Protect the Boss Episode 10 Recap

This episode moved the company and succession politics to the forefront of the drama, but in a way that was intricately tied to digging into the complications in the romantic developments. Eun Seol doesn’t want to live in their complicated and foreign world of money and succession. So what does both men do? They think about what she said, take it to heart, and appear to be going to diverging paths to overcome her objections. Love it! And I also love that even the scheming, backstabbing (however little of it exists), and maneuvering is done completely transparently.

Protect the Boss is like fighting an old-fashioned war, with generals and armies, battle plans and formations. It’s all honorable. Whereas so many dramas turn to sneaky terrorist warfare to generate conflict, which almost always drive me up the wall. To be honest, once Ji Heon overcomes his mental condition and learns to be a mature professional adult, he doesn’t have any more pressing “need” for Eun Seol than Moo Won does. Which ultimately leaves the choice based on the most important issue at hand – who does Eun Seol genuinely love? I think the answer is clear, but the journey there is so satisfying to watch.

Episode 10 recap:

Eun Seol looks around for Ji Heon to berate him for skipping work to surprise her with presents. But it’s Moo Won who steps forward as the person responsible for the series of surprises. He asks Eun Seol to share her happiness with him, because he’s in need of some. Ji Heon walks into work but doesn’t see Eun Seol anywhere. He turns around to leave when the other employee arrives and drags him back into work.

Eun Seol doesn’t respond to Moo Won’s request, confessing she doesn’t want her happiness taken away. Moo Won tells her not to be stingy, he just want to share a little of it. She tells Moo Won that both he and Ji Heon keep saying and doing things that she needs to pretend not to understand. She reminds Moo Won again that she wants a gentle man.

Moo Won tells her to give him a chance, even if he loses her to that gentle man down the road. Eun Seol says no again. He asks if she can treat this as a last date. She says no, he’ll just take it back in the future that this wasn’t a final date. He asks if they can hang out as friends. She says no even to that, because he’ll later try to assert they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Finally Moo Won asks her to just consider this a charity, pity for a person who worked like a dog all week.

Eun Seol is still reluctant. So Moo Won asks if she can treat this like fulfilling a promise, since she promised she will do as he asked. Eun Seol says she needs to go to work. Plus if they hang out some more, he’ll just claim that he likes her even more. Eun Seol says he can’t be upset if she doesn’t fall for him. He agrees. They head off to the date with Moo Won confessing that he booked various restaurant for every cuisine and bought movie tickets for every movie just in case.

Eun Seol calls Ji Heon, who happily answers the phone. But his face falls when Eun Seol explains she won’t be coming. Moo Won takes the phone and says to Ji Heon that they will be by later to buy some coffee from him. The Chairman stops at the coffee shop where Ji Heon is working.

After the call Ji Heon throws off his apron to rush out of the coffee shop. The other employee stops him and says that unless someone died, there is no such emergency that he needs to leave right now. He points out other employees who have encountered even worse emergencies but stayed at work until their shift was over before leaving to deal with it. He tells Ji Heon to get back to work.

As Ji Heon walks back inside, he bumps into two customers and spills their coffee. The other employee makes Ji Heon bow in deep apology. The Chairman watches this and his heartbreaks, as he sees his Ji Heon, who has never gotten his hands dirty, crouched on the floor cleaning up the split coffee.

Moo Won takes Eun Seol to a private theater to watch a movie. During the movie, he makes a move to hold her hand, but she moves it out of the way inadvertently. As they are walking down a bike path, he pulls her into his arms out of the way of an oncoming bike. Eun Seol breaks free and tells Moo Won it’s not necessary since the bike wasn’t anywhere near her.

Eun Seol and Moo Won go bike riding and end up sitting at a park bench chatting afterwards. Eun Seol explains her childhood, moving to Seoul and wanting to make friends quickly. But everyone was busy studying, so the only friends she made were the less studious ones. Eun Seol nibbles on some snacks as Moo Won just stare at her with a besotted look on his face. Eun Seol tells him if he keeps looking, he’ll bore a hole in her face. He says his stares are not yet at that level of intensity.

Na Yoon sits in her office, eating lunch and going through paperwork. But she’s distracted and ends up calling Moo Won. She asks if he’s busy? He says he’s busy so she hangs up the phone. Next she calls Eun Seol, whose phone is on the desk, so Moo Won answers Eun Seol’s phone as well and informs Na Yoon that Eun Seol is busy, too. Na Yoon hangs up with a sad pout.

Moo Won asks Eun Seol if he’s been demoted down from the rank of a god into a mere mortal. Eun Seol laughs and says he was demoted awhile back, and gestures a girly punch (when Moo Won and Ji Heon got into a fight at the restaurant) to show that he punched like a girl so she can’t see him as a god anymore. Moo Won thinks he threw a left hook, which Eun Seol missed because he punched too fast for her to see clearly.

Eun Seol tells Moo Won that she really doesn’t like this world. As a god or a man, she doesn’t like the world that Moo Won is in. She likes being a secretary and his friend, and that is the extent of her involvement in his world. Moo Won asks if Eun Seol knows what a balance is? It’s very hard to find two things that are exact counter weights. He knows that right now, Eun Seol is leaning a certain direction. For now, he just wants to keep having a chance, and hope that she will continue to stay in their world.

Ji Heon is anxious and irritable at work, forcing the other employee to push him back to work. Customers who walk up to order coffee talk too fast and their orders are too complicated for Ji Heon to remember it all. He tells himself to think of every customer as Noh Eun Seol. He opens his eyes and suddenly every customer is Eun Seol ordering in her fast staccato delivery. But this time Ji Heon is comfortable and can write it down quickly and perfectly.

Moo Won and Eun Seol arrive at the coffee shop and Ji Heon jumps in front of them as they walk up the stairs. He pulls Eun Seol upstairs and then uses his rag to shoo Moo Won away. Na Yoon goes shopping and runs into her mom at the department store. Mother and daughter wonder why each is shopping when she’s run away from home. Na Yoon tries to act like everything is fine and walk away, but mom gestures to her guards to grab her.

