Jang Hyuk Visits Osaka for a Fashion and Culture Documentary

This man simply does not rest for a single minute. One of the hardest working, and most talented, actors in Korea is undoubtedly Jang Hyuk. The breadth and depth of his acting resume is a sight to behold. Not every project works, but he always stays on top of the fray and comes out teflon hard. While I didn’t like Midas (both his character and the overall plot), I’m excited about Hyuk’s next drama, the upcoming sageuk Tree with Deep Roots with Shin Se Kyung. Chuno is still my favorite Hyuk performance while Thank You is my favorite drama of his.

After wrapping Midas, Hyuk has been keeping busy with appearances on Running Man. He also took a trip to Osaka to film a fashion and culture hour-long personal video documentary. Hyuk discussed that Osaka reminds him of Busan, and it’s no secret Hyuk is the best and most glorious acting son to come out of that city. I love the pictures taken of Hyun on the Osaka trip, since Osaka is one of my favorite cities and one of the many places where I spent a Summer as a kid. Judging from these stills, Hyuk is a lover of classic manga. I knew I loved this man for a reason. He’s this hot and a geek? Swoon.

Jang Hyuk’s Fashion N Osaka Preview:

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Jang Hyuk bar]


Jang Hyuk Visits Osaka for a Fashion and Culture Documentary — 25 Comments

  1. He’s a guest on running man?!

    I just finished watching him in Family Outing. Hahaha… his attempts at being funny were :FAIL: — which made it more funny. Err.. get it?

    • i think he has a dry humor and all seriousness in all he does. As attested by his Chuno cast members when they guested in Happy Together.

      I love him too coz he’s a great actor and good looking too!!!

  2. Hahahaha! A geek AND a hottie! Agree M’Koala . The perfect antithesis . New-age meterosexual. I enjoyed him being an angsty smart & dishy chaebol in Thank You , I appreciated his acting chops in Chuno & thought he deserved his 2010 Best Actor award for it. Anyway , as Osaka dialect would have it , its an “Ookini( Thank U)Jang-San” for being a great actor in highly entertaining & varied roles amidst a sea of plastic faces & cookie-cutter roles! Ookini Arigato!

  3. Love JH… I watched the entire midas for him and NMW… and I loved him in Thank You.. can’t wait for the next drama. He certainly looks extremely hot in these pics.. thanks for posting it.

  4. OMG Koala I like Hot Geeks too, My nephew happens to be a journalist in Melbourne I just learned it recently we have not seen each other for 8 years he lived in Jersey all his life…he hugged me as till I could not breathe…if only he was not related to me this guy is geeky and single…..huh anyway he’s into documentaries too….I like this guy in the movie where he died and the girlfriend could not move on if only I could remember the title….hmmm

    • I meant the actor above has a movie where he died and his girlfriend could not move on anyone know the Title????

      • I think it’s Windstruck. *SPOILER*The girl is a police and the guy was a teacher, they met each other and fell inlove. But one time the girl was on a pursuit and the guy was worried for the girl so he looked for her and found her. And he was shot and she thought she was the one who shot and killed him and was so stressed and could not move on. Not sure if that was what you’re looking for. hoped that helped anyway. :]

  5. Oh I can drop Midas for good then? I put it on hold until I was in the mood for it, but if that’s your opinion, I think I can fast-forward to the min-woo bits and leave it at that.

    I like geeks. I also have a thing for men who takes pics.

  6. I didn’t like Midas either. Dropped it at episode 10, kept thinking I could survive it until the end, but no.

    HOWEVER, Jang Hyuk + Osaka = WIN x 1000. One of my favorite Koreans and my favorite Japanese city.

    Makes yuki~ happy

  7. The first time I saw him was in the movie “Please Teach me English” I loved him in that movie..he was really cute and funny.

  8. He’s totally a geek! Did you see him on Family Outing the first time around. So adorkable, make me totally fall in love with him. Not to mention his raw sexiness. Love this man!

    • I did. His Family Outing and Cha Seung Won’s family outing are two of my fave episodes!

      I love Hyuk so much, especially more after he got married to his non-acting sweetheart and they have two little girls now and he talks about how much he loves his family. WAHHH, he’s so amazing. The fact he can act circles around 95% of the young actors in Korea also kills me. Hyuk, wai so awesome?

      • Two little boys. And his wife, two years his senior, was apparently his Pilates instructor.

      • You’re right. My bad. I knew he had two boys. This just means he needs to get himself a baby girl. 😀

  9. I want a mini vacay in Osaka so bad atm!!! preferably bumping into a hot Hyuk! Osaka is also my fav J city. I bet Busan would be its K equivalent. JH suits both places and I can’t wait to see his travelogue of this lovely lively place!

    not that I need one, but another reason to love this man being a fellow manga lover. <333

  10. Is it crazy that upon seeing the first coupla photos my eyesight zoomed in, not on JH’s glorious physique, but on the shelves (& shelves) of manga? Ahh I must be a freak of nature…

  11. Hyukieeeee! I miss you so!

    Like koala, what I love most about Hyuk is his dedication to his profession and his family. He’s just so earnest, honest and down to earth. Check out his interview Win Win with Kim Seung Woo. This man is just gold. <3 Lub HIM!

  12. i love him in Thank You, so convincing as a surgeon…actually, i miss that kind of acting from him..up to now, cant get over his and GHJ’s acting in that drama, expressing by eyes…brilliant

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