Cast of Tree with Deep Roots Attend Ceremony for Hangul Museum

When I initially posted about the upcoming SBS sageuk Tree with Deep Roots, starring Jang Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung, and Han Seok Kyu, it was slated to follow City Hunter. But since then it’s been given more time to prepare, so Protect the Boss will follow CH in August, and Tree will premiere come October. I think The Princess’s Man ought to be happy it will not be going head-to-head with Tree.

The main cast of Tree attended the groundbreaking event for the soon to be constructed Hangul Museum in Seoul, a museum devoted solely to memorializing and educating on the topic of Hangul, the Korean phonetic alphabet. It’s fitting because Tree is set in the reign of King Sejong, who created Hangul, and the drama will be about a series of murders set in the capital presumably targeted to prevent King Sejong from implementing what might have been a heretical attempt to create a new written language. The museum is expected to open in 2013.

[Credit: all pictures of the respective news agency as marked via Baidu Tree with Deep Roots bar]


Cast of Tree with Deep Roots Attend Ceremony for Hangul Museum — 10 Comments

  1. Hopefully, I’ll go to Seoul someday and when I do, I’ll definitely stop by this museum. *nods*

    So glad Princess’ man doesn’t have to go against Tree. I’m so relieved!

  2. You know, the Minister of Culture is a very attractive man. Haha. Just remembered him from his visit to the LTM set.

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