Su Ae Cast as the Female Lead for the Upcoming SBS Drama Forget Me Not

We’ve got a casting confirmation guys! It completely caught me off guard actually, because I’ve been waiting for confirmation about whether my Heon oppa would be coming back to the small screen. Turns out he’s still mulling the script, but maybe this will tip the scales for him. Su Ae (Athena, 9 Ends 2 Outs) has been confirmed as the female lead for the upcoming Kim Soo Hyun-penned weekday melodrama Forget Me Not.

Su Ae will play a woman who has lost (or is losing) her memory, and has a poignant love story with a man who is mourning the loss of an unforgettable love. Directing will be PD Jung Eul Young who also collaborated with Kim Soo Hyun on her last drama Life is Beautiful, which was complimented for breathtakingly capturing Jeju, which was where that drama was set. This is totally weird, but for some reason I’m in the mood for a melo. This craving hits once in a blue moon, but when it does, I get so swept away in the dramatic angst.

I love Su Ae but she has such an unknown factor. She either has incredible chemistry with her co-star (Lee Byung Hyun, Lee Jung Jin) or such a negative chemistry that it’s like the arctic froze over (with my I Lub You Jung Woo Sung in Athena). If Song Seung Heon takes the lead role, I’m going to keep my fingers-crossed for the pairing to simmer and sizzle.

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Su Ae Cast as the Female Lead for the Upcoming SBS Drama Forget Me Not — 23 Comments

  1. i’m holding my breath waiting for SSH to take this role!!! PLEASE…..this will totally help cure my LTM withdrawal.

    i don’t know if i like Su Ae as the female lead with my oppa though.

  2. Word on her chemistry with her co-stars. IF SSH lands the role, this drama, no matter how good the writing and directing are, can go either really well or tank in the most spectacular way. We’ve seen what SSH does ( or does not) when he doesn’t have chemistry with his co-stars and, let’s face it, he’s not the strongest actor out there so everything will be decided by the chemistry factor, imho. That’s like placing a bet when all the odds are against you. Kinda shaky premise, if you ask me.

    • Too bad he’s busy with Thieves, but when I read the synopsis, the only K-actor I think would nail this role would be Lee Jung Jae.

      Heon oppa this would be a great challenge for him (and I hope he takes it), but this drama to me screams LJJ paired with either Jeon Ji Heon or Son Ye Jin.

      • Uuuuh, I like the way you think. LJJ and JJH is one of my favorite pairings ever. As for Son Ye-jin, I don’t think I’ll ever recover from A moment to remember with your I lub you. God, even the trailer made me tear up; let’s not even talk about the movie itself.

        BTW, I can also see Jo Hyun-jae in that role. Since he came back from MS, he has an intensity he didn’t have before. Or if he had it, I missed it. Then again, after 49 days, I’d like to see him in something less…uh, dramatic.

  3. Hmm… not a pair that i would have imagine but perhaps something totally out of expectation will happen (provided SSH would take this project)

    and strange enough, I feel like the image of Su Ae totally matches with a character who has lost her memory. seems like a promising casting for the female lead part.

  4. Why do I get a Summer Scent vibe from this hmmm… haha

    If and only if Lee Jung Jae could come back to drama. Miss him dearly.

  5. I have the feeling ssh and soo ae will have good chemistry. Don’t worry koala. I amso looking forwards to this drama if ssh gets the role. This is my favorite pairing. I always wish he can work with some one sophisticated like soo ae, let’s say frankly, he did not work with many talented actresses. Soo ae feels like son ye Jin level.

  6. I love So Ae in 9end 2 out, she just so great in her role with lee jung jin, makes me jealous of their relationship as long time friend the become partner for life.. love them. I just hope she can nail it again in this drama.. Its true she doesn’t have chemistry with Jung woo sung, it seems fake when they make out and I don’t know if all of you ever heard that Jung woo sung said during the interview that bed scene with So Ae is the hardest thing he ever do, said this is the worst scene?!.. and I just think Wow!!! he really hate doing bed scene with her, how come there is a chemistry between them.. I just feel sorry for So Ae.. Well then we are all know that Jung woo soong were involved with other co star Lee Ji Ah, of course he would said that, maybe to make LJA feel better.. hehehe… but I keep thinking about it.. I feel so sad because I love So Ae..

  7. SA for the lead role?? Hmm.. looks like I will have to pass on this drama then, What a shame when the story line seemed great. Going to be a tough one if SSH gets the lead too, both will be like robots!
    Sorry to say this but Athena was a failure and watched it just to see JWS, I blame it all on the script for this one, I can’t believe they made JWS seem like a wuss for half the drama, the best action scenes turned out a dream!! hah

    • That is because there is no chemistry between the JSW and SA, since he was in love with LJA, so he must keep his distance to SA and try not to get attach with her, that’s why I also think Athena is such a failure..

      • beside the unfit character for the role they played in Athena and the worst script ever.. I mean here we are with the love fourangle.. haha.. worst..

      • Agree,agree but were they already in a relationship during the filming? What a shame to JWS when the scandal with STJ broke out but am I so happy they split, lol
        I still think she’s not that good expressing herself, if you watch her in Emperor of the Sea, she only has that few expressions, nothing against her, I think she was fine in 9 ends 2 outs but for an intense script like this, they should seriously get someone else~~

  8. Thanks Koala, I will be interested if SSH accept this drama to act for leading role. So we don’t know yet whether he will be in or not. Am I right…. Pls let us know if you get any new about it.

  9. Hmmmm…something about her , I like. You know , the kind of gal u meet that dsn’t seem like much upon 1st meet but everytime you meet up , she juz seems to get prettier & more lingering in one’s thought.
    There’s a chinese phrase for that…

  10. Su Ae is one of my favourite k-actresses (love her and LJJ in 9e2o). I think she is a very good thespian, if given a good script. And if she is paired with SSH, they at least would look awesome together! SA might not have the striking beauty of other stars, but as someone up there already mentioned, the more you look at her, the more beautiful she grows in your eyes. Yeah, I will pencil this in to my list under… hmmm…”to watch out for”.

  11. i really liked her in Athena, and i liked SSH a little in MP. It will be interesting to see how this will all fall in place.

  12. I’m definitely in! SSH or not(though I hope so). LJJ is my WORLD so I’d adore seeing him do this but I can be consoled with a little of SSH on the side. I would also do Hyun Jae (tho they are pretty close friends) as someone said earlier, I just don’t think he should take a role like this one so soon after 49D. You know… I’d love love to see she and her Sword With No Name co-star Cho Seung Woo on the small screen, in anything! I loved them together. No hope for that either though 🙁

    Anywho I have faith that SA can do anything better than the crazy mess of a character ATHENA turned out to be. I mean seriously why the heck did that do that to she and JWS?! I’m still pissed!

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