Yoo Seung Ho in the August Edition of Vogue Girl Korea

I’m not sure if I like these latest Vogue Girl Korea photos of Yoo Seung Ho – it feels like they are trying too hard to make him channel So Ji Sub. Yoo Seung Ho is currrently filming Warrior Baek Dong Soo, which I’ve only seen two episodes of so I haven’t gotten to his super hot future assassin character’s adult incarnation yet. I’m banking WBDS for later, because between watching The Princess’s Man and finishing The Duo, I’m at my sageuk limit for the time being.

Yoo Seung Ho was in a car accident this week heading to the set, likely caused by the slick roads in Korea recently due to heavy storms. Thankfully he only fractured his cheek but is otherwise fine. Other than WBDS, his thriller movie Blind with Kim Ha Neul is premiering next month as well so he’s going to be quite busy for near term.

[Credit: Vogue Girl Korea]


Yoo Seung Ho in the August Edition of Vogue Girl Korea — 5 Comments

  1. Seriously, he still looks like a boy!!! XDDD Those clothes don’t really fit him, and he just doesn’t look like So Ji-sub to me, they’re both pretty unique. Even the feeling when you look into their eyes is different, so I don’t get what everyone keeps saying @_@~
    He’s a great actor, though ^^

  2. The only drama that I’ve seen YSH in was Gods of Study…the boy owns the drama(well acted for such a young age). I believe I’m the only sista in the OT group that has yet to need the “bucket” since I haven’t watched FIYAH(yet) From all the accolades that the sisters have posted,I’m sure the drama is superb,but 40+ epi & convoluted…hmmm,gonna bank it for now(I really have to prep myself for such emotional committment)

  3. I’ve just watched a drama with a hero wearing blazers twice his size: “Long vacation” 1996. To see Kimura Takuya in clothes XXL when he was XS wasn’t fun. ( I loved it to bits and I know I’ve seen quotes from this drama elsewhere Buzzer Beat *cough*)

    I don’t get why YSH’s management markets him as Lil SJS anymore when the kid is all grown up and made a name for himself. From my point of view (31 years old ahjumma) they can’t see the forest because of the trees: YSH has very vivid eyes while SJS doesn’t. SJS to me equals don’t watch that drama no matter how good he looks.

    I know if I want to see an actor who makes tons of faces I’ll watch something that has YSH or Lee Min Ho in it (LMH’s looks don’t work but OMO I loved even Personal taste) Both are very fun to watch even though are on different level

    The only disadvantage of YSH is the age- ppl like me or mousie can’t get over his age (grrr my 11th grade students look older than him….errmm and fed) and he runs like hell from high school roles- c’mon I bet he doesn’t want to hear from school even at work

    Last year he had a better photoshoot which flaunted hit growth spurt -it was a bit rock and a bit bad boy. I’m curious why they don’t use his current bad boy image. To make him appear 2 sizes more than he is even though in Korea skinny celeb is a must… is a mystery to me.

  4. I didn’t know that you were watching The Princess’s Man! Why don’t you talk about it a little more? Maybe not even full weecaps but just some insights now and then 😛

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