Drunken to Love You Episode 12 Recap

When I watched this episode of Drunken to Love You I just had this desire to break out in song and dance to celebrate the continued unbelievable awesome of male lead Song Jie Xiu. Conversely I also had a desire to just lock Xiao Ru up in a room with him and not open the door until she gets over her hang-ups. What I love is that DTLY is really low on the angst, but whatever issues are dealt with maturely and with a sophistication of emotional narrative. Perhaps I should take a step back and realize that Xiao Ru’s continued hesitation isn’t the anomaly.

Her emotional fears are real and lifelong burdens she been carrying around with her. What is the anomaly is how fast, hard, and decisively Jie Xiu has fallen in love with her. He is the outlier, and he realizes this. He’s going to wait for Xiao Ru as long as it takes, and chase her to the ends of the world until she admits that she loves him, too. What a priceless guy. Joseph Chang needs to thank his lucky stars he got offered this role, and we need to burn some extra offering to the drama gods because Joseph accepted the role.

Cup 12 recap:

Jie Xiu tells his contract wife that when she gets drunk, she can only marry him because that is his right. Xiao Ru looks stunned at how possessive Jie Xiu is. Be more possessive, Jie Xiu!

Tony is dancing and flirting with Avril, who pretends her name is Amy. He thinks Amy looks like Avril, who asks Tony whether he thinks Jie Xiu looks better with Avril? Tony says no way, the way Jie Xiu dragged Xiao Ru off means that he’s totally into her. They may even be making out in some corner right now. Tony thinks that Jie Xiu couldn’t like someone like model Avril, who nearly bares all onscreen. Avril pretends she’s a bad dancer and steps on Tony’s feet a few times to get him back for his unknowing insult to her.

Samantha isn’t hitting it off with Lee Da Fu. A dancer from the club hits on Samantha because he thinks she’s an easy mark. Lee Da Fu takes off for the bathroom where he sits in the toilet and mopes while Tony tries to console him. Avril sits down and Samantha reveals that the guy wants to give her a gift.

Xiao Ru tells Jie Xiu to stop being so petty. Samantha bought her such a cute outfit and she wants to wear it. Jie Xiu suggests that she wear it at home just for him. Xiao Ru wonder why this is still happening since the Temple lady had already severed their destiny. Xiao Ru tells herself to be strong. She takes off Jie Xiu’s jacket and walks back to the table. The dancer hands Samantha a pill and tells her to take it, it’ll make her feel better. Avril tells Samantha not to accept anything from strangers.

The dancer takes off and the club owner accuses Samantha of causing trouble at the pub. Without the dancer to perform a Chippendales show, the guests will all leave. Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru walk back and Samantha tells him to take care of matters. The club owner tells the group to find a muscle man to take the MIA dancer’s place and dance on stage. He spies Avril and suggests that she come and do a pole dance. Xiao Ru tries to call the cops but it stopped.

Lee Da Fu steps up for Samantha and says that he will take care of her mess but the club owner is not cowed. He realizes that Jie Xiu fits the bill and wants him to dance for ten minutes and get the guests happy. Xiao Ru tries to convince him to do it. Jie Xiu stares at his mom and tells the club owner that he’s not doing to do it because he has no relationship with that woman. He informs his mom that she might as well stay overseas and never come back. Why can’t she just be like his mom, stay at home and cook for him and behave properly.

Xiao Ru grabs Jie Xiu before he leaves the club. She asks him if there is anything his mom did that he ought to be thankful for. She reminds him that his mom sacrificed to take care of him when he was young. Jie Xiu just wants a mother who cares about him and stays by his side. Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu start arguing, which is when Samantha comes over and slaps Xiao Ru. Omo! She tells Xiao Ru that she has no right to speak with her son that way. If Jie Xiu doesn’t want her, then he can leave. Xiao Ru cries and says all she wants is a mother, but she can’t even have that.

Xiao Ru says that compared to her, Jie Xiu already has so much. Jie Xiu looks at Xiao Ru quietly and makes a decision. He walks back into the club and agrees to dance. He asks Tony and Lee Da Fu to help him, because he can’t do it alone. The club owner introduces the three guys as the successor group to Fahrenheit (Fei Lun Hai), calling them Ce Lun Bing (Car Tire Pancake – LOL, I’m dying here!). Dressed in the costumes of Hawaiian dancers, complete with leis and coconut bras, Jie Xiu, Tony, and Lee Da Fu walk out on stage. The club owner promises that all three will strip naked by the end of the dance.

