Written Preview for Episode 7 of Spy Myung Wol

I have a feeling that the slap heard around the dramaverse at the end of episode 6 of Spy Myung Wol will be real and simply be accepted within the context of the drama. Much like Thai lakorns and their heroes with a propensity for raping the heroine before falling madly in love (yes, I do not understand either), slapping is just so oddly prevalent in K-dramas. I watched WHIB where the hero got the tar beat out of him by his father with a golf club. None of it is acceptable in real life, but in drama fiction it’s not something that sways my interest or lack thereof in the drama. I hope this drama gets its act together soon, or at least remain amusingly oddball.

Written preview for episode 7:

The unexpected leak of a love scandal between Kang Woo and Myung Wol leaves both uncomfortable with the situation, and in the end Kang Woo fires Myung Wol. Immediately upon returning home, Kang Woo feels the emptiness of his house keenly now that Myung Wol is not around, causing him to feel flustered. Furthermore, Kang Woo is starting to get annoyed with Chairman Joo constantly telling him what to do, and he also starts to get suspicious about Choi Ryu.

Ok Soon and Hee Bok find out from Myung Wol that she’s been fired, aware of how important this development is. It gets their spirits up and they decide to once again assist Myung Wol in getting closer to Kang Woo. Since Kang Woo is immune to seduction tactics and threats, Ok Soon must show her final card. On the day of Kang Woo’s showcase, Myung Wol plans to kidnap Kang Woo and waits for him in her car.

[Credit: written previews released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Eric bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 7 of Spy Myung Wol — 19 Comments

  1. Wow this is so cool aftergoing back to home the recaps already present. Supa cool. I havent watched the 2 recent episodes since your recaps always come handy in my baby t. Your recaps are really a big help. Thank u. God bless.

  2. KIDNAPPING! Yeeeessssss, this is going to be great! Hahaha can’t you just see how hilarious Myung-wol’s attempt to kidnap Kang-woo is going to be?

  3. Wow… I wonder if they aren’t leaving this whole living-together-body-guard plot concept prematurely. If she blows her cover… where can they go from here? (:

  4. So, Thai lakorns have rape (why, why, why?!) and Korean dramas have slaps. What would you say are the foibles of Taiwanese, Japanese, and Chinese dramas, if any?

  5. It’s so funny hearing you reference to “Thai Drama.” I, myself, don’t understand it either when the heroine fall for the hero after the rape scene.

    Anyhow, just thought it’s funny knowing you’re familiar w/ Thai drama.

  6. Thank you. I promised myself to always post my gratitude for every SMW recap you post, whether for preview and more so for actual episodes. You are the best ms. k!

  7. Thanks so much for the translation of the preview!

    I don’t watch Thai or Japanese dramas but I remember reading a long time back that shouting & hitting are quite common in Korean & Taiwan dramas…..

    Chairman Joo, could he be pressuring Kangwoo to be nice with In-ah or worst, to marry her? o_O

    Myungwol to kidnap Kangwoo? woaaa don’t they must defect him VOLUNTARILY? hmmm….. may be the spy team fake a kidnap so Myungwol can rescue Kangwoo and get herself back in the game?! 😀

  8. if there is a kidnapping…can we hope to see her tie him up and have her way with him???!!!! Maybe too much fantasy on my part, huh???? LOL

  9. I thought the slap was going to mean that it was just “a show” in front of the public to silence the rumors but I guess not. Disappointing.

  10. thanks for the written preview , from this I can undertand that the slap was real , poor myeong wol , has to accept such treatment and continue running after KW to complete her mission and protect her friends from being punished becoz of the failure of the mission , I really feel for her and I think it’s time for the triangle love stroy KW-MW-CR to start , I wanna see KW dying and tortured by jealousy becoz he deserves that 😛

  11. yatta! its going to be more exciting! i can’t wait for tomorrow! if i can, i want it now! hehehe =) koala! daebak!

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