You’re My Pet with Jang Geun Seok and Kim Ha Neul Hold Open Shoot Day to Media

The cast of the upcoming K-movie You’re My Pet had a brief overseas shoot in Japan last month and now the filming moves back to Korea. The movie held an open shoot day for the media that coincided with a rain-required shoot for when Kim Ha Neul’s character first meets Jang Geun Seok’s character. Via a box. He’s a pet, get it? Ergo she finds him in a box like you find stray kittens.

I didn’t like the original Kimi wa Petto starring Matsumoto Jun and Koyuki, so I’m not clapping my hands in delight that this story is getting remade as a K-movie. However, Kim Ha Neul looks absolutely gorgeous and Seok owns my number and I’m going to watch anything that boy does regardless. The movie is aiming for a Winter 2011 release.

Is it weird that I really want Kim Ha Neul’s umbrella? And if I found Seok in a box I’d take him home, too. It’s a no-brainer choice.

[Credit: all pictures as of the respective news agency as marked via Baidu Jang Geun Seok bar]


You’re My Pet with Jang Geun Seok and Kim Ha Neul Hold Open Shoot Day to Media — 49 Comments

  1. okies.. .HE’s too cute. Goodness me. i can hear the GGC crowd going -meowmeow/mungmung – over this pic. lols.

  2. I want her trench coat – it’s pretty. I didn’t really like the japanese version all that much either (the story that is). I think JGS can pull off his role like Matsujun and that KHN can do K’s role. Will I love it? Probably not, but JGS is hard to resist haha.

    • You are NOT hallucinating. 100% Mae Ri Puss in Boots imitation. And he’s as cute doing it as Geun Young was. And why’d you suddenly have a different gravatar? New computer? 😀

      • No idea about the gravatar. I’m still on my old laptop that’s literally falling apart. Omg, I had to send the brand new computer back! The new new computer will be here…uh, someday. At this point, I’m not even trying to guess. XD

    • OMG Sere!
      What a catch! JKS is doing Maery’s cat!

      Thank you dear Mz. Koala for the beautiful pictures. I echo to everything you said, I love the colors and I WANT this umbrella!!!
      I watched the YMP drama and was not impressed, but I like the idea to make a movie with JKS as a pet, because he can be such a delightful “pussi” pet and he is such an attractive and smart actor! 😉 🙂
      I can’t wait to watch him in this movie! I hope that there will be a lot of beautiful scenery and some unexpected adds.

      • That’s what addictions do to you. Every little thing reminds you of it 😉

  3. Can I just say that if I found JGS in a box on my front stoop, I wouldn’t even think about taking him home with me. In fact, I wish I could find a date that way. Sheesh.

  4. i LOVED Kimi wa petto…but looking at these stills, I feel like there is something missing here…..i cant quite put my finger on it….I adore JGS but am beginning to hat that hair in him…plus he looks a little too poilished unlike the shabby and bruised state in which Momo landed in Sumire’s doorstep

    • i love kimi wa peto , and really find matsu jun so sexy in that role , i love jgs too but i do agree in that still i find something missing ?? well i just and see …..

    • I agree. I loved Kimi Wa Petto. I thought it was perfectly cast and well acted. I unintentionally marathoned it, and have been looking for a subbed version to purchase.

      This version does look like it is missing . . . something, but I think that is only if you are expecting the same story/tone as the original (the Jdrama followed the manga very closely). However, as someone said below, it looks like they will be tweaking the story – more than just changing the language and country.

      The leads are talented; and, since this is a movie, not a drama, it doesn’t require the same time investment. If nothing but to see how they adapt the story to fit Korean society (since social expectations play a large role in the story), I’ll watch it.

  5. I want her SHOES! And also the ability to walk in them! If I’d wear Heels like that in Germany I’d be stared down to death… to bad. I love those shoes! someone ever noticed how many and cool shoes Ah-jung of LTM has wore?
    His hair is PERFECT for the character! That’s how I imagine Momo/aka Takeshi 🙂

    • Yes yes yes. Yes i noticed the heels and so envious i want to snatch it from the picture and wear them. Yes, im pretty sure walking while wearing them are out of the question in the real world. And finally, yes, ah jung did wear a lot of cool shoes in LTM. YEH is great in heels. I envied her shoes in goong. Envied it more in LTM because it seems like she can walk for miles in her shoes.

    • Don’t forget the bad sidewalks here. I always get stuck in it and they far from beeing stiletto heels.
      But see the good side. Flats don’t make your toes crippled like nearly all Korean actresses ;).

