Song Joong Ki Goes Edgy for W Korea Magazine

After following Song Joong Ki‘s career since he managed to bring the cute in Triple against three incredibly hot men (Lee Jung Jae, Yoon Kye Sang, and Lee Seon Kyun), I’m always taken aback as to how high fashion his magazine shoots tends to be. I concede he looks much younger than his age, but it’s like the magazines go overboard in presenting him as an edgy hipster so that he can distance himself further from the boy-next-door image he’s gotten from his dramas.

It definitely works, because I’d totally buy into the possibility that the real Song Joong Ki is somewhere between his cute TV image and a super hip closet soul of a New Yorker living in Korea. His latest spread for W Magazine Korea continues the trend. I hope he picks a very challenging and image-buster role for his next project, and hopefully gets his long-time-coming leading man role soon.

[Credit: W Korea Magazine via Baidu Song Joong Ki bar]


Song Joong Ki Goes Edgy for W Korea Magazine — 35 Comments

    • He’s born in late 1985, so in Korea, he’s the same age as Jaejoong (early 1986). That makes him 27 if I’m not mistaken. Everywhere else in the world, he’s 26.

  1. Man, unni, you are totally being my crack dealer on your vacation! First Ji Sung, then PTB spoilers, and now Song Joong-ki? I dies.

    Seriously, SJK needs a leading role, stat. He has so much charisma and charm; in that way, I think he and JGS are pretty similar. They love the camera, and the camera loves them. And so do I. ^_^

    • I second your comment:D LOL Koala unnie should go to vacation more often if it would be like this, right? OMG i truly loved this edgy or whatever look:D wanna see him in a drama soon but i am afraid that for the first time there is a possibility that i would hate the female lead cuz i dont know if i can share him or not:D *_*

  2. Mine<3 lolol

    Anyways, thanks for posting up photos of SJK! I've been a fan since Triple as well. I had assumed he was around 18 when I first saw him, but damnn he is 완전동안. He definitely needs a lead role asap! As much as I adored Yoo Ah In in SKKS, my #1 was Yeo Rim 🙂 He did have a movie with HYS as a male counterpart, but I don't know if that movie will get a release date…ever… 🙁 I miss watching him on my screen every week (Music Bank & Running Man). I'm excited for Tree with Deep Roots, but at the same time, he's still just the young version so…

    **I still can't believe you're really on vacation :P**

  3. *flashes ICOMYM’s badge*

    Oh God, the second pic! And the 1st! And the 3rd! And….alsdkjalsjdalsd all of them! laksjdlajdklasjd *____*

  4. Waahh…Song Joong Ki, it’ s been a long time since SKKS…
    I watched him the first time in Ob Gyn and he looks really young, never though he is 26 years old already
    and the hot photos… he looks so different from the boy next door

  5. just for the record, i love love this new layout, i hope this one is here to stay!

    back to topic: damn this photoshoot just oozes his appeal all over. can’t wait for him to flex those acting muscles again and rise up as he deservedly should.

    • I think Koala switched off the layout when the site was under attack. Iirc she said she’d switch it back on when she comes back from her holidays.

  6. omo !!!
    on the second pic he looks like a *gasp* MAN !
    Joong-ki ah! Oh, how I miss the early hours of SKKS…T___T
    Thanks for these pictures, here some eucalyptus leaves 😀

  7. totally swooning over the photos of Song Joong Ki. too hot to handle, n so young looking (more like a highschooler) without me feeling guilty lol. the concept is far from boy next door n loving it!! squee !

  8. ^O^. He’s so cute. I’m a new fan of his, but I adored him in S.Scandal, and running man.
    I think he looks like a younger Won Bin in those pictures. Ah I too wish for great things for this guy.

  9. Oh my God, he looks 15!

    I liked him in SKKS and his small role in Christmas, even if he’s much too young-looking for me to swoon over, so hope he does get a leading role soon.

  10. The second picture. Those arms. That face. That water. (Also, dat ass, which we all know is fabulous, even if we can’t exactly see it.) Excuse me, I do think I’m going to swoon.

  11. this is taken in Lapu Lapu City in Cebu. How do I know.. well, the family name of our congressman/mayor is displayed on the chair he is sitting on. Drool worthy… didnt think that rustic neighborhoods can be so pretty in W Korea…

  12. love Song Joong-ki! Missed him from SKKS!

    How could we have not known he’s here in the Philippines? And in Cebu nonetheless, so close from where I live! I could have been there in a blink if I had known. One of the shots was taken from a sari-sari store, it’s a sort of a mom-pop corner store where all basics are being sold, from candies, canned goods and liquors to rice and almost anything. The concept I think is the “tambay”, sort of like bummers. He’s still as good looking as in any style he is in.

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