Kim Tae Hee Channels Classic Sexy for High Cut Magazine

I’m the kind of drama fan that one good performance can really change the way I view an actor. Prior to My Princess, Kim Tae Hee was on my shit list, despite her sunny disposition and inability to take a bad picture. But after MP, while I’ll never consider her a good actress, her performance as Lee Seol was just that wonderful to watch, equal parts sassy, sweet, charming, and touching, all the things that I really appreciate she delivered. I think she’ll get a lot of passes from me going forward, but it’s not hard to do. She’s a smart actress with a great personality. I hope she gets a great reception in Japan for her first dorama airing this fall. Her latest photoshoot for High Cut is simply breathtaking, sexy and slightly provocative.

[Credit: High Cut Magazine]


Kim Tae Hee Channels Classic Sexy for High Cut Magazine — 13 Comments

  1. I think she is gorgeus to look at but as an actress she is incredibly weak. Yes she was absolutely charming in MP, I don’t know if that was because it was a romcom that suited her more or just luck. I’m worried that Nishijima Hidetoshi who is a incredible versatile actor will overshadow her. But It seems the dorama they will be making is a romcom so let’s hope it’s good.

    • i thought i would be butchered if i said that, i thought she could have done better in IRIS as well.

      someone i did not like the second picture with the flash reflecting in the mirror. the first picture could have had better expression. all three pics seem same somehow.

  2. Hope I will not get mugged here but I could not understand how Korea is so hang up on the beauty of Kim Tae Hee when there are other outstanding beauties I’ve seen from other posts. A Classic beauty would be Song Hye Kyo (looks cold though) ; a charming one would be Lee Na Young (not pretty but charming) there are many more but definitely KTH though pretty is not beautiful enough to be considerd “the beauty”. Sorry I am not a fan nor an anti – just stating my opinion.

  3. mmm…. am just wondering if SSH is salivating over any of these pics at all…

    Thanks to koala for posting such beeeautiful pictures. Also, totally agree with what you said. Although I still think her acting chops are not fantastic but passable. Do think the other beauty SHK has more acting talent.

    Well, whatever it is, she is bestowed with good genes. same goes for her bro, LW.

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