Ming Dao Goes to Italy to Shoot His Photobook

Apparently Summer signals the start of photobook season, as not just one, but two Taiwan actors are headed or already went to Europe to shoot their photobooks. Mike He is headed there soon, and Ming Dao already went to Italy and came back. To commemorate ten-years in the industry, Ming Dao (who just wrapped Beauties of the Emperor with Chen Qiao En), went to Italy to shoot his first ever photobook.

Before he started acting, Ming Dao got his start hosting a travel program called The King of Adventure. During the course of hosting, he went to a total of 39 countries, but never to Italy. He vowed to go one day, and for his first ever photobook, he made his wish come true. Love the pictures (but not digging the greasy hair). Sigh, I’ll always have a soft spot for Ming Dao, who will forever be Dang Ou in my heart.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Ming Dao bar]


Ming Dao Goes to Italy to Shoot His Photobook — 22 Comments

  1. sighs… socks… is this trend to stay? makes for easy sock pair – no need to!! Like the colors in the vespa pic.

    Coffee drinking on the streets – anytime. Just gimme a ring. 😀 hahaha

  2. OMG Ming Dao, i miss you!

    once upond a time, i have followed all your dramas… will go back to it soon!

    the pics are good… some points i don’t like here… the shorter pant lengths (above)… the greasy hair!

  3. Bella!!!! Keeping my thoughts for myself while imagining coffee in Italy, the smell of fresh ground coffee….hmmmm I can live with that 🙂 Ming Dao the cute Frog Prince…. 😉

  4. Oh my goodness I was in that exact same spot in Rome as the first picture that tops this article back in late april. I think there was an italian farmers market that gets held right in front of those restaurants. Not loving the hair but I love the first picture. Man I miss Rome, I really need to another eurotrip again.

  5. Alright I have to ask who is this? I am just now watching my very first TW Drama – Drunken to Love You (which I did because of this blog’s recommendation). So I have never hears of Ming Dao or Dang Ou but I am very open to suggestions for Dramas to watch. I have been a K-drama addict for about 5 years (since I was introduced to it through Kim Sam Soon) and I am open to branching out. BTW I am loving DTLY! And of the handful of blogs on dramas that I do read I really enjoy yours Koala so thank you so much.


  6. I wonder when the beauties of emperor starts airing on Ctv. I miss him and qiao en. They are my fave tw’s onscreen couple..Thank you for the updates.

  7. Love the European dandy on him, but I hate that greasy hair. It makes him looked like a slimy/greasy con man in an expensive italian suits, lounging/killing times between next jobs from good ol’ mafia boss and belle donne!
    Still find him cute though 🙂

  8. OH!how I miss the tacky and wacky idol TDramas of Old….PS Meter Garden was my first drama, but Ming Dao’s Dang Ou! He made me fall in love with TDramas. MingEn for ever……but hasn’t happened in real life yet:(

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