Written Preview for Episode 6 of Protect the Boss

Just popping in to drop the written preview for Protect the Boss episode 6. I know everyone has the Ji Heon face on just dying to hear about what happened in episode 5. I can confirm that it’s a doozy. This drama goes so fast it’s almost giving me motion sickness. In a good way, of course.

Written preview for episode 6:

Ji Heon tentatively kisses Eun Seol, which completely catches her off guard. Just as Eun Seol is about to beat Ji Heon up, Ji Heon voluntarily apologizes. Eun Seol scolds him on doing something without a person’s consent, which is what a thug would do, so he better watch it with her. Ji Heon actually reveals how he feels towards Eun Seol.

In addition, Eun Seol does research in her attempt to cure Ji Heon of his phobia. She discovers that most phobias are formed after suffering some type of traumatic event. Eun Seol asks Ji Heon if something traumatic happened to him in the past……

[Written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Protect the Boss bar, translated into English by me]

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Written Preview for Episode 6 of Protect the Boss — 19 Comments

  1. wow..even though you haven’t post ur recap on ep5, I know that u’re so in love with PTB coz u have change ur picture title (and I love it). I really appreciate I can sailing this drama with u as the Captain, ay..ay..Captain Koala!! Thanks for the written preview…

  2. The ending of ep 5 was amazing! I watched the episode in a hurry although I didn’t understand very much…. The good part is my Korean is getting better by the day… at least I start to understand a bit more than 1-2 years ago. THANK YOU for the preview! Did I mention that I am accessing your website at least twice a day to read the newest news? Gamsahamnida! Hontou ni arigatou! Wish you a good night from Germany. HS

    • Koalas writing it addictive.

      I think typically i login atleast 15-20 times a day and sometimes reread the same content or post in discussion forms. you

      • Ditto! I just have AKP page open the whole day and just refresh it everytime to check for the latest news!

  3. saw episode 5 raw link and it was sooo good…. can not wait to read your recap of it.. and oh those please refrain from for putting spoilers.. some have not seen it yet… I already saw the raw link twice… ^^

  4. This drama pace remind me of the Jdrama a lot.
    A lot of thing happen in one episode and it keep on progressing..

    The Kiss *___*

  5. After knowing about the ad-libs in Lie to me, I am not sure anymore whether the writer or the actors or probably both may doing such a wonderful job! I am enjoying this drama very much and I do love all characters which is a first.

  6. Can’t wait for the actual recap!

    One thing though, OOT, did you change the layout? It’s not mobile friendly anymore 🙁 I always read your site from my phone, but I find it really really hard now, cos it’s directed to the full site. Usually I got directed to the mobile site, but not this time.

  7. Oooooh, love your PTB header. Thanks, Koala for feeding our newfound obsession yet again. Here’s to another thrilling, addicting, joyful journey! Lead the way. PTB FTW!

  8. I think I had Ji Heon’s face at the end of the episode. This dubbed by the fact that I NEED subs haha. This episode is epic, sublime, etc.,etc.!!!! I’m so glad nobody saw me watching this episode, don’t want to imagine how I looked in all that hysteric laughing XD

  9. Why do these two remind me of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz (I Love Lucy)? They are hilarious together and so in sync with their pouty reactions to one another. There’s
    no way you can’t love them.

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