Lee Yeon Hee Cast in Jo In Sung’s Post-MS Movie Fist Fighting

Lee Yeon Hee is so beautiful that it’s a shame she really is such a limited actress. She gets to act with a bevy of top K-stars, and each time I just cringe when she starts to emote. My favorite Lee Yeon Hee performance is actually her bit part in Resurrection. Sigh. She’s just been cast as the female lead for Jo In Sung’s first post-MS project, the sci-fi/fantasy movie Fist Fighting (Korean title Kwon Bup or bare fist martial arts fighting).

Fist Fighting will be helmed by PD Park Kwang Hyun (Welcome to Dongmakgol), telling the story set of a high school senior living in a futuristic city possessing super-strength that he utilizes to right injustice. The movie will primarily be about his fight to save the village that is home to the girl he’s fallen in love with. Post-MS Jo In Sung as a high school senior is already a HUGE suspension of disbelief for me, but throw in some Lee Yeon Hee as a damsel in distress, and I’m not sure if this movie will fly with me.

The concept does sound cute, and K-movies have been doing well in the fantasy bent in recent years, such as Jeon Woo Chi. For some reason, I would totally have cast baby-Jo In Sung, aka Jang Geun Seok, and paired him with Kim So Eun. Now wouldn’t that be age-appropriate? Now that the leading lady has been cast, this movie looks to start filming in the beginning of Fall.

P.S. I think it’s amusingly ironic that Mr. Fist-in-Mouth’s (reference to WHIB) first post-MS comeback project will be a drama called fist fighting. Damn, I miss Jo In Sung’s brand of intensity. Definitely looking forward to seeing him back on screen and emoting his head off.


Lee Yeon Hee Cast in Jo In Sung’s Post-MS Movie Fist Fighting — 13 Comments

  1. not sure about these…. LYH is pretty but not a good actress.. watching her in Paradise Range is painful… her emotion was so forceful… not very natural… but at least she is good to look at…

  2. Instead of a silly movie he should have chosen a good drama…But who knows…maybe he sees things more deeply and his movie will be a success…still, you get out of the military and you’ll play a highschool student!?

  3. OMG… She got to be the luckiest person ever. I like her in ‘Millionaire First Love’ . Well! am not gonna lie, i was totally smitten by Hyun Bin back then and yap… I am loyal Binne fan since then.

  4. Damn…and I’ve actually been meaning to watch hks first post MS work…but I’m so allergic to LYH…plus him as a high school student is so ‘ugh

  5. * GROAN *
    I’ve been eagerly anticipating seeing JIS again, but LYH is such a horrible–albeit beautiful–actress. She’s so bad I avoid anything she’s in, like the plague.

    JIS deserves better! D:

  6. I am forever jealous of LYH! She gets to act with so many good looking leading actors, especially Kang Dong-won (my favorite)! Too bad she will forever be typecast as the “damsel-in-distress” because of her limited acting skills.

    “High school senior” LOLOK, since we’re talking sci-fi here, I guess anything is believable.

  7. Lee Yeon Hee is always a scene-stealer for me. The crappy drama stuff like East of Eden or Paradise Ranch (darn SM) that she was in couldn’t do her acting any justice. I think she shines most in movies, when she works with good directors. She steals every single scene in Hello Schoolgirl, My Love, and M. Among the actresses who have ever worked with Yoo Ji Tae, she’s my favorite.

  8. doesn’t matter if you can or can’t act as long as your daddy is SM.They can kick any lead actresses if they want to and buy any TV stations or even an ‘Island’.

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