Director Doze Niu’s LOVE starts filming with Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao, and Eddie Peng

What a star-studded cast for a movie. LOVE is Director Doze Niu‘s followup film to his blockbuster and critically-acclaimed Monga, and will be reuniting his two leads from Monga, Ethan Ruan and Mark Chao, plus adding Eddie Peng to the male cast. The boys attended a media event to announce the start of filming, and what’s funny is that you have four guys standing in front of a giant red L.O.V.E. Where are the ladies of the movie: Shu Qi, Vicky Zhao, Amber Kuo, and Ivy Chen? Director Niu had to clarify that his movie was on heterosexual love pairings since the leading ladies were nowhere in sight, and everyone sniggered that Ethan and Mark making out would be a huge box-office draw.

Below is the poster for LOVE – the Chinese words are simply the names of the eight main leads and the largest character is the Chinese word for love.


Director Doze Niu’s LOVE starts filming with Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao, and Eddie Peng — 25 Comments

  1. Mmmmm, pretty! And I do like the movie poster, too. I think it looks interesting. But I will have to say that I’m glad Ethan and Mark aren’t making out in this movie, no matter how big the box office draw, because that would ruin all my Mark fantasies.

    With my new-found love of Mark (seriously, he is KILLING it in B&W – I teared my way through episode 20, not that Vic is one iota behind him), I think I need to locate Monga and watch that, ASAP.

    • I firmly believe Mark’s performance in the latter half of B&W is what won him the Golden Bell over Vic, that plus lots of daddy lobbying. But still, he did amazing in the drama. Anyways, Monga is a great movie, really like a slice of Taipei in the seventies. Like watching Friend, Our Legend gave a taste of Busan in the eighties.

      • Actually I like Mark performance from the begining and he and Ivy have more chemistry at the begining compared to Vic and Ivy -the latter sounds to me like :since he-is-the-hero-he-has-to-win-the-lead-girl. Mark and Ivy complimented each other better -he is a serious and proper cop who kickass and she is the girl of a mob boss who kick ass too.

  2. Ethan and Mark are hot we know that, but when did Eddie Peng become this buff and HOT? YUM!

    This is def a film TO WATCH.

  3. I love Ethan Ruan and he looks so good in the suit 🙂

    Monga was alright (although Mark seemed older than the rest of the gang) and I look forward to this film.

  4. I love the poster but it screams light and fluffy romcom to me. If the sequel to Monga is anything like Monga itself, maybe that poster is a bad design choice.

  5. Ok Shu Qi’s back from the west (love her legs can I have it???? I’m short so….) Ivy Chen with whom???? Ethan rocks but man the hair???? AND HONESTLY I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THAT TAIPEI “LOVE SIGN” ON MY LAWN RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DRIVE WAY and say YES this is where LOVE LIVES, AND I’M the QUEEN of LOVE ROFL 😛 hmmm interesting movie 😀

  6. Three of my favorite leading men 🙂 I’ve always had a hard time choosing between who did better in B&W. Zai Zai improved so much but Mark was just so much raw talent. The scene where they make up after Pi Zi turned dark was probably my favorite scene (it was just perfect!)….gah they have so much amazing chemistry together.

    It’s really interesting but I’ve always loved Ethan as a second lead or a minor character. I really didn’t like FTLY after the first two eps. I did like him in MQ but I also thought that a lot of it had to with the fact that he had great chemistry with Cheryl. But maybe I will feel differently after seeing Monga?

    Yes, I still need to see Monga…

    • Also thanks for the doing the recaps…they are wonderful 🙂 It’s making me want to do a B&W rewatch (again!)

  7. Oh~ Neat.
    So there’s 4 female leads but only 3 male leads?
    Is the director one of the leads too!?
    I’m so curious to know who’s pairing w/who!

  8. Did no one else giggle when they see Ethan Ruan <3 Mark Chao on the poster? Teehee.

    I saw a variety show where the cast of Monga and Director Nui went on to promote Monga before it came out. Everyone was teasing and making fun of one another and it was evident that they were all really comfortable with each other. This should be a good movie though it seems like it'll be on a completely different genre then Monga.

  9. actually, has there ever been a serious depiction of a homosexual pairing in a TWdrama in recent years? I dun mean movies like Eternal Summer, or a random feather-wearing wacky gay character for laughs, etc. but an actual storyline in a drama.
    Korea made LiB last year, tackling the subject for the first time on prime time TV, Japan has been hinting and actually made some few ones, but ugh. Strange, confusing ones with “avantgarde” endings O_O (tbh, I didn’t watch those, but read the bad reviews)
    I haven’t watched or kept up with TWdrama for ages, so I have no idea ^^;

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