Behind the Scenes with Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin for Bazaar Korea

I always enjoy watching outtakes or behind-the-scene footage, which are more commonly available for dramas. But occasionally a magazine shoot will release some, and Bazaar Korea just made available some wonderful pictures of Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won’s shoot last month.

It’s clear they have a comfortable rapport built from filming a drama together, plus they have great body chemistry with it comes to modeling. While I was a tad underwhelmed by them as a couple in Best Love, I still adore them to pieces individually, and can’t wait to see what project they have lined up next.

[Credit: Bazaar Korea]


Behind the Scenes with Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin for Bazaar Korea — 23 Comments

  1. OMG Gong Hyo Jin how do you pose with such effortless chic? And all hail the return of the cow mustache!

    That being said, I agree that chemistry-wise these actors were average. I know they’re capable of real sizzle (Gong Hyo Jin in Pasta, and Cha Seung Won in City Hall), but here…not so much.

    Anyone notice that Hong sisters couples have been declining slightly in chemistry lately? I mean, Chun-Hyang couple was just made to be, and sparks flew all over in My Girl, but then slightly less so in You’re Beautiful. By the time we got to Gumiho, my heart didn’t thump anymore. Then again, I’ve watched way more dramas and may be more jaded, lol.

    • I’ve felt the same way. Best Love was a perfect drama except for the chemistry. I loved all the characters, it was moving and funny and had great continuity, but I just didn’t feel a pull for DJ and AJ. The Hong Sisters have definitely improved their writing over the years, but the last couple just haven’t had the chemistry to make me go crazy.

    • Me three on the chemistry aspect. I loved BL for everything and would have loved it more if the lead couple had more organic chemistry. Their acting made me believe their love story, but the feeling was “acted” out rather than felt.

    • I’m not sure if I completely agree with that fact, basically because I thought the YAB and MGIAG OTP was a thousand times better than the OTP for Couple or Trouble, which was chronologically earlier.

      What I think the problem in Best Love was that you had two actors with completely different acting styles. Gong Hyo Jin acts by method; she adopts a role, making the viewer feel like the character is her and she is the character. Lee Seon Kyun uses the same kind of acting technique, which is why I think Pasta has such fantastic chemistry.

      Cha Seung Won is a more classical actor who relies heavily on his intonations, gestures, and facial expressions. After seeing a couple of his dramas, I can now identify his inner “Cha Seung Won”-ness in each one under the character mannerisms he’s adopted for each role. Regardless, his method works; how many of us could identify Dokko Jin without his weird slurring growl?

      But when we combine the two acting methods… we have a problem. The OTP works really well in our heads as viewers, but the chemistry seems off because they act REALLY differently from each other. One acting method is not better than the other, but when there’s a disconnect between the two, sparks between the main leads begin to sputter. It’s a sad situation because I enjoyed many things about this drama and LOVED the main characters individually, so I’m not sure I would have been willing to sacrifice the great moments for a better OTP.

      • I think you have something there, Drama Addict. I read an interview with Cha Seung Won after Best Love finished, and he mentioned that he and Hyo Jin approached their characters very differently – she was the more natural type and he studied mannerisms and technical details more. You’re probably right about why Hyo Jin and Lee Seon Kyun went so well with each other – because they’re both ‘natural’ actors.

    • Me four …. love the Hong sisters, their writing gets tighter and tighter (please, writers, TAKE NOTES), I adore both leads individually, they are capable of so much on screen, but the chemistry ……. sight, JUST NOT THERE.

      We need to marry Lie to Me chemistry with Best/Greatest Love writing …… what’s that drama called?

  2. OMG! Ahhhh, cant wait for their new Project. Im currently waiting the latest news of “Love Fiction” Starring GHJ and Ha Jung Woo.. πŸ˜€

  3. Underwhelming yes since both are so overwhelmingly amazing on their own but I def like this pairing much more than Han Hyo Joo and So Ji Sub πŸ˜€ I miss Cha Seung Won being super silly in Best Love! Lee Dong Wook is picking up the tab in SOAW but it’s not quite same or as over-the-top.

  4. All hail the return of COW!
    I tend to forget just how pretty GHJ can be – she was so frumpy in BL/GL.
    Have to agree with the lack of chemistry between them for that drama, especially
    while watching a drama like SOAW – the raw tension falls off those two like sheets of hot rain.

  5. They look great together… i’m missing best love times so much…
    especially Dokko Jin… please drama gods bring him back!!!
    btw i did see love between DJ and AJ, you know they were so real to me… as a couple too…
    btw there’s no bts video from this photoshoot?

  6. Wow
    do and look like a great couple, the two so beautiful, tall and talented
    I like much as both actors and the photos are good
    Thanks for the input

  7. I think the age gap has something to do with the ‘lack’ of chemistry most of you seem to sense. It’s quite hard to dismiss a 12 year sunbae-hoobae age gap completely and immerse into a lovers’ relationship so I thought they did it pretty well. If we talk about acting styles, I would say Kim sun ah has an acting style similar to GHJ as well but yet she gels so well with CSW; they seem at perfect ease with each other. Whereas I feel that GHJ was a bit reserved, I’ve seen her ‘put in more’ in Sang Doo. And I say it’s cos of the age difference. Plus I think the Hong sisters were going for a more ‘well rounded’ sort of love story, with marriage and all so the romance isn’t as overt/steamy? Maybe that’s why people feel that the chemistry isn’t there? No oomph haha. Which I personally like though. I really enjoyed the Greatest Love (:

  8. I thought August Rush is the Best Love I’ve ever watched, but when I unintentionally watched THE GREATEST LOVE…OMG, this is number one for me and im the number fun of both of them. The Chemistry and their tandem so effortless. Wish to see them both again. For both Good Luck!!!!!

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