Always Releases First Video and Chosen to Open Busan International Film Festival

How can two people be so beautiful together? It’s ironic that Han Hyo Joo plays a blind girl in her upcoming movie Always with So Ji Sub, because watching the video first look with them almost blinded me with their collective beauty. His rugged reserved gruffness. Her delicate sparkling presence. Always has been selected to open the prestigious BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) on October 6, 2011. Han Hyo Joo is a truly lucky actress, because she’s confessed to having one of those adolescent crushes on So Ji Sub before she became an actress and he was already a star. How many of us get to play the love interest of the guy we use to have on a poster over our beds? As for the movie itself, I think it looks great. Not too sad, but more like a gentle melancholy mixed with tender laughter.

First look at Always:


Always Releases First Video and Chosen to Open Busan International Film Festival — 11 Comments

  1. Han Hyo Joo is more lovely with her hair long. I did not like her hairstyle in Shining Inheritance i think it somehow detracted from her looks. However in Springwaltz which wasn’t much of a drama storywise, but is one of my favorite nonetheless, her gorgeousness shone through. She should always have long hair to frame her beautiful face. I also like the way she looks in Dong Yi.

  2. love her. love him. they look so gorgeous together, just the right mix of fragile and rugged beauty. an i’ve never seen han hyo joo this luminous. i mean, she’s always been pretty but she’s stunning here.

  3. This is my kind of movie – hope they release it with Eng subs soon.
    How sweet is it that she crushed on him?! It’s like a Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise thing – and look how it ended up for happy Katie!

  4. Gaaaaahhh…. !!! They look awesome together. Han Hyo Joo’s soft and sweet beauty is the perfect foil for So Ji Sub’s rugged toughness. This kind of romance is just my kind of tea. Mayhaps, we will finally see a happy ending for SJS? *crosses fingers and toes*

  5. omg i am now shipping them for real life too! although i would love to see same-age couples and although they have 10 year difference (wow a lot) i am shipping them quietly..^^

  6. What can I say… the ruggedly handsome talented actor. his acting chops would definitely be at par with cutie MGY. they should collaborate one day. I hope..

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