Spy Myung Wol Episode 10 Baby Recap

So I guess Spy Myung Wol is pretty much chucking every extraneous plot thread it set up in the first few episodes to focus solely on Myung Wol and Kang Woo. That might be a smart move, but I was actually curious about the search for the Goblin and the Four Books conspiracy, and the funny General back in North Korea. This episode actually felt like it was written by five different people, and the only one who wrote anything worth mentioning did the final 20 minutes.

I am worried about the drama possibly getting an extension to allow Poseidon more time to shoot, because Eric looks SO exhausted in this episode, and Han Ye Seul and Lee Jin Wook look no better. I think the story needs to be wrapped up in the allotted 16 episodes, and my prediction for the ending may be that North Korea allows Myung Wol to remain in South Korea as a top Hallyu star (and wife to Kang Woo) because she can produce better entertainment. Who knows, that was just my wholly unsubstantiated guess.

Baby recap for episode 10:

Kang Woo confirms to the media that he is dating Joo In Ah, and they are considering marriage. The next thing we see is Kang Woo fan girls protesting Joo In Ah and fan girls around the world crying that their idol is taken. Chairman Joo is pissed and throws something at the TV news report.

In Ah finds out that Kang Woo told the world they are dating, and that she’s suddenly gotten tons of anti-fan speculating that Kang Woo is selling himself to In Ah’s wealth. Kang Woo gets called in to meet with the Chairman, who is displeased to be betrayed by an orphan that he plucked from the streets like a dog and made into a top star. Kang Woo says the Chairman got plenty of benefit from sponsoring Kang Woo over the years.

In Ah asks why he did that. He tells In Ah to go ahead and refute what he said, but she doesn’t want to. Kang Woo flashes back to when he was a teenager and wanting to break into the industry. Chairman Joo was there to judge him and disparages him. Young Kang Woo speaks up and tells the Chairman that he will succeed one day and show him. The Chairman slaps him for his cheek.

Kang Woo tells Myung Wol that he just wants to succeed, so he too will marry someone to elevate himself, and what better person than the heiress to the Galaxy Group. Myung Wol tells Kang Woo she won’t give up either. At an event for Chairman Joo’s company, the reporters descend following Kang Woo, wanting to know more about In Ah and Kang Woo. He goes up to In Ah and kisses her. Ugh. The Chairman has no choice but to confirm that this relationship has his blessing.

Hee Bok and Ok Soon decide to join the digital age. They adorably go to a PC bang and join the online Joo In Ah Anti-fan club. They have no clue and need the help of the teenagers sitting next to them. Myung Wol and Choi Ryu discuss their mutual assignments, his is progressing whereas hers is stalled. She’s pleased for him, and vows to use her dedication and determination to make a dent in the South Korean entertainment world.

Myung Wol, In Ah, and Kang Woo are filming at a mall. Myung Wol can’t pretend to be a snotty chaebol wife since she bows to everyone. Kang Woo drags Myung Wol away and In Ah follows. Fan girls are outside protesting her, and Hee Bok and Ok Soon join, wearing placards and holding eggs to toss at In Ah.

Kang Woo takes Myung Wol to a store to buy her a new outfit and then takes her out on a ritzy date so that she can get used to acting like a rich snob. He tells her that the clothes makes the person, and she needs to step being so self-deprecating and constantly telling people sorry and apologizing all the time.

Choi Ryu finds out his elder spies have become antis. Kang Woo sits with a sleeping Myung Wol inside his car. He leans over to lower her seat back and stays there watching her sleep. Choi Ryu is driving In Ah to visit Kang Woo when he sees Kang Woo seemingly kissing Myung Wol inside his car. Choi Ryu quickly backs the car away and convinces In Ah to leave.

In Ah sees on the news that Kang Woo was seen with Myung Wol holding hands. She gets pissed again. Myung Wol finds out that Choi Ryu’s assignment is to get the Four Books, finally understanding why he was in Singapore and tried to attack Kang Woo on the balcony to get the book.

Back on the filming set, the spy parents are visiting and volunteer Myung Wol to temporarily pinch hit for an actress who got sick, playing a stunt double for a North Korean military character. Seriously? Of course she’s absolutely perfect for the role, and gets great feedback and PD officially offers her the role.

Turns out it’s the character of a female North Korean spy sent to South Korea to approach a important South Korean and seduce him. And in the end she discovers true love with that man. Myung Wol asks what the ending is, and is told tentatively the ending is the woman kills the man and then kills herself.

