Vic Zhou and Ella Start Filming on the Remake of Classic TW-Movie Destiny’s Pair

Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) just wrapped filming on the movie Cohabitating with Fashion with Vivian Hsu in Beijing two weeks ago. He flew back to Taiwan and immediately started filming the upcoming Director Zhu Yen Ping’s remake of one of the most iconic TW-movies of all time Destiny’s Pair. The movie will be the first collaboration between Zai Zai and Ella (who herself just wrapped filming on the upcoming TW-movie Bad Girl with Mike He – lord do any of these actors rest?).

The original 80’s movie Destiny’s Pair was a blockbuster movie that made everyone’s tear ducts go into overdrive. Adorably enough, the child actor in the original movie was Xiao Bin Bin, who is the father of current child actor du jour Xiao Xiao Bin, who will be playing the son in this remake (really, the son will be playing the same role that rocketed his own father to child actor stardom 27 years ago). Zai Zai plays a hobo who adopts an orphaned street child, hence my perfect wonderful Zai Zai already looks like a hobo in these press conference pictures.

In the movie, Zai Zai finds Xiao Xiao Bin living on the streets and takes care of him, even though he’s living meal-to-meal himself. He meets a blind woman who runs a flower shop and comes to care for her. He manages to scrounge up money for her surgery. After she gets her sight back, he refuses to reveal himself to her, until she sees him begging for money and hands him some cash. When she touches his hand does she realize that he’s the one who has been supporting her this entire time.

Apparently the movie will be updated and the narrative might undergo some significant changes, but the basic outline remains unchanged. This will be PD Zhu’s first attempt to remake his own movie, since he directed the original.

PD Zhu has gone out of his way to tell the reporters that since they started filming, Zai Zai has astounded him with his ability to express any emotion perfectly. PD Zhu calls Zai Zai “the most amazing actor I have ever worked with.” Tee hee, PD Zhu’s compliment thrills me to no end. Of course he is amazing. He’s Zai Zai.

I’ve also heard through the grapevine that Zai Zai and Janine Chang’s epic period war drama The Other Shore 1945 will be airing sometime in July. And lastly, Zai Zai revealed at this press conference that he’s been taking intense horseback riding lessons for his next movie scheduled to shoot in August. He complained that he has a sore rear end for days now because of all that horseback riding.

And if you all followed my Zai Zai posts, you would know that movie in question will be Zai Zai’s first historical wuxia role – he will be playing one of the seven Yang’s Brothers in the epic big-budgeted HK adaption of the popular Chinese folktale. The other six actors playing the brothers are: Ekin Cheng, Louis Koo, Raymond Lam, Deng Cao, Feng Xiao Feng, and Wu Zun.

[Credit: China news]


Vic Zhou and Ella Start Filming on the Remake of Classic TW-Movie Destiny’s Pair — 43 Comments

  1. The ZaiZai!

    Love the PD’s comment on Zaizai. It does seems like he’s working non stop for the last year or so!!! Am looking forward to this too, drama, and wuxia movie!

    Ms. Koala, I am counting on your thoughts and updates on our ZaiZai!! 😛

    Lucky Ella!! Wu Zun, Mike He, Jerry Yan and now ZaiZai… to be kissing all of them… keke…

  2. Don’t dig the facial hair, but it’s Zai Zai so I guess all is forgiven.

    Anyway, for some reason I thought Vic and Ella would have no chemistry whatsoever and the pics seem to tell another story. Color me surprised! Well, he looks comfortable, she not exactly so, but it’s better than I thought.

    • He’s always in character so I don’t care if he has grody facial hair here. He looked really dashing for the Fashion movie with Vivian. He’s just Zai Zai. I’d love him looking like anything.

      OMG, can you imagine him in full Yang’s battle gear. *faints from the insane hotness*

      • I can and I’m sure we’ll be fanning ourselves like mad when we get to see that movie.

        OMG, if I think of him galloping away and possibly even brandishing his weapon, I may even faint!

        Do you remember the EPIC NOMNOMNOM scene with your I Lub You when he’s all dashing and riding his horse while shooting random enemies? Holy mother of GUH! I could have done without all the killing, but he’s, like, riding without holding the reins and alskdjslgjldfg OMG! SO HOT!

        Anyway, if Vic does something like that, but with swords and IDEK, I may never recover!

  3. I like Ella with longer hair…thought she’d look woerd but I pleased she looks even cuter…XXB just need one more F4 memebr to finish up the quartet..heh…movie sounds interesting

    • me too.. because of his short hair i’m thinking that she was a tomboy.. good thing she have a long hair here.. 🙂

  4. My second Taiwanese husband. So hot.
    Though I dont like the girl, well I shouldnt say I dont like her. Im just not very fond of her. But MY second HUSBAND!!!!

