Protect the Boss Episode 11 Recap

This was an interesting episode of Protect the Boss, one that is starting to make me notice that the love triangle might be the weakest link in the story. While it was refreshing to see Moo Won and Ji Heon honestly declare their feelings for Eun Seol out in the open, and for their pursuit to be candid and direct, somehow I feel like there has been no real forward momentum in 5 episodes. Whereas there has been a purposeful movement on the business side of things, with Ji Heon’s professional maturation and personal growth really making leaps and bounds. I like how the drama balances all the elements deftly, but do long for some emotional breakthrough sooner rather than later.

Episode 11 recap:

Ji Heon asks if he can enter Eun Seol’s world, whereas Moo Won declares that he will change his world so that Eun Seol is satisfied with it. Ji Heon thinks Moo Won is breaking the rules. Moo Won complains that it’s Ji Heon who keeps interjecting himself. Both guys tell each other to finish their business here and scram.

Eun Seol is just so frustrated by so much attention heaped on her and tells them both to be quiet. She is grateful for their attention, but it’s making her feel suffocated. Ji Heon tells her to stop being so dramatic and calm down. Eun Seol gets pissed and punches Ji Heon.

She asks Ji Heon if working part time for a few days makes him think he can come into her world? She concedes he’s making a lot of effort. But he comes from such a rich family, what does he know about the world! She asks again if he wants to come to her? He says yes, so she tells him to go ahead because Korea is a country with free will for all. But she warns Ji Heon that if he asks her for charity, she’ll slay him.

Eun Seol turns around and goes to threaten Moo Won as well, asking if he’s scared of her now? This is her real personality – violent and unreasonable, someone who lives the way she’s always wanted to live. But because of them two, she can’t do what she wants now. She can’t cut herself in half for each of them.

Finally Eun Seol pokes herself in the head, confessing that she’s the worst one of the lot. She punches herself in the face and the boys worry about her. Suddenly she realizes that she may have just punched the guys a moment ago. She just apologizes for losing her temper and goes inside. Ji Heon asks Moo Won to talk with him, and when Moo Won refuses, Ji Heon drags Moo Won off to talk.

Na Yoon watches wrestling on TV with Myung Ran, not understanding why Myung Ran participates in this sport. Myung Ran scolds Na Yoon for being born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Na Yoon snerks that this sport isn’t even popular in Korea. Myung Ran gets excited about the fight and waves her arm around, which smacks Na Yoon in the face.

The girls see Eun Seol come in looking pretty wiped out and lurking behind the wall. Na Yoon scolds Eun Seol for sneaking in without making herself known. Eun Seol knocks her head on the wall, saying she wants to get rid of her complicated thoughts. She can’t continue this way for much longer. Na Yoon sprays her relaxing mist on Eun Seol. Heh.

Ji Heon offers to invest his money in Moo Won’s mom’s bid for the company. Moo Won asks why? Ji Heon says it’s for Eun Seol, otherwise Eun Seol will worry about Moo Won’s situation. Moo Won doesn’t want any pity investment from Ji Heon, who says this is not pity, he’ll give Moo Won a air tight business contract for the investment.

Ji Heon also asks for a truce with Moo Won. Moo Won concedes that it’s driving Eun Seol crazy. If Moo Won is tired by all this, Ji Heon offers to comfort him. Moo Won laughs at Ji Heon. Ji Heon grabs Moo Won for a hug, which Moo Won breaks free of in shock. Moo Won asks if Ji Heon is crazy, to which Ji Heon huffs at Moo Won’s ungratefulness towards his gesture.

Moo Won goes home and asks him mom if she’s been plotting against the Chairman. Moo Won’s mom confesses buying Director Park as a spy to meet with directors to get them on her side and dig up dirt on the Chairman. But she doesn’t think the Chairman could have possibly found out. The Chairman was pretty obtuse about Eun Seol, no way he could have sussed her plotting out. But later Moo Won’s mom calls Director Park and tells him to be careful. She tells Director Park that the Chairman appears to be keeping things from him recently, which is odd.

The Chairman is flipping channels when grandma walks over to smack him. Grandma asks him to help Seok Hee. The Chairman refuses, wondering which side his mom is on. Grandma tells him that both boys are her grandsons. The Chairman asks why grandma supported making Ji Heon the successor then? Grandma confesses that she backed Ji Heon to help him get over his phobia. The Chairman whines that his mom ought to be protecting him and Ji Heon, because they are the kind and good party.

Grandma walks away and the Chairman follows. He sits her down to give her a shoulder rub. Ji Heon watches this and smiles, announcing that he’s home. Ji Heon goes to talk with his Eun Seol cut out. He sighs that she’s lost her spirit recently, where did the bun head girl go?