The ladies in the audience start cheering and the guys gets ready to dance. Jie Xiu looks directly at Xiao Ru before he starts to dance. He clenches his hand into a fist. For Xiao Ru, just for her, he’s on that stage. You can just tell how much he loves and respects her. He thinks back to how she cheered him up before with the picture of the wild boar girl when he was upset. He unclenches his fist and starts dancing.

Samantha tells Xiao Ru that this Hawaiian dance was what she performed once for Jie Xiu, and was the last time he ever saw her dance. Xiao Ru tells Samantha that Jie Xiu couldn’t possibly hate her if he is performing her dance. Samantha thinks Jie Xiu is willing to get on stage because of the courage given by Xiao Ru. But Xiao Ru reminds Samantha that people can only be hurt if they still care. The boys start dancing wildly in earnest and all the ladies go crazy.

Suddenly the cops arrive for a spot inspection. The gang is dragged to the police because Samantha has in her possession a drug that the dancer gave her. A guy in the station tries to film Samantha but Jie Xiu tosses the guys phone into a glass of water. Samantha is asked if there is another person who saw the dancer give the drug to Samantha. She wants to call Avril, who is rushing back home. She thinks someone is following her so she hurries, dropping her phone in the process. The phone is picked up by that person, who we don’t see his face.

The dancer gets dragged to the police station so the police let the group go. Samantha is really touched by what Lee Da Fu did for her, and she suggests their next date be a little bit more low key, just “you and me.” Lee Da Fu is thrilled to have a second date. Tony secretly tells Xiao Ru that the previous Jie Xiu used to pack his schedule with work, but today Jie Xiu wanted to rush home to be with Xiao Ru when he had free time.

Jie Xiu is still sulking off to the side and Xiao Ru and Samantha try to ask what is wrong? Jie Xiu thought dancing on stage was all he needed to do today, but why’d they have to end up at the police station because of something else Samantha did? Xiao Ru tries to silence Jie Xiu but Samantha wants to let him vent. She hugs him, screaming that her son is back to normal. She is happy with him yelling at her like this rather than rejecting her outright. Jie Xiu stalks away, muttering that it’s so damn awkward.

Samantha thanks Xiao Ru for bringing back the boy Jie Xiu who still needs him mother. She apologizes to Xiao Ru for slapping her today in the heat of the moment, but Xiao Ru brushes it off as nothing. Avril sits at home wondering why no one is back and it’s already so late. Jie Xiu walks in and heads straight to his room. Avril apologizes to Samantha for ditching them to conceal her identity. Samantha asks why Avril didn’t pick up her phone earlier? Avril looks through her purse and realizes her phone is missing. Samantha doesn’t explain why she needed to call Avril. She tells Xiao Ru to hurry up and go to Jie Xiu’s room to rest.

Avril asks Samantha what is going on, but Samantha just says that she will take care of Avril tonight if her wound hurts. Xiao Ru gets a text from Meng Jun apologizing that she still can’t find the wedding ring. Avril wants to knock on Jie Xiu’s door but Samantha stops her. She takes Avril into the room and asks to speak to her. Avril can’t handle Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru spending the night in the same room. She thought Samantha was on her side? Is Samantha mad at her for what happened today?

Samantha says she’s not mad at Avril, she’s mad at herself. Tonight she was so afraid that Jie Xiu would leave her, and she realized how horrible she made Jie Xiu feel for so long. But Jie Xiu ended up going on stage for Samantha, who doesn’t deserve him treating her this way. She concedes she’s a terrible mother. So Jie Xiu needs to be with a woman who will never ever abandon him.

Today at the police station, when Jie Xiu heard that Avril took off, he wasn’t surprised at all. In fact, that was what he expected her to do. Samantha calmly tells Avril that she is not the woman for Jie Xiu, who doesn’t need a second Samantha in his life. Oh hell Samantha, why’d you have to turn out to be so decent at the 11th hour. Avril asks if Xiao Ru is the right woman? Samantha says she doesn’t know, but she wants Xiao Ru to have a equal opportunity to compete. More importantly, Jie Xiu has a right to decide who he wants to love. If something happened between them tonight, that is also Jie Xiu’s choice. Samantha leaves Avril with quite a lot to mull over. Avril sits down looking totally dejected.

Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru are standing on the balcony. He asks why she’s standing so far away from him? Is she afraid he’ll eat her? He orders her to come over! Xiao Ru asks Jie Xiu whether he’s tired from pursuing something where the end result is already predetermined. Nothing he does is going to change their relationship. Jie Xiu smiles and tells her to loosen up, he just wanted to talk with her.

Jie Xiu starts to talk really loudly since she won’t walk closer. Xiao Ru immediately runs over and puts her hand over his mouth. Jie Xiu asks if it was so hard for her to bridge the distance between them. He thanks her for what she did today. Xiao Ru looks down and Jie Xiu wonders why she won’t look at him? Did she do something wrong and is afraid he will yell at her? He tells her he is angry and asks her to stick her hand out. Xiao Ru is afraid he’ll see the missing ring but Jie Xiu grabs her hand.

Turns out she hurt her hand at the police station and Jie Xiu noticed it. He’s angry that she doesn’t take better care of herself. She wants to put on the medicine herself but finally allows Jie Xiu to do it. I swear how much he loves her just breaks me into tiny little pieces of goo. Xiao Ru wonders why he’s so thorough with the ointment application? Jie Xiu reminds her that her hands are very special – it changed his bad memory associated with bread and even made a bread just for him. And today when Jie Xiu couldn’t think clearly, her hand helped him clear up his feelings and desire to protect that person (Samantha).

Xiao Ru suggests they watch a good movie she collected recently to help lighten the mood. Jie Xiu smiles and wonders why type of movie she is talking about. Xiao Ru runs to get it and Jie Xiu does a few pushups to prepare himself for nocturnal activities. Turns out Xiao Ru grabbed a cooking program, which promptly puts Jie Xiu to sleep the way his architectural video put her to sleep back in episode 3.

Jie Xiu falls asleep on Xiao Ru’s shoulder. She moves his head back to position, wondering why his brows are furrowed even when he’s asleep. She smooths out his frown and notices that he has thick and busy eyebrows. She looks more and wonders why his nose is so upright and why his mouth is so cute when he smiles. Suddenly Jie Xiu rolls over onto Xiao Ru and she quickly pretends that she was just talking in her sleep in case he overheard her admiring his face. But Jie Xiu is fast asleep. Xiao Ru flashes back to all the declarations Jie Xiu made to her recently about how much she means to him.

Xiao Ru gets up and looks at her empty hand, promising the sleeping Jie Xiu that she’ll get the missing ring back. Lady, he doesn’t want the stinking ring, he wants YOU! At the hotel, Daniel calls his adoptive brother and asks how their mother is doing. Daniel is told to come back and help with the family business, and is reminded that he was adopted only to have someone help out with the family business. So Daniel should stop thinking the family is really his.

Daniel flashes back to his adoption where his adoptive brother Simon immediately rejected him. He also flashes back to Xiao Ru rejecting him right after he was adopted. He wonders why the world is so big, but there is nowhere he belongs. Xiao Ru walks into the stairwell and sees Daniel. She makes small talk and asks why he’s not gone home so late at night. Daniel offers to help her look for her missing item, as a way to apologize to her.

Xiao Ru looks around the stairwell and Daniel starts following her around, which ends up with his face close to her butt. Xiao Ru thinks he’s trying to loosen her defenses and them pounce on her. She straighens herself and grabs a broom to repel him. Daniel asks if what she is looking for is cleaning supplies. Xiao Ru says he’s looking for a ring, a one-carat ring. Daniel asks if its a ring her boyfriend gave her? Xiao Ru tells Daniel that soon she will have nothing to do with that guy. Daniel asks if she’s planning to dump him soon? Xiao Ru tells him to stop asking about her personal life. She says the ring was lent to her and is very important because she has to give it back.

Xiao Ru and Daniel sit outside later that night. He takes off his sweater and drapes it over her. He asks her what to do since no one can find it. Xiao Ru says she just wants to sit here for awhile and Daniel asks to join her since he’s still jetlagged. Xiao Ru apologizes to him for accusing him of being such a bad guy.

