Yoo Seung Ho Models School Uniforms for Customellow

This entire series of photos made me laugh. Not at Yoo Seung Ho, mind you, who I adore to bits and can do no wrong. But rather at the brain trust behind the uniform brand Customellow, who plucked the age-appropriate Yoo Seung Ho to model its line of school uniforms, alternatively turning him into Harry Potter meets Prince William circa the Eton years and an emo-cigarello smoking poet boy type.

If you ask any school boy worth his fashion sense, he would NOT want to don any of these outfits. But his mummy, on the other hand, may be blinded by the bucket-worthy prettiness of Yoo Seung Ho and force sonny boy to emulate this air of British prep boy at daddy’s London club vibe. Suffice to say, I really enjoyed these pictures from the disconnect factor.

[Credit: Customellow catalogue Fall 2011]


Yoo Seung Ho Models School Uniforms for Customellow — 18 Comments

  1. the last picture is the usual YSH i like, thank you miss k 🙂

    the most unusual pic posted above is the one with him sitting behind the desk with green suitcase on the floor..gah….he really look like Data from StarTrek, only his face not as oily as Data

  2. First few pix – no big deal, what’s the Koala’s problem?

    A few pix down – What the whatee what what? What have they done to my baby MinJae? It’s like a truck full of guy-liner collided with a stag..

  3. Hahahahahahahahahaha, oh that gave me a good laugh. It’s like Mummy has watched a little too much Mad Men, and has decided her son is going to be the next Don Draper.

  4. Right you all are Mummy’s buying the clothes but will Sonny wear it? Anyway, my boylets ” Little So Jisub ” looks wonderfully gorgeous in all these clothes!

  5. Boy is hot, but I hope he pulled in a hefty fee for this gig – especially the “Grandpa” shot in the fugly sweater and crazy socks. Hand the boy his sword and put him back into his Mane of Glory, please!

    • YES! He looks so much better with his mane of glory and his swords. He should just dress like that from now on. XD So much better then that BAD hair he had in 2009 and in God of Study. He is so cute.

  6. The uniform brand Customellow….Does that mean there are actually young kids wearing these outfits to school in Korea right now? A bit over the top.

  7. The ones with him at the desk I lol so much it was cute. They also show that the hair makes the man, slick back NIRD (but a cute one at that) lose and flowing HOT guy.

  8. Q-YUTE!!!!! I’m watching YSH in Flames of Ambition right now and I just love his face. I wanna pinch his cheeks and tell him to stay away from his mother. Um…both of them!

  9. Oh, man. that one, ugh, my poor Love, I can’t wait for this week of Baek Dong Soo to be subbed. He has changed sense 2009, I can still remember him in The Way Home back in 2001.

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