The Princess’s Man Releases First Teaser Trailer

At this point it’s impossible to argue that Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won don’t make a gorgeous onscreen couple. The first teaser trailer for The Princess’s Man has been released, and it’s a doozy. That Red One camera (used to film Chuno last year) is no joke. The colors and the clarity are astonishing to behold. Story-wise, it might be too romantic for some sageuk watchers, but this is so my preferred sageuk it’s not even funny. It’s like Seodongyeo condensed by half. I have to warn everyone that based on all my past sageuk-watching experience, chances for a happily ever ending is currently set at less than 10%. KBS isn’t billing this as the Korean version of Romeo and Juliet for nothing. *stashes my heart in a safe place*

First teaser for The Princess’s Man:


The Princess’s Man Releases First Teaser Trailer — 20 Comments

  1. I watched the trailer a few days ago and was soooo impressed with the look and the overall feel of the drama. It certainly looks promising!

    And word on sageuks! Just thinking that characters usually drop like flies makes me feel sad. I don’t think I can handle two sageuks at the same time. I’ll need lots of encouragement and hand-holding if I am to succeed. *coughs*

  2. OMG!!! What am I to do??? I love to see Park Shihoo again on miniseries but I don’t like K-sageuk (Possibly because I cannot connect myself with the historical tidbids behind it!) Should I agonise myself just because I want to see him onscreen? I am torn, seriously :((

  3. Why?WHy?Sageuk is my weakness and 2 sageuk is on its way to pester me!!!dnt forget it would be 3 sageuk….1 from the loveable PSH, 2 from the cutie little So Ji Sub(Yoo Seung Ho)and lastly the guy who’s dimples make me swoon(Lee Seo Jin)….This is tooo much!!!Kill me now!!!eheheh

  4. mmmm…. i really want to see Park Shi Hoo… but, as you mention it Mrs. K, Romeo and Juliet???? noooooo! i hate sad endings…. ๐Ÿ™

    btw, about Park Shi Hoo, i think he’s face kinda similar with KJH.
    maybe it’s LTM effect or i’m being delusional, but, i really2 think he is similar with KJH.
    they can be brothers ^^

  5. what a beautiful couple! but does it have to be a sad ending? Moon Chae Won is so elegant and PSH is as handsome as ever. and they’re about to kiss lips to lips. it seems sageuk dramas lately are allowing it.

  6. Thats why I really dont watch Saeguk. Rarely a happy ending. If I really wanna see though, I wait until its done to marathon it. well who am I kidding, I just watch all the happy parts then the end.

  7. admitedly the trailer’s a bit too cheezy for my choice but a trailer’s a trailer so I’m not going to base my decision on watching this on that, which is to say I’m really really anticipating this drama

  8. I literally had to swallow because the music was a little bit too loud when I pressed play on the Trailer! wooooosssshhh! Im swept but will keep my heart wrapped in double protective material for it not to get out and fall in love with the series!

    Keeping my heart hidden!

  9. I will definitely watch this b’cos of PSH eventhough I agree with you Sageuks do not come with a happy ending! The only one with a good ending was Return of Iljimae with Jung Il Woo. Just finished watching Yaksha and the ending was acceptable but I did so want the 2 brothers to survive the stupid king, huh
    Have always loved K-Sageuks since I discovered Jumong, the history rocks!!

  10. WOW…I’ll surely watch out for this drama since PSH’s back to leading man status + the quality is beautiful!!!
    thanks Ockoala!!

  11. I’m in love~ !! And if the trailer in itself wouldn’t be enought to guess the tragic ending, the music is..

  12. OMG trailer gives the feeling of long waited big productions of hollywood:D LOL maybe this will be a good first sageuk for a beginner like me:D well there is no relation of Park shi hoo being in this of course LOL *_*

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