But turns out the man, played by Kang Woo, doesn’t die and wakes up with amnesia. He goes to see a doctor, played by In Ah, and find a second love story with her. Kang Woo and In Ah film their portion of the drama, where In Ah is also the younger sister of Myung Wol and the half-brother of Kang Woo. Finally the man dies of an illness on his wedding day to In Ah. MWAHAHAHA. *wipes away tear*

We see Kang Woo and Myung Wol go on a date, ending with them kissing in the rain. Turns out it was for the drama, and Kang Woo keeps kissing Myung Wol even after the director calls cut.

Myung Wol gets drunk and Choi Ryu finds her and takes her home. Kang Woo is not pleased to see Choi Ryu piggybacking Myung Wol home. Kang Woo asks Choi Ryu if he likes Myung Wol, and if so, to make Myung Wol stop. Choi Ryu says he has no ability to make Myung Wol stop. In Ah goes to Kang Woo’s house and watches a DVD of his Singapore Showcase, where she sees Myung Wol is there in the audience.

Myung Wol reads a script calling for a scene where Myung Wol shoots Kang Woo and then gets shot. He sits down to chat with her Myung Wol asks Kang Woo what he would do if the events of this script were true? Kang Woo says he will never be able to forgive that woman, no matter how much he loved her. He would kill her first.

At the actual filming, both of them change the dialogue. Kang Woo asks if she lied to him, and she says yes, it’s all lies. But the Myung Wol says that everything that happened between them was real. She was genuinely happy when she was with him. Kang Woo asks if she can live with him here then.

Myung Wol shakes her head. Kang Woo tosses his gun away, asking why she can’t if he’s already forgiven her. She cries and asks why he forgave her. He shouldn’t forgive her. Myung Wol doesn’t shoot him, but instead shoots herself in the head. Kang Woo runs forward and shouts her real name, not her character’s name, and pulls her into his arms.


Spy Myung Wol Episode 10 Baby Recap — 44 Comments

  1. Wow… I like the final part. 🙂 So for like an hour, it seems that the final part’s the only scene worth watching? LOL I’m still on Ryu’s team. Poor guy. I wish he will just kidnap Myung Wol and together they will live happily ever after. Nyaha! ^^

    Thanks for the recap Koala! ^^

    • I’m not even going to comment anymore. Because all I’ll do is express my love for Ryu and my hope that he make beautiful babies with Myung Wol.

      • LOL, can I just copy and paste that, cause that’s really all I think about when watching the drama.
        Oh btw did he by any chance have a showerscene that I missed, he should have it right? With him coming fresh from the army, they wouldn’t break tradition right?

  2. Huh?! Oh and what the hell? When did it stop being cute and funny? A drama within a drama imitating each. Huh?
    Thank you for the mini recap.

    • At this point, cute AND funny are not even in the same zip code as this drama. Maybe not even in the same State. I concede it’s probably still in the same country. But maybe on opposite coasts.

      The only time I laughed was when drama Kang Woo died and In Ah made her constipated expression of extreme agony. That was damn funny.

    • She shot herself with the prop gun since they are filming. But if it contains blanks, she’s probably seriously injured. If it doesn’t contain even blanks, she just shot air at herself and is fine. I doubt she switched it out for a real gun, because otherwise it’s buh-bye Myung Wol.

      • thanxx =D
        but there was blood on her head, the place where she shoot herself, so….maybe she shoot herself 4 real, n there will be a twist in the story, such that they r gonna make her lose her memory, orrrr she probably just injured herself as u said
        i can’t wait 4 the preview of the next episode X(

      • No, if she shot herself with a prop gun containing blanks, it would injure her. A blank shot a close range can kill someone as well. Just to explain: a blank is a firearm catridge that contains gunpower but no bullet or shot. It’s used to simulate the firing of a weapon with the sound.

        It doesn’t need to be a real gun or real bullets for her to be injured. And yes, she did have blood on her head, so I’m guessing the prop gun contained blanks instead of nothing at all, and she’ll be taken to the hospital for treatment in the next ep. Should be fine though since she’s a trained soldier.

    • I liked the ending of this episode…I hope for another twist but I think it’s just acting and that they were just caught in the moment?!?

  3. YAY!! I’m so happy that you are still recapping this! Thank you! I watched two parts of Ep 9 CN subbed yday and it was only after I read your minicap that I realised that wasn’t the whole of it (which is why the written preview didn’t quite make sense to me either).

