Drunken to Love You Episode 14 Recap

Everything about episode 14 of Drunken to Love You was predictable, but darn was it satisfying to watch. The journey of Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru feel so steady, so sure, so much following the saying that a house is built by laying a brick at a time. They are a couple made from appreciation and affection turned into love and devotion, the recipe for a lifetime together that feel more real than most drama OTPs could ever hope for.

The drama itself is going for some funny interludes now that Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu have finally gotten together, plus wrapping up the remainder of the loose ends. I’m just going to kick my heels back and savor the what episodes remain, because Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu are like the cool kids at the party you just want to hang around with before the party ends for good.

Cup 14 recap:

The curtains part and a young girl starts playing the piano. Xiao Ru recognizes this song as the song her adoptive sister used to play for her all the time when they were young. Xiao Ru never thought she would hear this song one day. Jie Xiu asks if she wants to see that person again? Which is when Xiao Ru’s sister walks out. Even though she doesn’t want to see Xiao Ru, she’s promised Jie Xiu she would do this. She tells Xiao Ru that she is such a lucky woman, to have a man like Jie Xiu who loves her that much.

Xiao Ru doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and her sister is surprised that Jie Xiu didn’t tell Xiao Ru. She holds out her hand, to which Xiao Ru asks if she’s willing to forgive her? Her sister only agreed to give Xiao Ru another chance, and whether she’ll forgive her depends on how Xiao Ru behaves. Xiao Ru reaches out her hand and shakes it, crying that she’s happy to have a chance to get to know her sister again.

Her sister walks away and Xiao Ru starts to sob. Jie Xiu pulls her into his arms as she cries uncontrollably. Xiao Ru finally stops sobbing and she leans back to smile at Jie Xiu. They embrace each other again.

Later Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru leave the school hand-in-hand. He asks if it’s not so scary anymore once you confront something head on? Xiao Ru says that only because she has Jie Xiu, but she’s decided not to run away anymore and face all her problems head on. Jie Xiu asks if she’s willing to face the first problem right now. She asks what problem he’s talking about?

Jie Xiu stutters and Xiao Ru laughs, showing him how tightly she’s already holding onto his hand, isn’t that answer enough. He says holding a hand isn’t proof enough. She reminds him that they are at an elementary school and should take care not to corrupt the young children. Jie Xiu says there is nothing wrong with learning the birds and the bees early. Xiao Ru has a great idea, which is to go swing on the swings, which is a sign of courage to fly high. Jie Xiu tells her to get off otherwise she’ll break the kid’s swing. Suddenly Xiao Ru flies off which is when Jie Xiu becomes a man pillow and lets her land on him.

They look at each other and Jie Xiu is about to lean in for a kiss when suddenly something hits Jie Xiu on the head. A pair of kids come looking for a small spiritual toy figure they tossed. Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru look at the toy and suddenly remember the Goddess of the Big Booby Temple.

Rickie’s manager tells him to stop getting involved with Avril’s life and her problems since he’s lost many fans already. Rickie doesn’t want to live for his fans. He likes Avril and will continue to investigate what caused Avril’s emotional problems and help her. Rickie and his manager head to Avril’s college. His manager is willing to keep helping Rickie, who he sees as a son after taking care of him for so long. Rickie’s manager creates a diversion with the kendo club and Rickie sneaks into office after luring the guards away.

Rickie goes inside and sifts through files until he finds the name of the guy who Jie Xiu beat up in college. On the desk is a note that just so happens to be sent by the guy, who has just gotten out of prison and vows to get revenge for what he has suffered. Rickie realizes Avril may be in trouble soon.

It’s late at night by the time Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu arrive at the Temple. They wake up the temple lady, only to discover that the name plate bearing Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru’s name is hanging perfectly on the tree. The temple lady tells him that when she saw them at the resort she knew they were fated so she would never have cut their fate. Jie Xiu says that even the gods won’t let them sever their fate, so Xiao Ru cannot escape his clutches. The temple lady leaves them to their making out and heads back to sleep.

