Written Preview for Episode 5 of Protect the Boss

With all the Spy Myung Wol craziness going on in dramaland, it’s easy to forget there are like 10 other K-dramas airing right now, some of which are wonderfully sane productions that are delightful to watch. My case in point is Protect the Boss, which brings me such immediate satisfaction when I watch an episode. The written preview for episode 5 is out, leaving me (even more) dying to watch it. Eun Seol hanging out with Moo Won is always fun times. But Eun Seol hanging out with Moo Won AND it gets Ji Heon’s goat up? That’s the most sublime of comedy.

Written preview for episode 5:

Through the video screen, Ji Heon gets more and more confident as the presentation progresses, finishing the presentation smoothly. While the Chairman watches proudly, Moo Won and his mom have the opposite reaction, looking more and more distressed.

In addition, Eun Seol and Moo Won go out for dinner. Afterwards they happily go shopping until very late. They end up drinking some beer and enjoying a very fun time together. Moo Won gets drunk and Eun Seol ends up calling Ji Heon, who rushes out immediately to meet her. Ji Heon arrives and is furious with Eun Seol, asking why she is out with Cha Moo Won?

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Protect the Boss bar, translated into English by me]


Written Preview for Episode 5 of Protect the Boss — 37 Comments

  1. Goodness! How is it that I read the title of this drama and already I start smiling? I had hoped that SMW would distract LTM withdrawal cis I adore Eric – but instead Ji Sung has hop skipped and jumped into my affections as surely as a leprechaun is green!! He is adorable and there’s no two ways about it!!

  2. I’ve already refreshing ur site for about…let me think…100 times maybe, LOL. Thank you finally u posting bout this (even though I’ve read it in Soompi), but still it really nice to see any news from PTB. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

    Re.SMW, hope they can fix everything soon…

  3. I am so glad that your recaps for this drama is what lured me to finally watch it and oh boy oh boy…this show is so much fun to watch. Ji Sung is awesome!! Thanks Ms. Koala for all your hard work. =)

  4. ji sung… you totally rock!!! awesome rest of the cast and crew… am happy that it is doing well in the ratings. that must help ease the burdens. otp… love the developments. very sweet and simple.

  5. I like this drama where everyone is just started to care and have fun with the other characters and there are no strong emotions formed, but there are these emotions that you can see at the beginning of a relationship – jealousy, mooney eyes.

  6. Hi Mrs Koala…. Thanks for the written preview… ^^ i’ve been waiting for this… love your recap too…can’t wait for the next episode…

  7. Thanks for your review, I like this drama but to be very honest the comedy still could not beat LTM comedy in the first 10 episodes. I’m still in such fever with LTM. otoke????

    • I thinks Protect The Boss can beat LTM!!!

      actor, skill acting, writer… all wonderful !!!

      Ok… it only for you…but with me Protect The Boss awesome!!

      p/s: thanks so much Ms. Koala … I can’t seach any where talk about Protect The Boss… so happy can see it at here… Please continue recap or news of Boss…. thank so much!

  8. This drama makes me feel soo happy, only thinking about it makes me smile in glee. Even though it’s still to early to say, I think it’s going to be like one of those classics you can watch a million times and still laugh like it’s you first time watching. Protect the boss fighting!!

  9. This has everything a girl could want:
    Drunken flirting with ES/MW
    Drunken phone call from/to ES/JH
    Sober jealousy from/to JH/MW

    Throw in an accidentical kiss *swoon* between any of the above, and I will not know what to do with myself.

  10. I really had doubt with this drama at the beginning.. maybe its the hair thing it is sooo a no..no to to me , can’t get past it because i still remember him(Ji Sung) in drama-save your last dance for me-& love him in the drama. Want to watch this drama because of him but the hair make me stop myself, the feeling is just not there. But everyone here said it is good & super funny & I’m all into this kind of drama. I try the second time and what u know i am hooked & would not want to miss it ever. it’s like the funniest drama ever(that is twice i am using the word EVER shows how cool this drama is) so here i am to thank u all for the insight hehe especially Koala for her playground is super daebak & I would not want to miss playing here, kamsahamnida :)(over&out-off to daydream tomorrow ep 🙂 (oVo)

  11. So excite, but I’ve to wait til wknd or next week to watch it. For Ep5&6 I will rely on your recap only since I’ve been taking care of my mom at hospital with iPad and slow Internet. Looking forward for Amazing PTB.

