Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao Reunite with Monga Director Doze Niu for the Movie LOVE

Looks like Taiwan newest bromance is here to stay. Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao are reuniting with their Monga director Doze Niu for his upcoming movie LOVE. After smashing the TW-box office last Summer with Monga, which also netted Ethan a Best Actor trophy at the Golden Horse Awards, Ethan has been waiting to film The Flying Guillotine with Huang Xiao Ming, whereas Mark has been filming the upcoming Black & White movie with Director Tsai.

Both movies are currently on hold, so next month Ethan and Mark will be joining Shu Qi and Vicky Zhao in filming LOVE. Director Niu is close to wrapping filming on Extravagant Challange with Choi Siwon, Lee Donghae, Ivy Chen, and Bianca Bai, so he’s prepping the movie right now for a relatively quick shoot while his four leads have time out of their busy schedule.

Ethan will be paired up with Shu Qi and Mark will be paired up with Vicky as a couple for this movie. Shu Qi apparently took a huge pay cut to do this movie, and Vicky is actually stepping into the role which originally went to Zhou Xun, who declined at the last minute. Ethan is very closing to enlisting for MS, so LOVE will likely be one of his last projects before he gets shipped off.

Director Niu gave an interview and discussed why he wanted to make a movie about love the emotion. He felt like modern society is filled with people bemoaning their own loneliness and need to find connections, but that is a very inwardly view of love. He wanted to discuss love in a broader and more selfless context through two couples and their onscreen love story.

[Credit: UDN news]


Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao Reunite with Monga Director Doze Niu for the Movie LOVE — 13 Comments

  1. ahhhh ethan is gonna go off to MS…
    How long will he be there, is it like korean, where they need to serve for roughly 2 years…?

    so happy that he will be leaving us a movie before he leaves…
    and with Shu Qi, nonetheless, I love her since So Close (2002)!!!
    so glad that she get to film a movie with one of my fave TW actors…

  2. Totally waiting for this since the news came out Doze was doing this! 🙂 🙂 His directing is very good. Even for the Wayway Kenting. Nice touches he did.

  3. The movie sounds good.

    Did anyone check Extravagant Challange? Wait, is it even airing yet? Why can’t my memory be less sucktastic?

  4. Ms Koala thanks for the news.Since I’ve started coming to your blog for LTM news-you’ve sucked me into TW.I didn’t even watch anything except FTLY and DWL.
    This morning the 1st thing I woke up and I’m watching ep 12 thank god I am a Mandarin subber.LOL.Now I have to watch out for Ethan’s movie as I loved him in Fated.


  5. mark chao!! I remember watching B&W..and be damned he is soooo hot, that he is leaving fire on his trail..hehehe…ER and MC in one movie…again…droooling already!!

  6. Best film news I’ve heard since forever!
    I saw Monga, and I really liked it.

    And Shu Qi plus Vicki, this cannot be better!

    • Monga is based on Director Doze Niu’s real growing up experience. Isn’t it just a brilliant movie? I love Director Niu.

      LOVE is going to be a winner, I already feel it.

  7. OMG Vicki zhao is new movie?! I have a girl crush on her since her hzzgz day! she’s one hell of an actress. If I am not wrong this would be her 2nd collaboration with shu qui. I will watch anything with vicki in it!!!!!!

  8. i miss ethan ruan and joe chen team up…FTLY still holds the highest rating of all TW dramas…i just think that theirs is the best chemistry

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