Jie Xiu tells Xiao Ru to stop being so shy around him. Xiao Ru finally admits that back at the resort, something happened between them. They are teasing each other when suddenly Jie Xiu leans in for a sudden deep and lingering kiss on his Xiao Ru. Oh hallelujah, finally! He asks if she has anything to say right now, to which Xiao Ru asks if he can attend Yi Xian and Peggy’s wedding with her tomorrow. They need to consider Yi Xian and Peggy their cupid that brought them together.

Jie Xiu refuses because Xiao Ru will just cry at the wedding and disrupt it and cause a scene. Xiao Ru smiles and promises to make him his favorite pudding bread from now on. He says he’s gained a few pounds since they got married. He warns her that she owes him for losing the ring.

In the middle of their teasing bickering, Jie Xiu suddenly gets serious and holds Xiao Ru’s hand. He tells her that this is the courage he wants to see. From now on, they have to hold on to each other’s hand forever, without any respect, but with a lifetime’s promise never to let go. Jie Xiu kisses her hand and they hug with giant smiles on their face.

Avril and Rickie are back on set filming their movie. Rickie’s manager hands Rickie a dossier on the guy who has been in and out of jail three times for sexual assault. Rickie realizes that this guy may be the cause of Avril’s intense fear. Avril walks out of the bathroom and we see a creep with a face mask following her. The guy corners Avril in the stairwell and Rickie arrives to stop the assault. But it turns out that the woman assaulted in the stairwell was not Avril, who is on set filming. The woman was Avril’s stuntwoman for the movie.

Jack the paparazzi has assembled his media brethren to go crash Yi Xian’s wedding to reveal Avril’s duplicity and the fake marriage between Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru. Yi Xian is practicing his vows with Jie Xiu while Xiao Ru is helping Peggy with her wedding dress. Yi Xian keeps messing up his vows and Jie Xiu teases that he’s almost memorized it himself. Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu start bickering in their usual way with each other, which leads to Yi Xian to say that he can tell they are very much in love. Yi Xian says that love is being yourself in front of the other other.

Peggy thanks Xiao Ru for helping them get to today. Yi Xian tells Jie Xiu that Xiao Ru is just like this, a woman who always put others first. He takes Xiao Ru’s hand and puts it in Jie Xiu’s. He tells Jie Xiu to please keep reminding Xiao Ru of three things – never cry for others, never be happy for others, and always treasure her own happiness. Jie Xiu says he’ll do it, and do it even better. He’ll make her so happy she won’t have time to be sad. The ring bearer and flower girl wants some snacks so Jie Xiu takes the kids off to feed them.

Avril is at the hotel when she sees a newspaper article with the headline about a fake marriage. She nervous until she sees it’s about someone else. She goes to the bathroom to clean up which is when she runs into Jie Xiu, who has brought the kids to use the bathroom. Avril takes the flower girl to the bathroom. One of the media members runs into the bathroom and passes Avril.

Jie Xiu finds out Avril is here for her movie and explains he’s here to attend a wedding with Xiao Ru. He makes a joke that Avril laughs at, and Jie Xiu is happy to see her laugh like this since he’s not seen it in a long time. They notice the kids fixing each other’s outfits and they flashback to when Jie Xiu got an award but his mom couldn’t come. Jie Xiu wants to leave before accepting the award but Avril stops him. She tells him that she’ll be his family from now on.

Jie Xiu tells Avril that he really misses those days when he could turn around and see her smile. But he doesn’t know when things started to change between them. He doesn’t want Avril’s smile to remain in the past, hoping that she’ll meet someone who sincerely wants to protect her, and she’ll smile for that man. Jie Xiu takes the kids to get some food and Avril smiles as she watches him leave.

Avril walks out of the hotel and looks out over the ocean, which is when she notices the cluster of media led by Jack. Avril overhears they are going to crash the wedding and reveal that Avril orchestrated a fake marriage. But the media assigned to hold the marriage contract left it in the toilet. Avril hears this and runs off to the bathroom to get the contract back, thinking to herself that even if Jie Xiu doesn’t want to protect her anymore, the person she still wants to protect is still Jie Xiu.