    Man… they should really fire the other scriptwriters tho. You’re absolutely right that it is only the last part that sounds watch-worthy! Tho I am beginning to like the development now 😀

    Need sleep so will watch the eps tmr. Ty for recapping and not dropping this series! 😀

  4. gomawo eonni Koala,, you’re the best. I really love this drama at first sight =)
    When I know you will drop to recape this drama,, I feel so sad,,because I love it.
    But finally you recape it again. Thank you eonni,,

  5. Koala, once again, thank you so much for these baby recaps! Thank you! I love the last 20 mins! Can’t wait to see the remaining 6 eps…wonder what more can they bring into this insane plotline?!

  6. Thanks for the mini recap! The first two thirds of today’s episode was tiresome, more than ever it felt like everything was running in circle (first she’s hired for a role, then she got fired, then she got another role… haven’t we been there and done that with the whole bodyguard thing? <___<) All that could have easily been shortened down to her simply getting that second (and perfect) role. Period. But then we get the awesome remaining third part of today's episode, which I admit to having rewatched several times now~ What an emotional showdown! Keeps my hope up although my patience is starting to wear thin. Because seriously, has Kang Woo had any character development at all during all this time?! There are little signs, but they lose impact and meaning when he keeps taking one tiny step forward and two major steps back. Sorry that turned into quite a rant. The thought of another drama with unfulfilled potential just saddens me… but I can always hope that the drama will get its act together and maybe go out with a bang.

  7. I love how crazy this drama gets! LOL It’s so fun to watch. I like the crazy drama that is a crazy drama, not one who is crazy and wants to be taken seriously and all!!!

    Thank you Koala for keeping with the baby recaps ^^ they help a LOT ^^

  8. Btw, I love that Myung Wol is acting LOL now it’s the perfect excuse to date Kang Woo, and to Kang Woo date her… hehehehehhe

  9. I was revisiting episodes 1-4 today and starting wondering what happened to the S. Korean police who were investigating Kang Woo? I still enjoy the drama because of Eric and his subtle facial gestures (confused…inquisitive…
    wtf?…is she for real?…I’m jealous!…get away from her!… etc.), but must admit the plotlines have been dropping like hot potatoes so I guess we'[ll never get resolution of some of them. Thanks for the baby recaps.

  10. thanks for the recap ^^
    i just watched it and it blew me away.
    but i totally agree with you about the episode feeling disjointed.
    can we just keep the writer who wrote the last scene? because he seems to know what he's doing….

  11. ok, i watched the raw and figured nothing happened in thsi episode. i think you are right,they are extending and everyone is tired.

    i think MW should pull of her wig,i sweat seeing her untied long hair in summer.

  12. I rely on your recaps. Now my choices in watching a Kdrama rely on you. I have no time to watch this drama itself and I thank you coz all the juicy elements are there. I talk to my Kdrama addict friend as if I really watched it. Oh, and I read this from DB “Eric v. Kang-woo, the twitter wars”, its a little old but not outdated. Twas hilarious. I’m starting to love Eric. But you……… I loved you since the first time I visited your playground. Domo Arigato.

  13. I skipped ep 9 but ep 10 looks worth watching (at least the end). Seriously, the writers need to do a better job because this whole actress business doesn’t seem to make the plot sound good at all.

  14. Thanks for continuing to do these. I need them.

    I don’t know what the hell that episode was, but I really liked it.

    I loled several times, but really LOUD when the blood suddenly gushed out of KW’s mouth. THAT WAS AWESOME! How do you keep a straight face?

    I agree that Eric is looking exhausted; hope he can make the three more weeks.
    Did you notice the extra wearing a T-shirt that said “NO SLEPT”
    It may be another language other than eng, or it may be bad eng, but it was funny to see that on a drama set.

    Anyway, I have to say the showdowns were very exciting and moving. I cried real tears at MW’s confession. The PD pushing the other guy away was great, too, knowing this show was way better than the one on the page…Hmmmm is that art imitating life or life imitating art?

    Eric, by the way, is one hot clothes wearer. The black suit could stay on him all day. The shiny leopard tank? Notsomuch.

    Feeling that Eric is phoning it in sometimes, then seeing the real acting in some of these scenes, I am sad for the cast. The impression I have is Mr. PD hasn’t gotten a hold of this project completely. Some scenes are really good, some are like that word from SOAW “daechoon” coasting. Could be the script, but even so, he’s the guy who decides when it is good enough and if they can move on. He seems to be moving on too often.

    I always wish there could be a do-over for these shows giving everyone more time to be creative, and more sleep for cast and crew!