Ji Heon promises to keep summoning his patience to pursue her, so she has to wait for him. The Chairman peeks into the room and sees his son talking with it and yells at Ji Heon for being a pervert. The Chairman says he has consented to Ji Heon and Eun Seol because he wants Ji Heon to work hard. He’s making an effort, so Ji Heon needs to make the effort. Before leaving, the Chairman suggests Ji Heon get himself a bigger card board cutout.

Eun Seol and Na Yoon chat during the night as Na Yoon crawls into bed with Myung Ran because she’s sore from sleeping on the ground. Eun Seol wonders how two guys managed to make the once fearless Eun Seol into a coward lately.

Na Yoon mentions a movie where the lead lives with two men happily, dreaming that she’s laying in bed sandwiched between Moo Won and Ji Heon. Na Yoon tells herself to wake up, she’s no longer the heroine of this story anymore. Eun Seol imagines herself laying between Ji Heon and Moo Won, but remembering her dad’s warning that not choosing will only hurt both guys in the end. She tells herself it’s got to end now, she won’t be a coward anymore and will live her life as she wants to.

Eun Seol arrives at Ji Heon’s house to wake him up, reminding herself to be honest. She runs into the Chairman in the yard, who asks her to treat Ji Heon better, otherwise why is his boy taken to cuddling with that “thing” (card board Eun Seol). She runs into Ji Heon’s room to find him dressed and sleeping on the recliner. She leans down to watch him sleep.

Ji Heon stirs so Eun Seol prods him to get up now. Ji Heon informs Eun Seol that he’s going to change her back to the crazy bun head girl of yore, because she’s been so dispirited recently. From now on, he will cease all liking No Eun Seol activities until she returns to normal. He has her chant the boss as teacher mantra again. He reminds her of ALL the rules he laid down when she first came to work for him.

Eun Seol smiles and says today she has lunch planned with Uncle Bong already. Ji Heon can’t stand this Uncle Bong who keeps monopolizing Eun Seol’s time. Eun Seol waits for Ji Heon to change, murmuring that just when she intended not to be fearful anymore (i.e. she intended to accept Ji Heon’s feelings)…..

Moo Won apologizes to the Chairman for what his mom did, and for his rudeness towards his elder the other day. But he reminds the Chairman that what he did to Moo Won’s mom was wrong, and so Moo Won has no choice but to take action via the law for the Chairman interfering in the bid.

Moo Won begs the Chairman to please stop now and fix things before it can’t be fixed anymore. The Chairman doesn’t answer. Moo Won decides to take legal action against the Chairman for interfering in the bid and aligning with the other company. He consults a lawyer, and meets with his mom on the next steps.

Moo Won surprises Eun Seol coming out of the elevator and explains he’ll be busy in the near future and won’t be able to surprise her or torture her much. She has faith in his ability to accomplish his goal. He thanks her for supporting him.

The secretary informs the Chairman that Moo Won and his mom have managed to get the funds necessary for the increased winning bid. Though Moo Won’s mom’s company stock is suffering, the public isn’t happy with the Chairman either, calling this a dirty family feud aired in public.

Eun Seol meets the Chairman who gives her money for doing her job well. Eun Seol teases, asking if she ought to act surprised if the amount is too high. He smiles and says she earned it. The Chairman asks to head out to continue their chat because it’s stuffy in his office. They run into Director Park in the elevator, who worries that the Chairman is onto him.

The Chairman notices marks on the back of Director Park’s neck, who confesses he’s seen a doctor recently. The Chairman tells Director Park that he considers him along with Secretary Jang to be his right and left hand at the company. The Chairman purposely engages Eun Seol in a conversation about trustworthy people and the need to punish betrayers.

After the Director steps out, Eun Seol asks the Chairman if Director Park was the traitor in the midst. The Chairman realizes that Eun Seol knew what he was getting at, which is why she played along. He’s even more taken with her intelligence and perceptive abilities. She wonders if the Chairman is really going to punish the Director. The Chairman says he’s not crazy, wanting to avoid another bout of community service. This time he’ll let the Director punish himself.

Director Park staggers out of the elevator and finds Secretary Jang, asking if the Chairman mentioned him recently? Secretary Jang says of course, the Chairman treats them like his right and left hands. If anyone betrayed him, the Chairman will dice him into pieces. Or so he said after watching a sageuk last night. Hahahaha. The Director is officially freaked out.

Eun Seol and the Chairman eat neong myun and she takes his bowl to prepare it for him, showing him the best technique. When Eun Seol blows on her noodles, the Chairman wonders why since the noodle is already cold. Eun Seol apologizes, she just eats too much ramyun that it’s become a habit. The Chairman tells her to take better care of her body, since she’s going to be his family soon.

The Chairman tells Eun Seol that he approves of her dating Ji Heon now. She wonders why he changed his mind? The Chairman says that he’ll get rid of her background and lack of education by sending her abroad to study after Ji Heon is all better. He wants to clean her up. Eun Seol declines. Does the Chairman think she’s dirty therefore needs cleaning?