Avril runs into the men’s toilet and finds the bag in the stall. She grabs it and finds the marriage contract inside. She looks so relieved until she turns around and sees Jack standing there. They tussle over the contract and Jack grabs it and also shoves Avril inside a stall. She yells at Jack to return the contract he stole. Jack wonders why she knows he stole it, realizing that Avril was there that day, and she must have left it on the table for him to find. He’s not sure why she would reveal it to him. Avril asks to make a deal, she’ll pay him anything he wants. Jack wants NT 5 million for the contract.

The wedding starts. Avril goes to pay off Jack only to discover that Jack is just screwing with her. He doesn’t want money, he wants his ruined reputation back and he and the rest of the media drag Avril along to the wedding. Yi Xian and Peggy get married and then invite Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu up on stage to make a speech. Xiao Ru is so nervous that Jie Xiu teases people will think he married a robot.

Xiao Ru goes up and shares her thoughts about cooking with the guests, how the food is a reflection of the love the chef has. Xiao Ru wishes Yi Xian and Peggy a lifetime of happiness. Which is when Jack arrives and pushes Avril towards the front. Daniel tries to stop Jack from disrupting the wedding but Jack barrels to the front and reveals to the guests that Avril orchestrated the fake marriage of Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru to contain her scandal with Jie Xiu.

Peggy doesn’t feel well and Yi Xian takes her inside to rest. Xiao Ru grabs the microphone and tries to explain but Jack takes out the fake marriage contract. He says Avril handed him the contract which stipulates that Xiao Ru will get NT 1 million for marrying Jie Xiu for three months. Jie Xiu asks Avril if she handed the contract to Jack, and Avril lowers her head in silent confirmation. Jie Xiu grabs the microphone and apologizes to the guests. He has no intention of lying, he’s happy about this truth being revealed because he doesn’t want to live in a lie anymore.

Jack accuses Jie Xiu of ruining the institution of marriage. Jie Xiu agrees and says he’ll divorce Xiao Ru immediately and end this mistake of a marriage. Xiao Ru looks stunned and is about to turn around and walk away. Jie Xiu grabs her hand and stops her. He takes out a ring (three small flowers) and tells her that when she lost her ring, he wanted to use that opportunity to buy her a new one but couldn’t find the right one. Until he saw this ring and realized it was perfect for Xiao Ru.

He says the first flower represents Xiao Ru’s strong life force. The second flower represents the passion that he’s lacking but which he finds in Xiao Ru. And the final flower represents that they both need the most right now, which is strength. Jie Xiu doesn’t think the contract being revealed is a bad thing. He wants to use this chance to get rid of all the mistakes and start over. He wants her to enter a new holy union with him, with her own free will.

Jie Xiu says the same vows that he was teaching Yi Xian, except he substitutes his name and Xiao Ru’s name in the wedding vows. “I, Song Jie Xiu, take thee Lin Xiao Ru as my lawful wedded wife. I shall be your one true love, your lifetime companion, your forever family, your faithful friend. For richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”

Then Jie Xiu gets down on one knee and proposes to her. And we see a juxtaposition of this proposal with their drunken proposal from episode 1, and OMG am I crying tears of happiness right now. Avril and Daniel can only watch this touching proposal. The guests start chanting, telling Xiao Ru to say yes. Xiao Ru smiles and holds out her hand and Jie Xiu puts the new ring on her. They smile at each other, and Jie Xiu gets up and hugs his Xiao Ru. The security finally arrives to drag Jack away.

Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru go apologize to Yi Xian and Peggy afterwards for their scandal disrupting the wedding. Yi Xian’s not mad, because even if the marriage was initially fake, he can see their love is real. Yi Xian tells Xiao Ru to hold onto Jie Xiu tightly. Xiao Ru says she’ll keep Jie Xiu in chains forever, like either a slave or a pet. Daniel hides outside and listens to this. He thinks that if his love for Xiao Ru is his own passion, then he can let it go on quietly forever.

Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu head home, but he wants to leave the car at the hotel today and just walk home. In fact, his hand told him that it doesn’t want to hold a steering wheel today, it only wants to hold Xiao Ru’s hand. Jie Xiu takes her hand, telling her that from now on they are one unit. Sometimes one person may move too fast, the other may be tired and want to slow down. But they always need to remember each other and adjust their pace for the other person. Xiao Ru says she’s used to traveling alone, but now she has Jie Xiu, and she’s certain they will have a wonderful journey together. They walk off and Xiao Ru puts her head on his shoulder.

Xiao Ru wants Jie Xiu to call Avril and make sure she’s okay. Jie Xiu calls but her phone is switched off. He ends up calling Rickie and finds out that Rickie is headed to look for Avril right now. Suddenly Jie Xiu says they are late to do something – he’s in a hurry to get a divorce right now! They rush to the civil affairs office, with Tony and Boss in tow. Tony wonders if they are witnesses for the initial wedding, now for the divorce, and finally for the re-marriage. Boss says their job is to make sure the re-marriage gets done because it’s important to Samantha, hence it’s important for Boss.

After the same official who initially married them now grants the divorce, Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru ask to promptly get married again. To each other. The official looks flabbergasted and thinks Jie Xiu wants another fake marriage to cover up his scandal with another model. Jie Xiu gets annoyed and tells the man to just marry them, they don’t need to provide and explanation. Xiao Ru tries to explain nicely that it’s very complicated.

Doctor Chiu comes over and asks if any assistance is necessary and Jie Xiu snaps at him. Doctor Chiu recognizes Jie Xiu as the husband with violent tendencies, and he was the doctor who treated Xiao Ru’s broken leg in episode 1. Suddenly all the folks at the office mistake Jie Xiu for a violent husband. Doctor Chiu gets his victim to come over and try to counsel Xiao Ru from entering into Jie Xiu’s violent clutches again. Xiao Ru tries to explain that Jie Xiu is not violent, but Jie Xiu’s short temper continues to make the situation worse.

Finally Doctor Chiu asks if Jie Xiu is willing to take a test which can confirm whether Jie Xiu has a high possibility of being violent. Xiao Ru convinces Jie Xiu to just go ahead with it. Xiao Ru wonders why Doctor Chiu, a surgeon, is suddenly here. Doctor Chiu says he’s a volunteer here to assist victims of domestic violence. Jie Xiu takes an EQ test and is graded as the test-taker with the highest test score ever. Jie Xiu says of course, he always scores the highest on exams. But Doctor Chiu says no, for this test, the higher the test score, the more it shows the person is highly susceptible to external stimuli.

That means Jie Xiu is highly at risk for losing his temper to a degree that he could become violent with Xiao Ru. Doctor Chiu has another test. He tells Xiao Ru to make a fist and then tells Jie Xiu to look at the fist carefully. Doctor Chiu pushes Xiao Ru’s fist into Jie Xiu’s face and Jie Xiu immediately accuses Xiao Ru of hitting him. Doctor Chiu says that he caused the fist to strike Jie Xiu, but Jie Xiu’s immediate accusation of Xiao Ru is an indicator he can lose his temper around her quickly.

He then orchestrates another situation where he acts like his fly is open and gets Xiao Ru to uncomfortably look at it. Then Jie Xiu asks why Xiao Ru is looking at the man’s crotch area. The doctor says he also orchestrated this scene, but once again Jie Xiu immediately accused Xiao Ru of doing something untoward. Doctor Chiu says as long as Jie Xiu is willing to take a one hour class with him, he can fix Jie Xiu and they can go get married.

Doctor Chiu has Jie Xiu practice calligraphy to help balance his temper. A cleaning guy comes to clean and picks up Xiao Ru’s dropped wedding application. He sees her name and says it’s such a coincidence since there was a cleaning lady here before with the same name, Lin Xiao Ru. He wonders if that Lin Xiao Ru ever found her daughter.

