Han Hyo Joo might be the Leading Lady in Love Rides the Rain with Jang Geun Seok

I totally need to buy a lottery ticket or something, what with my penchant for correct predictions. A few weeks ago I posted a speculation of the young actresses who could be in contention for the highly coveted lead actress role in Seasons dramas PD Yoon Seok Ho‘s upcoming dramaΒ Love Rides the Rain, which had already cast Jang Geun Seok in the dual roles of father and son in a story spanning the two generations. The actress I thought had the highest probability to land the role, based on availability, age, A-list status, and previous experience with PD Yoon, was none other than Han Hyo Joo.

Word is starting to trickle out that she has in fact been cast, and was indeed PD Yoon’s first choice, as she was a complete unknown when PD Yoon picked her for his last drama Spring Waltz. This casting had not been officially confirmed, but the news media is starting to quote sources from the production company. My gut tells me this casting is pretty much final unless Han Hyo Joo backs out for whatever reason.

LRtR is scheduled to start filming in October, with a Spring 2012 broadcast date. The reason for the 6 month delay is not because this drama will be completely pre-produced, but because PD Yoon wants to set the two generation stories in two different settings – Autumn for the 1970s father story, and Spring for the 2010 son story. The idea is to contrast love in different eras and across generational gaps. So filming will be halt temporary after shooting during the Autumn, and will resume in Spring of 2012 in time for it’s broadcast date.

I personally find this a very interesting and ambitious project, and I’m looking forward to the same-age pairing of Jang Geun Seok with Han Hyo Joo. While Hyo Joo isn’t the most versatile of actresses, I think she’s pretty well-suited for PD Yoon’s penchant for moody pieces with lots of lingering stares. Oh, and don’t worry, Geun Seok has confirmed that he’s definitely cutting his hair for this drama.

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Han Hyo Joo might be the Leading Lady in Love Rides the Rain with Jang Geun Seok — 45 Comments

    • I find the picture weird for another reason…what’s over her knees? A jacket? Or are my eyes playing tricks…find it interesting that actresses wear skirts so short that they have to use a blanket over their legs when sitting down, especially on variety shows.

      • When I visited my relatives in Korea, they wanted me to either wear one of my aunt’s full length dresses or drape a towel across my lap. Ridiculous.

  1. but reading the basic plot of LRtR,I think it will be somehow similar to the movie The Classic..remember? love stories interconnected of two generations?

  2. noooooooooooooooo i was totally for hoping for some other actress – no offence to her personally but i don’t really dig her πŸ™ awwwh. but of course i’ll still watch this for JGS

  3. this might be out of topic… but while googling for korean dramas.. i came across a blog with the same name as yours.. minus the ( ‘s)

  4. Frankly, I do not like the pairing. Although they are the same age, she seems older in looks and size than him. Why can’t it be Moon Geun Young?

    • Agree she seems older in looks too. She can play the 1970.. Too bad they need only one leading lady. Why cant it be Moon Geun Young. hehe. I know they just recently worked together but I was hoping it would be her. She also worked with PD Yoon as young Jenny. But its okay. I’ll Watch it because of JGS. And isn’t this gurl Moonie’s Bff? There are hearsay before that she will play it but still i want moonie if not also rooting for Jung So-min. Well Good Luck JGS. Im already excited. I just hope it will be different from the movie classic. I have high expectations already. The pairing is fine. Wishin them all the best. Waiting for the confimation of this..

      As for Moonie, I know she will have a drama/movie soon, report says that there is a possibilty she will have one even if she is studying.

  5. oooh, why why whyyyyy my brain can’t process that she’s the same age as him? I’m still convinced she’s older than him which is one of the reasons why I can’t see them as well matched. I hope this drama proves me wrong.

  6. i thought it’ll be Jung So-min’s part..how sad…well, i’ll still be watching it because of Geun-suk oppa.. but I think Han Hyo-joo is really good!

  7. Awww thought the role would be given to Jung So Min,but oh well. Han Hyo Joo is good too, but I’m a little tired of seeing her in melodramas. Not a fan of the Seasons drama, watched a few parts here and there…but what I am a fan of, are vintage styled-shots, if the teaser is any good, I might give it a try…and if JGS gets a tan, beefs up and gives his hair a crewcut, I would definitely be the first in line to watch this.

  8. Yehey for Han Hyo Joo as his leading lady and another Yehey for the much anticpated haircut haha! I love JGS in all hairstyles but I soo miss the Beethoven virus era hairdo πŸ™‚ I am quite happy to know that half of the drama will be shot ahead of time.. the actors involved won’t be that stressed come spring time πŸ˜€

  9. YESSSSSSS!!!!! JGS finally cutting his hair!!!! is about damn time…about the pairing I’m totally ok with it…I hope is a great production and that we get to see a development in JGS acting…he has so much talent.

  10. He will Cut his hair! OH Thats good…The girl is pretty! I wana ship then;don’t know why but I have hunch their chemistry would be So high.

  11. Yeeeeeeeeees he will cut his hair! T_T Finally! Crying of happiness.

    Sad note: I wanted Jung So Min… it would be a good chance for her …. but I like Han Hyo Joo too, I just think she and JGS don’t match… but let’s see.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks she doesn’t look older?? They look the same age to me.. Hmm… Anyway, I liked Han Hyo Joo in Shining Inheritance and Heaven’s Postman so hooray!! I thought this would be releasing early next year, so guess we have to wait longer, but we get 2 JGS characters so who cares????? πŸ˜€

  13. I’m not surprised that it’s Han Hyo Joo either. I read your post predicting his leading ladies, and she definitely fit the bill best. However, I did want Jung So Min since I want to see her on my screen again lol I hope the drama itself is good because the two eras aspect sounds intriguing. I’m more interested in the 1970s portion btw πŸ™‚ and YAY Jang Geun Seok is FINALLY cutting his hair~

  14. According to JKS forever and other sources HHJ agency denied that she will accept the role in this drama.
    So, there is a hope for other actresses, such as MGY and So Min.
    JKS has an incredible chemistry with MGY and I think it will be good for them to work together again. I would enjoy it very much!

  15. I hope this is just a rumor and not really true. Still looking forward to another Geun Geun collaboration. No other actress can produce the kind of chemistry Moon & JSK has with each other.

    I also read from another sight that HHJ denied that she accepted the role so I’m still praying Moon would be the lead actress.

  16. I heard Moon Geun-young is focusing on school now that’s why it can’t be her. I’m praying this is a crazy rumor and that Jung So-min lands it. I love her to pieces and this is the role that could finally put her on top.

    And thank god JGS is finally getting a haircut.

  17. For the acting, I like it to be MGY but i dont think it is possible since she is currently focusing her study. Also I like them to have a different pairing. MGY and Mickey perhaps in a sageuk (dreaming mode ). Im fine with this pairing afterall I will watch it because of JGS. I have high expectations of this drama already. Excited much. My second choice is Jung Su Min. I’d love to her again. If she will not be paired with JGS then i hope she will paired with Jung Il-woo’s in his drama.
    Thank God JGS will cut his hair..

  18. Aaaah~ Please. I want this so bad. I really want to see JGS portray melodramatic roles, and if HHJ was acting along side him… Aaaaaaaaah.

  19. Looks like we can’t have MGY on this one, well, will have to settle for HHJ[for the fact that she is same age]. Just hope they will somehow have chemistry. Do have reservations about HHJ but definitely have faith in JGS to turn on chemistry. BTW, HHJ was quite wooden in SW.

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