Na Yoon can’t outrun her mom’s guards and is dragged back. In the car, Na Yoon tells her mom that she won’t go on anymore mat-seons or live like this. She doesn’t have any friends because her mom would criticize this one for not having enough manner, that one for wanting to rely on Na Yoon, and another for possibly being a betrayer down the line. So she ends up with only Moo Won and Ji Heon around her, with no one to rely on. Does her mom want her to live her entire life just around her mom?

Na Yoon realizes she can’t get through to her mom. When the car stops at a light, Na Yoon remembers Moo Won’s reminder that she can keep running away. She gets out of the car and tells her mom that she will quit working for the family business and earn her own living. If her mom keeps trying to control her, she’ll give an interview and out their dirty laundry.

Ji Heon is in a bad mood and keeps getting chastised by the other employee for making mistakes. Na Yoon’s mom calls Moo Won’s mom out, and confesses that she got in a fight with Na Yoon, who complained about not having any friends. Which made Na Yoon’s mom realize that her only friend was Moo Won’s mom, so she doesn’t want to ignore Moo Won’s mom’s calls anymore. She’s willing to lend her money to for the stock acquisition Moo Won’s mom is undertaking. Na Yoon’s mom tells a shocked Moo Won’s mom that TJ Group has also gotten into the stock acquisition for the same company.

The Chairman meets with the head of TJ Group to discuss collaborating once TJ Group wins the bid for that company. A waiter accidentally spills water on the Chairman. The other guy yells for the manager to come out, but the Chairman remembers when Ji Heon has to beg for forgiveness when he made a mistake, and kindly tells the waiter it’s not a big deal.

Eun Seol’s dad reads articles about the Chairman online, and is especially displeased to hear that the Chairman’s name is Bong Man. Myung Ran laughs because Eun Seol’s dad’s name coincidentally is also Bong Man. Eun Seol’s dad chides Myung Ran for staying home all day long, and she asks when he’s planning to go back to his house in the mountains. Dad confesses the house is about to be rented, but tells Myung Ran to keep it secret from Eun Seol.

Myung Ran heads out to because Na Yoon called her, asking ice-cream if she ran away from home again? Na Yoon confesses she needs a place to crash again. Myung Ran allows Na Yoon to stay, but tells her to pay rent. Na Yoon happily agrees. God, they are so cute together. Ji Heon cleans up the coffee shop after it closes. Eun Seol’s fallen asleep and he sits down to watch her sleep. She wakes up and he brings her a coffee and bread. She tells him to eat as well since he must be tired from working all day.

Ji Heon says today Eun Seol made him furious because she hung out with Moo Won. Eun Seol tells him to just get along with Moo Won. Rather than saying they both like her, it’s more like they like each other, but because they love and hate each other, they end up fighting like kids. She tells Ji Heon to get along with Moo Won and treat that as yet another assignment of him. He agrees, but asks her to give an account of what she did today in ten minues. Eun Seol tells Ji Heon she doesn’t like his world. It’s strange to her, and she doesn’t want to enter it. This goes for both Ji Heon and Moo Won. She wants to continue living in her world.

Moo Won comes home and asks if his mom is serious about buying up the stock. She says yes. Moo Won says he’ll help her, and he will work even harder from now on. Mom is curious about the sudden change? Someone told Moo Won she doesn’t like the world he lives in, so he has to change his world, and to do so he needs power.

Ji Heon walks Eun Seol home, running into Myung Ran and Na Yoon outside. Eun Seol asks if Na Yoon ran away again and Myung Ran confirms it. Ji Heon chides Na Yoon for burdening an already butt poor Eun Seol, but Na Yoon says she’ll pay rent and contribute to household expenses. Na Yoon asks Ji Heon to speak with her.

They sit down on the stairs and Na Yoon asks to talk about their breakup. They never officially broke up. Even if Ji Heon kept saying it, Na Yoon kept denying it. But now she wants to let him go officially. She knows Ji Heon is going to say that he had left her already. But to Na Yoon, letting Ji Heon go affirmatively is different than losing Ji Heon unwillingly.

Ji Heon understands what she is saying. Na Yoon apologizes again for what happened to Ji Seok. He tells her an apology is not necessary, because she’s clearly feeling guilty and bad about it. Na Yoon asks again if it’s really not possible between them. This is really the end, right? Ji Heon says yes. Na Yoon asks if he’ll have dinner with her sometimes. He says yes. Na Yoon cries as she accepts that this is the end. Ji Heon reaches out two fingers and taps Na Yoon on the shoulder to comfort her as she cries.

Eun Seol pushes her dad out to the jjimjalbang. She turns to a sobbing Na Yoon on the bed. Eun Seol leans in to hug Na Yoon, and Myung Ran joins the hug from the other side. Na Yoon pushes Eun Seol off her and then hugs Myung Ran back. The girls drink their sorrows away. Na Yoon says she’s swearing off men forever. Eun Seol thinks she should do the same as well. Na Yoon tells her not to be an idiot. She can’t let the right opportunity pass her by, which is what Na Yoon did. Eun Seol needs to grab on to what she has now, i.e. Moo Won or Ji Heon. The girls get up and start singing and dancing.

Ji Heon comes home and finds his dad sitting outside. The Chairman tells Ji Heon to sit down and brings up Secretary Noh….to which Ji Heon immediately jumps up and yells that he’s never firing Eun Seol! The Chairman tells him stop being so impatient and let him finish. Even if Ji Heon wanted to fire Eun Seol, the Chairman won’t allow it either. Ji Heon confirms his dad doesn’t want to fire Eun Seol anymore, but is curious as to why? Ji Heon thinks his dad is weird, while his dad thinks Ji Heon is weird for not allowing his dad to spend quality time with him.

The Chairman tells Ji Heon that he now approves of Eun Seol (as a future wife for Ji Heon). WAHHHH, love it! Ji Heon is stunned. The Chairman continues by saying that if Ji Heon wants to be with Eun Seol, he’s going to have to get stronger and be more powerful. In their world, people around them will always ostracize Eun Seol, so Ji Heon has to become more powerful so that he can protect himself and protect Eun Seol. Ji Heon lays in bed and thinks about Eun Seol’s world, such as the employees who work hard at the coffee shop. They earn little but work hard, and Ji Heon doesn’t think that world is all that bad.

