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I never want to make any changes to the site without letting folks know about it, so you can decide if you still want to play here or go elsewhere. Some of you may have noticed ads popping up this weekend, rather unobtrusively at the end of some posts. I’m beta-testing simple ads. Since the Playground became self-hosted at the end of March 2011, in the last four months, I’ve gotten over 6 million hits (just for a reference, when I was on still wordpress, I got a total of 3 million hits in 8 months). I’ve had to upgrade my hosting account and get more bandwidth, and that is all fine but remains an expenditure I have to absorb.

To offset some of the costs, I’m experimenting with ads but on a very limited basis. Ads will never generate even the income needed to pay for my monthly hosting fee, but at least Mr. Koala will stop annoying me with his needling that I’m wasting both time and money. As such, if you see ads, do what you will. Click if you want, ignore if you want, but at least I’ve informed everyone. This is also a general announcement that further changes may be forthcoming to accommodate the site growth. If you want to be nice and click on an ad to generate Koala bucks, I am forever grateful. If you want to wish ads to perdition, be my guest. The Playground content remains just me, writing when and what I feel like. To conclude, let Hello Kitty Koala wow you with the Cute.


Playground Announcement — 90 Comments

    • I just clicked on 3.
      Only 2 of them interested me, but whatever. Now I’m checking a loan for a car that I will probably buy in one year. :p

    • Hahahaha, oh Elina, you are too cute. Please don’t click on random ads just to help me. This announcement really is to inform people, not to solicit clicks. But thank you anyways. 😀

      • Dear Koala, ads are fine. Since you are rewarding me/us with your time, recaps and news, clicking on some ads (randomly or not) is the least we can do. kamsahamnida.

  1. hi koala, i am totally cool with the ads. running a website cost money, so totally do what you have to do to offset the cost. Do you mind placing them in a different position, the placement looks weird a little. anyhow, i love you playground. i will give my up my love for JGS to be a good writer like you.

      • I suggest to include them in the column on the right side e.g. below Tags or (if possible, depending on the contract with the advertisers) below Subscription

  2. I didn’t realize you were paying (instead of getting paid) for this website! Just wanna say thank you for all the recaps and making your readers very happy! 🙂 And, I don’t mind the ads at all! As a suggestion, if possible maybe you can put ads that are related to K/T/J-dramas, to cater to your audience. 🙂

    • I know! I totally want to do that, but right now I can’t select the ads. But as I finalize the testing hopefully it’ll be tailored towards this site content. Good point, and thanks for pointing it out.

      My readers are awesome~

  3. Love the Hello Kitty Koala, soooo cuuute!

    You can do whatever you wish on your website, I’ll still visit – who can resist your amazing, entertaining write-ups? If I could purchase some Jang Keun Suk works by clicking through your website, I will.

    Thanks for hosting!

  4. ms.k .thank you for this playground. you know im not good in computer i dont know where to click your advertisement but im happy to give a small donations in your site.just give the details in my email .this playground is my therapy is just right that ill give something.million thanks again.

  5. I was wondering why I didn’t see any ads before. All the good blogs/ site’s have ads and I’m totally ok with that. I mean you should get something in return for all those amazing recaps and articles you write. So yeah bring on the ads, as long as they are not those anoying pop ups I’m cool. And I realy hope that eventualy you will make more money out of it than you put in to it.

  6. Unni,

    Thanks for the update about the ads. Are you mad or something with my previous post, I was just asking 🙁

    and no problem , we can click away and generate as much as possible to keep this good site running.


  7. ads are fine and the way you placed them aren’t annoying in the least imho.

    You know what you should do? Affiliate with Amazon and yesasia (but please use the global site otherwise I won’t be able to help you) like withs2 did. I bet most of your readers buy stuff from at least one of these sites. YA is a personal favorite and since I do buy from it regularly (ahem), it wouldn’t be much of a problem to click on your link to buy whatever I need to purchase. I’m pretty sure you’d get more revenue from that than random ads.

