Video Preview for Episode 9 of Protect the Boss

Protect the Boss, why are you so perfect? How do you do it? Is the scriptwriter on some special (legal) sauce, cuz I will fly to Korean to procure some for myself. The video preview for episode 9 is out, and I found myself hopping up and down in my chair squirming in delight. Na Yoon crashing with Myung Ran and Eun Seol? Oh hells yeah!

I love Na Yoon so much she totally needs to have her picture pimped out on PTB posts more often. The Chairman getting a comfort hug from Grandma – chaebols showing genuine affection, has the K-drama world come to an end? And Eun Seol’s wild boar hunting martial arts expert daddy is back in Seoul, meeting the Chairman and giving Ji Heon the future father-in-law once over. I can’t wait.

Video preview for episode 9:

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Video Preview for Episode 9 of Protect the Boss — 79 Comments

  1. oooh can’t wait for Wed….
    The sleep over with Na Yoon together is so cute…the first time in my K drama history
    but MooWon on the stairs alone…I hope he won’t be left lonely

    • It’s the same scenario from BOF (where Ha Jaekyung slept in Jandi’s house).

      But somehow this scene is cuter. I love everything about PTB. (And I love you for recapping it Koala.)

  2. l love love this drama. it is so messing with all the korean drama cliches. I love that na yoon is not the stereotypical bitchy ex, she is a nice girl, who really needs a friend and her character is the target of many jokes. I hope that she and eun seol can become friends.
    also i love that the elevator scenes in this drama is where that smack down and funny scenes take place. unlike other dramas where elevators are the place for almost- kiss scenes, love/hate tension filled scenes with otp, or missed chance to meet a person. i cant wait to watch this episode.

    • So true about the elevators… it’s always one person coming out of one, and next to is the other person leaving it and they miss their chance! It’s so deja vu all the time!
      I agree, in this show, you can’t hate any of the main characters, weather it be the dad, or Na-Yoon, because they are all so funny and nice.. even though Ji Heon’s dad opposes.. I’m sure he’ll approve soon. The only people you can hate is the moms.

      • even the moms are funny. They not as vicious as a certain kim joo won’s mom from secret garden, who is the gold standard for evil mother-in-law. the kids know how to threaten thier parents and the power play is not as lop-sided towards the parents as most kdramas.

  3. Haha, after last week’s episode I was thinking that Eun Seol and Na Yoon should have some bonding time. Thank you, dear writer, for giving me my wish.

    • I agree! i don’t think I’ve shipped a female lead and second female lead friendship before. Usually it’s just the two guys (I hope Ji Heon and Moo-won win best couple at the end of the year SBS awards show)

      • @Mary.

        Yes, there is no female equivalent of bromance. The best we get is frenenemies Ukk or BFF which doesn’t quite capture it..

      • Womance? Or Sistalove? Or maybe Chickclique? Okay, that’s all I got. Maybe someone else’s got something better.

      • My female best friend and I call each other “besties.” A guy friend calls me “brosephine” which herrrr….doesn’t sound right here. Can we combine bro with a Korean name somehow?

      • Frenemies and womance sound great! 🙂

        Sadly, I don’t know korean enough to make puns about women, girls, love, etc. :'(

      • I like womance.

        Chickclique SOUNDS good, but I don’t think it quite captures to deep none-sexual bonding.

        I think because the idea of female intimate bonding (minus the sex) is assumed, that’s why no one bother naming it.

  4. Truly Ms Koala. This drama has broken all the Kdrama cliched fence and gone beyond my expectations. I agree with you that the writer is on the good stuff cause it is making me so happy to see actors acting like real people. I hope it stays this way. I still am rooting for Moo Won and that is a first for me cause usually the second lead is evil but not this guy. Everyone is just trying to live normally and happy and to accomplish their individual goals without hurting or scheming. This is a rare feel good drama.
    My fingers crossed that it stays real.

  5. This is completely different than any other show I’ve seen!! It’s not possible to hate anyone in this show, weather it be Na Yoon or the daddy, because they are all so funny and nice!!!

  6. Hahahaha!!! Although I cannot understand a single word, I already know this episode’s gonna be another hoot!!! Is it Wednesday yet? Is it Wednesday yet? Is it….

