Protect the Boss Releases Long Trailer Prior to its Premiere

How can one long trailer be full of so much win? The seven-minute long trailer for Protect the Boss is out, and it made me smile, it made me quiver, in short, it filled me with unbridled anticipation for this drama. “Your face puts me in a bad mood for some reason.” LOL forever. Oh god, Ji Sung‘s half-assed chaebol loser and Choi Kang Hee‘s kick-ass dying to succeed former delinquent are both so interesting already. I NEED THIS DRAMA NOW. That’s all. Please let this drama be good. Watch the trailer below with English subs.

Long trailer for Protect the Boss (English subbed):


Protect the Boss Releases Long Trailer Prior to its Premiere — 36 Comments

  1. Baha. I enjoy awkward heroes and kick-ass heroines very much. This should be epically cute, hopefully, and it’s always a plus to have Kim Young-ok from Coffee Prince in a new drama. She’s awesome.

  2. Can it be? Can it be? Oh father god can it be that this maybe my post LTM drama? It looks good. Ahahaha the main guy is a total trip. “I’m a little thankfull”–zone in on THE heels. hahahah so funny. I really hope this is funny. Funny and yet romntic when it should be, but moe funny.

  3. This definitely looks cute and interesting, not to mention I kind of like the loser-hero aspect of it. But why does City Hunter have to be over???? ~sobs a little~

  4. I like the heroine.. She is not the usual brash, loud mouthed type but a strong girl, and the guy looks funny. The thing I’m scared of is that the trailer doesn’t show much of JJ, I hope it has nothing to do with his acting skills. Since I love him, I wish it will be a fun watch overall.

    I love the dialogs too.. Funny and quirky!!

  5. overly fun to watch! i guess i’m parting ways with SMW and Heartstrings for this :DDD LOL finally a better plot:D she is a lovable character and the guy is a little weirdo type:D even now i started to think how i will wait till the subs released after downloading each episode:D

    • Unnie!!! did you put the trailer for tormenting us:D (joking)
      i am getting obsessed, i watched the trailer and now came again to watch beecause i was thinking the scenes and the leading couple! LOL
      if the acting of the two lead will be like that throughout the drama this would be a hit!
      and i love the dad:D and his conversation with our lead actress!
      and her gestures while fighting is so cool and fun:D she even jump into lead guy’s arms for fighting:D
      cant wait for wednesday! who will be subbing this i wonder? there are lots of Jaejong fans so subs will be okay i think:D

  6. OMG this looks hilarious… luv luv half baked JiSung and his pretty side kick lady… Can’t wait for this to be sub!

  7. so cannot wait. The trailer really look promising ^^ I’m looking forward for this especially the main lead.

    Btw, the vid are credit to JYJSubs

  8. OH man!!! I was soo looking forward to Ji Sung being in a comedy since I first heard about it… and after seeing the trailer, this is sooo perfect. Please don’t disappoint me Show!! SMW’s trailer looked good but it didn’t capture me thus far. Hope this one does.

    Haha… JS’s loser character is hilarious. I haven’t seen CKH before but I’m looking forward to it. She’s just as odd-ball-ish as he is. 🙂 I love my share of loser characters turning it around.

  9. I know i may offend many… But i gotta admit i am not a fan of any of the cast. I find the lead actress really annoying in My Sweet Seoul. Never watch any work of her work after that. And Ji Sung, Have seen him in All In, and his role was annoying (oh… i miss LBH). The guy from DBSK/JYJ… Well ! don’t know him “sigh”. But i do read entertainment news.. In their fight against SM.. I am for JYJ all the way.

    But…… looking at the preview, i am so tempted. I guess i have to give this drama a chance.

  10. I wasn’t thinking about watching this series, but the epic fight scene alone won me over! And I’m a sucker for heroines who have a violent/fighting past and are adjusting to the world of everyday people.

  11. Can someone enlighten me, please? I don’t get the ending of the preview. What’s with the high heels? Why did she jump for them?

    • Ji Sung doesn’t know the identity of the chick who got him beat up by the gangster, but she left a shoe behind, like Cinderella.

      He doesn’t connect fully that his new secretary may be that chick at the nightclub, while she obviously knows that he’s that guy. Until he goes to her apartment and sees her high heels. Heh.

      • thanks ockoala^^ I haven’t paid enough attention to what was going on…might be the lack of sleep….

  12. HAHAHAHAHA! Ji Sung reminds me of Sakuragi Hanamichi (Japanese anime’s Slam Dunk) all brawn no brains! Only in this case, Ji Sung is neither brawn nor brains! LOL!

  13. wah it premieres this Wednesday…
    the trailer looks fun
    Jisung and Choi Kang Hee characters look fresh
    and Jaejoong…such a treat for my eyes…
    really looking forward to this for a good laugh

  14. waaaaaaah…. i cant wait to watch this!! at first i only wanna see jaejoong act but this trailer made me wanna know what will happened with the three of them. really hope this drama will be a guud rom-com!!!

  15. lol in every 12th hour i get a need for watching this drama’s trailer:D dont know what to do till wednesday, though i would also have to wait for the subs:(

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