The Cast of Ouran High School Host Club Announce Upcoming Movie Version

Do you want an even larger scale version of Ouran High School Host Club, a story that has already evolved from manga to anime and now to live-action drama. I want! And my wants appear to be immediately fulfilled, because the cast of Ouran attended a fan meeting in Tokyo last week and announced that they will be starring in a movie version. Huzzah! Though I’m not sure if my heart can take seeing Kyoya on the big screen.

While I’ve liked lead actress Kawaguchi Haruna since she had a supporting role in Yankee Kun to Megame Chan, it’s only now that I’ve made the startling realization that she is only 16 years old. She doesn’t just play a high school student in Ouran, she IS a high school student. Wow, what a talented young whippersnapper. I totally have even more of a girl crush on her now. Especially seeing how she held her own in Yankee kun against Narimiya Hiroki, whose acting resume shows that he can transition from believable high school student to dark lord in a millisecond.

The Ouran movie will start filming this Fall with a scheduled movie premiere in Spring of 2012. I think this confirms that the drama will most likely not have a closed ending in order to set up for the movie. I’m not surprised so many folks are second leading shipping Kyoya with me, though from all accounts his character isn’t all that in the manga or anime. Is it Daito Shunsuke’s performance that is selling the role? I think Yamamoto Yusuke is brilliant as Tamaki, but I personally also find that Haruhi has more chemistry with Kyoya. I think if I want my ship to come home, I’ll need to start reading Ouran fanfiction.


The Cast of Ouran High School Host Club Announce Upcoming Movie Version — 30 Comments

  1. I like Kyouya in manga, anime and live-action but I confess I never really shipped him with Haruhi. I do think there are enough hints in the manga that this isn’t groundless to ship them. I think more people probably ship Hikaru with Haruhi than do with Kyouya, if we are talking non-canon but that is all based on stuff they didn’t address (yet?) in the live action.

    In less coherent fashion: OMG MOVIE!!!

    • I only read book 1 of the manga (meh for me) and have no desire to watch the anime (never been an anime person, I’m always source material hence love of mangas), so purely on the dorama version, Kyoya is totally the second lead. Which is why I’m so curious as to why it’s so here, but not in the manga or anime? Is his role changed? Story changed? Or just Shunsuke’s performance that gives me shivery vibes?

      I have a feeling that if I’m an anime girl and watched that version, I’d totally be a Tamaki fangirl. His character likely translates better in an anime context.

      • I stopped reading Ouran the manga because the ending was getting draggy, IMO. I’ve also seen at least part of the anime (memory is fuzzy). In both, it’s actually one of the twins who starts vying with Tamaki for Haruhi’s affections. In any case, Kyoya will always put Tamaki before Haruhi. The anime is perhaps slightly more pro-Kyoya/Haruhi – at least, I remember that in the ending episode, Kyoya’s and Tamaki’s fathers trade barbs as each wants Haruhi for his daughter-in-law. I thought that was especially cute as Kyoya’s father is super-snooty and Haruhi, while whiplash-smart, comes from a rather lowly background so it was surprising (though immensely gratifying) that Kyoya’s father liked her so much.

      • His role isn’t changed that much. It’s the actor that is selling him so well. The real second lead guy and the one that caused shipping wars was Hikaru. It seems he will get his time to shine next episode. The anime tended to focus on all main characters and they all had an episode with a backstory. Kyoya was only noticeable with Tamaki. after the drama unshould probably watch the anime even if u aren’t a anime watcher because I liked it better than the first volumes of the manga. The manga kinda started to drag on and it only recently ended so I haven’t read it all but I might later.

      • *butts in, because she is a shameless Ouran fangirl*

        Actually, there are hints, here and there, that Kyouya’s feelings for Haruhi run deeper than they would if she were simply his money-making machine/nakama/best friend’s girlfriend. It is quite obvious that he admires her intellect and that he considers her opinion more than he would, say, Hikaru or Kaoru’s in certain matters.

        However, in a later chapter, he is actually asked by Hani if he’d ever liked Haruhi romantically, and he replied that he’d acknowledged her and he’d never choose her because she’d bring no merit to the Ohtori family. However, all of that blather is belied when he says that he found something much more important and that he’d never ruin it. One gets the impression that he’s talking about Tamaki and Tamaki’s happiness.