The Chairman says the problem isn’t Eun Seol, it’s the people who will be judging Eun Seol. He just wants to get rid of that obstacle for her. But the Chairman has one condition, Eun Seol has to help Ji Heon become the successor. Eun Seol doesn’t know how. The Chairman says all she needs to be do is stay beside Ji Heon.

The Chairman says it’s only been Moo Won and his mom that have given him headaches, but now Eun Seol has joined the ranks. Eun Seol asks for a favor – once Ji Heon gets better, she wants to transfer to another department. It doesn’t matter if she dates Ji Heon or not, staying in the secretary office isn’t ideal. The Chairman asks if she’s worried about how Moo Won will feel?

Eun Seol heads to the coffee shop to find Ji Heon. At the coffee shop, Ji Heon sees a purposely difficult customer who is rude to his coworker. The guy wants to make a scene, so Ji Heon reveals his identity as the person in charge at this coffee shop, and his dad is the famous Chairman Cha Bong Man. Ji Heon schools the customer on treating employees with disrespect. Eun Seol watches this scene and smiles.

The coworker wonders why he was the only one kept in the dark? Eun Seol walks up and refers to Ji Heon as a man, which makes him totally giddy. They head out to sit at the park bench and she mentions how employee benefits are never given to part timers, which Ji Heon agrees to change if he runs the company.

Ji Heon keeps staring at Eun Seol so she averts her face and asks him to stop looking. Ji Heon smiles that she appears to have gotten her spirit back a little. Ji Heon confesses that he made a pact with Moo Won that he’s going to break right now. Ji Heon leans in to kiss Eun Seol on the forehead, while his hand caresses the side of her face. Seriously? So damn romantic.

Eun Seol tells him to cease, she needs to figure things out first. Ji Heon agrees to summon all his patience to keep waiting for her. He heads back to work, saying goodbye to his pet rock. Ji Heon runs back to the coffee shop and grabs his coworker for a bear hug, confessing he’s so happy he wants to hug anyone in sight.

Na Yoon summons up her courage to go visit her mom at her mom’s art gallery. Na Yoon’s mom sees her errant daughter and immediately gets all teary. Na Yoon asks her mom if she’s crying because she misses her? When she tries to hug her mom, her mom is still angry and pushes her off. Turns out Na Yoon is here to ask her mom to support Moo Won without any conditions.

Na Yoon says she won’t be coming home. Her mom says supporting Moo Won is business and Na Yoon shouldn’t interfere. Moo Won arrives and asks Na Yoon’s mom which side she intends to align with, his mom or the Chairman, because her shares alone are not enough to have a majority stake in DN Group. Na Yoon’s mom says she’s buying stocks purely as a security.

Na Yoon walks out with Moo Won, complimenting him on being really cool back there, but her mom is not so easily cowed. Moo Won confesses he’s resorted to borrowing money left and right these days. Na Yoon wonders if Moo Won has seen Eun Seol lately? He says he’s been too busy, but he’s avoiding her because he’s afraid she’ll reject him. Na Yoon is annoyed and says Moo Won’s in such a sad state lately. When Na Yoon gets up to leave, her heel gets stuck in a grate and requires Moo Won to bend down and extricate her shoe. He laughs at her as she thanks him.

Grandma has the entire clan assembled for dinner. The Chairman and Moo Won’s mom glare at each other across the table, until grandma tells them to stop it. Grandma asks Moo Won’s mom how much more money she needs, and says she’ll lend it to her. She tells her son to also lend money if he can, to which Ji Heon pipes up that he’s already offered to lend his money.

Moo Won confirms Ji Heon lent him money, but it was a very small amount. Hahaha. Grandma asks Moo Won to withdraw the lawsuit. Moo Won’s mom thanks grandma, who she felt was not often fair before. Grandma warns them that if they pull this stunt again, whether it’s her son or daughter-in-law, she won’t forgive either of them. The Chairman and Moo Won’s mom are cowed.

Grandma announces that all the original founders of DN group are still loyal to her, so if she got them all aligned with her, she can topple either warring side. She asks both sides to battle fairly once and for all. She will support the person with the ability and character to succeed the company. The Chairman thinks this criteria is not fair to Ji Heon, who asks his dad to be quiet.

Grandma tells her son and daughter-in-law to make up now – and sincerely make up and not just pretend to make up on the surface. Moo Won’s mom sits down to tea with the Chairman and grandma checks up on them to make sure they are making up. They both notice and agree to stop fighting.

Moo Won is in Ji Heon’s room and checks out his toy figures collection. Ji Heon offers to give Moo Won what he wants. Moo Won takes more than one. When Ji Heon raises his hand and tells Moo Won to take what he wants but don’t go overboard. Moo Won asks if Ji Heon broke the rules already (with Eun Seol). Ji Heon’s silence answers that question, and Moo Won gives Ji Heon a kick in the rear end as he huffs out of the room.