    Hey Cap! Welcome back *hugs* You already said it, we didn’t feel that you ever left. You are such an awesome Captain, I hope you had a great furlough…short as it was…

  7. Is there any chance we can see a professional judo trainer/nature fighter vs X-amateur boxer? hehehe. Ah, love’s between daddys. hahaha

  8. Truly, I think writers themselves are sick of having to conform to the mold. I find more and more dramas in recent “seasons” having a sort of a fresh quality.

    Mostly, from the cable networks but, from the big three, Can You Hear My Heart, 49 Days, Protect the Boss are notable romantic-comedy gems that arent ridden with crazy cliches. I mean, cliches can sometimes be fun and allow the viewer a certain fondness for K-drama’s predictability but, especially after rehash after rehash of the same ones, I’m glad that there is sooo much freshness!

    Na Yoon’s character seems reminisent of some T-drama/J-drama characters I’ve seen before, but most recently, I can compare her to Go Joon Hee from Can You Hear My Heart. A chaebol heir female who actually wants to work her way to the top w/o being bitchy. <3

    Also, I started this drama fully prepared to ignore Jaejoong's character [assuming the worst]. I find myself loving EVERYONE. Crazy huh?

    Thank you for the preview!!!

  9. Aww.. Ji Heon’s heart (the one be made with his hands) was soo cute !! xD NY needs a friend first. She doesn’t have anyone it seems. And I forsee MW’s heartbreak 🙁

    • miss the broccoli !!!

      without it he looks like your average k-drama male lead. Well not really, since he doesn’t have the side sweep bang plastered across his forehead.

      I know I am a community of one, but in general, I don’t like the side-sweep bang plastered across the forehead.

      Even on HyunBin/Kim Joo-Won is didn’t do much for me.

      I do think it added a special layer of creepy to McCreepy assistant on City Hunter.

  10. Gosh darn it this drama has charmed me. I’ve made such an effort to avoid the pitfalls of kpop, but dang it Jaejoong! You’re… like really, really, ridiculously good-looking. And I love your character. I haven’t listened to any of your music, and I’m going to try really hard not to…but when there are shirtless pictures of you all over teh internet, my will weakens and my head turns to mush.

    And Na Yoon sleeping over at Eun Seol’s house? Hahahaha. I bet she has just as many weird sleeping habits as Ji Heon and poor Myung Ran won’t get any sleep again (I love her dead fish stare, btw. It’s hysterical).

    • he’s like 2nd best voice in korea right? right behind his band mate. i read it before when i searched his name in google. i guess you can make an exception for him. someone once posted vids of him and i remember watching them and getting shocked cause he’s really good. like really good.

      sorry, i don’t remember the vids though but i’m sure they’re all over youtube. 🙂

      • TOTALLY yes! Jae is the 2nd best and his youngest bro Junsu is like the National Treasure level of BEST! Well, all 3 guys in JYJ rock!!! You should go listen to them, just give it a chance and don’t think of them as Kpop coz they are ARTISTS….. compose and sing their own songs and the songs are DAMN GOOD! Their voices are BETTER!

    • Excuse my fangirls for a moment 🙂
      Go listen to him.. He is a good singer, and a good composer/lyricist.
      Unlike some idol who depend on their face, Jaejoong prettiness makes people overlooks his true talents.

    • [youtube=]

      This is one of my fav DBSK’s songs


      Love in the ice… and my heart melt every time i listen to this song <3

    • I think i mentioned this before….but i followed Kpop for all of ummm– a month! heh, there was no way i could accommodate K-dramas n Kpop w/o crashing ‘n burning. During that brief time I had this preconceived notion JaeJoong didn’t really need to work hard ‘coz he’s sooo damn gorgeous!! Yes, truly guilty of assuming too many things/facts w/o checking up on said facts!! So, when he was cast in this drama i rolled my eyes n went, “oy, he’s gonna suck big time!!”….well, I stand corrected now….coz all my preconceived notions went outta the window after seeing him act….sure, his role doesn’t demand histrionics but he has such an engaging presence!! Yes, that’s me totally fangirling now. 😀 It’s gonna hurt raw to see Moo Won rejected…if it were some other actor (Read: less gorgeous and synonyms alike :P) I’d predict the rejection will not hurt like a B*******!! Gotta admit though, Ji Sung’s Ji Heon is soo bloody awesome!! blergghhhh

    • Oh dear, I’m afraid you already hear Jaejoong sing several times through this drama. ^^ (The love song that plays most of romantic moment between the leads was sung/lyric-written by Jaejoong.)

