Recast Poseidon with Lee Sung Jae, Choi Si Won, and Lee Shi Young Starts Filming

With less than one month to go before its premiere, the upcoming K-drama Poseidon held its script reading yesterday and immediately commenced filming. This means one beleaguered production is back on track, which leaves only What’s Up and The Musical still waiting for an airdate.

With the original cast all gone (Eric, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Ok Bin, Yunho), the new cast consists of Lee Sung Jae, Choi Si Won, Lee Shi Young, and Han Jung Soo. I wasn’t terribly interested in Poseidon even with Eric, but the new cast is intriguing enough that I’ll maintain a watch and see approach on this drama.

The original concept of the drama – two marine police officers of the same age and rank become rivals in love and work – appear to be scrapped with the drama going for older captain and rookie lieutenant dynamic based on the ages of the new leads.

Lee Sung Jae is primarily a film actor so the drama really scored getting someone with his gravitas and acting chops under such tight notice. I like Si Won and Shi Young, so here’s to hoping the story, directing, and overall production quality for this drama remains decent and consistent. Part of me has a HUGE worry about the hectic schedule on the cast and crew. I still remember the nightmare that was Wolf (also with Eric) and what happened to that drama because of the tight schedule mixed with heavy action sequences.

Poseidon will premiere on Mon-Tues on KBS following Spy Myung Wol. PD will be Yoo Chul Young, who is no rookie to the action genre having done Swallow the Sun and H.I.T., with the script written by Jo Gyu Won who did IRIS. I just think it’s a quirky twist of fate that Eric’s current drama will be followed up by Eric’s previous drama which he had to scrap when Poseidon got put on hold.


Recast Poseidon with Lee Sung Jae, Choi Si Won, and Lee Shi Young Starts Filming — 6 Comments

  1. I was initially interested in Poseidon because of Eric and Kim Kang Woo, the later was amazing as the villian in Story of the Man and I loved Eric from QSS and from Shinhwa. The addition of Ok Bin after her success with Thirst only further that interest, but with this new cast, I think I will pass on this drama. The casting of Lee Sung Jae and Lee Shin Young is interesting but I find Shiwon’s acting while pleasant leaves a lot to desire and I haven’t really connected with any of the roles Han Jung Soo has played so far.

  2. Why do I not hear these things about my General? Ok – this was in the “not gonna watch” bin until now. If I can watch 50 episodes of KG for him, this should be a piece of cake.

  3. Lee Sung Jae? Owh, that’s the guy in Ga In’s MV. I finally know who is he,lol. It’s good that the production finally able to find good casting, it’s now matter of time to rush the filming

  4. Wow, the final decision of casting has just been wrapped up with the drama just weeks before its premiere… I hope the acting makes up for the writing (since writing does take time).

    I gotta say I’m disappointed since I had hoped that Choi Si Won and Lee Si Young would go on to do greater things from their previous works (Athena and Playful Kiss)… But I think I’ll watch it just for the fact that it’s a trainwreck… You don’t want to look at the disaster unfolding onscreen and yet you just can’t help yourself.

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