Eun Seol goes home bearing groceries, which are knocked to the ground when Na Yoon purposely bumps into her. Na Yoon grumbles that she’s allowed to be jealous, no? Eun Seol tells Na Yoon to just hit her, since the fruit is expensive. Na Yoon confirms that she’s allowed to hit Eun Seol in the future if she’s jealous, right? Eun Seol says sure, but she’s not to blame if her reflexes make her hit back.

Moo Won holds a press conference announcing that it was just rumors that they didn’t have the funds for the bid. Eun Seol reads the news and is pleased. The other secretaries remind Eun Seol that it’s time for her English class. Her English teacher asks why she’s down lately, and tells her to cheer up.

Eun Seol passes Moo Won in the corridor and he just nods hello. Ji Heon grabs Eun Seol and takes her to a staff meeting with the coffee shop employees to hear their suggestions on improving work benefits. Eun Seol and Ji Heon dive right into preparing for Ji Heon’s upcoming presentation on running the coffee shop enterprise. They go to the public park where Ji Heon practices his speech.

Moo Won and his mom attend a meeting finalizing the acquisition. His mom is happy and pats her son on the behind. She notices her son is pretty down lately, and confirms that it’s because of Eun Seol. Though she wonders why her son won’t lie in front of her that it’s about something else.

Ji Heon gets ready for his presentation, with Eun Seol telling him that he’s put so much effort into it, he can do it. He asks what to do if he starts shaking, and she tells him to go ahead and shake. Ji Heon grabs Eun Seol and asks her to look at him, so that he can get used having eyes trained on him during the presentation.

Ji Heon enters the board room and walks up to the podium. He takes a deep breath and remembers what Eun Seol said to him. The Chairman worries is about to offer to present on behalf of his son when Ji Heon starts talking. Ji Heon nails the presentation as everyone watches, especially the Chairman who beams with pride and happiness at seeing his only son accomplishing so much and trying so hard. Eun Seol waits outside nervously. When he finishes, the Chairman starts clapping first and everyone follows suit.

After the meeting, Ji Heon walks out and immediately high fives and hugs Eun Seol, who confesses she listened to the presentation through the crack in the door. Moo Won heads back to his office and finds out from his secretary that Eun Seol has requested a transfer to another department and there is a job notice out to fill her position. Moo Won gets a call from Eun Seol.

Ji Heon and Eun Seol walk out and she declines his offer to take her home. He wonders if she’s meeting that Uncle Bong again. Said Uncle Bong/the Chairman walks out and mutters about that Uncle Bong feller. He compliments Ji Heon and the friend of Uncle Bong for both accomplishing a commendable goal today. Ji Heon smiles to get this validation from his dad.

The moms meet, with Na Yoon’s mom wondering why Moo Won’s mom upset since everything got resolved in the end. Moo Won’s mom is upset that her Moo Won might lose to Ji Heon. Na Yoon’s mom says Moo Won’s mom ought to just get back at the Chairman. Moo Won’s mom wisely declines, saying she’ll get in trouble with her mother-in-law if she’s bad again. Then Moo Won’s mom wonders what she can do to cause trouble?

Ji Heon finds out from his dad that Eun Seol is transferring to another department. Ji Heon immediately rushes out, but yells at his dad for not telling him earlier. The Chairman thinks Ji Heon has a right to lose his temper today, especially after what he accomplished.

Moo Won asks Eun Seol to please cancel the transfer, if it’s intended to avoid Moo Won. He concedes that he knows how she feels and has put a lot of thought into it. It might be lame, but he hopes that they can be friends. Even if they can’t, he wants to make the effort. If Eun Seol just disappeared like that, Moo Won worries he might get lost. He asks Eun Seol just to stay within his line of sight.

Moo Won drives Eun Seol home. Eun Seol confesses that she doesn’t know what the right thing to do is. But she will take into consideration what he asked of her. Moo Won asks Eun Seol if it’s okay, if just once, it’s okay? In front of the staircase to her apartment, he pulls her in for a hug. Eun Seol lets Moo Won hug her.

The camera pulls away and we see Ji Heon watching all of this from where he is standing higher on the staircase.

Thoughts of Mine:

I think the Chairman might just be my favorite character in this drama. I can’t say anymore that his actions surprise me, because he’s been consistent in his behavior since episode 1. It’s really that his character construct surprises me – the way he loves Ji Heon without doting on him, the way he banters with his mom, the way he respects and appreciates Eun Seol. All of that I have never seen before, and really treasure the most in PTB. A well-written father figure that feels human and not a paragon of virtue is definitely a keeper.

I’m not surprised the betrayal arc and the acquisition infighting was resolved so quickly, because this drama never lets a plot point fester and mold. Grandma finally laid down the battle rules, and it’s really up to Moo Won and Ji Heon to convince the company they are the best person to take over the reins. While I know Moo Won’s mom might be up to more shenanigans, ultimately I understand her frustration, and am content knowing she’s not truly dastardly and does things more to annoy the Chairman.

