Joseph Chang Shoots Jewelry Ad Campaign with Tiffany Hsu and is on the Cover of Esquire Taiwan

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes when the right character meets the right actor, it can make the career of someone formerly less known. 2011 might be remembered for rocketing Joseph Chang to stardom through Drunken to Love You, exactly the same way 2008 was notable for making the career for Ethan Ruan through Fated to Love You. Joseph is featured on this months’s Esquire Taiwan magazine (pictures below the jump), plus he recently filmed a jewelry campaign with his other DTLY co-star Tiffany Hsu.

The pictures are gorgeous, which led to DTLY-ers going adorably crazy saying that Mrs. Song Jie Xiu is going to come after her hubby with a cookie pin, and started paging Ethan (Tiffany’s real life boyfriend) to hurry up and take his girlfriend home before she becomes a homewrecker. Heh. But in all seriousness – Joseph is the real deal, and I can’t wait to watch his career rocket to new heights in the future.

I’m almost convinced that Joseph will have chemistry with a store front mannequin, because he’s just that magnetic and manly. These pictures of him and Tiffany have me salivating even though my mind screams no, no, no, get away from Avril.

During the Esquire interview, Joseph discussed his ten-year career in entertainment and how he doesn’t treat being an actor like a job and works hard not to take it too seriously. His resume spans dramas, movies, and stage productions, and he sees himself continuing to be eclectic in his choice of projects.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Joseph Chang bar]


Joseph Chang Shoots Jewelry Ad Campaign with Tiffany Hsu and is on the Cover of Esquire Taiwan — 23 Comments

  1. Of all the thing where is Raineee????? ahaha although she’s not my fave because of Aaron…..but huh can’t this magazine be consistent with the freaking drama….shucks!!!! 😉

  2. Did my screen just burn up with so much hotness? Dun, dun, dun. I still have a few episodes to watch.

    Seriously, I’m at a loss for words. *drooling* * gulping* *drooling again*

    Tiffany’s not bad either, surprisingly (to me). In fact, much more eye-catching than in her drama roles.

    I’m almost convinced that Joseph will have chemistry with a store front mannequin, because he’s just that magnetic and manly.
    Bwahaha. The almost part cracked me up so much. So very true.

    I would look very much forward to watch him a less comedic role next time. Bring us more raw manliness and smexiness. Now who am I kidding? I just want him to be all to myself. Be still, my heart. ^^

    Btw, how is the bet on the ratings doing?

  3. wow joseph chang looks so hot XD
    i just love drunken to love you, and i’m not even drunk! hehes
    why couldn’t they have found rainie yang to do this instead of tiffany! hahas, even though i should admit that she looks really pretty 🙂
    i wonder if there’ll be another spin-off to dtly, a third ___ to love you. 🙂 hahas.

    thanks for posting, Mrs Koala !

  4. She’s Ethan’s girl wow and they can survive being hot so why the deal with Wu Zun being married???? Taiwan don’t mind…. 😛 😀

  5. How does he do that? How is he so cool without much effort? I used to think that he was unattractive and that was actually a deterrent for me to check out Drunken to Love You initially. Maybe he needs to come with a disclaimer for viewers like me that says something like, “don’t judge prematurely *wags finger of shame* watch me in action and then you’ll understand.”

    • This warning sign reminds me a lot of my own reaction to Cha Seung Won in City Hall. His character and haircut just annoyed me at first but after a while I just couldn’t get enough of him.
      Still I don’t expect DTLY to give us an ending as awesome as CH – probably because I still feel like Rainie Yang has been keeping her distance with Joseph Chang, unlike Kim Sun Ah with “Jo Gukie” whose chemistry just totally blew my mind and heart for months. 😉

  6. What a hunk! This man really looks like a man, not like a boy trying to look older like others actor in the media (Mike He, Jiro Wang, Joe Cheng ect ect..) they are handsome and talented, but they look to me very young in some roles they’re playing. But Joseph look so real and MASCULINE (that’s the word I was looking for!) LOL! He’s my favorite not question about it!

    • I’m sorry I crush Jung Il Woo…hmmm and Nichkhun Horvejkul of 2pm….cause young face but manly I’d go for Hugh Jackman anytime….And Chaning Tatum as per looks…. Taylor Launter may cut in LOL 😉 And CHRIS EVANS no questions blue eyed babe!!!! yup….hunks!!!! 😛 So yeah Joseph’s okay…LOL ;-D

      • omg hugh jackman is my fav too! and chris evans… wa wa woom!!! I still like Joseph Chang though… an asian at last 🙂 and tat guy acting in stairway to heaven haha… another wa wa woom!!! *purr*

  7. “I’m almost convinced that Joseph will have chemistry with a store front mannequin.”
    This may be my fave comment ever! So true!

  8. Because I never really knew a lot about Joseph before DTLY, I didn’t really think much of him. I basically started DTLY because I like to watch Rainie’s dramas. And then fast forward to now and, whoa I’m crazy over him now, lol. XD

  9. He can be anyone cup of tea but 4 sure he is NOT mine. I don’t know….. I just don’t find him attractive at all. LADYS …… He’s all ur. Lol. lol. Lol

  10. @;{
    Im not trying to be mean, but whats up with all the less than enthusiastic comments? Yes Koala, welcomes all types of POV, but this is the second post ive seen you comment on, and its frankly a downer. Why look at things that you dont like and comment about it? If it was constructive criticism, then thats fine, but its not. So, why?

    But on a better note. Joseph Chang looks super super adorbs.

  11. Yummy!
    I added Joseph to my jar of eye candies!
    Girls, I recommend his older drama, Blazing Courage. Surprisely, I prefer this drama over DTLY! It has everything: family, love, brotherhood.
    And come on! Joseph as a firefighter! How freaking hot is that!?
    Last night, I also saw his BL/gay movie, Eternal Summer!
    Joseph was freaking awesome in there and don’t get me started with the hot streamy bed scene! It really turned me on and I don’t dare to see it again! Haha~ Ok, maybe when I’m horny?!

  12. sorry, this is really random, but Mrs. Koala, have you been watching Mei Le Jia You? my friend just pushed me to keep watching (i stopped after episode 4) and i’m loving it now! Mike He is eye candy, lol. what’s up with dramas having such hot and awesome guy leads now? hahahas 🙂

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