Park Min Young Cast in Man of Honor with Rumored Leading Man Chun Jung Myung

Park Min Young, sweetie, I know your star is red hot right now, but might you consider taking a breather? Theoretically I applaud this girl’s work ethic and desire to strike while the iron is hot, but I worry for her health if she’s going from one grueling drama shoot (City Hunter) into another. KBS has just confirmed that Park Min Young will be the leading lady for its upcoming 24-episode drama tentatively titled Man of Honor. The drama will be helmed by the PD and writing duo that created the most insanely inexplicable ratings sensation of 2010 – the baking drama that was really all about birth secrets Baker King Kim Tak Gu.

The rumored male lead is PIE, and I can’t say I’m thrilled to see Chun Jung Myung back in what reads like a makjang melodrama. She’ll be playing a hardworking nurse and he’ll be playing a formerly high flying baseball player that ends up demoted to the minor leagues.Β They meet at the hospital when he goes in for treatment, and I presume they eventually heal each other emotionally and then overcome all their odds to find success and redemption. Or something like that.Β 

I have a gut feeling the PIE casting is pretty much a done deal, since PIE tweeted while he was at a baseball game recently, a big hint if any that he’s preparing to play a baseball player. I’m not sure how I feel about the PIE-Min Young pairing, but will take a watch and see attitude with this drama in general since I really really couldn’t stand Baker King. At all.

The drama is slated to premiere in October on Wed-Thurs following The Princess’s Man. Which will place it squarely against Jang Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung‘s upcoming sageuk Tree with Deep Roots on SBS, and whatever drama on MBC will be following the Choi Ji Woo and Yoon Sang Hyun drama Can’t Lose, which premieres next month following Heartstrings. This will be interesting. The fall K-drama season appears to be very serious fare across the board.

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Park Min Young Cast in Man of Honor with Rumored Leading Man Chun Jung Myung — 17 Comments

  1. It’s funny how everyone calls Chun Jung Myung PIE now. Even in news articles (translated). Why do I feel so happy? *jumps around in circles*

    I liked Baker King in spite of its makjang histrionics. It’s the ideal under-dog story.

    Not very sure I’m into PIE and PMY, but I did enjoy SKKS and City Hunter hmmm…

    • I’m still in awe that PIE, which came out of one rabid drunken night of tweeting between lots of OT girls, ended up becoming THE official nickname for Chun Jung Myung.

      To have been there at its inception, ’tis an honor indeed and a memory I shant ever forget. *wipes tear*

      I’m also iffy on PIE-Min Young. And the whole makjangyness of Baker King.

    • I know right! It fair boggles the mind. I was at that twitter party too. It’s awesome. We’ve told him, haven’t we? Didn’t our Queen of Shamelessness tweet him to explain his nick?

      Um. Baker King? Sorry, PIE, that’s one pie I’m absolutely not going to bake, not even for you, sweetie.

      @ockoala – PIE grows into his own in The Duo. Just you wait and see. I agree he starts out awkward as awkward can be, but he’ll win you over in the end. πŸ˜‰

  2. I love the writers (adored Baker King to bits) and PMY is a girlcrush but (don’t kill me!) the CJM thing makes me nervous. I found him gripping in Fashion 70s but his choice of dramas is kinda uneven to me (What’s Up Fox was soooooo boring and the less said about CU the better).

    Plus, he looks a lot like a long-term friend of my Dad’s (or the way the friend looked when I was a kid) so I can’t even drool over him because it feels weird πŸ˜›

    • I thought he was delicious in What’s Up Fox but the drama itself I can’t get past episode 4, it just doesn’t speak to me. Dunno why, cuz by all accounts it quite well done.

      I agree Fashion 70s was his most mesmerizing performance. CU was a mess across the board, starting from his character being written so horribly no one could possibly shine in it. But he didn’t do it any favors either.

      In The Duo, he’s currently getting out-acted by LSY (I’m up to ep 15), so sageuks aren’t really his thing either. I still love him to bits, but he needs another breakout performance badly. Though his upcoming gangster movie Blue Salt looks excellent.

  3. same here.. not really a fans of PIE, but i like him in whats up fox, he makes me drooling there… and want a piece of him immeadiately,hehehe… not a fan of fashion 70, the duo and CU.. I like PMY, but she just so lucky to have been in cast for many of great drama and amazing leading actor such in SKKS and City Hunter. Well.. I’m not sure yet about this drama.. as a matter a fact i am looking forward to watch another drama Can’t lose starring Choi Ji woo and Yoon sang Hyun, and its a rom com genre, something that CJW never done since she is the queen of tears, but YSH is already a rom com actor, so can’t wait to see this pairing act in this drama.

  4. I sincerely thinks PIE pairing with Park Min Young is an interesting pair. I like him in 70s Fashion and Cinderella’s Sister and her in SS and CH. I can’t wait to see both of them in this. Besides, I always like nerdy-boy lookalike kinda boy. Opposite to my Song Seung Heun oppa. This will be very interesting πŸ˜‰

  5. Har, never knew that was where the name PIE came from. I just mistakenly assumed that it was a management agency thing. Shameful confession: I did get addicted to Baker King. It was just bleeding so much makjang goodness that it actually gave me the comfort and distraction I needed from the high-pressure job I had at the time. And it always made me crave hot bread. I might give this one a try, if at the time it airs, I’m highly stressed out and over-worked. Mmm, stress-induced makjang binge.

  6. Koala, I know that you gave up City Hunter. But maybe you can find some time and watch the last episode of CH? Give your thoughts about it. The end is open ended and your very good in analyzing every angle of a drama and your thoughts through your words if very interesting to read. You have a way with words and delivering recaps and your thoughts about the drama that put closure it. Although I know it’s not something you will be interested in because you have other drama to recap and watch. It’s just a silly request and maybe when you got bored or nothing else to do which I doubt (I feel like your very busy person). Thank you!!!!

  7. such a bitter sweet feeling …i love PIE since c’s step sister but about PMY i am not sure !! I am tired of seeing nana these days and i think i can’t put up with another two month ….
    why is she doing this to me? i really miss Chun Jung mung and i am gonna watch this drama for sure IF it would be confirmed that he is in ….GOD help helpppppppppppppppppp ……..LUCKY GIRL It is not fair !!
    First micky, then Min hoo and NOW my boy

    • I just think the girl (pmy) has a good management, she’s been working nonstop. she’s one lucky girl all those yummy men that she got partner.

  8. Aaaarrrgggh, I don’t like makjangs!

    To think I even thought CYHMY was too makjang-ish for my taste. LOL I mean, I liked it, I liked the characters, the pairings, the bromance (!!!!) and I was mesmerized by Nam Goong-min (yes, more than KJW, go figure) but omg, it had some elements that drove me crazy and honest-to-god makjangs dramas have heaps of those elements which are even crazier and ott.

    I can see PIE as a baseball player (he’s going to be so hot) but wea the makjang melo, PIE. WAE?

  9. CHUN-MOON forever!! haha i love him as Ki Hoon no matter how most are saying he dint show a good job there well for me he DID! πŸ˜€ Ki Hoon was even my fave character in CU. JMC and MGY had a GREAT chemistry! ON and OFF screen.

    When I first heard this news, I really couldnt accept it!! Park Min Young ??? paired with hottie JMC??? aaahhh!! no-freakin-way! but since he accepted it already then i have no choice! but to still support him haha I trust JMC! πŸ˜‰ he even tweeted back to a question about this, and he said it needs “ACCURATE PLANNING”… πŸ˜› hmmm…. πŸ™‚

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