Shin Mina in the September Issue of W Korea Magazine

When is Shin Mina coming back with an acting project next? She’s in every other CF out there, or so it seems like, but I’m eager to see what she does next on either the big or small screen. As an actress she’s an acquired taste for me – I much prefer her performances low key such as her personification of goodness and light in Mawang better than her cute as can be turn as the titular Gu Miho in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. The latest Mina spread in W Korea magazine encapsulates her ability to channel almost any persona the photo concept requires. Here she goes glam housewife in the 60s, and I’m loving the sumptuous housewife air mixed with the lazy aura.

[Credit: W Korea magazine]


Shin Mina in the September Issue of W Korea Magazine — 11 Comments

    • What of the clothes and the hair? They’re definitely inspired by the 60s. In fact, this season’s look has been inspired by the mod 60s.

      In this particular spread, there’s a little bit of tamed down mod, crossing with suburban late 50s/early 60s.

  1. Wow. I thought she was adorably cute in MGIAG, but these pictures prove she’s way more than adorably cute. She’s absolutely stunning.

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