Daniel says that he’s just like her, looking for something very important. He’s looking for why a good friend from childhood wouldn’t keep her promise? Xiao Ru tells him not to make such a big deal about promises. If one day he likes someone, he needs to look deep into her eyes and he’ll see the real him in her eyes. He just needs to live for the person he loves, and then his live will have meaning. Daniel realizes that Xiao Ru is repeating something their orphanage director once told them. Xiao Ru gives Daniel a box of croissants to thank him for helping her look for her ring.

Daniel asks why she carries a box of croissants around? Xiao Ru says the croissant was given to her by her friend Meng Jun, bu we know that it was actually Daniel who has been giving her croissants everyday. He asks if her locker is still as messy as it used to be? Xiao Ru mentions a boy who used to clean up her locker, but one day he went o the US. Xiao Ru confesses that she abandoned him.

Daniel asks if Xiao Ru never thought of about this boy, or tried to look for him. Xiao Ru thinks that life goes on and she doesn’t want to wallow in memories. She really doesn’t like that boy. Daniel asks if Xiao Ru remembers what his name is. She recalls his name being Wang Jin Tu. Xiao Ru then falls asleep. Daniel thinks that he used to consider Xiao Ru the most important person in his life, but now she’s completely abandoned him and can’t even correctly remember his name. He tells the sleeping Xiao Ru that the boy’s name is Wang Jin Xui. We see someone snap a picture of Xiao Ru sleeping on Daniel’s shoulder, and it turns out to be bitchy Kelly.

Jie Xiu wakes up the next morning to find himself alone. He wonders where Xiao Ru went? He knocks on Avril’s door and walks in looking for Xiao Ru. Avril realizes that the second Jie Xiu doesn’t see Xiao Ru he is immediately nervous and worried. But she’s standing before him and he doesn’t even see that she’s hurting. Jie Xiu apologizes to Avril – he went into this contract marriage hoping to get the happiness he wanted at the end of it. Turns out that in the contract marriage was the happiness he was looking for. Xiao Ru is the first woman who gives him this feeling.

Avril asks if Jie Xiu considered whether this is just a temporary feeling. If it turns out to be fleeting, will Jie Xiu be willing to leave Xiao Ru? Jie Xiu thinks long and hard and tells Avril that his feelings for Xiao Ru are real. Avril’s face collapses, but she asks what will happen if Xiao Ru gives up and refuses to stay with him. Jie Xiu says even if Xiao Ru leaves him, he will never give up on her. He tells Avril that if she’s willing, he will be her friend for life. Avril says she doesn’t want his friendship. If he can’t reciprocate her feelings, then she won’t stay here any longer.

Jie Xiu walks out and sees him mom outside. Samantha asks where Xiao Ru went, and she left her phone behind. Samantha suggest they bring her phone to the hotel and find out what’s going on with Xiao Ru. Avril packs her stuff, wondering why everyone is worried about Xiao Ru, but her feelings never get reciprocated. Avril finds the marriage contract between Xiao Ru and Avril. She throws the contract on the bed and screams that it’s all the fault of that damnable contract. Oh lord Avril, it’s 100% your fault. The paparrazi sees Jie Xiu and Samantha rushing out and he decides to go inside to look for evidence of Jie Xiu’s fake marriage.

At the hotel, Samantha happily sees Lee Da Fu and says hi. She asks him to treat her to a meal and he gladly agrees. Jie Xiu is looking for Xiao Ru when he gets a text with the picture of Xiao Ru sleeping on Daniel’s shoulder. Meng Jun tells Jie Xiu that Xiao Ru was seen sleeping on a raft in the middle of the swimming pool. But Xiao Ru can’t swim. Daniel is sitting by the pool telling the sleeping Xiao Ru to wake up. He’s pissed she doesn’t remember him and this is his payback prank on her.

Xiao Ru wakes up and immediately topples into the pool. She struggles and starts to sink. Daniel and Jie Xiu both dive into the pool to save her. Daniel gets to her first and drags her out of the pool. Jie Xiu pushes Daniel off Xiao Ru, telling him to get away from his wife. Jie Xiu starts to do CPR on Xiao Ru.

Thoughts of Mine:

Don’t take the brevity of my thoughts section for any indicator that I don’t love DTLY or that the story isn’t meaty with great discussion material. What is clear is that there is no real angst, and the performances of Joseph and Rainie Yang are so seamless (without crossing over into any RL shipping possibilities) that I’ve been lulled into a state of blissful enjoyment. I feel like a cat with cream, wanting more to watch this drama than to dissect it. I also think that we’re in a stage in the drama where the characters have long ago laid out the issues, and what is left is simply taking small steps forward little by little. Ergo, this drama is fully in the watch-and-enjoy stage.