Eun Seol sees her dad off at the bus depot. He asks what she’s going to do about the two chaebol boys. He tells her to figure out how her heart feels. Eun Seol wonders why everyone is wondering what her heart feels. Dad thinks he ought to care since she’s his daughter. It doesn’t matter what other people think, including whether he disapproves, Eun Seol needs to follow her own heart. Eun Seol says if she confirms how she feels, one person will be hurt. Dad says if she doesn’t, both guys will be hurt. If she decides then it’s only one person hurt.

The Cha family is having lunch at a restaurant at the request of Moo Won’s mom. The two parents start bickering as usual. Ji Heon zones off and Moo Won puts a pickle in Ji Heon’s rice bowl. Ji Heon picks it up and eats it unwittingly. Suddenly he howls and drinks water, yelling at Moo Won for pranking him since he doesn’t eat that vegetable. Ji Heon runs off for his part time job and Moo Won leaves to do more work as well.

After Moo Won’s mom bids farewell, Grandma tells her son to come clean. She knows he’s up to something and he better tell her now. The Chairman glosses over everything and manages to leave without telling Grandma anything. Back at the office, he runs into the traitor director in the elevator, and can’t help but shoot the man dirty looks at the back of his head.

Eun Seol arrives at the coffee shop to find Ji Heon already hard at work behind the counter. She remembers what her dad said, about following her own heart. Ji Heon sees her and immediately smiles but makes a mistake. Na Yoon walks up to meet with Eun Seol about marketing plans.

Moo Won is hard at work in his office. His secretary brings him some food and suggests he take a break. She noticed that he’s gotten more hardworking again recently. Moo Won says he still has the same goal – to become the best – but his reason for that goal has changed now. Moo Won gets a call that is a shock to him.

Moo Won’s mom and Na Yoon’s mom are having tea and going through the stock acquisition plan of PS Group – she’s still leading and TJ Group is behind her. Moo Won calls her mom to tell her that the Chairman is helping TJ Group. Moo Won goes to confront the Chairman and asks him to not interfere. The Chairman says that it was Moo Won’s mom who was sneaky behind his back first. Moo Won says his mom just wants to expand the company.

The Chairman agrees, but tells Moo Won to relinquish his shares in DN Group. That way Moo Won can completely divest from the company and start anew. Moo Won reminds his uncle that his dad was supposed to inherit succession of the DN Group. The Chairman tells Moo Won that his father got too greedy and fought with the Grandparents for sole succession of the company and was thus kicked out for being too greedy, which is how the succession landed in the Chairman’s lap.

The Chairman tried his best to take care of Moo Won’s dad, but even when he died he still resented his younger brother. Moo Won thinks it’s so easy to cast all the blame on his side of the family. The Chairman tells Moo Won not to be led by the greed of the previous generation. They can still help each other. Moo Won says he will continue to overreach until he can beat the Chairman.

Na Yoon, Eun Seol, and Ji Heon find out that the Chairman and Moo Won’s mom are openly fighting on the stock acquisition, with the Chairman backing the rival bidder to Moo Won’s mom. Moo Won is in a very bad mood and runs into the other three back in the office. Everyone can tell something is wrong. Ji Heon tells Moo Won that he will agree to lend Eun Seol to him for now.

Eun Seol asks Moo Won if he’s fine? He asks for just ten seconds of her time. She allows him to just stand there and stare at her. Oh god, poor boy, my heart hurts for him. Moo Won takes a deep breath and says he feels better now. He thanks Eun Seol and tells her not give him such a pitiful look. He wants her to continue her wavering stance between the two men.

Na Yoon walks into Ji Heon’s office talking work, but he’s clearly distracted. He asks how long she’s planning to live with Eun Seol. Na Yoon doesn’t know since her mom hasn’t taken any action, which scare her even more. She doesn’t know why Ji Heon and Moo Won keep liking the same girl. If they can like different girls, everyone can be happy, right? Eun Seol walks in and Ji Heon tries to pull her in for a hug to give him some of his energy.

She pushes him off her, but then Na Yoon pushes him back. Ji Heon is happy to end up back in Eun Seol’s arms, but Na Yoon walks over to push them apart. She walks into Moo Won’s office and returns his credit card. She asks he wants her to get some inside scoop for him? She asks if he needs her to comfort him as well? He says he’s feeling better. Na Yoon walks out and Ji Heon walks in. He tells Moo Won that they need to stop now, because the chances are they will lose everything in the end. Moo Won tells him to leave.

Ji Heon comes home and finds his dad gardening outside. He demands to know why his dad is doing this? The Chairman says he’s doing this for Ji Heon, who doesn’t want this at all and asks his dad to stop. Grandma comes running out and screams at her son. The Chairman tells his mom that Seok Hee started it by bribing one of his guys to betray him. He asks his mom to leave him be, he’s trying to find some peace.

Moo Won’s mom arrives and asks if he’s human! She thought he meant well. The Chairman says he did, but she betrayed him first. Moo Won’s mom vows to return this humiliation back to him. She throws one shoe at him before leaving. He runs to give her the shoe back since she’s limping, but she takes off her other shoe and throws it at him before leaving barefoot.

During the stock acquisition, the traitor director keeps updating Moo Won’s mom on the progress. Moo Won tells his mom to give up this time, and not to trust Na Yoon’s mom completely. They cannot afford to bid higher than the price Moo Won set. But Moo Won’s mom bids higher and wins, but confirms she needs more cash. Na Yoon’s mom agrees to lend her the money, but asks Moo Won’s mom for her shares of DN Group as collateral.

Ji Heon meets with his dad and says he wishes his dad will stop this. He thinks his dad won’t listen to him at this time so stops talking about it. His dad asks if Ji Heon really isn’t interested in succeeding the company. Ji Heon says plainly no. And he’s getting less and less interested. He notes that his dad’s expression is not one a victor would have, which clearly shows the Chairman isn’t happy about winning this way.