I like Na Yoon so much that I want her character development to get some more screen time. I don’t care if she pairs up with Moo Won anymore, because I like her for who she is, not who ends up with. Same goes for Moo Won, who I find a little too mopey over Eun Seol in this episode. Maybe it’s Jaejoong’s lack of heady romantic chemistry with Choi Kang Hee (whereas Ji Sung has more chemistry with her), but I just don’t get any strong emotional projection from Moo Won onto Eun Seol. Moo Won says it, but he doesn’t make me feel it. So I can’t really feel all that bad for him losing out on the girl. I do get a very strong good friends vibe between Moo Won and Eun Seol, so I hope they can manage to be friends in the end.

Sometimes I find PTB so meta, like when viewers bemoan Eun Seol for turning weak willed and passive, she immediately chides herself for the same behavior and tries to overcome it. I’ve noticed that Ji Heon gets the lion’s share of character development. Eun Seol gets more screen time, but her character ultimately hasn’t changed much since episode 1, which is a gripe I now have with the drama. But if I treat her character as the catalyst and not the persons being changed, then it’s understandable. I’m thrilled with how the plot continues to be so charming and satisfying, but find myself eager for a little romantic catharsis that comes with the OTP taking their relationship to the next stage.


Protect the Boss Episode 11 Recap — 54 Comments

  1. Thank you for the recap unni! I think that 50% of the reason I look forward to this show so much is for the Cha family antics, 20% for the Moo Won-Ji Heon bromance, 15% for the Na Yoon-Myung Ran-Eun Seol-BFFL-ness and 15% for Ji Heon-Eun Seol. That’s about 85% of awesomeness that has nothing to do with the OTP, and I can’t get enough!! 😀

  2. “Moo Won says it, but he doesn’t make me feel it. So I can’t really feel all that bad for him losing out on the girl.”

    I thinks anytime Eun Sul met Mu Won, she too strong emotional projection to Mu Won, but it’s not logic!!

    Like ending this ep or ep 10, if you see Eun Sul, her face, you can mistake that she and Mu Won together, and Ji Hun only second…

    Choi Kang Hee’s acting too excessive, because made me feeling that Eun Sul not love Ji Hun, she love Mu Won and Ji Hun is her fuss ????

    p/s: sorry, eng not good ^^

    • In what ways do you find CKH’s acting excessive??? Did she even hug back or suggest in any body language that she is in love with MW?

      If we want to blame the script writer, she has only one major problem, which is also her biggest virtue, that is, she wants to make the situation too realistic. Basically MW doesn’t even allow her to say no even if he knows the answer already. And MW also knows the weakness of ES, that is, she has this desire to try to administer everyone’s needs. Her virtue of trying to be a mother taking care of everyone is also her tragic flaw. In the context of drama, especially a rom-com like PTB, the audience won’t have the patience to feel the pull-and-push in a real life situation.

      Actually, I feel so bad for CKH. In fact, as ockoala points out, ES’ character is the least developed and her mere presence only serves to unfold all the relationship between the Cha’s family members. As a movie actress with her stature (she is really a recognized veteran actress in Korea), she is taking the blame within the drama and outside the drama. I saw many dramas and films of hers, and I still like the character of ES a lot. But still, deep inside of me, I wish the script writer can just let her leave DN corporation. She also needs to find a sense of self-fulfillment outside the circle of the Cha’s.

      My ultimate OTP is ES-MR!! Drama god, leave ES alone, please. (just kidding)

      • I felt bad for CKH too. Such an excellent actress but seems like her character is being exploited for the reason I can’t figure out.

      • oh.. so sorry… I know Choi Kang Hee sii a talent actress

        may be we should blame the script writer, because I realy don’t like Eun Sul continue with 2 man!!

  3. a gree with you, but 50_50 ^^
    because, who gets the lion’s share of character development is Mu Won… Only 2 ep ( ep 10 and ep 11)… Mu Won appear more than Ji Hun, development too… while Ji Hun too slowly!!!

    I like when Ji Hun look seriously, wow… Man!!
    but, it too little~~

  4. Thanks for the recap! I want to lay on the grass between MW and JH too!

    Yay JH for getting through that speech and making his dad proud. I love Chairman Cha’s proud-dad face!

    I’m glad the whole acquisition issue was resolved so quickly. It wouldn’t have made sense for powerful Grandma to not interfere and knock some sense into her son and daughter-in-law.

    Usually, I like to see some character growth, but I also really like how ES has remained the same and remained true to herself even after developing feelings for JH. Most rom-com heroines tend to change for the worse- getting all weak and mopey because of their feelings for the hero, whom they have just met a few months/weeks ago. I LOLed when JH noticed that ES was feeling down and how he wants her to go back to normal, because usually at this point in a kdrama, I tend to say the same thing abt a kdrama’s heroine.