    • Ooh, this is a great idea. I personally don’t mind ads in my favorite sites (except when they use seizure-inducing graphics, that just hurts the eyes) and your ads are pretty unobtrusive. But I second the use of yesasia ads or any drama-related ad you might have because I tend to click on it after I read reviews or recaps, or even get news that certain OSTs or box sets have been released. (And plus, it totally makes you an enabler of drama addictions everywhere, lol! :D)

  8. Don’t worry Ms. Koala… We love the playground with or without the adverts.. Im gonna click on one every time i visit here… Which is at least 3-4 times a day…
    Thanks for doing this… Its a real gift for me (and i know i say this for many people) who do not understand the languages but are totally addicted…
    THANK YOU!!! <3 <3

    • Ummm… May be a stupid point, but, i think the website customizes the ads to suit the visitors location. Coz i can see some ads which seem rather specific to my country.

  9. I haven’t really seen any ads but ads are fine.
    If the ads are interesting I will click on them like I do on most websites.

  10. Just like @wiggles. I haven’t seen any ads yet.. Have scrolled up and down, still can’t find.. (Is it just my eyes or my comp is doing weird thing or is it customize per country/region? hmmm)

    I love playing in and thankful to the playground that you’re hosted. I will gladly support you in any ways to assist and enhance your playground..

    Thank you @Ockoala for your dedication and letting us play and have fun together in your playground..

  11. Ads are fine with me too, and the way you placed them I didn’t even realize they were there.

    I want to support you with the ads but they are bothersome for me.
    I love your site and want it to keep running and so that Mr. Koala knows how important you are to us, I’d like to make a donation as well.
    I don’t know how we can do it since you would probably prefer not to give out your name and address. But, let me know, never “Let me Cry”…

  12. Luv your Hello Kitty Koala!!!
    Yes, keep the ads coming – I am fine with it. If you need some help/cash just holler out n I will assist anyway I can…
    Thank you very muchi for your total dedication to Kdramas 🙂

  13. Jesus, you guys are so so awesome!~ *wipes away tear*

    I don’t need cash, or donations. I’m just beyond touched you guys offered.

    O__O <------- this is me in a state of complete shock from the generosity and understanding.

    • I was gonna suggest the donation thing too. You could always put up a paypal donation button like some sites do if things get too desperate. I’m sure plenty of us could spare like $5 or so. 🙂

    • Thanks mam…do whatever you want..I’m okay with it…I’m second with Kristal..u can .add donation button too…

      • I also agree. A dollar or more would already help. Please add this feature in your wordpress.

      • Agreed too.. I dont mind paying a bit cos u given me a lot in this playground…thank u for this playground Ms Koala.. Take care always..

    • ms.k, im sincerely offera donations.i know you can see my email ad.just send t he details in my email.k.take care

    • count me in, would gladly help in donation. love this playground dear kitty koala n thank you for all your hard work n care to share. this is the least we can do for you. ads are fine by me.

  14. Ads are absolutely fine Koala. 🙂 I actually wish you are earning a LOT from this blog cause you deserve it since you’re keeping me and lots of other peeps around the globe updated. 😉 I love your recaps and episode previews which aren’t really easy to write especially you also have a “life” to attend to. For that, big big thanks Koala! *hugs*

  15. Koala I’m superrr cool with it…no biggiee….I’m used to other sites having ads….and congrats on expanding the Playground…. :d and thank you so much for letting your readers know about the changes….

  16. thanks for letting us play in your playground. ads are fine. i didn’t even notice them. i know how u feel with Mr. Koala, i’m in the same situation.

  17. Hi, ockoala! I’m fine with ads, as 5 million hits in 4 months is bound to suck up a ton of resources. 🙂 If I may make a teeny-tiny suggestion, all the same, would it be all right to place the ads between posts, rather than at the pseudo-end of a post? As it is, on the front page, I often come very close to accidentally clicking on an ad when I really mean to click on the “More” link to expand the post. Just a suggestion. 🙂 You might also consider targeted ads, as in my experience, Google ads aren’t as attractive and attention-grabbing as banner ads. Of course, targeted ads also tend to freak me out, as they know where I’ve been … O_O

    As always, thank you for all of the wonderful goodies that you provide us with at the Playground!

  18. New to Koala’ville but I would like to help as I enjoy your point of view with all of our favorite shows and dramas. I agree with everyone that’s posted so far, clickity clackin on the ads will help Koala, which in turn helps me, lol. I have no one else who talks about dramas or anything Asian. My brother actually thinks I’m “Unpatriotic”. *shrug* I enjoy Koala’ville and very much appreciate what you do.

  19. hi Captain! i welcome the announcement! ads away! 🙂

    this is so minimal compared to the happiness and joy that your playground has given me 🙂 will make sure to click on the ads!