I confess to being taken aback by Samantha – her recognition of her own faults and shortcomings, as well as her quick study of Xiao Ru and realization of which woman is right for Jie Xiu. While it doesn’t excuse her shitty parenting, and continued irresponsibility, I think ultimately she wins back enough goodwill from me that I’ll excuse her from the bad parent of the year awards. I hope this is also the end of the Avril arc. If she still couldn’t accept the raw honesty that Jie Xiu used to describe his feelings for Xiao Ru, then she needs to check herself into a mental hospital. I think she’s finally gotten the message (about 5 episodes too late IMO).

I don’t know what it is about TW-dramas. When it gets everything right, the OTP feel like people you meet in your life, and their relationship is completely grounded in reality despite the slapstick scenarios and flights of fancy. Sometimes when the drama tries to add plot is when it flounders a bit. The Daniel arc isn’t very interesting to me, either as a potential rival for Jie Xiu or even as a close friend for Xiao Ru. It feels a little lightweight to be honest, though Daniel’s own parental and abandonment issues do finally connect with me in this episode. I am looking forward to the return of jealous Jie Xiu.

We’re definitely headed towards the finale of the show, especially once the papparazi finds evidence of the fake marriage and everything with Avril comes tumbling out int the open. It’ll force everyone to finally work through the problems, let go of the past, and embrace the future with a clean slate.


Drunken to Love You Episode 12 Recap — 35 Comments

  1. Thanks for the recap!

    I know some viewers would think this episode kinda slow; but I actually quite appreciate that the writer allows some development on the relationship between Jie Xiu and Samantha, in which Xiao Ru plays a critical role. I guess at the end perhaps this will really make a complete family for Xiao Ru, when Samantha, as XR’s mother-in-law, genuinely cares for XR as a daughter.

    The low level of angst is actually quite refreshing because most writers are in fear of the lack of angst. 12 episodes in, I think DTLY’s niche is really about the realistic showcase of the concerns and conflicts that a normal couple would face. An individual may have been haunted by his or her own past; but with another person who helps cure the wound, the two of them makes a perfect couple. I especially love how JX and XR would learn from each other and mature together. This is really what makes their bond stronger.

    I do think XR’s dilemma is realistic in nature – we can see how she is a righteous person from her other acts so I would say when XR sees a certain ex-gf dragging along JX, she can’t simply ignore this fact (sometimes ex-gf can be haunting) and jumps into JX’s embrace. Let’s just say JX needs to think of diff ways to prove that XR can rely on him to protect herself from such harms (which we’ve seen quite a few and he’s so lovely and adorable!! so really, don’t mind seeing more of these).

  2. Yeay for recap.thanks because I’ve been waiting for this.for me each episode had it angst just that they handle it quick and mature so I love it so much.3more to go huh?

  3. I am excited for the next episode. Mother & son team up to make Xiao Ru jealous. hehehehe But yeah, I have to agree with you Koala about the Daniel arc. I actually think it has become more of a nuisance than a special flavor in the story. I wanted him out of the frame already, like this instant.

    I wonder where did her ring go? And yes, Xiao Ru, I’d kill for a guy who could be as expressive and honest with his feelings like Jie Xiu… gosh…

  4. I loved the club scene because of his love for her.I cringed the club scene for the outburst.Like if I was a clubber would I still want a guy to strip after listening to them air the family laundry in public?It was so eww…

    However he is just so sweet.I absolutely love everything about him.Thank you for the recaps.I am off to watch ep 1 now.I was distracted by ep 9/10.

  5. Thank you scriptwriter and Joseph Chang for making SJX the expressive and passionate man that all men in the world should emulate…and man JC can definitely move.. love the Hawaiian dance.. 🙂

  6. thankyou so much koala ^_^ i was actually wondering if you tell me where you get your episodes from? do you download them from a website? I’ve looked everywhere for torrents of DTLY but they just seem impossible to find!

    • Quite a few places has this.
      If you can understand/read Chinese and won’t need English subs:

      1) natnatvip has this drama out pretty fast, sometimes within an hour or so of showing. http://www.natnatvip.org/

      2) tudou as well, though the streaming can be irritating at times.