  15. I’ve only been reading recaps since episode 2, but

    “But turns out the man, played by Kang Woo, doesn’t die and wakes up with amnesia. He goes to see a doctor, played by In Ah, and find a second love story with her. Kang Woo and In Ah film their portion of the drama, where In Ah is also the younger sister of Myung Wol and the half-brother of Kang Woo. Finally the man dies of an illness on his wedding day to In Ah. MWAHAHAHA. *wipes away tear*”

    made me laugh like a loon. That is so freaking funny.

  16. Hi Koala. Thx a lot for the baby recap. I hope MW will end up with amnesia and will forget KW. She will become a hallyu star because of the movie and only remembers Ryu. It will be KW turn to pursue her.

  17. So….

    I watched it raw (without understanding) with your recap open in another window so I could follow bits and pieces of the story as it trudged along. Once I got to the end when they were filming, I decided to leave your recap alone and not read it until the drama finished… and phew. Han Ye Seul and Eric’s emotional build up in that scene was probably the first time they were able to get any stirrings of feelings (for their characters) out of me. I was actually impressed this time.

  18. Thanks Koala!! It must be a pain recapping this drama, albeit baby recaps only…little funnies, little logic. A trained special force, killing machine, weeks in the mountain with loads of ammo, North Korean spy …yet dying of exhaustion from training to become hallyu star?

    I think I will just enjoy it for what it is. I dearly hope they have a good plan before they extend this drama. And I hope MW ends up with Choi Ryu 😉

  19. After EP3, I am starting to like KW..hahaha..(yeah..I’m defecting from Team Ryu).
    A good thing having these recaps, so I can decide whether to continue watching. Seems like worth it..in anyway, I got nothing better to watch.

  20. thanks for the baby recap…i watched it raw and like everyone else, the Last part of the ep is truly great!!! that was the first time I saw ‘real’ acting on our couple…ke ke ke…it was pretty emotional…(was I the only one who thought that the actor who played the ‘younger’ Kang Woo seemed to be a better actor than Eric?)
    i can clearly understand thru their emotions that they were saying what were truly in their hearts, as though they were the only ones in the world…
    i just hope that the ending of this series will not be like that, or i’d take back all of my emotional investments in this series!!!
    i will still finish this till the end…and lets hope it’ll build up more steam till the last ep is shown!!!

  21. a confession. for SMW, i just read the recaps. somehow it turns out to be more exciting in my head than when i actually see the scenes. sometimes i just pick out certain scenes that i think was played out quirky, funny.^_^ thanks for the baby recaps, koala!

  22. Love analysis about the five writers & the one that wrote the last 20 mins!
    Hahaha it was spot on!
    Thanks so much for your recap! 🙂

  23. thanks for the recap Koala. I found myself still coming back here, wondering whether any new recap for SMW. Well, I have not been watching the last few episodes, but reading your recap is enough for me to catch the storyline.

  24. thanks for the baby recaps…

    after watching this ep i just dont know what to say except…damn! seriously?! but im an expert now on removing logic when watching drama series especially comedic ones…anyway i love looking at beautiful people so let’s all continue watching SPY. love Choi Ryu…hot! hot! hot!

  25. Thanks a lot for the recap and continuing writing about this series. Even though the plot is everywhere I have fun watching it. It may lack powerful writers but it compensates you with the three leading actors charisma. Can’t wait to watch the last scene. Just reading your recap it felt intense and heartbreaking.

    Thanks again and please continue to great work!!!!

  26. plz plz can some1 translate the written preview of episode 11, plz am on the edge here X(
    here it is:
    촬영장에서 대본대로 연기를 하지 않은 강우와 명월이는
    서로의 마음을 확인하고는 안타까운 현실에 괴로워한다.
    강우는 명월이를 좋아하지만 함께할 수 없는 상황에 인아와 다시 커플이 되고
    그 조건으로 명월이를 계속 활동할 수 있게 한다.
    류는 주회장의 부탁으로 나머지 사합서의 행방을 쫓다가
    도깨비란 인물이 배후에 있다는 사실을 알아내고는 주회장에게 이 사실을 알린다.
    계속되는 촬영과 인아의 방해에도 꿋꿋이 버텨내는 명월은
    어느날 자신의 오피스텔에서 쓰러지고, 불길한 기운을 느낀 강우가
    명월의 집으로 달려가 명월을 발견하는데…

    (예고 영상은 준비중입니다)

  27. WOW! ive watched the ending probably like 4 times already. teeeheee.. ooeeemmgeeeeee…. just wondering when he said his made up lines did he really mean it? i cant even wait to see the previews………

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