The Cast of Spy Myung Wol Attends Press Conference Plus Third Teaser Released

Keeping my expectations low is turning out to be pretty hard when it comes to the upcoming KBS spy rom-com Spy Myung Wol (Beautiful Spy) with Han Ye Seul and Eric. I am just so excited about Eric’s comeback drama, and his role appears to suit him to a T. The cast attended the obligatory press conference on Monday, where the two leading ladies were clearly trying to out va-va-va-voom each other. Hey, they are hella sexy so they ought to go for broke.

I think Han Ye Seul is naturally very pretty, but this particular dress paired with her haircut makes her look washed out. A different color perhaps. Jang Hee Jin‘s outfit looks better on her, but I personally find it a tad dominitrix-lite. Not digging Eric’s ensemble (wide-legged trousers are so 2005, and the white pin-striped blazer needs to be burned), and not quite sure why Lee Jin Wook looks so awkward and slighty dour in all his shots. KBS also released a third teaser which continues to reveal just a little bit of plot but a whole lot of cute.

Third Teaser for Spy Myung Wol:

[Credit: all pictures are marked of the respective news agency via Baidu Spy Myung Wol bar]


The Cast of Spy Myung Wol Attends Press Conference Plus Third Teaser Released — 17 Comments

  1. OMG! Both girls look liked bobble-heads in the first shot with their big heads and emaciated bodies. Han Ye Seul, I think it’s her big hair that gives her the bobble-head look. But Jang Hee Jin totally looks like a bobble-head. And I know that both probably have really, really small faces. But their emaciated bodies just ends up making their heads look big.

  2. Maybe Eric’s pants are slightly out of fashion, but in a contest between those and the ones that don’t even reach the ankles? Give me the former ANY day please. Yes, I have a thing against long-but-not-quite-long-enough pants. ^^’

    BTW, Lee Jin Wook looks surly. Not sure why. Maybe he’s still in character?

    Yes, it’s hard to keep the hopes down

  3. I believe if only she had ruby lips on, she might looks extra pretty. Hate Eric’s wardrobe. Wide-legged trousers made him looked like the 70’s pop idol. The hideous jacket definitely must go!

  4. I don’t care what he’s wearing, Eric is hot!!! OMG – did I just say that? LOL Really unlike me. Anyhow, I think that if anyone had to wear those pants, Eric pulls them off really well. I thought he looked good. The blazer – blah – not loving that. I do like these pants better than the “not long enough” pants that someone else mentioned and the “my pants are so freaking tight that they bunch up everywhere” skinny pants that are totally in nowadays.

    HYS is very pretty but I think next to everyone, her light colored outfit stands out but not in the way that I think works for her. So I do agree with Ms Koala. Well, she’s still pretty nonetheless.

    I have low expectations for this drama but I’m secretly hoping that I will like it a lot.

  5. That trailer is sooo funny, I didn’t understand a thing but it looked so good. Eric is just gorgeous and Ye Seul is soo cute…aaaaargh I can’t wait for this show to air….

  6. Kdrama trailers without a plot seem to suck me in more. (But i hate amercian movie trailers that are plot-less) Anyway, i’m very interested in this drama now.

  7. ok i need something to fill up my Mon-Tues…. LTM withdrawal hitting me bad… I have to check on this…hope I won’t be disappointed.. The men looks hot so, may be noh? hehehe eye candies are always lovely!!!

  8. Its ok koala, you can have “High Hopes but low expectations”
    Thats the Win-Win way. heheh–sorry my therapist told me that, hes really pessi–I mean, he’s a “Realist”

    But even though I dont like erics jacket, boy does he make it look as if it works. About the pants? I dont mind, at least it coyvers the top of his shoes. i have a pet peeve about pants that doesnt reach the top of the shoes on guys.I think “Omo did he get measured in water?”. I cant wait to hear eric laugh, he has the best laugh ever. I really wanna see this show. But I dread watching it live. gah

  9. When Eric smiles, I die. Think he’s wearing straight-leg trousers (which taper slightly at the knee) as opposed to Lee Jin Wook’s pegged-leg version (which look silly when you wear boots and they bunch up). (have you really seen 70’s wide leg pants? gross!) Admit the jacket is awful.
    The women are wearing the obligatory short skirts, but I’m not a fan of boots with bare legs, but that’s just me, I guess. Who dresses these actors, anyway?

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