Ji Heon leaves and the Chairman looks a bit worse for wear. His secretary asks if the Chairman is alright? The Chairman wonders if he’s done all the right things so far. His secretary thinks if the Chairman can even ask such a question, then he needs to stop what he is doing now and reassess the situation. The Chairman wonders why his secretary can’t just butter up to him and say he did well, just as a reassurance. The secretary apologizes, but the Chairman tells him no need, what the secretary said is not incorrect. I love this boss-secretary relationship to bits as well.

Eun Seol happily watches Ji Heon competently work at the coffee shop. At closing time, they agree it’s time for him to reveal his identity and quit soon, since he’s achieved what they set out to do.

Ji Heon walks Eun Seol home, and on the staircase, he asks Eun Seol that if she doesn’t want to come into his world, can he go into her world then? Which is when Moo Won, who was been waiting for Eun Seol, steps forward and says there is no need. If Eun Seol doesn’t like their world, he’s working to change it. He will transform their world until it’s acceptable to Eun Seol.

Thoughts of Mine:

I think this drama creates so much depth in plot that while the logical resolution is really simple, getting there requires meaningful progress that all the characters are making. The ideal choice for the company succession really is Moo Won, because he’s better at it. Period. Doesn’t matter what his dad did, the son should not be bound by the sins of the father. But Moo Won’s mom is a little too bitter about what her dead husband did, and a little too forceful in pushing her Moo Won’s claim. That’s the problem.

The Chairman’s love for Ji Heon and wish for his son to succeed the company he was responsible for turning around is also understandable. But beyond Ji Heon’s ability (or inability) to run the company, learning about Ji Heon’s condition is like turning a switch in the way the Chairman views his son. He sees Ji Heon’s point of view now, understanding where the rebellion and desire to quit came from all these years. And he also sees Ji Heon’s determination since meeting Eun Seol. Wasn’t it amazing that the Chairman accepted Eun Seol after realizing how important this woman is to his son. And extolling Ji Heon to grow stronger so he could protect Eun Seol. That was such a cool dad pep talk.

I think once Ji Heon becomes Moo Won’s rival in ability to run the company, but still sincerely tells his dad that he doesn’t want it, then it brushes aside the Chairman’s final obstacle to passing the torch on the Moo Won. The Chairman loves his son and wants to hand his son a legacy that he built, so Ji Heon doesn’t have to struggle and work hard. But what if Ji Heon wants to struggle and work hard. What if Ji Heon wants to build something himself? Wouldn’t the Chairman understand that, support that, and ultimately find comfort that his son is perfectly fine and his company is in good Moo Won hands?

I don’t think the succession fighting will grow dirty and nasty, or that Moo Won or his mom will turn evil. I think more issues will get fought out and resolved in the open, until everyone reaches the peace they have been seeking. I loved how everyone confronted the Chairman for doing an underhanded gesture of supporting a rival bidder to Moo Won’s mom. And even he knows it’s not the right thing to do, and feels bad about it. These people, they are so decent and human in their foibles and mistakes.

I’m honestly not feeling all that swept up into the romance aspect of this drama, which remains very well integrated into the story so that it flows seamlessly through even the office politics scenes. I loved fully finding out Na Yoon’s issues with her mom, and watching her stand up to her mom with such honestly and pride. I’ve never hated Na Yoon’s mom, and learning that her mom also has one friend in the world which is Moo Won’s mom made me laugh at her because I feel bad for these rich ladies locked into their insular world.

No wonder Eun Seol is so precious to every single person in this drama who encounter her. She presents the real world, and reminds them all that the tightly wound world of the rich and powerful is ever so lonely and rigid, and they can try to change that. Na Yoon’s already becoming BFFs with Myung Ran, and has achieved this hilarious love-hate relationship with Eun Seol. I’m looking forward to how this drama untangles the Moo Won-Ji Heon loves the same woman retread this time around. Like Na Yoon said, wouldn’t it be easier if they loved different women, and perhaps she and Eun Seol can be there with them both.


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  2. glad to hear that it wasn’t only me that was effected by Muwon’s expression after his talk with CEO cha. I had tears in my eyes during that scene >_< I was so impressed by JaeJungs acting in this episode, both in his romantic scenes and his emotion scenes. I'm really looking foward to seeing how this drama will end with only 6 more episodes to go.

    • I’m totally a fan of JJ now! I don’t know anything about DBSK or JYJ other than their bitter breakup, but I adored Yoo Chun to bits in SKKS and am just so tickled that JJ is an even better actor than his mate! Dang! So gosh darn it talented!

  3. Interesting how differently the two cousins respond to ES rejection of their world. One decides to change himself in order to adapt to her world. The other decides to take over the world and make it adapt to her!

    • ” One decides to change himself in order to adapt to her world. The other decides to take over the world and make it adapt to her! ”

      WOW i love that ^^
      and this is become more interesting….
      The real competition has just begun……

    • Both are sweet and heartfelt gestures, but MW’s move is risky, ambitious, difficult AND has a high chance of failure. On the other hand, JH’s plan shows what a selfless lover he is. I can almost hear him say, “Who needs the world and material wealth, if I’ve got you (Eun Sol) beside me?” *Squealing like a fangirl (Though I personally prefer MW.)

      • IKR. Both sweet gestures and so indicative of their personalities!

        @Tama, It’s like everything just got kicked up a notch, in business and in love.

      • Yeah, in agreement. Jiheon’s proposal is far more realistic and humble (not necessarily toward Eun Seol but toward the world in general). Moowon’s is not only unrealistic but simply unrealizable. It’s simply hubris – albeit well-intentioned – to think it’s possible to change an entire society. As much as I want to comfort Moowon, he’s setting himself up for a major fall.

      • I love MW’s idealism though, I think it reflects his character – he’s so earnest, to the point of being slightly naive about the way the world works, which is why I think he took the Chairman’s betrayal so harshly.

        I love that now, his drive to take over the company is driven by a real desire to make change – he’s becoming more and more like the perfect leader! (sigh…)

        I love this drama because I don’t have to ship one guy over the other – they both have their strengths and weaknesses, and Eun Sol is (on paper, not considering the Twu Wuv aspect) perfectly justified in choosing either one (or neither).

  4. Fact #1: This drama rocks! Everything about it is spot on. I love, love, love all of the characters and that rarely (read: never) happens in a drama. It’s like they are people you know and can relate to.