  5. Thanks for the recap! Maybe it’s just me, but I felt that, in spite of the hug at the end, this episode was starting to wind down the love triangle. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  6. I love this show so much, but I am getting tired of E not making her decision. We all know who she is leaning towards. She just needs to say the words. I was so happy when JH declared that he likes E in ep 5. I thought how refreshing to see it so early on, but if I knew the writer was going taking this long 4 E to make her decision I think it would have been better if JH declared he liked her later in the story. Other than this I have absolutely no problem with the show. This is the first show I have liked since SG. I hope other writers can learn.

    • I forgot to thank u koala for your hard work. I go on your website everyday. It is my daily ritual. I love reading your perspective. It makes the story much more interesting. I think I love your honesty the most. Thank you again.

  7. “This was an interesting episode of Protect the Boss, one that is starting to make me notice that the love triangle might be the WEAKEST link in the story.”

    Agreed with you. Too bad..

    • Yup. I agree. I wish it’ll be resolved already. I’m usually not patient with love triangles though. I’m now a fan of JH and MW. I want these guys to make up and be best buds again already. 😉

      However, I am not a fan of the conflict between the Cha’s being resolved so quickly by Grandma. It’s rather anti-climatic. But it seems that Suk Hui is not over her games yet though.

  8. Did you guys hear? According to, Protect the Boss could be extended for two more episodes. A part of me says yay because I want more PTB, another part worries of the impact it’ll have on the stellar story and pacing.

    • I have the exact same thoughts as you Dramaqueen.

      Anyways, everytime Ji Sung character is kissing, I immediately look focus on his cheekbones, because of what he said in his interview. hehehehe. But gah, I love me this drama. Its sooooo coool. I dont have to be worrying about way over the top evil ppl and in laws and just all that malarky. But then I worry about the future eps. And how the writers are going to keep the characters so fun and just awesome. Years of watching korean dramas has made me anxious for the “I’ so evil” plots. Gah, im jumpy and happy. I love PTB!!!

  9. I’ll feel bad for Moo Won when he loses the girl. I don’t think they have great chemistry, but I think Jae Joong is good at making moon eyes at the girl, and that ALWAYS gets me. I wouldn’t mind if MW/Na Yoon end up together, but I can’t see it happening unless a)it’s super ambiguous or just starting or b)we have a time jump. I REALLY REALLY DONT WANT A TIME JUMP.

  10. The love triangle is definitely the weakest part here. I really don’t care if ES ends up with neither of the Cha boys or with MW or JH for that matter. I’m not really feeling the overwhelming emotional pull for ES and JH either. I never felt MW and ES – not one moment – I think part of it is chemistry, part of it is just the way the roles are written. JH and ES have better chemistry but even there – as much of a cutie that Ji Sung is… I’m not terribly excited about JH-ES either. I do hope they turn it around. I know that CKH has a lot of movies under her belt and some dramas (which I haven’t seen). I think she quite underused here. I still feel like her character gets no real development so I don’t really feel much either way for ES. I may gripe about it but I still love all the characters in PTB to pieces. 🙂

    Now, the Cha family – I just love them… they keep me on my toes. Oh… I let myself watch pieces of TPM today while waiting in the rain at the US Open and omg – it’s hard not to get hooked. I’m so happy that PTB is doing great on its own. 🙂

    • My Korean friends were all ranting today when I met them at work since quite a few of them have followed CKH for years. She has procured quite a solid fan base in Korea through My Sweet Seoul, Petty Romance, and Aeja (Goodbye Mom). She always plays very substantial and unique female leads, but apparently PTB really relegates her into the background, especially in the last 3 episodes. Of course, she is already an established actress with good box office record in films (especially with Aeja and Petty Romance). But still, it pains her fans that she is being under utilized here in PTB. I think ES is still a very extraordinary character in Kdrama until episode 8, but somehow the scriptwriter seems to lose its focus.

      My only solace is that Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee manages to produce a charming chemistry albeit a gradually weakening script. But it’s a pity though–because they have even stronger chemistry at the very beginning.

      • much of that I think has to do with the fact that the MW character gets too much screen time and also character development. You would think that the leads of the drama are actually JH and MW.

        But I say for a rom-com, even she being a catalyst is good enough. Most of the time, the female lead just gets cast in some idiotic love triangle and that’s about it. So her being a catalyst for the Cha family and maybe even the company is a good thing.

      • agree with you… ES not development but MW character gets too much screen time and also character development!!!!

  11. I really really like this drama… It makes me feel soooo good and its so refreshing… I agree with you ms oc, my favorite is also the chairman who has a very good heart and he’s very sweet with his mother… Gosh love this!!!

  12. I’m so absolutely contented with whatever the drama has decided to develop, save maybe Na Yoon. I adore her! Really, there’s not a single character I don’t adore. Even Na Yoon’s mom, who’s such a princess. The affection exuding from every single relationship in this drama, LOVE IT! Moowon totally broke my heart when he hugged Eun Seol. Poor baby! And I love Ji Heon for just watching the scene rather than freaking out. The LOVE! I don’t think I’ve seen a single K-drama that is so rooted in love in all its forms as PTB is.

