Written Preview for Episode 9 of Protect the Boss

Not all K-drama kisses are created equal. Some just happen, more for fan service than anything, without moving the characters emotional trajectory forward all that much. Consider it a fly-by kiss. Other kisses are of vital importance, the kind that confirm feelings and break down barriers. Will the kiss between Ji Heon and Eun Seol end up like their first kiss, with him on his knees begging for forgiveness and she threatening to rearrange his face? Or will it shed some light for Eun Seol on how she feels towards Ji Heon? The fast paced plot development of Protect the Boss genuinely leaves me breathless, like I’m running to catch up to this drama each step of the way. But it’s a happy kind of tired, knowing that the drama is ahead of me and not the other way around.

Written preview for episode 9:

Ji Heon and Eun Seol share an unfamiliar and nervous kiss. Afterwards it’s awkward for them even to make eye contact. Ji Heon breaks the silence and tries to ascertain Eun Seol’s feelings. Eun Seol is unable to give him a definitive answer, but Ji Heon is as happy as a child receiving a present on his birthday.

Moo Won’s mom can sense that something has happened between Ji Heon and Eun Seol, and wants Moo Won to stop now. Even though Moo Won is shaken, he calmly explains that his feelings hasn’t changed and he won’t waver in his course.

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Protect the Boss bar, translated into English by me]

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Written Preview for Episode 9 of Protect the Boss — 20 Comments

  1. Thank goodness for this happy, fun and all around wonderful drama. After the weekend spent in the angst of SOAW, I am looking forward to the awkward aftermath of that kiss. “Ji Heon as happy as a child receiving a present on his birthday”? Should prove to be a fun time and I can’t wait!

  2. 1) Your new banner is gorgeous.

    2) I hope you enjoyed/are enjoying your vacation.

    3) …Muwon. 🙁 You’re breaking my heart, kid.

  3. man, this is the second drama in a row (first being Best Love) where i actually really want the 2nd lead to win the girl! hahahaa. not that i’ m not rooting for the OTP, though…i like them both…but i think mu won is a great match for her too. 🙂

  4. Eun Seol’s clothes = ?????

    I wonder if the writer will give some moment for Eun Seol to be a REAL Woman, so I can see the real beauty of Choi Kang Hee. Hehehe

  5. Thank you, unni! I love this drama so much and I only picked it up because of your recaps so thanks a million!!! :3 While I do like Moo Won more than most second leads, I cannot get over Ji Heon’s adorkableness so I’m madly shipping the OTP.

  6. Miss Koala Unni, thanks you always amaze me!!

    The answer all of us knows it, when Moo Won was confessing his love, Eun Seol was thinking of Ji Heon, LOL, can’t get clearer than that!!! The only one who isn’t clear is Eun Seol, coz, Ji Heon is certain that she loves him, just as much he loves her, and that she wants him to become a man she can lean on, and that is why he will do all in his might to become the best man ever! I am so wanting to witness his transformation… can’t wait for the next episodes!!!

  7. I live for Wednesdays. They’re even better than weekends, seriously. Though classes started today and I reserve the right to change my mind about that.

    Thanks, unni, for being my crack dealer. ^_^

  8. Im not reading the preview because….well because I just wanna wait for your beautiful recap. Hehehe But i just stopped by to say that Just the picture you used for PTB made me happy. I mean, this drama is wha I need in my Post/ongoing LTM battle. Heehehe

  9. Yay for the OTP but…my heart is breaking for Muwon!!! Please writer-nim, make it a happy square ending! I love every single character in this drama…even the two second leads who I find so loveable (normally I don’t ship for the 2nd leads but in this case I so cannot)…drama gods please be kind and give Muwon and Nayoon a happy ending too.

  10. Thanks you Ockoala-san, and welcome back from your vacay!
    I am one of those who are cheering for BOTH Ji Heon and Mununim…… I simply just want the Cha clan to be happily ever after! Both guys are good-hearted boys (despite the wackiness and the sibling rivalry acts like pillow fights!) and they both deserve to have their loves unconditionally!
    We are into the 2nd half of this drama, and I feel like I don’t ever want this drama to end….. Anyone feel like I do?? >_<
    There are still quite a lot left to develop, like Ji Heon's growth, Ji Heon brother's death, PAPA Cha and Mu Won mom's "past", Mu Won/Ice-Cream Gal/Ji Heon relationship, Eun Seol's growth as a secretary etc etc… and of course, WHO will takeover the CHA business….
    Can't wait for tomorrow!

  11. I feel bad for MW now , i am rooting for him , this year seems to be second leads rooting for me , spy myung wol, greatest love, now this.

    ES is supposed to be poor and all but i bet she has the best designer purses , wish someone makes a list like LTM

  12. The written preview makes me excited. But the video preview, OMG. ;D (It’s here: http://www.dramabento.com/2011/08/30/protect-the-boss-episode-9-preview/) Uhm, if any of you kind folks who know Korean can translate that it’ll be awesome. Because I really wanna know why Dad is reacting the way he did in the preview.

    I love how earnest and heartfelt Ji Heon is … but I still don’t get Moo Won’s love for Eun Seol. I mean, I understand it logically, but I don’t understand why he should go the lengths for her. It just feels ‘put there’ for added conflict or something. Oh well….

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