      • Heheh
        @Koala Ahh I was hoping you’d let this slide…I had a feeling you’d like My…err..ahh Vic.

        @Nowhere, My first Taiwanese husband is ofcourse Joe Cheng. He’s like drop dead gorgeous to me. You can’t help but love him. Even when he wears sparkly male capri or a redhot skinny jeans with almost pirate boots. Heheh

    • He’s been emaciated since he filmed The Other Shore early last year. He actually looks slightly healthier here. He’ll be bulking up for The Yang’s Clan in August, so no worries.

      What makes me happy is his smile. He’s really chill and happy here with Ella. She’s such a happy girl to work with. I think this will be a great project for them.

  5. Okay, this sounds like a cross between City Lights (1931) and The Kid (1921). Was the original writer by any chance, er, “inspired” by Charlie Chaplin? 😛

    But since those are two of my favourite Chaplin films I might keep my eye out for this. 😛

  6. I adore Xiao Xiao Bin! He’s seriously too adorable for words, and he was definitely the best part of Autumn’s Concerto. This sounds like an interesting project – a director remaking his own movie, with the son of the original child actor playing his father’s role? It must be some kind of fate.

  7. “Zai Zai plays a hobo who adopts an orphaned street child, hence my perfect wonderful Zai Zai already looks like a hobo in these press conference pictures.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG Koala you crack me up so bad with this statement!

  8. My first thought was …”So thats where Dokgo Jins cow ‘stache went when he shaved.”

    Who cares, it’s Zai Zai. I think he looks just FINE scruffed up. 🙂

  9. Ah Zai Zai…I’ll put up with Ella’s acting to watch OUR Zai Zai…though to be honest I never could finish Meteor Garden *blah* Mars was my turning point…likely because I never watched Silence because I hated the lead girl because of her character in Fireworks. Oi dramas are so messy.

  10. OMG has the LTM thread transferred??? I see same people here… and correction pls…ZAI ZAI is my original boy toy!!!! bwahahaha love him in meteor garden, mars,black and white and even in wish to see you again and love storm…was wonderignwhy he’s not into dramas lately…hmmmmm but i have to give it to you madame K, you have watched even his movies…am sooo envious… wish to see him again in the small screen….

  11. This is my first time to see Ella with long hair and it perfectly suits her, she’s more feminine this way. Zai zai hmmm call me an alien but after Meteor Garden 1 and 2 I never got the chance to see his other projects, makes me curious now

  12. I’m not a huge Zai Zai fan but I always think he looks really good in his series/movies. My favorite series of his was B&W. What else? Another Yang movie LOL – I feel like I’ve seen so many works that are based on them (fair enough since it is a big part of history). 🙂 Cool line up though! 🙂 Will look forward to that. While at my parents, I was watching a period drama (or whatever they call it, since it’s not really wu xia) with my dad – which I haven’t seen in a long time, and it’s surprising how addicting they are. Even the crappy one. Can’t wait to see ZZ in one.

  13. woah… Ella has become prettier… not that she wasn’t pretty or anything before ok? She was pretty and now has become very pretty!!!! I like her with long hair!!! 🙂

  14. wow, Xiao Xiao Bin really looks alike with his father Xiao Bin Bin back then. And his haircut too^^
    I guess this will be a teary heart-touching movie 🙂

  15. I wonder when will Yang Mi, the other female lead, will join the cast. I’ve heard that the Chinese actress will play Xiao Xiao Bin’s mom.

  16. Zai Zai – SQUEE!!!!! I’m so there…

    Ella – meh. Annoyance on an epic scale.

    Ms. Koala – exactly how many husbands do you lay claim to? Here I always thought ZZ was MY TW husband, only to find out he’s yours? Hmph.

    • This is her place. She can claim as many as just wants! Except SCU and Alex Chu who are aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall mine! Right, chingu?

    • Ms Koala claims a lot of husbands, some are mine, but I’m such a good woman, I’m fine with sharing.
      Love the PD remark on Zai Zai too.

  17. Ha! Ha! Ha! nice comments. Love it! I can only say one person cannot please everyone. And ZZ. . . . . . . . . . . is not my number 1 actor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but will always be my ONLY beloved actor. Thanks K for the lovin’.

  18. what’s with the perv stache he’s got going there? bahahaha!
    on the bright side, he looks pretty hot with that summer tan though.
    ella though…:-/

  19. I’ll just quote you:

    “”Of course he is amazing. He’s Zai Zai.”

    I love that you also share my love for Vic Zhou, because I seriously love him in everything…and if you have to ask, yes, even in Meteor Garden just because he’s so darn handsome

  20. Zai is truly amazed other people that he worked with,and I’m so proud of ZaiZai.He bounce a lot of efforts with his every project he did and he really looks great now,very SHUAI that it cause me to FAINT every time I looked at him.I Love Chou Yu Min 4ever.:))…..GO Zai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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