      What works for me in this drama is probably the leads – I really don’t some of the writing because it really stretches credibility sometimes, over-exaggerates and grates. (or is it the director?)

      for eg:
      (ep 5?)
      – when Avril was sitting at the next table in the resort behind a screen (ep … and seriously …. no one spotted her at all?!? even after she clanged her cutlery down ot something? there was no one else in the restaurant.
      at least place Avril and the guy in some obscure spot or some angled corner, which also makes her creeping out without being seen realistic.

      (current episode):
      – Samantha (who grated, in her own way because her mannerisms are so affected and all; even when her basic-English is so questionable. I personally have a hang-up with people who try too hard to slang when they can’t even speak basics properly. thankfully, she’s settled down in these past 2 episodes)
      Streetwise and so well-travelled, hardcore experienced supposedly (‘supposedly’ being the keyword), and she falls for this not-so-hot stranger’s flattery in a club? To the extent she accepts his ‘candy’. like some insular ajumaa who knows no better?

      – Just write out Avril’s part already …. PLEASE!!

      – And while the writer is at it … zap out Daniel too.

      Just lock the couple up together for the remaining episodes, and let Jie Xiu slowly convince Xiao Ru how she actually loves him. And when that’s done, they can spend the rest of the time, showing us the after too, and sail to the end. Simple!

      THANKS Ockoala for comments and recaps!

  7. it so true i really happy to discover joseph chang , i admit i want someone like him in my life hehehe the song jie xui of hidden fantasy sweet strong dependable , this drama gives me the rainie that been missing in her past dramas , i like her before but in here i admire her acting skills , or they have the great onscreen realistic acting that im sweep away

  8. Mrs. Koala thanks a million for the recaps.. You are right they cast the right persons for this drama. Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang is perfect for this role . I really admired him the way he portray or act his character in this drama. you can really feel the emotions and also Rainie Yang. Have a blessed day everyone.

  9. Thaks Koala…

    I’m neglecting this drama because of LTM.
    Haven’t watched Ep11 and Ep 12 has already come and gone.
    Need to catch up now!

  10. Eheheh, this episode was EPIC :3
    I loved Avril as she finally decided to let go of SJX, and I loved Samantha as she realized that SJX deserved someone better than Avril- someone that would support SJX and stay by him when he needs help and comfort. I think XR was really touched by his protectiveness and she’s realllllly close to giving up on ignoring his love for her and just embracing it and embracing him while she’s at it 😉
    Anyways, I have one small request- I’m going away for the holidays and can’t take my laptop with me, and viki doesn’t work on the itouch and iPhone, so if possible can you please, pleaseeeee, post about the next episode recap ASAP? I really love your recaps and I’m addicted to this drama, so if you have some spare time, please recap the next episode.

    • Ps. Daniel was ohkay in this episode, and I can’t wait for the time we find out why XR ditched him. Like, maybe she thought that his chances of being adopted would be slimmer if he insisted that she had to go with him too?
      And, xiao gui looked really hot when SJX pushed him away, hehes 😉

      • Nope, I think the reason she ditches him is because the family wants only a girl and she wants Daniel to have a better life there.

  11. Yes, what sets this drama apart from the rest of TW dramas of recent times is the lack of angst but it is also precisely the lack of conflict and convoluted sub plots that keeps it on top of the crop.it s such a refreshing change to focus on characterization and some wonderful impactful dialogue n quotable quotes by SJX instead of on stereotypes,contrived plots ,far fetched conflicts and predictable coincidences.The absence of these n the focus on the conflicts within the two main characters they discover themselves n true love in each other makes this drama so engaging n entertaining.
    Yes,like koala says,each epi wc unfolds makes me want to break into song n dance..there s a sense of exhilaration n euphoria as this couple takes us back to a time when we were romanced or madly in love with our later -to -be life partners.SIGH….oh how I long for those good old magical days once again..SJX evokes that warm tingling feeling of LOVE in each of us esp the aunties n housewives LOL…But I do have one major complaint about ts TW drama…why isnt SJX backing XR up a wall or on the bed and kissing her senseless??She needs to be given the kiss of her life for her to see the light!! Like in episode 6 ..n CPR doesnt count,ok!
    thank u DTLY n KOALA for coming into my life.