    Wed/Thus are the best. I start off with gut wrenching grandness of Princess’s Man, then wrap up with the warm fuzzies of PTB.

  13. The only hope I have now is that JH and MW would be closer in the future. I don’t really care about the romance aspect of the drama, might be because they don’t focus on it too much, which is great. I love that this drama focuses more on family dynamics than cheesy romance. Though I find JH to be really cheesy sometimes 😉

    And I’ve come to notice that this drama presents action in the subtlest of ways. for example:
    1. ES already choosing who she wants. It’s in her body language, the longing looks for JH, her smiles. When she stared at Jh when he was sleeping, I was like, “Yup, she’s in love.”
    2. JH knows that ES likes him not MW, hence the forehead kiss. He also knows that MW is just being stubborn, and is not a real threat. Most of the time I feel that his childish act is just an act really.
    3. MW knows that ES likes JH over him, he’s said this a few times already. Sure he also said he won’t give up, but really the guy is hella smart, he knows it’s a lost cause, he’s just selfish in that he also needs ES in his life.

    We all know that it’s going to end with ES being with JH, it’s been hinted since the beginning. But if MW ends up NY, I’ll be really annoyed. I don’t want MW to appear shallow in his love for ES or even for NY in fact. I don’t like how it’ll be like he doesn’t understand his own feelings. So unless the scriptwriter can be convincing in how he/she pair him up with NY, I don’t want him to end up with her. Now if he goes for Myung Ran I’d be excited. lol. I am in love with that girl.

    • About MW-NY; the writer keep dropping a hint that they had strong relationship. It shows that as much as MW wants to leaves NY, he can’t. He care about her, a lot. From taking her to lunch, assist her on her escaping to random hang out.

      I’ll be satisfy if they become a good friend heading to relationship at the end of the show. Or if the writer listen to my pray, we will have MW-NY sleep together and it will be an eye opening for both of them 😀

    • I agree with you the romance is developed subtly and I believe that’s the strength of the scriptwriter

      I completely disgree that the romance is falting, Jisung’s made leaps and bounds and eun seol finally decides to be honest with herself, but this is all played into the greater story arc of the Cha family and workplace drama.

      The editing and writing is refreshing, and really one of the best dramas I’ve seen for a while, but if we must really nit pick I agree I wish we could have more Eun Seol.

      But I feel like the inclusion of he scenes at the english class aren’t for nothing, and in that regards I hope they can show Eun Seol finally reaching the potential that poor circumstances limited

  14. Thank you Ockoala-san for the very fast recap, again!
    No time to write long comments today (stressed at work) but will just put a few points.
    1) Luv the Cha family, especially PAPA Cha… The characters are very well written and indeed like what some said here, very real…. No hyper UPs or DOWNs but a lot of small little dramas every day here and there…. That’s what families are about!
    2) Disagree that the character of Eun Seol is stagnant…. Her character’s evolvement is just not shown that explicitly on-screen but she has come a long way from being the “I want to keep my white-collar job desparately and will do anything to stay a secretary!” to “How did I get myself into this mess of people whom I have to MOTHER every minute and every second of every day!”….. She is still Eun Seol, the honest and kick-ass female lead BUT she is now also an ASSET and TREASURE of the Cha Family, one of the most successul business family in Korea! She doesn’t NEED futher character development coz the only “shortcoming” she has is being undecisive (actually she already decided but didn’t know or refuse to admit) about her love life. She is still her, and I really don’t want her to change one bit.
    3) Disagree that Mu Won has TOO much screen time, simply because Mu Won NEEDED the character evolvement, Munumin needed to come down from his pedestral to appear more human and change to an approachable God. I won’t call that TOO MUCH. Coz right at the beginning I find that Mu Won’s screen time was actually too little and we didn’t know nor understand much about him (why, how, who, when, where). Now we finally get to know more.
    4) I would prefer that all 4 boys and girls do NOT end up together. I just prefer their friendship MORE than I prefer to see them in love. As couples, they would probably lose some of the friendship with each other and I seriously don’t prefer that. OKOK don’t bash me, but that’s what I really think and hope for. (runs hiding)
    Lastly, both Ji Sung and Jae are just wonderful to stare at and drool…….. Hope there are 2 more additional episodes added WITH GOOD PLOTS!