        The reason Kyouya isn’t the second male lead — that’s Hikaru all the way! — is because he doesn’t need Haruhi to make him more human, but that he needs Tamaki. While all of the Host Club members are important to him, Tamaki is the one who galvanized Kyouya to take action, to set ambitious goals, and to see beyond himself. (Watch this episode; it’s the Kyouya/Tamaki bromance origin story, and it’s lovely.) It’s shown over and over and over again — there are two people that Kyouya will go all out for: himself and Tamaki. He’ll tear the French countryside apart for Tamaki, he’ll orchestrate school-wide spectacles for Tamaki, he’ll risk offending very important people for Tamaki, and he’ll re-route city-wide traffic for Tamaki. (Can you tell I love those two? I love love love that bromance.)

        So you see, it’s not Haruhi who’s really important here. She’s instrumental in getting Tamaki and the twins’ various issues sorted, but Kyouya? Kyouya’s good.

      • Yay movie!

        Kyoya IS being sold well, but the role also feels a little different to me than in the manga. I felt like Kyoya was much more in the background, but he’s very much in the forefront of the drama. If anything, Hikaru, the second lead, feels like he’s been pushed to the side.

        I can’t remember exactly, but I think at this point of the manga there had already been signs of Hikaru falling for Haruhi, and we had gotten the sense that he was the second lead. Even if Zain is correct and next week is all about Hikaru, I’m still going to feel like he’s not that important in the drama. Tamaki, Haruhi and Kyoya are the main characters of this show, which I love, and it doesn’t bother me that it’s deviating from the original.

        And uh…if anyone were to stumble across some good Haruhi/Kyoya fanfic, I think there’s a number of us who’d appreciate a rec or two ^^;;;

      • Ah~ you should definitely check out the anime 🙁 (OHSHC was the first ever manga I’ve read, while the anime is the only anime I watched over 50 times. And I ain’t bluffing x)) The drama follows the anime really close. The few few episodes were identical to it. My anime obsessed friends were quite amazed at the drama adaptation. Daito Shunsuke’s portrayal makes Kyoya come to life. In the manga/anime he was just always in the shadows. He had about 2-3 times to shine, but those times created the Kyoya/Haruhi shippers. It was there to fantasize about, but it wasn’t enough UMPH.

        Though I’m a Hikaru/Haruhi shipper in the anime/manga the drama has gotten me on board the Kyoya boat (No naughty pun intended).

        Even though I watched this episode 3 times, I love reading your opinions on it x).

      • While I love Kyouya in all his reincarnations in various media, I have to credit Shunsuke’s prior experience and popularity as an actor in Japan to the unprecedented length of screen time devoted to his character in the live action. Simply put, him, Yusuke, and Haruna are the “senior” actors in this series, I believe.

        Rational thought now aside, I LOVE HIM! And while I have been resigned to retire my Kyouya-Haruhi shippy heart in the anime because of the breadth and depth of the Kyouya-Tamaki bromance, the live action’s reviving it again. >__<

  2. HAHAHA! I think it’s Daito Shunsuke’s chemistry with Kawaguchi Haruna and his own charm… I’ve seen the anime and the first few chapters of the manga (didn’t finish it, not sure why, lol) but shipping Haruhi to Kyoya didn’t really occurred to me. I even appreciated the twins over Kyoya in the anime cause they’re funny plus it’s so evident that they like Haruhi. ^^

    Glad to know there will be a movie!! 🙂

  3. Hmm when I read the manga, Kyoya didn’t stick out to me that much either.. Anyway, I can’t wait for the movie!! 😀

  4. I remembered that the later chapter of the manga did have Kyoya going on a “date” with Haruhi. Moreover, Honey did mention that everyone in the host club carried a torch for Haruhi except for both Honey and Mori. The mangaka did intend to ship Haruhi with almost all of the Host Club members (its like a harem for Haruhi!!!)

    Having said that, the manga’s last chapter was out recently and it ended with Haruhi and Tamaki being together.