      Thanks koala for your preview-recap. I love reading funny-witty-fangirling in your recap. It makes my life feel happier during those stressful working life.

  11. Oh my!!!! Faintz…….
    First of all, is it true? Can I safely say that broccoli has disappeared FOR GOOD? I love Ji Sung and find him really good looking in a non-threatening way (is that possible? Hmmm) and somehow the broccoli became part of Ji Heon (and that is kudos to Ji Sung’s great depiction of this wacky hero)… BUT HELL YES!! Handsome Ji Sung is back with that hair!! YEAH!
    I can’t wait for Na Yoon and Eun Seol to have their girls talk before falling asleep at Eun Seol’s place BUT!!! Mu Won alone on the stairs towards Eun Seol’s house????!!!! Oh gosh why do I foresee that I will cry buckets just watching the beautiful Jae sitting all alone on a lonely staircase during the loneliest moment of the night?? (stop using the word LONE!). Awwwww, I don’t want a heartbroken Mununim too!! SOB SOB MAJOR SOB..
    And then………… Ji Heon’s HEART-making pose! Kyaaaaa! Is Ji Heon SWEET or what?? Gaaaaah fall in love.
    AGAIN, can we seriously have Ji Heon and Mu Won as the Best Couple at the end of this year please??!! This combi is tooooooo precious not to honour and love forever in the history of Kdrama!

      • Ha ha yes PAPA Cha is really a wonderfully written character in this drama! He and Ji Heon indeed can make a great “couple”!

      • YEH!!!!!
        Ji Sung sii and Park Young Kyu… skill acting too great!!
        so lucky because they join in PTB as son and dad!!

    • Farewell broccoli! I know it’s Ji Sung’s idea to pick that hairstyle which fits JH’s naive character, but just like you I’m more than happy to see a handsome Ji Sung that I can drool over!

      • Me too…. haha
        I love him, not care hairstyle… but… If can look him more handsome…. it is ok!!

  12. I see everybody has thinky thoughts to share. Me? I’m still stuck at laksjdlajsdlajsdljafljfgkhdfkg That’s all I got. Incoherency and glee!

  13. i’ve been a silent reader for so long and now i dare to leave a comment in here! 🙂
    i really really love your recaps for PTB. talking about next episode, i am highly anticipate with more twist bcs eun seul’s appa in her office! yesterday my jaw almost dropped when i opened photos from @SBS_BOSS twitter. how can eun seul’s appa with muwon and witch suk hee in her office?!!

    oh well, nayoon is trying befriended with eun seul and myung ran? be safe nayoon. lmao

  14. Ajdhgsjfj… I am on vacation too so I depend on your recaps for the drama.
    Can’t wait to see the love and friendship bloom. I want MuWon and NaYoon get back together but this time because they both want it, not because of business or something insignificant.

  15. I’ll be honest; I like Eun Seol’s character, but (in my opinion) the actress is overacting her a little bit sometimes. I liked her more in the beginning, now she annoys me at times. I hope no one misunderstands, she still kicks ass, but I find myself totally in love with the second lead. Na Yoon is just adorable. She’s not a cold hearted bitch, she’s not a totally spoiled brat (well, she is, but she’s also a successful career woman). She want to be loved for real and I like that about her. I hope she and Muwon end up very happy together 🙂

    • I disagree with you strongly. Just pay attention to the ending of episode 7 (when she found Ji-heon) and the beginning of episode 8 (she broke out with anger with Ji-heon), Choi Kang Hee really radiates the screen and she brings the drama to a completely different level. Korean fans are all in awe, cheering for the perfect performance of Gangjjang (the nickname of CKH). Indeed, NaYoon is very adorable and I love her to pieces. But frankly, when she interacts with Eun-seol in the bar, it’s immediately apparent that CKH is still a much more experienced actress. If anything. Nayoon is the one who is overacting, but that’s what required of her character. I just think Nayoon is a much more likeable character, that’s all.

  16. Congratulations to the PTB Team! PTB proves that IT IS POSSIBLE!!!!

    It is possible to create a compelling and thoroughly enjoyable drama WITHOUT:
    1. making the second leads and antagonists to be totally annoying and horribly evil just because they cause conflict for the main leads, and
    2. making the main leads and protagonists to be flawless but colorless idiots and spineless characters just because they are nice and good.

