Ady An Reunites with Vanness Wu as the Leading Lady for his Latest MV for “Aiya”

What a treat for fans of Autumn’s Concerto (aka Next Stop, Happiness). Vanness Wu‘s new album C’est La V is selling like hotcakes and is number one on the charts this week. His first single was the bombastic and catchy “Is This All”, but his second single goes the opposite musical direction. “Aiya” is a sweet and fun little ditty that is perfect for a Summer drive. What’s even better is that the MV for the song reunited Vanness with his AC leading lady Ady An, and this time their roles are reversed. He’s the short-order cook working odd jobs and she’s the suited professional that keeps running into him.

The MV is directed by PD Chen Hui Ling, who directed AC and also Vanness current drama Material Queen. The MV is especially cute because PD Chen threw in quite a lot of AC references in the MV. Have a listen and enjoy a revisionist walk down memory lane. Vanness and Ady supposedly had a blast filming the MV, and you can tell by how funny Vanness is in the picture above. I find goofy Vanness really charming. It’s when he tries to act all serious that he becomes self-conscious. All that’s missing from this MV is Xiao Xiao Bin, who is currently in the clutches of Vanness F4 brother Vic Zhou, playing his son in Destiny’s Pair.

The lady standing between Vanness and Ady is PD Chen Hui Ling. She’s looks about 16 years old, and it’s astonishing to realize the extent of her talent as a director. I bows before her.

MV for “Aiya” guest-starring Ady An:


Ady An Reunites with Vanness Wu as the Leading Lady for his Latest MV for “Aiya” — 27 Comments

  1. I like the mv its so light, the xerox with Vanness’ face was my favorite I’m a sucker for old style cartoons. That really is the director of AC? can’t believe, she’s so cute looks like she should be in highschool, talent do come in all packages.

    • yes, the xerox is my favorite….
      Vanness and Ady are so cute together
      and the cute carrot and the cute nose to nose from AC are there as well

  2. Cute is the most appropriate word, indeed. <3

    Is the extra @ 0'52 any famous, cuz really, he's caught my eyes. Kept rewinding to his 1st scene @ 0'47, actually. *^^*

    • The guys in the elevator were all faces I’ve seen before with smaller roles in dramas like Hana Kimi, for a newer drama Sunny Happiness

      The overall song and video were just too cute. Vanness can be so adorable… Who knew?

      • There is also Jimmy Hung who played “boss” in B&W drama. He is one of Vanness best friends.

        This is such a super cute and feel good drama. PD Chen Hui Ling is won derful!

    • @ notoriousnoona, sytwo, Lorilei, maxine

      Thank you! 😀

      I like this PD’s style a lot, probably because as a woman, she takes a different approach to relationships and expresses it in her works. 🙂

  3. i have to agree . after giving up AC after 17 ep which is just stupid since i was so close to the end lol i went into a vaness frenzy and watched alot of Vids on youtube of him and his just so much fun that it hurts to see him be so awkward on screen . anyway they are so cute .. chemistry is still alive ! and i’m i th eonly one who thinks the PD is vanness baised lol ??

  4. That’s very sweet/cute. I loved Autumn’s Concerto. Such a happy open smile on Van Ness, some say it’s an American trademark.

  5. They’re really a DREAM couple *___* Why do they remind me suddenly of Elena & Diego of Mask of Zorro? O.o Those two were my dream couple, too.

    Because I’m currently watching and writing about Autumn’s Concerto it’s hard to see him with THAT goofy haircut, but it suits him. *g* Is it just my imagination or did he get slimer? Too much work and medidating, hm? *g*
    The video is really refreshing like a summer breeze, love the colors. The color style reminds me of You’ve fallen for me.
    Can’t get enough of those, too. *g* Seeing them grinning makes me grinning like an idget, too!
    Actually I never have listen to any songs of Van Ness or haven’t seen many C-Pop MVs before except of S.H.E. and Fahrenheit. I’d prefer him singing in English if he’s an English native anyway.

    I was just checking out Ady An’s sina blog a minute ago and it’s so funny, how cheerful and goofy she’s in every picture.
    I don’t want to start watching Material Queen yet, but I think, I’m gonna start reading your recaps because I just like reading your stuff. ^^

  6. OMG!!!! So in love with them two!!! The ending and the video!!!! SO CUTE!!!! I like Van Ness and I also like Andy so if they were to ever be a real couple I would never be jealous! Just ful of joy!!! 🙂

  7. this is cute! I wish they did another drama starting these two again I love the last drama “autumn’s concerto” it was good.

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