Official Promo Stills of Yamapi’s Recently Completed 2011 Solo Asian Tour

Yamapi (Yamashita Tomohisa) wrapped up his ridiculously sold out four month long solo Asia tour at the end of May. Since I’m a very considerate noona I’ll let my Pi rest before kindly requesting he get his tush back into a drama, ASAP. Otherwise I’ll have to resort to actually finishing Code Blue, since there are only so many times I can rewatch YamaKi videos online. I have heard murmurings that Pi may be the lead for a new drama, but nothing is confirmed yet so it’s wait and see. Until then, this is clearly just a Koala misses her Pi post, where I bring you the official promo stills posted by Johnnys of his Asia concert tour.


Official Promo Stills of Yamapi’s Recently Completed 2011 Solo Asian Tour — 13 Comments

  1. Ms. Koala!! Since your pimp a drama on Yamapi! I am sold as a Pi’s fan! I love love love his chemistry with Riko and googled them. I was thrilled to see that they possible hooked up after Buzzer Beat but now have gone separate ways?

    I am so thrilled that we have many men in common!!! Until next post!!

  2. Thank you so much for recommending Buzzer Beat. I watched it in two nights and loved it! It was my first J-dorama and I really liked that there were less filler episodes than some k-dramas. Please recommend some more romantic comedy-ish dramas before the summer is over:)
    And yeah, I’m now a Yamapi fan. So thank you for that, too!

  3. Ahh yampi-kun! I need him in a new drama idol drama or not. I miss seeing him on the small screen/computer screen.
    I like him with him with dark hair.

  4. woohoo hope he comes with a drama soon!!! thanks.

    btw which couple is it in today’s header? does anyone know?

    • The header is Mike He with Janine Chang in Sunny Happiness… Love this Taiwanese drama – highly recommended!
      Yamapi – oh what a cutie 🙂

      Keep them coming Koala… Thank you!

  5. Oh… Yamapi.. i know him after i got married n hooked till now.. then i realized something common about him n my hubby. Both got moles in their eyes!! Yamapi’s moles is on his left eye, but my hubby got it on both eyes.. thats mean, my hubby is more jjang… ngahahaha..! sorry Pi.. 🙂

  6. i miss him..hope he collaborates again with his buzzer beat leading lady…i wonder if he is taken already, could you share his love life? just curious…he looks like mike he in some angle…

  7. *melts into a puddle*

    I’m so happy I started watching Buzzer Beat again. *__* He really does need to get his tush back into dramaland ASAP!

  8. Good Heavens! First Buzzer Beat and now these pics… My list of ICOMYM is growing by leaps and bounds because of you. *sigh* Guess I’m off to watch Code Blue. Any other Pi suggestions? (Because I have nothing better to do than watch dramas all day long!) lol

  9. ahh me too..cant wait for his new drama, i hope it would be soon, miss him on screen already,but luckily this summer got too many new dramas that i wanna watch (total 5 h0h0, fully booked). i hope to see u next season!!

  10. He has a devastatingly boyish good looks combined with a very strong bone facial features! Ohhhhh, some people are just born luckier in the genes department. A very potent concotions of noona/ahjumma/halmuni killers! 😛

  11. He’s looking more handsome. He’s not as thin as he was in BB or Proposal Daisakusen.

    I do hope he takes on a new drama.

    Thanks for posting!

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