Thoughts of Mine:

I don’t have that many thoughts because I found episode 14 rather perfunctory on the plot but satisfactory on the OTP emotional breakthrough. Avril doing a last ditch about-face on revealing the contract was yet another Avril-related inconsistency on her personality and behavior that I’ve had with her character from the very beginning. In terms of second leads, frankly DTLY is a giant failure.

By splitting the second male lead up into three separate characters – Yi Xian, Rickie, and finally Daniel – the drama flounders on developing any one of them. Similarly, by keeping Avril clingy to Jie Xiu for so long, it’s forced her character to behave randomly for plot purposes. In the end, this wasn’t a deal breaker for me, but is something that will keep DTLY from quite possibly being a great drama as a whole.

I simply loved every scene between Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu in this episode, and everything he said to her was just gold. I’m glad that Xiao Ru’s hang up really was just her guilt to her adoptive sister, and once Jie Xiu helped resolve that, Xiao Ru didn’t look back once and ran towards him. I’ve always said that Jie Xiu treats every obstacle like he can solve it, and when the contract was revealed, the way he owned up to it and then turned the situation around was just so damn thrilling. He’s like the sanest drama hero ever, especially when he said “the contract being revealed is not the end of the world, you know.” Hahahaha, I wish I could use that line in every drama, that would cut down the makjang shrieking and woe-is-me plot contrivances by about 2/3rd.

I don’t mind some potentially last minute plot bombs, such a Xiao Ru maybe having a birth mom looking for her, or Daniel throwing his hat into the ring to fight Jie Xiu for Xiao Ru. It’s almost like plot is ancillary to me at this point, and I’m just watching to spend time with my perfect OTP. While the Doctor Chiu segment was hilariously random, it’s true that Jie Xiu has a quick temper and that does lead to him constantly bickering with Xiao Ru. I totally don’t mind if he gets lessons to help him control his temper, which will only make his relationship with Xiao Ru that much stronger. DTLY has been such a solid drama, each episode always delivering something genuinely moving or rewarding to watch.


Drunken to Love You Episode 14 Recap — 15 Comments

  1. I think Jie Xiu should just open a new consultancy firm, offering solutions to guys who are facing a hard time to get his girl. JX rocks in his problem-solving because whenever a new issue pops up, he solves it in such a time-efficient manner and so satisfying that it’s hard to find another comparable guy (in real world and dramaland).

    Sometimes plots are used to make situational changes in order to help solve an issue; not in DTLY – JX IS the ultimate solver for most issues. So his next task will probably be helping XR to find her mom…

    Please gimme more romantic moments of JX and XR. Mooooooo–RE!!

  2. Yeah I reckon the plot right now is all over the place.
    Why did Jack go to Yi Xian and Peggy’s wedding to reveal Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu’s fake marriage? WTF? Why would the reporter ruin someone else’s wedding to make this ‘big reveal’ about a fake marriage that’s not even really related to the actual wedding? Why would the guests at the wedding even care??? I’m pretty sure you can get sued and stuff for things like these. If he wanted, couldn’t he have just published everything and that would’ve had the same effect anyway.
    There are so many coincidences and random irrelevant scenes that it’s really getting on my nerves.

  3. Ah this drama only have less angst but Iโ€™m happy with it.the OTP is darn amazing and they donโ€™t drag one conflict way to long except that avril.gaah now that bitch out of the picture.now its that daniel and samantha and XR real mom but still no confirmation how many episode left.they say it will end at ep 15 which is next week but looking at the unsolved matter itโ€™s impossible to end it next week..perhaps in 18 episode.I want the wedding and the last ep just full just with them and babies..Recently dramas always end up with babies and see the dads being the one taking care of the babies more.now I want to know what will be JX handling his and XRโ€™s baby.