    Fact #2: You rock! Wednesdays and Thursdays I mope around at work until the recap hits and then it’s a happy, happy, happy day! I can’t wait to go home and watch this episode! Thanks for being so wonderful about getting us the updates!

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    Too busy at work to comment much for now, but just let me say this please!
    Even Ji Heon agrees to lend Mununim Eun Seol, even Ji Heon went to confront his dad asking him to STOP.
    I will never forget the heartwrenching expression on Mu Won’s face when he meets the other 3… that sadness and pain inside! Way to go Jae! I teared just watching that and LUV it when he told Eun Seol to give him 10 secs to recover. Obviously he didn’t recover but this guy who wants to take over the world to make it suitable for Eun Seol (as opposed to Ji Heon who wants to change himself for her, both guys just ROCK! So honest and very righteous!) felt some peace just starring at Eun Seol.
    OK stop for now.
    Will comment again later.
    Jae, I love how your acting has come a long way!
    You are too gorgesou dude!
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    5. Love the show. Hope it reaches 30% or more ratings.

    Finally, Unni, thanks for the recap, and you have the best pics to describe what you write up for

  8. There are no words to describe how completely awesome this drama is! All the characters are so relatable and loveable. TBH, I like all the secondary characters much more than the main leads. I like Muwon/Nayoon pairing, Nayoon/Myuran/Eunsol, Grandma/Chairman, and Chairman/Muwon’s Mom relationship/interactions! I just find them so much more interesting! But for the record, I’m a Jaejoong fangirl…so when he’s sad, I’m sad….so please writer-nim…don’t break my heart. I beg u!

  9. Just realized that both JH and ES are 1977 born

    where as MW and NY are both 1987 born.

    There is a good decade difference between the couples in real life.

  10. ^^”If Eun Seol doesn’t like their world, he’s working to change it. He will transform their world until it’s acceptable to Eun Seol.” ^^ *swoooon*

    Also, loved the bit abt MW wanting to borrow ES for 10 secs only to stare at her and then feeling better!! Seriously, who IS this guy?!! lulz…As, I’ve heard in previous dramas I’ll repeat but ES must’ve saved her country in her previous life 😉 to warrant such attention ‘n affection from JH and MW!!

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  12. It’s going to break my heart when Eun Seol ultimately chooses Ji Heon. Jaejoong was really selling the puppy love yesterday, and it was adorable. D’awwww…men in love are my favorites.

    The more I think about it though, the more I realize how similar Na Yoon and Eun Seol are. Both are driven, outspoken women, who have no problem calling the men in their lives out on their bullshit. They even both love Myong Ran! The difference is that Na Yoon’s upbringing has turned her into this neurotic mess. If she had grown up in a middle class family, they’d really be alike. It’s going to be really interesting if/when Moo Won realizes this and starts turning to Na Yoon.

  13. This was definitely Moo-won’s episode to shine, and I think Jaejoong did a pretty good job of nailing that sucker down. My heart got shredded a little bit each time he looked at Eun-seol, and that moment where the four come face-to-face in front of the elevators – whew! I’m actually really enjoying Jaejoong’s performance as Moo-won (more than I thought I would, but then, Jaejoong has always been my favorite DBSK boy), and I’m surprised at how expressive his face is, especially his eyes. I mentioned the scene in front of the elevator earlier; I swear you could almost feel a little bit of deadness emanating from his eyes and the slump of his shoulders.

    And the scene where he ‘stares a hole’ in Eun-seol’s face – oof! He was staring at her with so much love in his eyes my heart ached for him, knowing that he wasn’t going to get her in the end. I want him to kiss her just once, a sweet, gentle kiss so he can let her go without regrets. I’m actually really interested to see how the writers are going to turn him back in Na-yoon’s direction, because I feel like ultimately they will end up together, and be much happier than Ji-heon and Na-yoon would have been. And of course, Ji-heon and Eun-seol are going to be way happy together, too. ^_^

    • Jaejoong is a solid idol-actor. I wouldn’t place him next to Leader-nim (Eric of Shinhwa) or even Yoon Kye Sang (not G.O.D. any longer), but he’s got potential. Still stiff, but not bad at all!

      But my DBSK bias is…..Changmin. Yes, it’s like the drama gods cruel joke on me, a drama fan. I don’t even boyband! And yes, if I were a teenager I’d stan Max so hard he’d need a restraining order. But luckily am totally just chill with staring at him when he’s not trying to act. Max…..

      Weirdly, Jaejoong does nothing for me though he’s pretty enough. But that means more Moo Won for y’all~

      • Changmin is definitely cute. But the problem is he is just the same age as my little brother, which is not a comfortable thing to think about. He was so pretty to watch in Paradise Ranch…but oh so hard to watch acting-wise at the same time. (Still, I thought he was better than Lee Yeon-hee. ~shudder~) But you’re right, Jaejoong has a ways to go before he can measure up to YKS or Eric (both of which I did not know were originally idols when I first saw them; same with Yoon Eun-hye). I’ll go right on lusting after him with a happy heart and look forward to the next week’s episodes. ^_^

      • Let’s never ever talk about PR again, agreed? When Lee Yeon Hee fell into a manure pile within 10 minutes of the drama’s first episode, I knew the jig was up. Max cannot act if his life depended on it. The fact he was better than LYH in PR speaks volumes. Poor Joo Sang Wook looked like he wanted someone to kill off his ahjusshi character so that he can escape the torture.

      • Agreed. And I agree with your statement about Joo Sang-wook, too. He was totally wasted on that drama. Here’s to him doing something much, much better post-Giant and Paradise Ranch’s very existence being forgotten. And to Changmin never, ever doing any acting ever again.

      • I agree with your Jaejoong comment, I think he is still stiff in line delivery in the scenes that involve the female leads but much more natural in his scenes with Ji Sung, he’s definitely a stronger idol actor than I thought he would be and has definitely improved from his other two roles in Heaven’s Postman and the j-dorama (isn’t it great when people have a upward trajectory in their acting lol). What mostly impressed me though is how he connects with the camera and he emotes better than I thought he would and this is coming from a Jaejoong fan (he’s my bias, his voice is daebak!). He’s definitely not Eric or Kye Sang level yet but I see the potential in the future if he keeps working on how he delivers lines and making a connection with the female leads. Kye Sang had a natural acting ability since the get go and Eric was a bit weak early on but became so much better as he took up more and more roles so only time will tell.