  20. hi captain….me too, i didn’t know ur paying for this…i’ve been enjoying so much here in your playground…so, i gotta say, i’m okay with the ads too… wouldn’t complain about it as you’ve given us so much already… thank you!

  21. Hi, Ockoala. Thank you so much for this amazing playground. I’m a big fan of yours. My day won’t be complete without checking your site. Please do whatever ‘s good for you. 😀

  22. Another person here who didn’t know you were paying. Love the site…how could anyone possible complain about a couple of ads?!?! Will start clicking away on them post haste.

  23. ……I’ve been clicking lots of ads for you now. I might try doing this in a regular basis to calm my nerves…. ooohhhmmmmm… ++ mantra-style++ click ads, click ads, click ads,… it’s a good exercise for your fingers… try clicking 10 times in each finger (yes, even the thumb)… for left and right hand.

    • Khool Lee, I will follow your suggestion. Maybe it will also help me calm my nerves and reduce some of my hyperactivity…=)

  24. will click to oblivion when time permits… make koala bucks whenever possible. gotta keep mr. koala happy too. besides, you make so many people happy with your writing anyway. hope you earn some big bucks, make this blog worth your time in currency, not just an outlet to your love for dramas.

  25. Dear Captain Koala,
    Thank you very much for informing us about possible pop ups, so we will not be wondering if something going wrong etc. Some adds might be interesting, so I will check them. 🙂
    I enjoy your playground very much for about 10 months already ( wow!) and have a great respect for you and all active members of an amazing discussion groups that you organized here!
    I bow you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  26. what should I do, Ms. K? just click the ads then it’s automatically helps you? just tell me 😀
    i’m a very simple person with simple thought and simples brain hehehe…explain to me how to help you… 🙂

  27. I truly love this site.. and I’ve been your avid reader I think since the day of My Princess 🙂 Thank for for all your hard work and ads are absolutely fine 🙂

  28. Oh, ads are alright now that you said that it will help you. You could flood this with as many ads as you want, I wouldn’t mind. I hope you could really earn from those and not just to merely pay for the maintenance cost. Hwaiting! I don’t think I’ll ever go to the net without browsing this site ockoala unni. I’ve gotten attached to this playground, you see. I’m just so grateful you haven’t given this up in spite of the cost (and comments from Mr. Koala mwa ha ha). Hello Kitty Koala is so cute to the max! Wanna have one of those too mwa ha ha! Maybe you could sell some with added cost to pay for your blog then it will not be like a donation at all since we have that Hello Kitty Koala (which will be awesome since it’s like a souvenir from you). Love yah!

  29. Do what you have to do, koala. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and we have been enjoying you posts. We understand, and we won’t complain.

  30. Hi koala, I think one of the ad has a virus or malware. When I clicked it my computer detected the virus/malware (my comp is sensitive to this stuff, which hella good). Just giving you a heads up.

    • Thanks for the heads up. It shouldn’t because it’s all controlled and filtered by Google Adsense. But I will check it out~

  31. ads don’t really bother me especially if I’m enjoying the content of a site…I don’t really think people have the right to complain ’cause it’s really you who’s shouldering the costs….maybe I’ll even click on an ad or two

  32. no problem whatsoever, I’ve been following you for like forever, this is where i learn about which new dramas are coming out and sometimes when I’m too lazy to waste an hour watching episodes I read re-caps. I love them and the side comments you make. It’s hilarious. Do whatever you need to make your site better and easier on yourself 🙂

  33. whatever might be the look of your site sistah, i will and forever be a stalker here… your forever fan. 🙂 we come here to read your wonderful posts and personally, the ads don’t get in the way of your site either so no worries.

    i’ll try clicking on the ads to help, i know keeping us happy with your posts does cost you to maintain this site.

  34. We absolutely don’t mind koala, we will support you all the way……I want to help but i don’t see any ads…i wonder why? 🙁

  35. Much appreciate your upfront honesty. You’re definitely cutie cute Koala. Guess what I’m trying to say is “you’re a gem”


  36. Ads are cool and I do agree with the paypal donation option too! After all I feel like I’m a free-rider with all the awesome recaps, news and info that you’ve written and brought to us!