  4. Agree that DTLY has slacked a bit in the recent episodes and is no where near great now. But like you said, Jie Xiu is simply GOLD from beginning to end. Whatever he says to XR, does for XR, you cannot NOT love him. This man drives women crazy. He should not be allowed on the street haha.

  5. The next episode is going to cause an uproar !XIao GUI s wet n wild kiss makes our hero,SJX’ s long lip locking under the cherry tree appear tame n mild!(yikes,pretty ALIEN to see a ear ringed bloke kiss his unsuspecting,unreciprocating childhood sweetheart so passionately…it made my hair stand)n Samantha ripping the huge garish ring off XR s finger n ordering her to get out of her son’s life r new twists not many of us predicted.now I understand how it has enough to run on for 4more episodes, help…it looks almost sure that that Omnipresent Ah San is going to turn out to be XR s mummy!!a tad contrived that s going to make the plot….but what the heck…the main draw is,has been n will always be the adorable OTP n I will abide by any angst,cliched or otherwise to prolong our time spent watching them n basking in their love. Hey thanks for the yummy recap,ms koala.

  6. thank you very much ockoala..you’re such a savior…i’ve been waiting for your clean, clear and vivid recap for this episode 14…as usual, you’ve got a great recap…worth the wait…thanks again…episode 15…waiting!

  7. Finally.. I can read DTLY recap.. thank you ockoala.. I think next episode will have bittersweet moment for the couple.. I wish no more problem with them, I want to see them together and live happily ever after.. can’t wait..

  8. the cleaning lady who found the application the first time was the lady who is always around them, the jack-of-all-trade lady. You mean she’s the Mom?

  9. Ok sorry but really I’m comparing Taiwan writing style with Korean Dramas and the length seems to be self-defeating in terms of purpose just to keep audience hooked up it becomes really dragging…the longer it is the more loop holes emerging. Movie drama would have been a better approach I wonder when will Taiwan adapt to the new style…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it, but gosh, I love this drama! lol

    I do wish that Avril and Ricky would just go away. I get irritated just looking at her and that Ricky guy is a non-entity in my mind. Can we just focus on the deliciousness that is the OTP? Please?

    This drama needs to go on forever. I need to see babies born, etc! What am I going to do when this wraps? Help me! The withdrawls are not going to be pretty!

  11. Wish list – with all of you in hoping:
    – please fade all peripheral (esp if veering on brain-numbing embarassing nonsensical) characters away.
    STOP introducing new people.
    Like the WTF doctor – why??? I felt bad for this dude here. he was much better in Fated To Love You) and more stupid plots.
    Or Jack and anymore of his sleuthing (highly idiotic character that should have died an early death 10 episodes ago. i almost expect him to salivate sometimes).
    Avril and Ricki (’nuff of their woes already, please. Ricki in kendo get up ? what next? gawd. please dust these 2cobwebs away. nevermind their acting, they’re NOT eye candy enough for us to park out brains. they just take up precious JX-XR screen time).
    Daniel … move on already dude, with a new, less high-maintenance haircut suggestion. hint: makes for a fresh start!

    Yes, the periperal antics and overall plot flow is bordering on ridiculous. So is the heavy exaggerated acting (Jack for eg, her hotel gf sometimes – I feel their acting is bordering on the narcisstic sometimes = like it’s my 2 seconds worth of screen moment, and i have to fill it with my maximum drama capabilities!)

    It’s precisely this combination which makes Tdrama sometimes border on the totally inane when compared to Kdrama (as Bumble Bee Camaro’s wife mentioned). As a kid, I grew up on a very steady stream of Tmovies and Tdramas. And it’s eventually the heavy unneccesary yelling, ridiculous antics and predictable uncalled-for heavy drama that made my stomach churn, and turn away from anymore cringe-worthy T-fare for such a loooong time. And into HK -> K dramas (10 yrs and counting for Korean .. whoa).

    Even if equally sappy (bring it on) … at leasy wayyyy more realistic, tighter and more succinct flow, less brain-numbing stupidity. And better acting (and eye candy) most of the time.

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