      • Also YAY more Moo Won for Me hehe.

        I do like Ji Heon though in the drama but in real life his childlike immaturity would drive me bonkers and not in a good way lol.

      • Oh my god, Koala –
        I agree with every sylable with your PR comments.
        I would only add that based on chemistry, there is NO way that the girl and Joo Sang Wook shouldn’t gone off and made babies somewhere. His frustration with the role worked well with his frustration with the girl for blocking his every move on her.
        ChangMin was de-sexed.

  14. Thanks OC Koala!
    I live for your PTB recaps on Wed/Thurs mornings…

    I am always 1 or 2 episodes behind in watching.
    Seems like JJ is getting accolades for his acting in this week’s episodes, can’t wait to watch…
    JJ has not been outstanding to me (JJ fans, don’t bash me!) in the past episodes though he is competent for a newbie actor.

    Looking forward to the melodrama bits actually, it will give the drama some gravitas, but I hope that the melodrama stays true and consistent with the awesome plot and character developments so far.

    • No bash, I think even fans admit that even though he is better than expected he still needs work. I love Jaejoong to pieces but will admit that there are scenes where he is really stiff.

      • I second that. He isn’t awful but he is uneven. There are some scenes where he’s stiff, but there are scenes where he’s actually good. I like that scene when Moo Won was playing a prank on Ji Heon – the subtle expressions of glee that crossed his face as he placed that pickle in his bowl was well done. I don’t feel his connection with Eun Seol though … he doesn’t seem like any kind of competition to Ji Heon … still, he isn’t a bad actor. I mean, you wanna see bad, see the “acting” in Boys Before Flowers.

  15. I’m glad you’re not shipping too much in this drama, koala.

    If you squealed at Moo Won-Eun Seol like you do with Kyoya-Haruhi, I’ll squeal along with you. And then I’ll have to limit koala-site-viewing outside office hours, because rolling-around-and-giggling-like-an-idiot isn’t exactly normal office behavior.

    • KyoHaru! *&^*%^&&*^ *incoherent spazzing*

      I can’t even…..guh, any mention of Kyoya and Haruhi and I immediately start flailing.

  16. I have to say that I really love this drama and Na Yoon is by far one of my favorite second leads of all time. I just want her to get a friend, someone please get Na Yoon a friend.

    • The actress who plays Na Yoon is one of my fave supporting actresses. She was unforgettable as Inhee-bot. And now she just tickles me to death as Na Yoon! Ohmylawdy, she’s funny! Great comic actress.

      • Oh god, the hate I had for the In-hee-bot. Seriously. I mean, obviously that means she played the character well, but I’m so glad she got to play such a loveable character this time- when she first came on screen I groaned aloud, I couldn’t handle the thought of In-Hee-bot 2.0

  17. Ji Sung oppa – I love you!!! I still want him to continue to grow up and at least step up to make something more of himself on his own accord 🙂 He is just too cute with NES. When she twisted his hand at the end… hehe!!! 🙂

    Jaejoong – I think MW is so cute and earnest in his attempt to break out of his shell and his pursuit of ES. I feel so bad for him at this point cause he totally fighting a losing battle btw ES & JH on the romance side. And at no fault of his own. I did really like the scene where he just looks at her for that 10 seconds. Again, feeling so bad for him. I just don’t really see him matching up to ES. i agree with ms koala that MW is definitely the better choice for successor. JJ – not bad… you are starting to win me over just a little (from complete indifference before). Junsu is my bias – love love his singing.

    ES – I like how she stands her ground with these 2 guys and that she’s strong enough to inflict some harm on them hehe. NY – is pretty cute sometimes… definitely refreshing 2nd lead.

    PTB – fighting! I also want to start TPM 🙂

      • Hi, what drama is TPB? I’m afraid I didn’t recognize the abreviation. Thank you for the answer in advance. 🙂

      • The Princess’ Man, starring Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won. It’s a historical drama, although it’s highly fictionalized. I don’t usually watch a lot of the historical dramas, but this one is really addicting.

      • Ahh… I have heard that historical dramas have actually very sad ending… But if you say its good, i’ll give it a try.
        49 days ended also sadly but was good.

  18. Unnie….ur recap is lightened my day, many fans (including me) couldn’t understand why the story goes this way and resulting fight between fans (that makes me tired, it’s just a drama so don’t take it too serious right?) but after reading ur recap, I understand, thank u Unnie 🙂

  19. The weird thing is, the one scene that made me squeal a lot in this episode was when Na Yoon pushed Eun Seol and hugged Myong Ran instead. It was funny but also endearing at the same time. It teared me up when Na Yoon said to her mom that she doesn’t have any friend ;___; Hence, seeing Na Yoon having fun with girls (something I am pretty sure she never had before) is so warming.

    Ahh, PtB, what will I do without you later? .__.

  20. Thanks Captain Koala and everybody here. I love your comments and watched 3 episodes yesterday, it is hilarious!
    I love love this drama!
    Have to catch up, … 🙂

  21. Thank you so much for all your lovely recaps, even during yr vacation! =D
    I tend to watch one part, read through your recaps then watch

    I am soooo glad that Na Yoon turned out to be the unconventional 2nd lead, who is NOT bitchy and irritating but so cute and adorable. I love the group huug when she sobbing LOL… then she just hug myung ran LOL

    I am a bit sad that there is only 6 more eps to go, this has managed to be an awesome series, each ep packed with all the nice little yummy details and cute character traits!

