so sexy! Just watching them hug give me goosebumps! Not to mention the looks they exchange.
    I also find lovely that they can just chill drinking coffee, eat and still be so in tune – so together and calm in each others presence.

  26. Not sure if this is okay here – dear Koala – feel free to moderate this.

    But if anyone’s interested in online chatting catching up with Ep 16 as it airs – I’ve set up a chatango page.

    Guess whoever wants to watch and spazz could do so together 🙂

      • hehe its alrt. for whoever turns up I guess. it can be quite fun cos previously when I did this for CS, we had a bunch of non-koreans trying to figure out from our limited edition korean-learnt-from-watching-too-many kdramas.

        it was too hilarous. BUT SUPERB fun when we got out OTP kissing (which we were hoping for but werent expecting! cos it was MGY you see. The nation’s sista.) hahaha.

      • @Lynx I can relate to that. I read somewhere in soompi about someone commenting on KJ doing a shoot at JeJu which was misunderstood. Someone panicked asking who is Jeju and why (?) KJ was shot. It was ROLF ROLF ROLF for me. Sorry but i wasn’t laughing at the person – it is how misunderstanding can lead to a hilarious situation.

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    all your thoughts and views are right on and made me nod each time i read them.

  29. Thank you so much koala. How can we live without you.
    Who says Lie to me does not have story? This drama has great
    story and both writers gave us pure enjoyment.
    It was a very exciting roller coaster ride at the beginning and now
    it is a sweet Jane Austen type of a story with all the characters
    well thought out including the sentiments of the two main
    characters. You learn to love Ki Joon and Ah Jung as they are
    without the frills, pretentions and the lies.
    Now, the story is turning out very cerebral for the enjoyment
    of everybody including fans of Eun Hye and Ji Hwan. Fans
    also have brains, although many of us want more kisses,
    hugs and bed scenes , we enjoy them with bits and
    pieces of reality checks as in our own lives.

    I watched episode 15 with my husband and we thorougly
    enjoyed it. It made us thinks of how we were so in love
    when we got married and tended to rush into things.
    Its good we got family to remind us that marriage is a
    serious matter that has to be given great thought to
    make it work. For many, intense love will not be enough.
    But to make it work, love must be there and Ki Joon and
    Ah Jung will win against all odds like differences in career
    goals and social status. Lie to me will have a happy ending.
    adding to the obvious enjoyment in their roles of Eun Hye
    and Ji Hwan. The love story of Ki Joon and Ah Jung will
    remain with us forever.

  30. Greatly appreciated for your recaps! =) I just can’t resist LTM because of YEH/KJH.. props to them for their great chemistry and acting! I hope I’m not asking too much for it but I just want to have an at least happy ‘fan service’ ending with some smooching and stuffs.. yeah lol

  31. awwww…… KJ is going to fight his Jungie back??? awwwwwwwwww!

    i love it how it’s completely the opposite way with YJ back then. ^^ he’s going to fight for his love.

    KJ fighting!!!

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    Cannot wait for the finale! sob sob sob, maybe the end for our otp but a beginning for KJH/YEH.

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  34. Thanks Koala!
    You always put every episode in perspective and your recap is always so well thought.
    I agree with you mostly…
    Rewatched the earlier episodes over last weekend and I actually appreciate the earlier set up better… Used to think the pacing was slow and there were too many unnecessary fillers, but not so now having rewatched. There is some abruptness in the transition between the writ but I felt the new writer did a credible job in bringing the realities of 2 people of different backgrounds being in love.

    I glad that the writer was realistic in depicting how AJ gathered evidence for reinstatement BUT it still puzzles me how the Ministry can be so flippant to fire an officer without thorough investigation. I can only assume that YJ had something to do with it. I work in the government sector and when it comes to conflict of interest issues, it’s always innocent unless proven guilty.

    Anyway, back to OTP, I love it that KJ is the decisive one, he was a bit wushu washy at first but has never wavered; AJ is emotional but was steadfast and willing to sacrifice herself first. In contrast, KJ is rational and does not believe in noble idiocy, he views the issues for what they ate and tries to resolve them accordingly. The problems are real yet both of them do not descend into over the top melodrama or tragic hysterics, they try to solve the problems like any normal real life couple would. For this, I think the writers have done well.

    • I agree with you..the characters depicted here are more realistic. BUT can’t the writer sort out all the issues by episode 15 so that the last episode is all about AJ & KJ. Honestly, we are here to see AJ & KJ, we want to see more of their on-screen chemistry, more of them enjoying each other!!