  6. Geun geun, you look so adorable inside the box. Can someone seal that box and ship it over to noona (hehehe, me!!!)????

    Yes, i will also watch anything that pretty boy will do. Heck, i watched mary me mary, that should count a lot for geun geun fanatism.

    Question to kimiwapetto fans. Wasnt the pet suppose to be all dirty, messed up and hurt inside the box when he was found? Coz last thing geun geun looks is dirty and messed up. He looks like a well groomed pet. Btw, am i the only person excited to see geun geun in the kimi wa petto bathroom scene???

  7. “Is it weird that I really want Kim Ha Neul’s umbrella? And if I found Seok in a box I’d take him home, too. It’s a no-brainer choice.”

    It isn’t sistah, it is actually a very intelligent choice, i have the same choice too 🙂

  8. Based on the pictures I think that they’re changing the story a bit.
    Momo (in the manga and drama) is found sleeping/passed out with a fever at night in the box. Also he’s supposed to be a contemporary dancer who quit ballet because he was too short to support the girls. I can’t see JGS being a dancer, nor is he short.

    • I think he’s still playing the part of a dancer though, although they’re probably changing a bunch of other elements in order to fit his persona.

    • I agree. JKS is very tall, much taller than KHN whom is already wearing high heels. The storyline must be changed to accomodate such a clean, cute, tall & adorable pet. And yes, I agree that I will watch anything JKS is in, and I have been…

  9. I agree with ockoala, didn’t like the J-Drama version (couldn’t finish it) I’m not sure if i’d watching but maybe since its a movie (not a whole drama long) but I think the guy’s role suits Jang Geun Seok the most from all the korean actors

  10. Miss Koala Unni:

    [quote]I found Seok in a box I’d take him home[/quote] …

    Did you read my mind? If I found Jang Geun Seok, that gorgeous Olympic god, soaking wet, in a carton box, and looking at me like the stunt from puss in boots, OMG, I make him MINE forever!!!! LOL I am so in LOVE with his lips!!!! He is so freaking sexy!!!

    *going to get a cold shower*

  11. I’m juz gonna sail into this drama based solely on d steam of m’boy Sukkie cos i just dont feel connected to KHN.(Apologise to her fans but she’s not my kinda thang.Dunno…). JKS looks like a lanky slinky droolicious leopard that exudes a confident sexiness & she , a supposed cougar…, ain’t cool enuf -ain’t confident enuf-ain’t sexy enuf to supercede JKS’s innate charm.
    Bust or Boom….hmmm, wait & see, i guess.

  12. Jang has always been a bit of an off factor for me to be honest… but having read the original manga, I have to say Jang should be a much better male lead than Matsumoto. At least the air is very similar to the manga.

  13. I loved the Japanese actress who played S. She made me feel her loneliness and need. Other than that I agree with Ms Koala. Story sucks. Momo was beaten up in Jdrama. JKS looks very clean.

  14. i want KHN heelsssss!!! i love itttt!!
    Suk is so cute in that box.. The boy can never look bad.. i want to put puss in boots maeri in that box too.. so i can have a pair of puppy and kitten togetherrr.. XD

    Btw, KHN looked gorgeous too.. ^^

  15. i think JKS and KHN will pull this off….they are both good actors plus have the good looks! i feel like JKS exudes the charisma of matsumoto jun.. ^_^

    and i also like Kimi wa petto…its cute!

  16. Miss Koala Unni:

    I get so intrigued, by your comments, that I decided to watch, the original Kimi wa Petto starring Matsumoto Jun and Koyuki, and I LURVE IT!!! I fell so hard, that I’m reading the manga about it, right now!!! I’m so addicted to dramas, anime and manga, that I don’t even recognise my self anymore!!! LOL I’m so watching this movie!!!

    BTW, thank you so much for the recaps and for letting us camping here, all this time, you are awesome, as always!!!

  17. Finally someone agrees that the jdrama
    completely sucks. It couldn’t get to to watch past the first
    eoisode but for JGS i will be willing to watch 😀

  18. I really like Jun Matsumoto, he is a very talented actor, and beautiful but different from JGS beautiful….Jun is a bit more manly I think….and yes, You’re My Pet wasn’t one of his best…….it will be interesting to see how JGS handles it. All these remakes from Japan/Korea….drives you crazy! But I will always prefer the Japanese “Hana Yori Dango” as Jun was spectacular in it!!! I am wondering how the Japanese cast will measure up to JGS’s character in “You’re Beautiful”, in that particular drama, I can’t see ANYONE outdoing JGS……..EVER!

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