Ethan Ruan Films CF for the 2011 Golden Horse Film Festival

We’re headed into the Fall awards season in Taiwan. The current Chairman of the Golden Horse Awards Association is famed director Hou Hsiao Hsien, who has creatively roped last year’s Best Actor winner Ethan Ruan into filming a charming spot for the upcoming film festival.

The CF has all the evocative touches that make Director Hou’s works (A City of Sadness, The Puppetmaster) so mesmerizing in its sparseness and simplicity. Ethan’s just finished filming LOVE for Director Doze Niu, and has apparently finally started filming his first period film The Flying Guillotine with Director Teddy Chan.

Ethan Ruan’s CF for the Golden Horse Film Festival:

Love the background music evoking the 20s and the early days of filmmaking. The title card reads: Time seeps away, a century passes in a second.


Ethan Ruan Films CF for the 2011 Golden Horse Film Festival — 6 Comments

  1. Hehe… the one of Ethan in the short sleeves button up shirt and the khakis makes him look like an Ah Bei. 🙂 I love it! too cute!

  2. I will watch anything with Ethan Ruan in it. Would be FREAKIN awesome if Ethan could play a new cop buddy alongside Mark in B&W movie ver. if Zai Zai is no longer attached to a project. Of course there is always room for all three and they can always throw in Joe Cheng and Mike He for good eye candy measure.

  3. I like so much Ethan Ruan…He is so cool,so handsome and i think he is very talented in acting…the beginning i like he, his acting in Fated to love you.he acted as Chi Chun XI… I think that his acting was very good….
    I am the Ethan Ruan’s fans from Indonesia………

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