  12. Jie Xiu is pretty darn great huh? Honestly, I was a getting a little bored with DTLY for awhile, but it was really cause of the mindset that I was in while watching each episode, each week. Once I kinda reset myself, I was back to loving Jie Xiu for the wonderful “hubby” that he is. Joseph is really refreshing in this role.

    I think Xiao Ru is justified in all the baggage she carries around. However, I wish they would start really addressing them faster. Just like the Daniel arc – I really felt like it would have been better to introduced him earlier in the series. I like Rainie is this role a lot… very mature, but sometimes, I want to knock some sense into XR.

  13. Im officialy in love with Joseph Chang! What a cutie! So handsome and manly, I never have interest in him before, but after DTLY he is my favorite. he is just amazing, i know is the caracther but he is great 🙂 Other TW actor sare more handsome, sexy or cute, but he had sometime that got into my nerves lol! I think is because he look REAL! Down to earth in his portrayal of a man that realized he is in love with this girl now, and he need to left behind all the drama in his life to get her 🙂

  14. Why can’t they just make out or something? I am looking forward to the day that Xiao Ru will just grab Jie Xiu’s face and dive for a kiss as in torrid kissing galore. Gosh, the guy is so totally into her. Damn, I need some kisses here. LTM!!!! Aigoo! THANKS FOR THE RECAP!

  15. Thanks for the recap! Everything said such wonderful things that all I can do is concur! This drama is wonderfully addictive for it’s seamless portrayal of two people coming together to create a long-lasting relationship.

    JX realizes his feelings and desires so quickly and is so firm in his conviction, that I believe it’s a very true depiction of a man when he’s found what he wants (been looking for), while XR’s hesitation is so real for any woman who has lived with emotional scares. I definitely want XR to just “F” it all and run to JX but I love that like life, it isn’t that easy. She’s scared and she knows it. She’s also lived by certain principles that have gotten her this far, that she’s not quite ready to concede are subjective. But, won’t it be that much more magical, when she’s able to rest easy in JX’s unwavering love and protection?

  16. Thanks for the recap, ockoala!

    Maybe it’s just me, but I thought that this was the DTLY episode that I enjoyed the least. While I get that the main purpose was to reconcile the relationship between Jie Xiu and his mother, with Xiao Ru as the catalyst, the scene at the club went on a little too long and felt draggy to me. Thus, when Xiao Ru was telling Jie Xiu how fortunate he is that he has a mom, I didn’t connect with the emotions as much in comparison to an earlier episode, in the scene when Samantha was trying to bait Xiao Ru with those male models and she straight up told Samantha what a crappy mom she’s been to Jie Xiu.

    Anyhoo, still loving all scenes with Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru. Their chemistry and compatibility are off the charts!

  17. At this time, there are no drops; these are LAKES of wisdom….

    Geezzz!!! You sure are annoying, and as the “x-who-doesn’t-want-to-leave”, now you get the memo? Did the winner of the Bad Parenting Award, aka as Samantha, had to tell you that you ARE NOT, the woman Jie Xiu needs by, his side? He doesn’t need another Samantha in his life? Seriously?

    Jie Xiu, told you, that, 400 years ago. At that moment, he says that he doesn’t love you anymore, he loves someone else and the only thing he can “offer” you is his friendship! Did you have selective hearing too? I know you are a little slow, shallow, totally selfish, and a biatch, but, seriously, did your brain actually works?

    Told you ages ago, get your lovely tush out of there, if you stay, you’re gonna get hurt. Did you follow my advice, hell no, you stay… Now you are hurting, and that is not the kind of injury you can put a bandage on, and keep walking… No, hell no, this one is like the ones, who break you in million pieces, and take you down, to the bottom of the pit… I don’t pity you, but I’m not gonna give you consolation words either, so beat it!!!

    Obviously, it is your entire fault; you were the one who put Jie Xiu, in second place always, making him paying, for a mistake that happens, like in the medieval era. Every time, he asks something from you, you keep pushing him down, and make him, feel miserable. Then, you force him, to stay, in a “fake marriage” for your sake. Lady *coughs* bad actress, *sighs* you dig your own grave, so get in the damn whole, you miserable witch!!! You created the monster, now live with that!!!