      • @stardust- I agree- love how they’ve written N’s character.
        @dramaqueen-I do hope they extend it. That would be so nice. 🙂

        Also, after reading through the comments and getting to your BBF acting comment I could not muffle the laugh that escaped. That was one of the first couple of dramas I ever saw, and I thought the acting was lacking in so many places, but then months later realized the world that is kdrama filming-and once I factor in their lack of sleep/eating/crazy schedule/and accidents, it made me feel more lenient towards the parts that could have really had better acting. I still enjoyed watching it because it was so crazy out of this world unrealistic. 🙂

  22. I think the reason why I have connected with this drama is that there is no bad guy. I care about, if not wholeheartedly love and/or squee at the sight of, every character and their all-too-human flaws. I love that there is no easy evil fall guy and that everyone has a little dirt on their hands but wants/hopes/attempts to do better/achieve something.

    And I LOVE Eun Seol for her reason for rejecting Ji Heon and Moo Won, and exponentially LOVE their responses to her rejection, namely respecting her reasoning and wanting to change in some way for her. But I must say, while I am all for our OTP getting together in the end, I love Moo Won’s response more – it is the insightful, intelligent, responsible (albeit idealistic) response, even if Ji Heon’s is more romantic given the personal self-sacrifice involved.

  23. Thank you so much for the recap.
    It made me rethink some things and I anticipate watching this episode with subs so I can gain my own understanding.
    NaYoon is such a loveable second lead and Muwon just looks so beaten down but determined by the end of this episode.
    Now I wonder if Jihun will do something drastic as well within the company??

    But OMG what was that movie they were watching on the date?! LOLOL.

  24. Gah, I love the chairman even more. I too dont believe that moo won or his mom will become disgustingly Kdrama evil–though not 100%–but im so curious to see how the writer is going to wrap this up. Heheheh I seriously love Ji Heon and Eun Seol. Poor Moo Won, but its so obvi that he’s in love with Na Yoon and in this for the one-upmanship with Ji Heon. At least thats what I’m getting. But In better news, My mom saw me watching PTB and came to join me *shocker!* then she said, while Moo Won was on the screen, and I quote “That guy is really handsome…He’s really good looking” *SHOCKER!* hehehe I looked at her like, WTH is going on with you mother? heheh

  25. This drama feels so real… the way it makes me feel their feelings is amaizing. I understadt that our OTP has the best chances to end up together. Yet I do wish from time to time or from scene to scene that Moo Won get’s a real chance to succeed. He is such a good guy… his only mishap is that he noticed a bit too late what a great girl Eun Sol is…
    What about this ending: Ji Heun grows up and becomes a mature man, he continues to be very fond of Eun Sol but no romantic feelings; Eun Sol falls in love with her god Moo Wol and Na Yoon meets other chaebol son of a rival company…thei fight in the beginning but… But that is another story… One were our lovely JH,ES and MW continue to appear in but as supporting characters… Fighting!

  26. I really love & appreciate this recap, will direct all the lost children out there (who are utterly confused about the recent developments XD) to this entry Koala-sshi ^__^ !!!
    MW’s exchange with chairman broke my heart. I think he’s getting the wrong message that his uncle after all these time, still treats him like an enemy/threat/outsider. And regardless of what MW’s dad did, it was just so unfair for him to have to sit there and listen to chairman completely writing his deceased dad off as a greedy, nasty human being -____- Having been dealt with such huge a blow, MW still tried his darnest to repress his hurt, which only broke my heart more T_T
    I too think MW should totally succeed DN group because he’s a much better upper management materal. JH’s very smart and good at strategizing as well, but I don’t see him possessing the kind of qualities that are needed to oversee a large conglomerate- plus he loves his freedom and won’t be happy in a position like that. Both chairman Cha and MW’s mom are making huge mistakes even though their motives aren’t wrong, and the two cousins are the ones who have to suffer.
    On a brighter note! How much do I love the ES/NY/MR trio XD! When the three of them are together I feel like everything’s alright =D And LOL forever at MW mom throwing her shoes at chairman and walking away barefooted. What’s with the women in PtB and their rebelling against their high heels =D (I approve!)
    I also find JH’s learning about the real world through his part time job adorable. And in the later part of this episode he clearly emerged as the older brother of MW. JH’s straightforward and frank but he’s definitely not just a simple-minded bloke. He was able to immediately assess the stock purchase situation, and he’s righteous and yet also practical about it. When MW said he would change their world to fit ES, JH gave a wry smile. There’s no way he’ll concede to MW in their fight over ES, but he clearly cares about MW just like a hyung would =)
    As much as I like both pairings (JH/ES and MW/NY), I suspect a reconciliation between JH and MW, as well as JH dad and MW mom will be even more satisfying for me.
    I admire all the veteran actors’ and actresses’ acting in PtB (Jisung & the chairman’s actor, especially), and while Jaejoong has room for growth (strangely, he’s the most stiff in scenes with ES, but nature with everyone else LOL!), I’m very very happy with his performance in ep. 10, esp. the part with chairman Cha!
    Now why does next Wednesday seem like a galaxy away T^T ?

    • As he’s going on and on about MW’s greed to keep the company to himself, has he thought that he’s doing exactly like that now? Ah…chairman Cha, I don’t even…

      Jaejoong’s in this episode broke my heart with his sad & frunstrated expression, then again the writer just allowed it to reveal more about MW. I hope we will learn more about him and how he will get himself and his mom out of the mess.

      My bitterness just want him to let go of DN group and start off a new company just like chairman Cha wanted. There’s no need to work for a company that treat you like an enemy. I guess his pride as dad’s son just kept him here.

  27. Thank U Koala on the recaps, all ur recaps made my day :”) And thx you guys all for ur comments. I’d love to read opinions of PTB, esp JJ’s acting. :”P

    Does anyone here cry at the scene that NY talked with JH. 🙁 My dear NY, her tears broke my heart. T__T

    • Yes, despite the fact that her crying has been seen previously as humorous. In this scene when she played it perfectly for real, and she did the head down, heartbreaking sobbing, I was crying along with her.

  28. Thank you dear Koala for your work!! I wish someone would recap The Princess’s man as well! Two very different drama, but I love them both!

  29. Thanks for the recap 😀 I feel like this drama is making me fall more and more in love with each characters but especially my Jaejoongie. I really like Na Yoon too and how she is so different from bitchy second leads. I love this drama.

