Cha Seung Won Visits Taiwan for Fan Meeting and Vogue Taiwan Photoshoot

Anyone missing their Dokko Jin? I’m probably in the minority, having enjoyed Best Love for being a comparatively well-written rom-com, but not feeling much synergy with the OTP or the lead characters. Dokko Jin was ultimately too much of a caricature for me to memorialize, and I’m always and forever missing Cha Seung Won for his performance as Jo Gook in City Hall.

He was recently in Taiwan for a fan meeting, with thousands of fans waiting to see him again after he held a fan meeting there at the end of 2009. City Hall was one of the most popular K-dramas that aired in Taiwan, and his fans there will soon get a taste of Best Love to sate their Cha Seung Won cravings. He did a photoshoot for Vogue Taiwan, so here are the pictures. I never thought I’d say this, but I now miss his facial hair.

[Credit: Vogue Taiwan]


Cha Seung Won Visits Taiwan for Fan Meeting and Vogue Taiwan Photoshoot — 22 Comments

  1. He looks totally different person without the facial hair , i think he is a great actor loved his role as dokko jin and every time he says i am dokk jin, i enjoyed the scenes btwn him and dingdong more than with the leading lady

  2. o man, the facial hair was the first think I thought of when I saw these stills..and I’d thought I had gotten to his shaved look in BL

  3. woori dokko!! oh how i miss the wonderful BL! i’ll agree that i prefer cha seung won with the scruffy, but CSW looks younger without the facial hair, so it’s a nice change of style. this man oozes so much charisma oh my…

  4. He doesn’t look as good without his facial hair and his hair is getting a bit long even though I loved him in BEST LOVE, he needs to look more decent!

  5. I think CSW is like Hugh Laurie – both look better a little scruffy. Not with a full-blown beard, but with a nice, sexy five o’clock shadow all day. Mmmm. ^_^

  6. i prefer him WITH the facial hair.. he looks more manly and charismatic with it.. now, he just look like an old man with too much botox going on trying so hard to be young again… 🙁

  7. You and me both. I’m not missing the Dokko Jin character either….nor the drama. I was happy to say goodbye to the drama and its OTP.

    As for the “cow”, I do miss it though. The look he spotted in City Hall was the best…plus the JoGuk character was so terribly intriguing.

    A City Hall reference always does the trick of getting me out of lurking mode. *Winks*

  8. If any man can do the duck lip and still look sexy, it’s gotta be Cha Seung Won. I really do miss the facial hair too. Although I love him as Dokko Jin, Jok Guk will always be my favorite k-drama male lead…I think even more than Kim Joo Won. I remember being so in love with Kim Joo Won when Secret Garden aired, but it died soon after the drama ended. On the contrary, it’s been a while since I watched City Hall and yet, I’m still having Jok Guk fever. Usually, k-dramas are a one time watch for me. Then came, MNIKSS…this one I watched a few times and my favorite scenes many many many times. City Hall…I have re-watched the drama countless times and my favorite scenes many many many…like many times. I searched everything about it. I’m almost done reading “everyone’s” comments/post at (I know I’m super late). Watched all the BTS clips I could find…with or without English subtitles. I know huh? Very crazy…

    • Not crazy at all. 🙂 Many delurkers here *hint-etee7114* were totally addicted to City Hall several months after the drama had been broadcast. Because of the OTP’s alchemy, more than chemistry. Because of the narration. Because of the OST. Because of the cleverness. Because of the absolutely best ending ever.

      Missing Jo Kookie as well. I’ve always been fond of his facial hair, not so much of his recent surgeries. :/

      Might even take a look at episodes 18-20 again in my busy schedule this day.

  9. For me ..its a condition called Cha- Cow Crazies!
    I’m livin’ in some Twilight Zone situation that keeps me within The CityHall Drama..y’ know when you watch & live d show so much ,that you become like an invisible person lurkin’ within the show? But you gotta watch d show a gazillion times & love it ,for that kinda ‘time travel’ to happen!
    So do I love Cha in Best Love sans cow moustacho? Er, just like it but it doesn’t ‘haunt’ me . Once’s enuf cos he acted out of his age plus with too many cartoony actions . I guess I jz lurved his character in CH way toooo much.
    There, he was ,dashing & dignified ( with jz a pinch of cutesy funny ) , charming & classy , manly & oozing Oodles of Sexiness!!
    Cha , the panel has spoken. Moustache is IN , it makes you act less dorky & more serious & importantly , it ups the Sexy quotient!

  10. Koala, I’m with you on this…miss CSW as Jo Gook in CH. When I started watching BL, I thought that there’s a lot of Jo Gook in Dokko Jin. As the series developed, I became convinced. The Hong Sisters saw CSW in CH acting “over the top” in the middle of Ep 12 with KSA (when he’s trying to convince her friends that he’s crazy about her) and created Dokko Jin.

    I also miss his facial hair…fortunately for him and us it only takes him a couple of days to grow it back…

  11. Love his facial hair… but also love him clean shave… he always looks so hot and good. Thanks for these pics
    and i also need to say i LOOOOVE his Jo Guk but Dokko Jin is the winner in my heart… what can i say? Jo Guk is sexier but Doko Jin is more lovable and adorable and cute and good… so i better not decide between the 2: I want both!

  12. Cha Seung Won, for a guy after 40yr old, he was the SEXY man alive. More adore him, the way he taking good care his family.

  13. WHY THE DUCK FACE, CSW?! That doesn’t look good on even the cutest/hottest celebs. See some of the promo shots for You’ve Fallen For Me.

    I think his facial hair looks better too as long as it isn’t THICK like in Athena.

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