  5. All I have to say is that when I found out about this last week I jumped out of my chair and starting jumping up and down and Squealing. In. Glee. So loudly that my parents thought I had gone off the deep end lolols. Kyouya on the big screen – be still my racing heart XDDD

    I think from all the fan accounts I’ve been reading, the drama will end up roughly ending about where the anime ended with the summer party..but I guess we’ll just have to enjoy the crazy antics and see ^^

  6. In the manga is much more about Kyouya and Tamaki then Haruhi and Kyouya.

    Actually If you want a second male guy it would be one of the twins who fight with Tamaki for Haruhi’s love. Hikaru falls in love wth Haruhi and I think next episodes you will see this, he and Kaoru will have a conflict – since Kaoru too likes Haruhi. *Spoiler* Actually Hikaru will confess to Haruhi, and Kaoru will gave up because he loves his brother too much – so he picks Hikaru not Haruhi – but he also confess to Haruhi.

    I dind’t finish the mangá yet… so I can’t tell if something more happens between Kyouya and Haruhi – is more like he knows tamaki and Haruhi likes each other so he doesn’t even bother to confess.

    Btw I have to say I love Kyouya’s past story and Tamaki’s past. It’s explain so much why both are the way they are….

  7. Btw, I can’t watch the dorama… because Tamaki is my fav character. He in my imagination is soooo different from the actor that I just can’t watch… They shouldn’t dye his hair and put lents on him… it doesn’t look natural so I get frustrated. Tamaki’s is half japanese in the mangá and that is why he is blonde and have blues eyes – his mother is french.

    So many doramas and movies don’t really dye the actors/actresses hair – like Paradise Kiss, the main guy should have blue hair but they didn’t dyed his hair to blue, and the girl has pink hair and again and they also didn’t dye her hair.

    *Sob sob*

  8. its definitely just here on the live action. there were probably hints of a kyouya/haruhi pairing in the anime… but anime kyouya was definitely more stoic.

    still a tamaki/haruhi shipper! OTP!!

  9. Hmm, in the anime and the manga, Kyouya’s feelings for Haruhi aren’t as apparent as they are becoming in the drama, but I personally thought they had an interesting relationship that I wish the mangaka had explored more, so I’m happy to see the drama deciding to take that route.

    Anyway, yay for a movie! We’re only on episode 6 and there’s still so much story to cover, so I’ve been wondering how they were going to wrap everything satisfactorily. I trust it to not disappoint.

  10. That’s good news for Ouran lovers, but I’ll prob skip out on it since I’m not into the drama that the moment. Since I started the drama for Yusuke I didn’t really have any expectations for the drama to be good and for me to go gaga over it. The lack of plot and character developments bored me, and the hilarity of the show can’t save it since I’m more into serious type of dramas I suppose.
    If there’s a jdorama I want a movie release to happen is probably Hana Kimi 2011. It’s sad that it has so little support, but the drama is great. It has a right mix of light hearted moment, funny moment and lots and LOOOTTSSS of serious moments with good plot and character developments. There aren’t a lot of comedic moments so those who like the 2007 version for the comedy might not like it, since the 2011 take on a more serious tone. I want a movie since the 2011 version convinced me to go read the manga, and i actually liked it after reading it. I remembered there are a lot of good story arcs with winter settings, so maybe they can use it for the movie.
    Sorry for the random Hana Kimi 2011 rambling, but I just felt like letting that out since there are so little talk about it on the net.

  11. Omo…she is the other half of the girl gang…I didn’t even recognize her lol. I loved that manga/drama. She’s 16? She is impressive. Let’s get to the twin episodes already! The episode where they realize she’s the only person who can enter their world will be boss…hair and attitude changes and all

  12. hmmmm, i think i would prefer another season of this than the movie . . . well, an additional movie is fine too . . . but then, one season more would do to cover more of the important story arcs in the manga (and i think with only 10 episodes for this season would definitely leave the drama open-ended) . . . and, i do agree that more of Kyoya-Tamaki relationship is in the manga that Kyoya-Haruhi . . . i just hope that they will include an episode of how did Tamaki worm itself into Kyoya’s brain and opened up his heart for him – earning the bestest, loyal friend in Kyoya 😉

  13. Say what!? She’s only 16? All I gotta say is that she’s doing a wonderful job of being Haruhi. What a lucky girl! It looks like she has a bright future ahead of her.

