First Look at Destiny Pair Remake with Ella and Vic Zhou

Vic Zhou is currently in Beijing filming the period movie Saving General Yang, while his just completed remake of the classic Taiwanese movie Destiny’s Pair is starting its promotions by releasing official stills and holding a media day for the stars to meet the press. Starring Zai Zai and Ella, this movie will allow us to decide which F4 guy makes the best daddy for Xiao Xiao Bin. I think Vanness Wu still holds the lead, with Jerry Yan giving a solid shot at it, but don’t count Zai Zai out based on the picture above. Below I’ve got the first teaser of the movie, and it looks decidedly warm and potentially weepy. And as much as Ella-Zai Zai is the OTP, I’m already shipping Zai Zai with his ex-wife played by Yang Mi in a cameo appearance. I’m a sucker for unfulfilled love stories.

Preview for New Destiny’s Pair:


First Look at Destiny Pair Remake with Ella and Vic Zhou — 27 Comments

  1. Vic and Ella are going to have to act the heck out of this movie, because I’m just not feeling those two together. And is it just me that thinks he’s looking a bit like… Dokko Jin? πŸ™‚ At any rate, give me Vic, a cute kid and a motorcycle, and I’m all over that! *sigh*

    • Omg, I didn’t realize it before… BUT HE IS GROWING A COW ISN’T HE? Sadly I don’t think Vic rocks the cow as well as Cha Seung Won, I prefer Vic clean cut, but eh whatever I agree with you Vic, a cute kid and a motorcycle is all anyone needs πŸ™‚

    • I think your just grasping at straws since when does a tan + a mustache plus goatee make you look like someone
      Love Love Ella
      how cute is that lil girl

    • Wow…you are right!!! Xiao Xiao Bin one of the luckiest kid actor who could meet up on the screen with almost 4 of the F4s. Maybe someday he will be pair with Ken Zhu πŸ™‚

  2. I agree with Tammie. I really don’t feel any chemistry between Vic and Ella. Not too worried about Vic in acting side but Ella always overacts. Vic does have good chemistry with the kids especially the cute boy.

    • I feel that as long as she isn’t trying to be comedic or cute, i think we’re safe from the crazy over-acting. She’s one of the few taiwan actresses who really knows how to cry and be reflective in a way that tugs at my emotions.

      I feel a bias to ship Yang Mi too- mostly because she reminds me of Ady An, who played Xiao Xiao Bin’s mom in Autumn Concerto.

  3. I don’t know who that little girls is, but she is hamming it up for the camera! Love her! She pretty much owns every picture she’s in. Xiao Xiao Bin is cute as ever, but I still feel like that kid is gonna be burned out by the time he’s 12. Ella looks really good with her longer hair.

    Watched the preview– wouldn’t be a TW movie/drama without sound effects! πŸ˜€

  4. I always try to stay as far away from Ella’s project as I can. She’s overrated imo… and her fans scare me. But this looks good! Especially the moments between Vic and Xiao Xiao Bin. So cute! Like you I’m pretty sure I’m gonna ship Vic and Yang Mi =)

  5. Or maybe there’s no chemistry because this teaser trailer doesn’t even show them together? Lol what do I know? I haven’t seen her acting before. I think I would like to see Charlene with Vic, if it’s possible.

    • I was thinking the same…there aren’t even too many shots of them to tell if they have (or dont have) chemistry….’ Course I dont think there is anyway it will beat the sizzling Jerry- Ella chemistry but I have hopes for this pairing…she and XXB though, I v can guarantee are very cute together since this will be the second time she play non-mom to him

  6. Looking forward to this a lot since I’m both a Zai-Zai and Ella fan (dont worry.Ruth, I dont bite….jk)…though I dont like this teaser so much…doesn’t say anything abt the story…only that the cast seems really cute

  7. I dunno if I can accept anyone other Vanness Wu to be Xiao Xiao Bin’s Dad! Jerry was alrite, not sure abt Vic either (am just guessing frm d teaser, i may be wrong) but like OCkoala says, ‘Vanness Wu, definitely holds the lead!’

  8. I just don’t feel their chemistry together. but not sure if I’ll watch this. But definitely the motorcycle brings me back memories of mars. πŸ™‚

  9. I’m comfortable seeing Ella prim and proper not a rebel anymore….I really like that little boy on a motorcycle…cheers!!!!

  10. Ella’s a lucky gal…being paired with so many handsome hunks…ke ke ke…

    i too prefer ZaiZai clean cut…maybe they’ll make him shave his Dokko Jin look when he meets Ella…i’m thinking he looks like that because he was left with having to bring up his son alone?

    XXB is too cute…and he looks exactly like his dad in real life doesn’t he?

    Ella certainly look different without her bangs…i love her with Jerry…

  11. omfg him in that motorcycle suit had me at MARS flashbacks now THAT was Vic at his best. and that was the best tw drama i have seen yet……

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