    • Sorry your mom is sick, Lalakiki. Hope she gets better soon.

      Hospitals do have slow/spotty wifi service…but thank goodness for Koala and her awesome recaps so you can enjoy PTB .

      • Thank Lizzy. On the bright side, my mom’s in recovery mode after her surgery. Too bad, this’s gov hospital, no wifi service available and our floor has no private wifi signal. Fortunately enough my 3G package is unlimit, but will decrease speed gradually when reach certain transfer amount.
        Thanks a bunch for koala and others that make me relax on late night with stories, comments and discussions. After 5 years of very bz life. I’ve been back to kdrama addict again since watched and read LTM recap here. (still bz anyway, but choose to relax here) Love you, Koala& friends.

  12. Wednesday cannot come fast enough. With all the bad news coming in left and right for SMW this drama really brings me joy and happiness. I have been re-watching the first four episodes since last Thursday and everytime I re-watch an episode it always brings me joy. All the characters make me smile, especially the OTP!!!

  13. The first thing I saw when I opened your site was another SMW news and I said to myself, here we go again… Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with you that we have to finish this RL drama to the end, just to put it to bed when it’s finally resolved (which I pray, will be soon, plleeeszzz).

    But then I saw this news about PTB and my smile suddenly appeared. It’s like a ray of sunshine and morning dew. This drama makes me so happy, I dance with glee for news about it. Although it’s different with LTM, which made me giddily romantic; PTB is just light hearted fun and enjoyment. Now I am back to feeling that excitement in anticipating another day, which means another episode of a beloved drama. This time, Wednesdays and Thursdays mean PTB AND YFFM!!! Yey!

  14. AuntieK,

    I love love love this show. I get all giddy just thinking about it. Between this show and SOAW I’m in KDrama nirvana. This show has it all: great storyline, awesome cast, believable characters( to an extent of course), great director( and I’m pretty sure the crew is amazing as well). Everyone who is a director/producer/writer/PD/PA etc Please take notes: This is how a fantastic drama is suppose to look like and be!!!
    K cya later playmates 😀

  15. I am so biting what is left of my nails right now! I’m so hooked with this drama/comedy/romantic thingy that is driving me freaking crazy! Welcome to drama madness! Again?! SWEET!!

  16. am i the only one who strangely hopes second lead girl gets at least abit of happiness towards the ending . the girl is so pitiful it breaks my heart , i can’t believe she’s the same heffa who was stealing peoples boyfriends and pursuing gay men all in one episode . I can’t wait for more Ji Heon and his craziness . gah !!! why have you done this to me Koala ?!

  17. This drama is so DAEBAK!!!

    Let me count the times I rewatched ep1-4… lols! Aside from watching it to QC the subs, I can’t help but watch it again for my own enjoyment. Lols, I find myself laughing so hard at a lot of scenes. Even with just Ji Sung’s hilariousness, it’s worth the watch. But there were ‘moments’, cute moments that would make you sigh! The part I loved the best was during the time when Cha Ji Heon is so happy putting on his jacked on Eun Seol and when he sa so anticipating her reaction to his proposal. Gah! it was pure delight watching that 🙂

    Okay, I’m raving again! Please forgive me 🙂 Thanks for the preview and I would be very happy if PTB will be showing more and more jealous bickering among Mu Won and Ji Heon coz of Eun Seol. 🙂 I’d be giddier 🙂

  18. A stone landed, no no…crashed into his limbic system sending ripples to his amygdala?! Whaaat?!? PTB, you had me at limbic system. Hahaha! What a way to express your emotions Ji Heon! I’m IN! Ep 1-4 very amusing…

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