  30. Thanks unni for the recap!

    Why, for some reason does it feel as though this is the first time ever that the parent (Chairman) has accepted offspring’s love when he/she was opposed to it in the past?? SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! And not just because it happened, but because of the way it was done. The Chairman showed a lot of regret and concern in this matter from start to finish and was unlike 99% of chaebol parents that I’ve seen drama-tized. 😀

  31. I am here late. but thank you for your recap and your love of the story.

    I don’t have any deep thoughts to add.
    I like how the JH/ES love line was pushed to the back while JH soldiered on with his plan to conquer his fears, and live up to ES’s expectations. And what bang-up job he did!
    Seriously, if he can handle rush hour cranky customers with detailed and annoying requests for caffeine, he can face shareholders at a meeting. Both jobs require the same patience with people and controling your emotions.

    I think for the first time, we saw how JH’s apa’s wanting to protect JH has hurt JH’s growth. Specifically when Dad watched Son wipe up the spill he caused at the cafe and say that “JH has never gotten his hands dirty before.”

    It made me realize why he wouldn’t have thought of this “undercover boss” idea himself, and why ES is exactly what this family needs to shake them up a bit.

  32. wow, then i am waiting for JH to find his own dream and establish even his own small company (with ES) that would not bother him:D and MW can run the family company:D that would be good:D this drama will give us a satisfying ending for all characters i believe! and we dont hate any of the characters that’s such a good side of this drama:D LOL^^

  33. Surprisingly I’ve come to really like Na yoon. She could have easily been made the bad guy, but she’s actually pretty loveable and has a poignant story. I hope Na yoon, Eun seol and Myung ran can be BFFs. They are pretty hilarious together!

    Now that Ji heon’s Dad accepts Eun seol I wonder if later on something will happen to make Moo won’s Mom accept her too. That 180 change would be pretty funny 🙂

  34. The BIG Question is which way is the better choice: JiHeon or Moo Won ?
    JiHeon is willing to go into EunSeol’s world (since she’s doesn’t like his world) & MooWon is willing to change his world so that it’s acceptable to EunSeol.

    Personally, MooWon’s way is a lot better (that way both can learn to meet each other half way). As for JiHeon, I just don’t like it because JiHeon’s born w/ a silver spoon in his mouth & it would be hard for him to adjust fully to EunSeol’s neighborhood.

    • I dunno though, sure he was born with a silver spoon, but he adjusted to the coffee shop fairly quickly. I think the demands of Eunsol’s ‘world’ would be easier for him to handle than the demands of the ‘world’ his father wants him to live in. He can’t handle the pressure and he’s not interested in power plays or company leadership. You can live a happy, complete life even if you’re not a chaebol, and him choosing to do that with Eun Sol would make me really happy. Its like a reverse Cinderella story.

  35. Realistically though, I think JH is every bit as idealistic as MW in this episode.

    It’s a sweet notion, giving up everything to ‘come into her world’ (as is the unrealistic idea of changing a world for her) but, the way JH’s grown up…. I dont think he’d adapt very well to a working man’s world. With social stigma of mental illnesses, I think his position as Director is very beneficial to him… If he were to loose that position, I think it’d be even more difficult for him to deal with society (I know he made made amazing progress at the coffee shop, but still…)

    It would be nice if he was able to create a company from scratch, tailored to his own interests and needs that is successful. In that sense, it would be more believable imo.

  36. Ockoala, cant agree more about yr insights on this episode. I really hope the drama will take the trajectory as you mentioned. We marvel how the characters are quietly but bravely evolving and growing. Indeed, Eun Seol is precious to all of them. Thanks for recapping/reviewing PTB! Love it to bits 🙂

  37. One thing i like the most about your recap is u have so much vocab which is help me a lot in writing english essay. Thanks kaola. But of course, not only that, PTB also one of the reason I love to read your recap..hehehehe 🙂

  38. I was a bit afraid to say “I love Protect the Boss”, because I’ve said that about a lot of shows and was disappointed along the way. Episode 10 has made me fully give in. I LOVE Protect the Boss. The writing, acting, and tone are just right. The characters are almost too good be true, because they are so real in their motivations and feelings. It’s both hilarious and deep. PTB is like a complete show. It goes beyond the stereotypes and cliches to explore what real people would do and feel. Why does it ever have to end?

  39. I really love Chairman Cha and that secretary of his, Jang. Although Jang often looks petrified of his boss, he still gives direct answers – knowing full well he’d suffer from the boss’ fiery temper. Jang’s steadfast loyalty to the Chairman is truly admirable.

    CJH has demonstrated that he is a fast learner when he puts his mind to do something. So far, his catalyst has been NES. Granted, he has a long way to go learning the ropes in the family business when compared to CMW. But who knows how JH will fare when pitted against MW, if he’s given enough time to work in the company?

    Whether JH emerges a better or worse leader than CW is one matter. It has been mentioned before, the crux remains if JH’d want to be at the helm of the company, even if he proves his capability as the man for the top job.

    I can’t wait to discover the final outcome for everyone in this terrific series. Can’t believe we only have 6 more episodes to the finale.

  40. This drama is so tightly woven every episode counts. We see stellar performances from the ensemble cast, each actor is given his/her time to shine. I am liking how the characters are played out…there is always an element of surprise, in fact, I’m loving the characters so much, flaws, quirks and all…I feel like this is the first time that I’m not invested in the romantic storyline. Chairman Cha & Na Yoon great acting.

  41. After mulling it over for a few day I realize I am, and should be concerned about the Chairman Cha’s health. Too many people have been commenting on his health, as in the fact that his face doesn’t look right for it not to add up to something.

    I think the Chairman Cha’s health is going to sideline him and Ji-Heon (with assistance from No Eun Seol) and Moo Won will have to take over management of the company and work together.

    I also think Ji-Heon, Moo Won and Na Yoon are going to work together to change chaebol land/neighborhood so that it is less off-putting for No Eun Seol, and it becomes a place where the junior chaebols can live happily with friend and lovers.

    • Oh dear, I hope they don’t go down the chaebol boss gets sick route … I like the Chairman all hale and hearty … this drama is so unpredictable anything can happen though. Like in the episode 11 preview we see the chairman laughing with Moo Won’s mum? What gives? I have totally stopped trying to guess what happens next as I know I’d be wrong 😉

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