Video Preview for Protect the Boss Episode 13

Yay, the preview for episode 13 of Protect the Boss is out! This drama manages to make me excited to watch every new episode, even knowing knowing that the stakes are so comparatively normal and no insane plot devices will pop up to freak me out. I see lots of cute couple moments for the OTP now they are actively dating, and it both warms my heart and make me eager to see how dating continues to change both of them for the better. As for Moo Won and Na Yoon, I trust their stories will progress in ways that make sense. Whether they go together in the end or not remains to be seen.

Preview for episode 13:


Video Preview for Protect the Boss Episode 13 — 22 Comments

  1. miss k…what are they saying???

    do JH & ES think that hugging below the CC is the blankspot?? don’t think soo…..
    i love when their pinkies met hehehe

    preview = spoiler = appetizer????
    LUUUUVVVVV iittttttzzz *slurp*

    thank you for sharing *HUGS*

  2. They r dating!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for our OTP. Thank u koala for this preview. M and J getting closer. N and M getting closer. Our OTP getting closer. Giddy as a school girl. I smiled through out the whole preview. I don’t know any show that manages to make me do that at every episode.

  3. Yes, finally! So far, PTB has not been very generous with the CJH-NES lovey-dovey moments. Hope to see a lot more of such cute moments now that the OTP have started dating. After all, this is a romantic comedy.

  4. I love how I’m all crazy about PTB and yet it doesn’t make me crazy. Does it even make sense?
    I look forward and watch each episode…would you believe it, three times? Live streaming, then later with subs and lastly together with my mom.
    PTB’s become my respite from all the dramas I’ve been watching at present.
    I must say NY is definitely the most lovable second lead woman character from all the kdramas I’ve seen! I’d like her to end up with MW ’cause I think they’re what each other needs.
    Thanks for always providing us with the episode previews!

  5. WOOT! I can’t wait for The Cute between Ji-heon and Eun-seol to take off – cuddles in the elevator, hugging in the office…I’m going to lap it up like a cat with spilt milk. ^_^ And I sure do hope that Na-yoon and Moo-won get together, especially now that the extension gives the story more room – I really do think they’ll be good together and happy with each other.

  6. Mu won and Na Yoon should get back together! Na yoon is like mini version of Eun Seul…its just her ‘power of education’ that restricts her.

    • heheheh @poo you made me laugh soo hard with your comment. hahaha “Power of education” hahahahahahahaha. Thanks for that. Ahh whenever I think about PTB its just such a good feeling. No devious plots that gives me a headache and only let me be interested in the final ep. PTB makes me wanna pull out the popcorn and watch to my hearts content. And laugh and just enjoy every character, even for their soft core deviousness. heheh. Because its brought to light sooner than later and they are just so hilarious. I just hope that we get alot of couple moments in here. I just love how everything is so fresh and funny and touching. Its all good!!

  7. I hope Mo Woon and Na Yoon do comeback together. It’s cute how in dinner at ep.12 MW jumps on NY side after being pastered by JH. They still had it. I just hope the writer make it a new found love instead of satisfied for second best thing.

    I can’t wait for tonight episode 🙂

  8. I’m so excited to see where the writer is going to lead us next. Now that the characters have all been fleshed out, it’s time for each of them to take the next step and grow. I love how it’s all unpredictable, because by this time, any other k-drama would have set us up for the angst and it’s time to take out the tissue, babey!

    Not this time… PTB is all about just plain ole’ romcom, and intra personal and interpersonal developments. Yet, it succeeds in touching us right here where the heart beats. I love each of these individuals in PTB, all the four leads, Myung ran, the patriarchs and the matriarchs, the secretaries, even the part timer in the coffee shop – they are all so real, relatable and funny!!!

    Now, I feel like I have met many new friends – these ensemble of quirky, wacky, and eccentric, but nonetheless, basically just GOOD people whose hearts are in the right place. I am always eager to see them again week after week and watch what they are up to next.

    • i agree with you.. all the characters.. breath reality in to you.. they are funny and relatable.. like someone you would meet everyday… the writer in my perception believe is a positive person with faith in man’s good nature.. he/she doesnt view man as scheming traitors and jealous bitches that most kdrama portrays.. in his/her eyes everyone has just had to deal with everyday craps of life.. but at the end of the day.. the relationships they have with their family and friends is what keeps them grounded and their heart on the right places.. and i believe we can all learn from this story.. man has his darksides.. but we can all be like the characters in this story.. overcomers and humble-natured.

  9. I don’t know where else to post this but just to inform you, google has sort of flagged your site as ‘suspicious’ like, containing malware. Am I the only one that has this problem? I had to use another browser to access KP. :-/

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