  35. My love for KJ/AJ is big enough for me to forgive the scriptwriter for the inconsistencies she dished out. AND… as long as there is a happy-ever-after, it will make my anticipation and the hours spent on them (watching both raw and subbed and reading your posts) well worth it.

    I hope they will move on to 1) make a beautiful movie together and 2) be an OTP in real life, eventually getting married. The latter will be difficult though because they will be under so much scrutiny there will be little privacy for them and lots of pressure. But this is a much-loved couple and they probably will handle the spotlight well. 🙂

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    Park Hoon should have been in a smurf costume, surely Peipei and Angelito would agree….=)

  38. I’m totally with you about the smoke and mirrors that I like about LTM. And like you and all the bears here totally totally love all their tender and beautiful moments that is AJ/KJ (and like to believe HwanHye). Indeed so sweet and exquisite their love story is.
    Ms Koala thank you, you have given us yet again the bestest and sweetest recap. LTM fighting! HwanHye fighting!

  39. could it be that ‘battle time’ means going after AJ (on her trip to self-reflection).. to disturb her senses? lol

  40. Thanks for the recap Ms. K..we share the same feeling, we still need to watch ep 16 inorder to understand ep 15. Like what I commented in your baby recap, AJ needs to think things over inorder for her to be the suitable wife for KJ, her statement saying that she can’t live in a world without KJ clearly says that she doesn’t want to let go of him but in the process she also needs stop and think hard if she’s ready to give-up everything now. We never heard KJ’s side yet about her giving up her career for him, I’m pretty sure KJ doesn’t want that as well, it’s more on AJ being scared if she can really become the someone who could help him.

    LTM chingus, Tuesday has finally come 🙁 I sincerely don’t know what I’m feeling right now..95% sad 5% excited..

  41. and I agree Koala, I’m gonna be watching the last two episodes together with subs 😉 i’m still hoping for a wedding and the whole nine yards though, after all that they’ve been through.. our OTP deserves it ^___^

  42. Thanks Koala for another much awaited and worth reading recap.
    Exactly my thought, your reviews enlighten me on what the current writer of LTM wants to deliver and episode 15 and 16 is not a surprise for me. Although like a lot fans, I also want to see more PDA of the OTP but I guess the writer wants something more.
    The writer wants to translate a more accurate and actual situations not just a fairytale. And I thanked him for that. How can someone start a life with angst? The writer wants to settle all the differences between AJ and KJ although he’s not excepting that there will be more in the future but for the meantime make a clear path for the OTP to start a life together without sacrificing on both sides.
    Thanks Koala for sharing your thoughts, can’t wait to watch episode 16 tonight.

  43. Oh Ms. Koala, thank you so much for writing those beautiful recaps. I hope it’s not too late. I have been lurking at your site since Episode 7 and found myself checking on your playgound for news several times a day. But today, LTM or shall I say HKJ-GAJ has gotten so much into my brain that I rushed to work early this morning so that I can read and savor every line you write on Episode 15, before attending to uh work. I found myself giggling and smiling like a fool. Your cheeky comments just made my day! Muak!

  44. Thank you very mucho, Koala…I really enjoy reading your recaps & your thoughts about the episodes…just wonderful, kudos!

  45. few more photos from baidu and yehNET SHOW KJ and AJ in Jeju. No wedding rings but , two of them together and KJ’s both hands around/behind AJ’s back under AJ’s jacket!!!!!!!!!!!
    Some viewers said that they are ………………..cannot do anything!!!!!!!!

  46. i haven’t read ur recap koala, but i want to tell u guys that’s LTM is like my personal heroin (like edward to bella) that get me addicted each episode… and right now i don’t know how to cure my addiction to this LTM… i’m not ready to say goodbye to our lovely OTP, they so good together and i hope they will get best couple in any awards on korea..

    i kindda sad ’bout ending epi 15 but i guess that ending the best for our i just have to wait tonight for watching episode 16, whatever happens to AJ & KJ i will fully support them..even there will be a marriage or not? just want to see them together happily ever after…:)

  47. Thank you Ms. OCKoala. You definitely nailed it right there. Very astute of you. I fervently wish for at least a 2-episode extension or a special, just to fulfill everyone’s wish. I am sure Kang Ji Hwan aka Hyun Ki Joon, will definitely delight us if he embarks on his “battle to win his Jungie” and a compromise is set in place so that Gong Ah Jung can still stay on doing what she loves best, just like Gil Ra Im did in Secret Garden.