    • With the way PtB was written so far, I wouldn’t fear of story line for the additional 2 ep. PtB is like a sitcom, where you don’t really need the OTP for the story to go. It can be about ES-MR-NY hanging out or JH-MW bonding or the elderly bonding and I will still love it 🙂

  15. Thanks for your recap Unnie.
    Honestly what I really look forward is JH-MW cousin brotherhood…
    they fight like kids, but they give tender hug when they were drunk

  16. OMG the HUG scene of JH-MW. *fangirling* Ok, I know that it’s just some kink of fanser but still I can’t help squealing over bromance in PTB xDDD ~~ I think i should stop here –.–”

    i haven’t read all the recap yet cause i wanna keep some moments to watch with full sub. 🙂 Thx ockoala-san, i love to read ur recaps always :”)

  17. Thank you for the wonderful recap, Ockoala!

    You had me thinking about CKH being under-utilised here because of the slow development of her character NES. I guess that it cannot be avoided if she play as the catalyst in the lives of the other characters. Even in real life, some people must sacrifice by living steadfastly so other people in their lives can stretch and grow like for example a single mom to her children. For a very strong character as NES, others can draw their energy from her but only for as long as she stays grounded and stable. I am okay with this for now because in exchange with the full dev’t of the romance part we see the interesting and amazing growth of the people around her esp JH’s dad. Just like in City Hunter, the character of PMY in the latter part of the story was already relegated to the sidelines so the character played by LMH can grow his relationship with his 2 dads and his mom. And since PTB does not have any big mystery to unravel I think that the rom aspect will not be relegated in the sidelines for long and we will see it in full swing again anytime soon.

  18. i find moo woon too pretty for eun sol that’s why i like her to end with ji hyeon instead. for me, perky ES blends well with immature JH so i’d rather see MW and NY to finally hit it off.

  19. I cried when Jiheon made that speech…i was so proud of him, hes come so far *sob…..and part of what made that scene amazing was president Cha, you could see how proud he was of his son and it was so incredibly moving.

    I love that the show finally shows us a chaebol father who is so adorably protective of his son, seriously the family moments are such a highlight and not just filler scenes

    the scriptwriter and director are amazing!!…i so hope this duo teams up for another drama like the Baker King team

  20. Thanks for the recap. Na Yoon is also becoming my favourite character too. It is one of the rare dramas where secondary female lead is not just the antagonist driving a wedge between lead couple. Also, love how she is becoming more independent and making friends. I love Jiheon and Eun Seol coupling but I feel like I’ll still cry tons because Moo woon doesn’t get the girl in the end.

  21. Eshi, I cried too. I was sitting in my office at work bawling my eyes out.

    As to the other issues: 1) on No Eun Seol. I agree that Eun Seol hasn’t developed that much but I think that’s because as Koala points out, she’s the catalyst. When we’re presented to her in the first few episodes she’s already fully developed as a character. I mean, considering how we met Eun Seol I just don’t think there’s that much room for her to improve or develop as a character. She’s a self-aware go-getter who never gives up. The only things she lacks are a good job and a boyfriend. Further, I don’t think the show exists if she doesn’t start out that way. I mean, I doubt she becomes such a protagonist for the development of Ji Heon, Mu Won, the Chairman and Na Yoon without already being the bada** she already is.

    Considering CKH’s portrayal of No Eun Seol. Just because Eun Seol doesn’t develop doesn’t mean that the role isn’t challenging. I don’t think there are many actresses who could pull off being so assertive without it being totally hokey. I agree that the last 3 episodes have left her with a little less to work with but the way she’s been able to portray her growing attraction to Ji Heon has been excellent. So far this series has done nothing but further convince me that she’s just a really great actress.

    2) On Ji Heon and Eun Seol’s relationship. I agree that the romantic embers are not burning as one might expect. I am very much excited for their eventual union though for a number of reasons. 1) I think it would be unrealistic for the romantic embers to have been burning before Ji-Heon grew a little. Sure, she thought he had the potential to be a good person and was cute but she was also treating him like a mother. It’s hard to develop feelings for someone when you’re more busy putting fires out for them than actually spending time on their same level. For the two of them to be in a romantic relationship Ji Heon had to develop into a independent person. Now that he’s done that, I’m getting a way more exciting chemistry between them. 2) I think the two fit very well together. I think Ji Heon needs a strong person in his life whom he can trust and he has that in Eun Seol. What she gets out of the relationship yet I’m not sure, except perhaps the fact that there aren’t a ton of guys in the world who I think can last with women such as Eun Seol for that long (bad sentence I know, I just can’t think of a way to phrase that better).

    • I will say that if Episode 12 uses the clearly platonic Moo Won-Eun Seol hug to start beef between Eun Seol and Ji Heon I’ll be very disappointed. The writers have been so good at avoiding stupid cliches until now and it would be a travesty if they started.

  22. I agree with Koala, i too am becoming a fan of Na Yoon. Even though she has money there was a sadness to her character until she found her own voice so to speak ( things girl had no friends). I really do want her to end up with Moo Won because he originally liked her. Na Yoon now needs to be more agressive with him. I remember him telling her when she longer has feelings for Ji Heon, she must come to him. Now she needs to use that same phrase with him (in terms of no longer having feelings for Eun Sol).

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