    I am soooo happy! 🙂

    After this I hope other drama writers/visionaries will take the hint and create even more compelling and fun dramas that break the mold.

    Hurray for PTB!

    And thank you, Ockoala! You are a drama connoisseur par excellance!

  17. Welcome back, Capt K. Yay! Change of hairstyle for CJH…finally…for good in PBT, I hope. Seriously, JH looks so much better post brocolli-head look.

  18. i can’t wait for martial arts daddy and butt-kicking daddy to clash with each other and maybe physically fight each other in a very funny way like Moowon and Jiheon’s hair pulling fight scene..kekekekeke

  19. Finally, we’ll be able to watch PTB tonight here in the US. I’ve been containing myself from watching it in our computer because it’s better to watch it in a big screen and comfortably. My daughters and I are Kdrama and Kpop addicts that’s why we subscribed to a Korean channel and relied on English subs because we’re Filipino. I’ve liked Ji Sung since All In the second Kdrama we watched after Winter Sonata and since then I never missed a drama of his since 2004 ( that long ? ). Thanks Ms. Koala! We’re glad to discover your blog barely two months ago and has been lurking on your playground everyday. I also loved TWdramas and also followed watching their dramas especially of F4 members, Barbie and Raine. More power to you!

    • Jra, what korean channel do u subscribe to? U have comcast? We have TFC and GMA for my lola but I’d rather watch Korean shows. Korean dramas are the best and korean variety shows are hilarious!

  20. Koala, I love, love, love your header. I so missed reading your post. We were hit by Irene (I live in the East Coast) and lost power. Anyway, thanks for the PTB recap.

    • Are you alright? We were hit by Irene too, that hurricane is a biatch!!! Without water and electricity for 5 days, unbearable!!!

      • Hi Angelitocurioso, yes, we are alright. Thanks for asking. Power is back and roads had been cleaned in my town. Be safe.

  21. I cant wait to see EunSeol’s dad to gather int he crowd:D They all have their comical sides so him being in there would be much more fun:D think about him fearless like his daughter in front of the moms:D LOL he is small in statue but can beat JiHeon’s dad:D LOL daughter beating son, dad beating dad:D

    NaYoon is really becoming the first 2nd lead i will love in K-drama land:D Even though she is also an Ex!!! OMG this drama’s screenwriters are so clever and talented that they made a person like me ended up in loving a 2nd lead female:D LOL
    And I really want NaYoon to soon get into a sisterhood with EunSeol that even she should be on the side that will protect and defend EunSeol:D They will be having so much fun in the future with their characters like this:D

    And what was the fight scene about MW and JH:D it was like a girls fight with all that hair pulling:D Love their bickering;D

    I am looking forward to see this drama breaking another bad phobia of mine:D I cant continue a drama that i adore after 8 or 10 episodes cuz i am afraid to see the end:D But maybe for this drama i will overcome that too:D way to go:D PTB Fighting!!!!

  22. Aysus! I just realized that today isn’t wednesday. Pardon this halmoni who’s so excited to watch PTB. What’s a day and a few hours more to wait.

  23. The preview have me counting and planning my time away from my work station so that I don’t miss any of this delicious drama. Thank you Koalasplayground for your outstanding recaps. You keep me coming back. FIGHTING!!!

  24. I swear there hasn’t been a female second lead in a drama that I had ever liked…Till Nayoon came along. Ah I can’t hate her. But I blame all the dramas I watched for making me have that instinct to hate all 2nd female leads. Though I want Moowon to fight with JiHeon a bit more for Eunseol, but I’d definitely won’t mind Moowon and Nayoon Getting together.

  25. what’s the mystery between both fathers?
    do they know each other?
    do they have unfinished business?
    I wish there’s something to reveal in this episode, unknown secrets that would shaken everyone…
    OMG!!!!!can’t wait to see it…

  26. I have to say, this one change all that I have known about K-dramas! This is totally new, the characters, the story, the development of every aspect of this drama is so unique, that I know that this one is gonna be a “LEGEND” like MNIKSS, who took the drama world by surprise and choke a few!!

    I’m loving this drama even more, if that is possible, and Miss K, thank you, for being my eyes and ears, and for giving me the goodies!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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