  48. Oh Koala, I’m so glad you did this again and I agreed with all your comments, liked how you brought a clearer understanding of what the writer is really thinking. I, for one, wanted the sweetest of all endings but upon reading your recap, I think it’s simply a pity that these two brilliant actors weren’t given the chance to maximize LTM’s potential.

    If we think abt rating as part acting and part production/story then I think TOTAL credits go to the two main leads, cos without them, this drama will be NOTHING, so chin up beautiful leads, you have both an amazing job!!!

    Can’t wait for the last ep, KJ is so cute in this latter part of the drama that I can’t wait to see more!

  49. Merci, ockoala, for yet another beautiful recap. When you suggested that we watch episodes 15 and 16 back-to-back tomorrow, I thought – no way, I can’t do that! But now, I find, I am ok… your baby recap and full one were just enough of a dosage for my daily fix, and I think I can survive another day. I will restrain myself for the last, climactic, and hopefully, most satisfying finish to this wonderful ride.

  50. Ms. K… there’s new spoiler pictures.. I hate to saying this (after crash and burn yesterday)… but I love the pictures.. I think we’ll gonna get the HOT kiss afterall… YAY!!

  51. *Sigh of relief* i really love this drama. it has dream like fantasy love, tender sweet moments, realistic decisions, emotion, and so much more. even though the order and the set up of all these things weren’t executed properly…if u look at all those small things together. it makes a great drama! so sad to see it end. but im still totally swoony for our OTP. <3 thank you koala! your blogs are always greatly appreciated! ^w^

  52. Nice day Koala you nailed it again!! You read my mind. I love how you knew exactly how my thoughts are and putting the right words into it. . . At least I can’t be charge with plagiarism. Of course we take out the part comparing LTM with SG or M3 since I have not watched them.

    Though I’m thrilled with the way our OTP show us what skinship is all about (Ice cream & cola kissess, the hugs and lovey dovey looks) i don’t mind leaving the rest to my imagination for as long as my OTP is sconce d up there for the long haul. There is no limit to imagining yay!

    LTM is a simple love story that makes me feel giddy, icky, with lots of butterflies and vivid colors all around and the feeling of ahhhhh,

    Yet, this is not just a dream. It can happen to anyone. Hey this is real, not just the product of an excellent script and all the mumbo jumbo that comes with a production packaging.

    Obviously what made it moving for me is the combined great acting and charms of the main leads, even the supports act out their part convincingly, and shall I say the kindred spirit that is only found here in Koaland.

  53. WTF?! I love these two actors. This is the reason why I kept watching…Fastforwardining to the part with it’s just the two of them. But WTF? After all the angst, she says NO?!

    I wished this was a better written drama. I so wanted YEH to have a sucessful drama after Coffee Prince. So far it’s a bust. KJH and YEH together sizzles the screen. I do wish they get to work together again.

  54. Thanks Koalas for your thoughtful and deep recap…First thing I do at work is checking up on your playground for LTM instead of opening up email with piles of stuff to resolve.It’s like a escape from reality.I love it the tender and sweet love that OTP have brought to us.In some what I found the 2nd writer has done a good job of follow-up and closing.If we relook, we know they intend to do the connection in the past (they were kids and knowing each other since and he vowed to marry her)…that’s kind of carrying on will be a typical Kdrama to me.You have nothing to explain your love rather than connect the past?This ep 15 toward the ending in e16 in someway satisfy me..for at least once it is a different, no connecting the past to find the reason for their relationship other than facing reality and climbing together the mountain to get to be together..And I totally agreed with you…I would never trade my OTP for the well written script either…LTM gives them the chance to shine

  55. Thanks again ms. Koala. Reading your recap made things clearer.
    This playground was on pandemonium last night after the broadcast. That usually what will happen if watching it raw. Admittedlly, most of us here does not speak or understand the language and we gauged our reaction based on what we see with a nil understanding on the dialogue.

    LTM, just like any other drama follows a certain process to unfold. Last night’s ep was certainly the resolution phase, where conflicts must be resolved, relationships patched up and facing an issue that involves a lifetime commitment. I was satisfied with how the story was unraveled, for clearly these issues exist in the real world. I just freaked out for a moment when AJ turned down KJ’s proposal. This issue will have to be resolved on the next episode, which I think will again revolve on our OTP. Maybe then we see the sweet scenes that we all wanted to see, but in the real world it might not happen.

