First Look at Won Bin and Moon Geun Young for Basic House Winter 2011 Collection

Looking at these pictures makes me feel nostalgic. Seeing Moon Geun Young wrapped in layers of Winter wear immediately transports me back to the magical Winter of 201o where a certain moppy-haired resourceful girl crossed paths with a languid rocker with commitment issues. It’s the dead of Summer in Seoul, but Moon Geun Young and Won Bin are already shooting the ads for the Winter ’11 collection for Basic House Korea.

My initial assessment of this pairing as the BH spokescouple still stands – both look amazing modeling the clothes individually, but together the awkwardness is through the roof. Won Bin barely registers Geun Young’s presence, and she acts like her uncle Won Bin is trying to sneak a peek at her diary. These two should never ever play an OTP in any capacity, but instead shall continue to wow me with their individual projects.

It’s nice to sneak a peek at the Winter trends in Korea through these pictures. A muted selection of camel, grey, burgundy to reds, and Winter whites make up the color palette, and the styles are going for a tailored chic vibe. I actually like all of the clothes, but sadly I never need such bundling up in my neck of the woods even in the dead of Winter.

[Credit: Basic House Korea via Baidu Moon Geun Young and Won Bin bars]


First Look at Won Bin and Moon Geun Young for Basic House Winter 2011 Collection — 38 Comments

  1. Moon Geun Young is absolutely the best outerwear model ever. If I were pretty and could afford all those coats and sweaters, I’d buy them. She is a very lovely girl.

    Lee Min Ho is lovely too. He was good in City Hunter.

    Ms Koala, thank you for this blog of yours. It cheers me up even when it makes me sad. I really love your writings.

  2. WB looks really young here! 🙂 These are really nice outfits which I’m sure I can use in the dead of winter here. However, I’m usually too cold to care how I look as long as I’m not freezing in what I’m wearing. I love summer! Even with the 100 degrees and the humidity… still better than snow & icy winters.

    • latch onto your post – WB – could kill with one gaze… gosh. And they look like there’s a great wall of china between them in the couple pics… if you’re a fan, you can cut them out separately and it wouldn’t spoil the pics one bit!

      Ms Koala – thanks much for the post!!! lots of putting the pics together 🙂 🙂

  3. Yes, each of them rule their own respective photoshoot. But together, it seems like two different genre, or category or even different world was put side by side…. Geungeun would look better, since they have that very cute vibe. Wonbin…. Doesn’t equal cute to me XD but, he is more into the cool category, hehehheeh

  4. why did BH chose them in the same shoot? 🙁 I mean, I like both of them, but sadly, not together. SOrry! I think even if they tried to interact, it would still be AWKWARD! I miss YEH. She looked great with Hyun Bin in their winter collection.was that last year? That was a girl who could make the atmosphere light and make people at ease. She looked great in her last CF with Won Bin. I am not saying Geun Young doesn’t look good ok?She does. Just wish she was paired up with someone she could relate to and smile with, or Won Bin to someone close to his age. Haha. I love BH clothes even if they are not available here in the Phils. but I really am a big fan of Ms. YEH’s ads! Wish she will model again for the Spring collection, or Summer. 🙂

  5. She looks very young, like a high schooler, and he looks handsome as always. I always look forward to the Basic House ads every season. No “high concept” fuss about them. Just good looking people in good looking clothes.

  6. Won Bin looks so cool in every shot but it doesn’t jive with Moon Geun Young’s younger casual vibe. He needs a hot sexy partner like YEH.

  7. I was expecting more, do they actually like each other? Of course I mean just like fellow workers. They just can’t work well together.

  8. Moon look so adorable and sweet. Love the clothes on her. But you’re right as always, Koala, Won Bin looks too mature for her. If only another Geun (wink wink) was paired up with Moon, it would be perfect.

  9. Koala is right, spot on..
    MGY is far too young for WB. WB would be good with SHK.[my aftermath of rewatching my AIMH, seriously, they look damn good together. Actually, NO, SHK looks good with WB and also, my eye candy, SSH] and YES!! YEH and HB were quite a pair in BH last year, REALLY! I think they displayed some sparkling chemistry between them during the shoot. I miss my dimpled HB.

    member from Dimples Club

  10. I’m sorry, but they not look good together…MGY looks like a teenage girl, cute, adorable,…… won bin like so much mature in here.

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