Joseph Chang Goes Stylish For Esquire Taiwan

You know there is this description of a guy as a “man’s man”? Somehow that doesn’t seem adequate (i.e. manly) enough to describe Joseph Chang. Maybe man’s man’s man then? Just looking at his latest photo shoot for Esquire Taiwan leaves me an incoherent blubbery mess, my brain stuck somewhere between squealing and staring slack jawed in awed silence. This guy is born to be a star, with the acting chops and the onscreen charisma to burn up the celluloid. You betcha money I’m going to follow his career from now on. There are days when I wish Drunken to Love You could just keep going, just so I can get a weekly dosage of Joseph/Jie Xiu on my screen.

Up next for Joseph is a movie called Boyfriend Girlfriend, where Joseph and leading lady Kwai Lun Mei will be playing a pair of lovers from high school until their 40s. Have a picture from the media day for the movie.

[Credit: Esquire Taiwan]


Joseph Chang Goes Stylish For Esquire Taiwan — 29 Comments

  1. oh Ms Koala, you’re been like a purveyor of fine men in the East Asian drama-sphere…. Joseph, Mike, Ryo and more….. but Jospeh is in a league of his own….. it’s so rare to find a leading man his age with the gravitas and acting chops..AND doesn’t look like a pretty boy. Yes, he’s pretty in his own right… but he’s so NOT A BOY. Which we all should be glad for, cos we won’t come off as perves oogling at this new set of pictures this way…

    but ANYWAYS.. Jospeh and Kwai Lun Mei is like the meeting of the best of what TW has to offer in terms of young up and coming actors…. I’ve loved Kwai since watching her and Chen Bo Lin (yes, the guy who is Ariel’s new leading man) in Blue Gate Crossing, which to this day ranks waaaaay high up there in my list of TW-youth themed movies…. She’s got such a luminosity about her yet a certain restraint and understatedness to her acting that I would be VERY INTERESTED in seeing how she plays off Joseph’s intensity… any further synopsis on what this movie is gonna be about?

  2. Joseph Chang has rugged good looks, charisma AND enough sex appeal to fill Marianas Trench several times over. The man doesn’t even need to show skin to look sexy (not that I object seeing him with too few clothing =P). *squee*

  3. Ms Koala…thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to DTLY.
    Joseph Chang is the only actor that reduces me to a quivering mass.That is a MAN nothing to do with his acting chops or looks.Oh my poor heart… must remember to br…ea..the.Slowly.

  4. Mmmmm….. On another note, I recently finished Que Sera Sera and remember thinking that Eric really resembled Joseph Chang. Don’t know if it’s the facial features or just the vibe they both give off onscreen…Or maybe it’s just me, heh.

    • joseph chang is the guy which every girl wanted to be with, he makes me dream of a guy like him, i love his character in Drunken to love you, if it’s gonna be in real life i will never regret to marry him accidentally

  5. First time ever commenting in your blog.
    And all I can say is….blablehbluh…*mumbles incoherently*
    can’t get enough of Joseph Chang *wipe drool*
    I know what you mean by him being a man’s man’s man. On any other guy, that turquoise velvet tux will made them look like Ricky Martin during his denial phase.

  6. I so agree with your analysis, assesment or what eva you want to call it because you are on point (caribbean island slang). He has the rugged look, the sensitve look, the manly look and on top of it all he can act. I too will follow his career very closely. The only thing i have to say is who ever female lead the match him up with better be good.

  7. The first time I saw Joseph Chang in Drunken To Love You, I was sobered up. Gah, the man is a man!!!! 🙂 Yes agree with all of you. He’s the got the sensitivity, the passion, the body, the acting, the charisma and HE’S NOT A PRETTY BOY… 🙂 Wohoo for that.

    thanks for sharing this.

  8. In this era where androgynous lipstick wearing boy -men appear to be the fad,Joseph Chang stands out as a true MAN ! No posturing,rugged,tanned,a little unkempt at times,natural,spontaneous n oozing with hot blooded masculinity.still shipping him with Rainie coz she s the perfect foil for him!thanks koala ..such eye candy..drool.

  9. *sighs* I just can’t get enough of Joseph Chang! He is the ultimate man.

    oh and he looks like Uhm Tae Wong on the 3rd and 4th photo.

  10. This, my friend, is fine. Fvcking fine. Too fine for my own good. I’m kinda tired by the growing population of pretty boys and Mr. Chang here, well he’s nothing short of awesome.

  11. i love the way u pose like that hehehe u look hot without the shirt i like u since i watch drunken to love you still drunken to love you aired in philippines i like u and rainie love team i feel the chessyness i hope u can make romantic and comedy scenes 🙂

  12. He looks like Uhm Tea Wong & Eric in some photos. My god, he’s way too sexy & mature. Will follow his career & wish him a movie star like Tony Leung- the great actor that he admire.

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