    There are scenes in LTM that is considered as a cliche in every kdramas, namely hugging from the back, piggybacking and airport scenes. But in LTM you see these scenes but they are delivered so sweetly that makes your heart beat faster than it used to, melts your insides like a bowl of ice cream and takes you to heaven albeit, temporarily.

    All in all, I love LTM even through its flaws and most especially because of YEH and KJH, who are so believable in their acting and looked so in love that we fans want them to end up as couples in real life.

    This is one drama that I will surely miss and find hard to forget. Kudos! 🙂

    • Tonight’s episode will be the denouement of AJ and KJH’ story. They will finally resolve one issue that could make or break their relationship.
      Alas! What a sweet sorrow it is, knowing this is the last episode and we may not see our OTP together again. This breaks my heart 🙁

  56. to be honest i found this episode boring, don’t get me wrong YEH’s performance was impeccable. i guess it was just the way the plot was brought out that ruined it for me. i still love the show though only because of YEH.

  57. amazing how this OTP can hold the interest of the watchers! The story’s not its biggest selling point, but the chemistry between the leads is phenomenal.

  58. I had the same thoughts about the piggyback ride….best piggyback in a kdrama ever (i’ll even admit it pwns seungjo-hani piggyback in tennis court)

    I love our OTP, no doubt about it and I’ll love them no matter how LTM ends

  59. i still can’t accept that it’s the last episode. i still can’t let go of this drama. it’ll take a while again for me to find a drama that i will love as much as this and coffee prince. help. i can see myself having withdrawals of not having more of LTM. i don’t want to watch ep16 so just not to end this drama. i’m going crazy just thinking it’s the end.

    Koala thanks for all the recaps and insights. I only read about LTM and truly enjoyed everything you have written about it. And to all LTM fanatics, thanks! Nice knowing I’m not alone with this drama. Hope all our dreams for YEH and KJH to have another project would come true.

  60. Thank you so much ockoala unni! You’re such a genius in thinking about making those baby recaps to make people like me get through the day. It was still dark outside when I checked this playground while waiting for the cab this morning and there goes the baby recap that made me survive the whole day! Now, when I came home, I know that there is this huge treat waiting out for me – this full recap! Thank you so very much!!! Unni, sarange!

  61. I really loved LTM for the first 8 ep, been patiently watching on fumes from 9-14 simply b/c I love YEH and also think the OTP is great, while finding some good parts sporadically scattered in the latter parts to keep me going – Ep 10: GAJ confessing her feelings for HKJ after getting hit in the head with soccer ball, HKJ following GAJ and her co-workers into the galbi house; Ep 12: the humorous drinkoff bet HKJ and GAJ’s father and Yoonjoo getting dumped…

    But episode 15 just did it for me… what the heck happened?? It was a trainwreck of a mish mash of hurried segments. Yongjoo gets shipped off and killed off the drama, Sanghee makes his few min but what’s baffling is that I can’t recognize the 2 main characters at all. What I miss the most is GAJ’s spunkiness she shows in the earlier episodes, tugging HKJ along out of his stern comfort area. I esp liked how she forces the contract on him in Ep 5… Now I just see GAJ with her head down, sobbing through the episodes. HKJ has changed so much that I can’t help but think I’m watching something else. HKJ’s hyper-excited character reminded me of the lunatic side of Coffee’s Houses’ KJH character. It really makes me wonder what the original second half might have been if they kept the original writer.

    Sigh… I really liked this drama… I really did…. so sad… 🙁

  62. Thanks Koala! You are truly my eye opener as far as Kdrama concern! I used to love Kdrama, but you have turned me into an addict! Looking forward to your next drama!

  63. soo0 love ur recap!! i still want to finnish watching this drama no matter what others say bout it.. love the ki-joon & ah-jung couple!

  64. Does anyone know the title of the song played on the first scene?? I don’t understand it since I’m not Korean but I really love its melody. Thank you!:)

  65. started watching LTM last June, got hooked in it, watched it 3 times since, repeating all my favorite moments, gosh, the way KJH kisses, can’t beat that, the way he hugs, holds Ah jung’s hand, you’ll wish your husband kisses you and hold you the same way…

    excellent chemistry. Had been an avid korean drama fan but this is the first time that I’ve seen such chemistry. Its unbelievable. It seems soooooo real!

    love them both on screen. Anticipating more romance comedy for both actors

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