    As for my personal OTP in Ouran, let’s just say I never developed it. I did tend to ship Hikaru/Haruhi but I wouldn’t mind if she ended up with Tamaki, Kaoru, Kyouya. I remember the manga chapter (or was it an episode?) when Honey pretty much said that all of the members at one point felt something towards Haruhi. I think that was my biggest problem with the manga (though I still love it to bits)– everyone seems to have/had a crush on Haruhi. I was pretty much saying, “not another one…”. The only real exceptions are Honey and Mori and even then there was that one chapter that says that they all felt something at one point.

    However, to the mangaka’s credit, Haruhi is such a loveable heroine that I always want to root for her. On one hand I wanna pull my hair since I’m not into “harem mangas” but on the other, the mangaka does a great job of presenting Haruhi as a love interest to everyone she meets.

  14. I didn’t ship kyouya/haruhi until the beach or the shopping mall chapters….other than those chapters, there is barely any kyo/haru moments
    the author mentioned that if the manga was 40pages instead of 50, kyouya would’ve been cut out… (for a while the mangaka said that tamaki was too annoying)
    I love the anime because there were stronger hints of kyo/haru (it also didn’t hurt at the end when the dads were talking about brides…the anime deviated from manga in eclair, but that’s something else entirely)
    I couldn’t really finish the manga after vol 11 since after that it was only a matter of time tamaki would get the girl. (beauty pop is the only manga i’ve seen almost able to balance a lot of the stuff out nicely in my opinion)
    I’m very glad the actors playing haruhi and kyouya have good chemistry (either that or the script was decent) i’m now curious as to what the stroyline would be in the movie… ohwell. bring it on. ^_^

    • Maybe it is Tamaki proposing to Haruhi? In one of the specials (which I am still in the process of searching for, I just can’t seem to find them all online) it says that Tamaki is thinking about proposing to Haruhi/does propose to her so maybe it is that? Thus maybe their wedding at the end of the film?

  15. I just saw the latest ep of the drama (9) and I was like ‘is this for real!?’ Maybe it is an ‘added episode’ for the series, you know, its some sort of ‘Ouran Academy’ thing (film club production or something) but no, it is real and I am sitting here squeeing like mad and mother thinks I have totally lost it. XD

    OMG! I can’t wait for this film! I wish I was in Japan, I would enter the comp to try and be one of the 30 people who get to see a special screening of the film. XD

    As for the pairings I am glad it is Haruhi/Tamaki and the drama gives us more romance between the two (not that Tamaki accepts that his feelings are of course romantic ones yet) which is nice to see.

    Though as for Kyoya and Haruhi, I don’t mind the pairing, I do find it cute and it does work in a way but I am glad Tamaki wins out in the end.

    I am glad Hatori didn’t get rid of Kyoya, it just wouldn’t of been the same without him, he ties in so perfectly with basically EVERYTHING! He is the evil mastermind behind how they get funds for the club, he and Tamaki have an awesome, close friendship, he is level headed when it is needed etc, he was NEEDED in amongst the craziness of the club, getting rid of him would have made the manga a lot different and it may have still been good but not as great as it was.

  16. Well, I have to say that I started to feel nervous when I heard about this movie. For starters, I love the way that Kyoya is portrayed, and I think he is one of the characters that is spot on in the Drama. It’s just that I wish that they had spent the budget on an anime movie, which I know would’ve never really happened. Still, I am excited, but I really don’t want to be let down!
    As for Kyoya, he is by far my favourite character in the series. I find him the most interesting and he certainly must be extremely hard to portray. Please don’t hate on me, but I’ve always been an ANTI Kyoya/Haruhi shipper. It got me really annoyed that in the anime, manga and live action that every host seems to like Haruhi, and has her in the centre of their world and stuff… in fact, I have come as far to say that I don’t like Haruhi! I love Tamaki/Haruhi, as they are the main characters in the story…. but it’s not like Haruhi is the only girl available for the other hosts! I would’ve been incredibly happy if another girl come into the series and was an official pairing with one of the hosts.
    Another reason why I’m slightly nervous about this film is that I’ve researched some pictures, and !SPOILER! It looks like, very weirdly, a Honey/Kyoya pairing is going on? I don’t know, but in some of the pictures Honey is dressed as a girl and stuff… And it just frightens me, because I really don’t think that would be a very appealing storyline!
    Anyway, putting all of the bad points aside, I’m looking forward to seeing this movie, and I’m glad people still love Ouran out there! Peace!

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