Moon Geun Young Shows Off Her Dance Moves at Fan Meeting

So you’re a Baeksang Best Drama Actress winner, the youngest ever to bag that prestigious of all prestigious awards. And you keep acting, and keep wowing the viewers, but you still want an education, yo! So what do you do during your year off from acting? You study and enjoy life, and then hold a long-awaited fan meeting where you proceed to shame Koala into even more awe by her additional talents in singing AND dancing. Seriously? Does talent come in triplicates with this girl? Only if her name is Moon Geun Young.

She has MOVES, people, so watch and try to imagine her chaste and Korea’s Little Sister image again after this. And this is just after practicing for a few days. If she made this her vocation, she can give idol girls a run for their money because girl has some serious rhythm. I love that she acts her age with the youthful dancing and has such fun with her fans.

Moon Geun Young dancing at her Third Fan Meeting:


Moon Geun Young Shows Off Her Dance Moves at Fan Meeting — 32 Comments

  1. wow I wonder what she cant do. Simple, talented, and as what they always say flawless and unspoiled.. I wonder what she cant do?
    btw can i repost this in in Moon Geun Young’s fans club?


  2. I was hoping you can post this..then bam! Ha ha! Thanks a bunch Captain and agree with all your words!!! I love that she is smart and has so a lot of talents to offer in this industry. Her dancing is just awesome in her fanmeet that you will really fall off your chair in shock with those MOVES! Love her and she’s the best!!!

  3. She is so freaking talented! I can’t even shake my hips like that and I’ve been belly-dancing since middle school. Wow.

    Also, props for the Rhianna song. It’s all mindless pop music seeking to fetishize sexual practices (well, to be perfectly honest, it’s not like BDSM needs much help in that department, but…) for shits and giggles, but it’s so catchy.

  4. Thank you so much Ms Koala for posting about Ms Moon. I think she is simply awesome. The fact that this dancing has caught the eye of Hallyu and Kpop makes me so happy for her. To look at her one would never imagine that she could hip hop like any other Kpop girl, but what wows me is that she did it in moderate clothing. I am old that way but I love Rhianna’s S&M song but not the video. Kudos to Ms Moon cause now when I hear that song (often) I think of MGY and not Rhianna’s video.
    I still pray that she will visit America.

  5. Yes this girl can move with the best and even better. Moon Geun Young’s acting is just awesome, but she shocked me when I found a 2005/2006 movie she was in. I thought she was to young for the role, but her acting and dancing just blew me away. Watch the movie called “Innocent Steps.” She have been in her late teens when she did this movie, but she sure played the role well. It’s nice to hear that she’s getting an education in between acting. This girl is not ordinary and she is gonna go far. Can’t wait for her next Drama or movie to come out soon.

  6. thanx captain for the post…

    she did an awesome job didn’t she? she is a very very very multi-talented person indeed. what’s more hidden talent that she has? i’m so proud to be her fan.

    hope MGY & JKS will be successful in their future together…

    GGC fighting!!!

    love peace no war

  7. Uhmmm ok I love the wall pic Jung Il Woo!!!! Woot Woot ahaha so wild!!!! Go Moon and make the sun shine with yeh moves!!!! 😛 😀

  8. thanks for posting this one……. previously i have watched MGY’s innocent step and from that time i admired her for her talent on dancing aside from her talent in acting, but when i see her do this crazy dance on her fan meeting …… i was shocked… all i can say …WOW!!!!!!!! she can dance gracefully…

  9. Quite a difference from the moves she had on MMM as a back up dancer when she was handcuffed to “Lovey”! That scene was hilarious! Korea’s little sister is all growed up !

  10. She’s my favorite for a long time. We can’t find a young actress as she is, so talented in acting, dancing & singing which also having personal life with full of humanity. Very impressive.

  11. This girl, I really adore. I don’t wish for her to be in JGS new drama because I’m hoping they will be in a movie together soon. How about a Korean version of Nicholas Sparks’ “The Notebook”? That’s gonna be a big OMG! Maybe If I wish hard enough, together with your GG babies readers, It’ll come sooner. wish wish wish….

  12. i got goosebumps watching her dance.. she is so sexy and flexible.. she is a triple threat.. a multitalented actress in korea.. she deserves all the awards she nailed.. DAEBAK!!

  13. Moon is simply amazing. When she puts her mind to it, she’ll conquer anything. No wonder tons of people, fans and celebrities alike are full of praises for her.

  14. I would love to see Moon do those MOVES again in MMM fanmeet tomorrow for her Japan fans! And Sukkie join her on too..that would be amazing to see!!!

  15. I always regard her as a compact disk.. something like a jill of all trades. She is just sooo talented and not forgetting her charitable acts too. She is definitely in a league of her own.

    Good on you, MGY.
    Luv ya

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