First Look at Janine Chang and Peter Ho in Please Ring Twice With Sincerity

Janine Chang is currently headed to Shanghai to join Mike He, Ming Dao, and Annie Chen to film their guest-starring role in the grand opening scene for the upcoming Happy Three Stars, the third and final drama in the Happy trilogy which stars Blue Lan and Cheryl Yang. It’s a quick trip because Janine just started filming Please Ring Twice with Sincerity with Peter Ho, and she’s needed back on the set shortly in Taiwan.

The first glimpse of Janine and Peter have trickled out, and oh lord do I sense some crazy compatibility, looks-wise and chemistry-wise. Please Ring Twice is the follow-up drama by the production team of Drunken to Love You, so my expectations are pretty high. Oh, and I really really like Peter’s look for this drama – for once he doesn’t look smarmy and instead looks insanely hot.

Janine is an amateur photographer and she snapped the pretty picture above, which is a silhouette of herself.

It rained on the first day of filming and the PD wrote on his Weibo that it heralded great prosperous tidings for this drama.

The prayer ceremony that every drama production undertakes before the commencement of filming.


First Look at Janine Chang and Peter Ho in Please Ring Twice With Sincerity — 6 Comments

  1. Yes, this look for Peter Ho is definitely an improvement, I think. I’m interested to see what Peter and Janine’s chemistry is like, because they look good together. Although I wouldn’t mind a Sunny Happiness reprise, myself. ^_~

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