    Many many thanks!! 🙂

  37. Needless to say, anything for you, Koala bear! It’s about time we share a bit, considering the awesomeness of your blogs. It’s something I look forward to almost everyday 🙂 CNN, BBC, sfgate, ah, ockoala…all in the news 😉

  38. We are always greatful for you Captain especially giving us the discussion forum and we love it here. 🙂 I’d say i am cool with the ads!

    More power Captain!

  39. hi – lol! i had to scroll through again to “find” these ads you were referencing. found them! they are unobtrusive. i do second (or third) the suggestions to post ads which directly/indirectly relate to your blog content.

    i have enjoyed reading your blog these past few months. i’m a relative newbie to k-ent/t-ent/j-ent, and have used your blog to help me navigate through the plethora of drama options to watch. :O) i’ve actually referred your blog to a few of my friends.

    keep up the great work. it’s been a pleasure checking out your latest rants, raves and recaps. :O)

    btw – where did you get hello kitty koala? i’m way too old to be liking hello kitty…but still collect stuff. that little girl in me still continues to smile with glee when she sees hello kitty. :O)

  40. You should have done this earlier Captain K. With all the effort, time, and talent put in here, you need to be compensated. Please go ahead with the ads just make sure they are safe and we will be happy to click on.

  41. U have our support all the way.Ur playground is our fav hang out these days n we will certainly help u maintain it.thank u for generously providing us hours of free fun,laughter,entertainment n information….clicking on the ads is the least we can do for u .

  42. No problem I’ll click some to help your wonderful site, such a small thing to do. Yes, I’m totally with the suggestion to put ads connected with the site. Travel ads to Korea and Japan, hotels, cheap flights, food, shops etc. All things that has to do with both countries I could not resist.

  43. I’m totally in agreement with everyone here… you’re an awesome fun writer to read and you “feed” us tons everyday that we’re totally spoiled… urr can we have your Hello Kitty Koala on your headers or popping up somewhere on the site regularly… it’s to die for (preferably some brilliant person can Photoshop onto a plush that the GeunGeuns are hugging, etc.!) Don’t worry about ads… but take the suggestions seriously… a lot of us buy from Amazon and Yes Asia.


  44. Ma’K , THX for turning me,a total internet virgin into a hardcore GSI junkie!I’ll never bothered wt the ads b4 but now tt I know it helps u , I’ve a reason to click away . Thx for being open wt us, Capt!

  45. Hi Captain Koala, as you can already see, you have lots of supporters. The ads are fine, but if there is anything else we can do to help you out (and appease Mr. Koala, keh), please let us know.

    We love you, and your site. Koala’s playground is for me, not just a place to cavort and have fun, but to hang around, to cozy up and chat, be with friends, a haven when there is danger outside (poisonous darts from the antis) and a ship to sail with in my k-drama journey. It has become my virtual home in this little corner of cyber space. You have been an awesome captain and friend. So yeah.. before it becomes too cheesy, just want to let you know… keep them coming , we are here to follow our leader, aye, aye, Captain!

  46. Hello Kitty Koala is way cute… I want one. Congrats on all the success of your blog. I really enjoy reading it and check it everyday! Thank you for all your hard work 😀

  47. I’m fine with ads Koala! I will happily click away. You have graciously accommodated us, thank you for giving us the chance to return the favor. I love AKP!

  48. your site is awesome and if there is anyway we can help why not? It does not cost us anything to click on a add . . . plus you made me feel very important because you actually lets knows about this kind of thing, I mean it is your site you can do what ever you want

    thank you 🙂

    p.s. I can use your picture of Hello Kitty Koala for personal use? Its so cute. . .

  49. Hey, u shld get nuffnang too! U earn money thru the no of site visits. With 6 million views, it sure will help fund the site too. Love your site. <3

  50. Kudos, Koala, for creating a wonderful playground in which so many of us want to play. I also congratulate you for taking the step to experiment with the ads. You already contribute so much by giving so generously of your time, energy and talent– you shouldn’t be incurring all the financial costs, especially when many of us would be happy to chip in. If the ad revenue is based on the number of users who click on the ads, you may need to post reminders about that, or look for a different revenue-generating option. I’ve noticed several sites (e.g. doramax264) have started using the ChipIn (via PayPal) system to raise the funds needed to run the site on a monthly basis. Do whatever you need to do to be sustainable long-term– we don’t want ockoala’s playground to become an endangered habitat!

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