KBS Releases First Teaser for Poseidon

Hhhmm, not bad, not bad at all. The first trailer for Poseidon has dropped, and it’s piqued my interest somewhat. The action looks sharp and the actors look great together. While I don’t think this drama is going for major angst the way IRIS did (and Athena tried), it’s nice to see that it’s a serious procedural, though likely with some comedic edges. Choi Siwon is no stranger to the action drama, having been part of the ensemble cast for Athena, so I think his comfort with action sequences should be a great asset to portraying his character. Poseidon premieres in less than 10 days on KBS.

Teaser for Poseidon:


KBS Releases First Teaser for Poseidon — 20 Comments

  1. I have never tried waching an action filled korean drama. The reason why Im going to try is because of siwon. Looool, i know so shallow. Never knw he was a performer until i watched mr simple. Im not really a fan of kpop music though tlall of them are really catchy, well most though. Im more of a korean drama fan. 😀

  2. oooh the teaser looks great. Now I’m absolutely interested in this…not that I wasn’t before when it’s Choi Siwon…..^_^

  3. Siwon definitely has the chops for action. He’s actually a black belt in tae kwon do. And I hope we get to see him kick major butt in this drama…and the more he does it shirtless, the better. ^_^

  4. A drama to defiinitely check out and hopefully, after so much negative
    publicity and postponement, it will gain the favor of the public.

  5. I’m soo inlove with him!!!!Siwon oppaa!!!thanks unnie Hoping you will recap this kdrama.
    but i will still play here even if you wont!!!

  6. I remember reading this was supposed to be a Korean NCIS, but this looks way more serious. I don’t have an opinion either way. I’m always down for an action comedy, but action thrillers are good too. Cinematography looks great too!

  7. It’s Siwon. They could film him sitting in a chair, staring back into the camera and I’d be totally mesmerized.
    What?! I’m shallow. So?!

  8. Whenever a Korean opens a car trunk and has this disgusted look on his face, I am reminded of that very disturbing scene with Won Bin in the Ahjussi movie. That really was a shocker.

    Cracked me up that all the previous comments were SiWon-related. Such a noona-killer! 😛 ^^

    His interactions with Lee Shi Young are looking good, and I would love to see her kick some a**, the way she does on the ring in real life. Btw, wonder if we’ll get to see some bromance with Yunho, who appears to be some bad guy? SM Entertainment’s managing staff sure does know how to sell their “products”.

  9. I am really praying for Koala to love this drama so I can get the recaps and all the info!!!
    I am sooo excited to watch this one!! I am truly counting the days for SMW to be over and make room for Poseidon!!!!!!!! 😉

  10. Wait, is Yunho still in this? I didn’t know that, I wonder what he’ll be doing. Anyway, the trailer looks pretty good, thankfully. Hope it’s good, love Siwon and LSY, but it’d be hard to sit through a bad drama just for them.

  11. did i just say choi si won is so damn fine man!! definitely watching this, i dont care if the ratings are low. i like the fact that this drama is different than the others where the story focuses on the sea.

  12. Wow, the preview looks so good 🙂 Although I often don’t link Korean “action” drama, I think i will watch this. I always think that SW looks like a playboy LOL. And he’s freakin handsome too. xD

    About Yunho, i wonder if his character is important to the story, or just a cameo? Man, how can you resist this drama when it has TWO SEXY HOT GUYS IN IT? LOL I sound like a fangirl here xD, to be true, I’ll watch this drama because i’m interested in the story :”>

    Hope Poseidon come out a good drama 🙂

  13. shesh!
    everyone’s crazy with Choi Siwon…

    anyway…. is Yunho still in the drama? cus i kept seeing him in this teaser… or am i crazy?

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