    Daniel, UFO guy, Chan Tsing Xu, Po, ᴥLiu Kang, ᴥShang Tsung, ᴥKung Lao, ᴥShao Kahn, ᴥQuan Chi, or whatever your name is…

    Oh, you make me sick!!! The first time you give Xiao Ru, the croissant, she doesn’t remember you!! Why you wonder? Because, you are NOT important!!! Get it, you are not even good enough, to be a memory!! LOL
    Get that in that thick head of yours, if that thing in your head allows, the flow of new information, and update your chip, SHE IS NOT THAT IN TO YOU. You are nothing in Xiao Ru’s life!!!

    My advice, my humble words of wisdom, buy a plane ticket to Tristan da Cunha, pack your things, fire your hair stylist, please, and get yourself lost in the way there. Don’t ever come back, like never!!! Oh and that stunt you make in the pool, not cool, you almost make her drown, you are a selfish bastard, who can’t move on because, he doesn’t want to!!! Get a life, a girlfriend and a new hairstyle, pronto, you know, asap!!!

    (ᴥ Mortal Kombat Videogame Characters)

    Tony and Boss:
    You are my new party mates 4 evar!!! LOL, love you guys!!!

    When did you get a heart? Did you actually have to be confronted, by a wild boar, to realize, how much you hurt your own child? I’m not a mother, but I saw the struggles, of my mother raising 4 kids, and it wasn’t easy. She was a mother, a career woman, a coach, a philanthropist, a driver, a psychologist, a referee, a sheriff, a cheer leader, a provider, a fortune teller, and whoop our butts every time we miss behave. My parents, have being with me, in every triumph, and in every defeat, in my life, without them, I wouldn’t be, the kind of human being I am…

    Thank God, Jie Xiu, is a great man, a passionate, human being, who is willed to experience, new things and feelings. Thank God that Avril dump him, because, God, faith, and alcohol, give him, a woman who is healing his injuries, and opening his heart.

    Xiao Ru
    Make yourself a favor, and us in the way, let that man love you, please!! Break those stupid fear walls and let love flood your heart, body and soul! Please!! Remember: “You don’t understand the true fear of losing someone you love, because you haven’t overcome your personal fear nor you made a move to do so” (Nakahara Mine “Aunty” in Yamato Nadeshiko Live)

    Jie Xu…
    My overly LOVELY man, where in this earth, I found someone EXACTLY LIKE YOU? Please, tell me!!! Oh il mio piccolo amore, (my little love) I LOVE YOU!!! I have a gift for you!!

    And the song says:

    “I’ve been searching a long time
    For someone exactly like you
    I’ve been travelling all around the world
    Waiting for you to, come through.
    Someone like you
    Makes it all worthwhile
    Someone like you
    Keeps me satisfied.
    Someone exactly like you.

    I’ve been travellin’ a hard road
    Lookin’ for someone exactly like you
    I’ve been carryin’ my heavy load
    Waiting for the light to come shining through.
    Someone like you
    Makes it all worthwhile
    Someone like you
    Keeps me satisfied.
    Someone exactly like you.

    I’ve been doin’ some soul searching
    To find out where you’re at
    I’ve been up and down the highway
    In all kinds of foreign lands
    Someone like you
    Makes it all worthwhile
    Someone like you
    Keeps me satisfied.
    Someone exactly like you.

    I’ve been all around the world
    Marching to the beat of a different drum.
    But just lately I have realized
    The best is yet to come.
    Someone like you
    Makes it all worthwhile
    Someone like you
    Keeps me satisfied.
    Someone exactly like you.”

    Artist: Van Morrison
    Song: Someone Like You


  18. Ooh yes,,, by the way, have you watched Sunshine Angel (RainieChun) which came out just yesterday, and are you planning on recapping it? It would be nice if you could 🙂
    I’m sorry, I have a lot of demands ;D

  19. I am giving up on this drama. I don’t really get Taiwanese dramas. They are too padded with silly plots and characters. At least I tried…

  20. Koala, I really don’t know how you have the time to do everything that you do, but I am definitely very very appreciative of your DTYL recaps and insights. I truly enjoy reading your thoughts. I think the last two episodes were not great compared to the first 10. I read somewhere that they may have 8 more episodes and I hope that is not true. I hate that they tried to stretch the series just to capitalize on more ads revenue and, in the process, water down the audience’ watching experience. I am a firm believer of quality is more important than quantity. Sigh.

  21. I really want to know how JX will do to protect XR from the fake marriage issue if the reporter has the contract. I don’t care about Avril cuz she will have Rickie to cover for her.

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